1. Hi Sir/ Madam, For tumburu theertham how long it takes for round trip for normal person approximately. If we start from Papavinasam at 6am on 20th March when can we generally return to Papavinasam. ( Because others in the family will be waiting in Papavinasam )

  2. Is there room available for spinal cord injury patient. Current booking for room on this Sunday

  3. Pramileeswari Gajendran

    sir ,I booked tickets online on 20 march 2018. I booked 3 tikets and 6 extra laddus .paid RS 1850. My dharshan is on May 2nd pm. I didnt get any sms so far. I also didnt get a print out of my ticket. what should i do .

  4. I’m about to visit Tirupati temple for a first time on this month April 26. I will be reaching Tirupati along with all family members at 12.30 PM only. If I start the journey at 2pm through alipiri mettu, will I be able to get darshan on Friday itself? Don’t know any procedures about taking Darshan tickets or tokens, hair tonsuring, etc. Is Divya Darshan available on Friday or not? Please suggest me everything in detail as it’s first visit to Tirupati temple for me.

    • Dear Sir/Madam,
      As per day only 6000 tickets are issued at srivari mettu, we can not assure you divya darshan on that day , You can plan to start early in the morning by 6 am to get the darshan in the same day .
      Thank you.

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