Physically Challenged Darshan in Tirumala

Physically Challenged devotees do have special Entrance in Tirumala through Special entrance for Darshan.

Physically Challenged devotees are allowed for Darshan Daily in two schedules.

Darshan Timings for Physically Challenged devotees: 10 A.M and 3 P.M. Reporting Time at Entrance Near Tirumala Nambi Temple in South Mada Street is 8 am and 1 pm.

Suptham Entry has no ticket for Privileged peopled, no need to purchase ticket for this.

In order to avail this benefit, the devotee should be there are at Entrance well in advance, as Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams Staff will allow pilgrims in batches.

One batch is allowed at 10 A.M and the second batch is at 3 P.M, if you are late then you need for the second batch.

General Questions with respect to Physically Challenged Darshan in Tirumala

1) Supatham is 100 feet to 200 Feet from Vaikuntam Queue Complex entrance.

2) Plan to be early at Supadam Entrance.

Physically Challenged Darshan Terms and Conditions

  1. It is a free darshan and is allowed with Senior citizens darshan
  2. The wheelchair is available for transportation from Srivari Temple entrance.
  3. Srivari Sevakulu will be assisting the devotee during Darshan timings.
  4. The devotee should report 2 hours in advance at Senior citizen entrance for enrollment.
  5. There is no limit on the Darshan times, One can have darshan as many time as they feel like
  6. Facilities such as milk, water will be provided to the devotee during darshan time.
  7. Srivari Sevakulu will be available all the time for their support.
  8. If the devotee is unmarried one person will be allowed for assistance.
  9. If person is married, then spouse and his/her kids (below 12 years ) will be allowed for darshan.

Supadam Entry Video


  1. Sir

    The purpose of Sr Citizens’ facility for Darshan is to minimise the standing time and give them a quick darshan as they are physically not capable of waiting for a long time. If TTD wants the Sr Citizens to report by 8 am for 10 o’clock darshan it takes 3 hrs of waiting time for them which is almost on par with Rs.300 spl darshan. Then what is the purpose served here by calling quick darshan for Sr Citizens? My aunt is 75 years old and finds it difficult to wait in the queue for a long time. Kindly clarify / suggest a way out.



    • Dear G.V.K Mohan,

      I do admit that , but after reporting they can be seated, it is not standing line.

      Please let me know if further clarification required.


  2. MY son is a special child with MR & CP. we are having disability certificate form TN Govt. if we reach there before 15-30 mins before 10am, should we get the chance in first batch.

    • Dear Sanjay,

      if crowd is less then you can join on the first batch. If crowd is high then you need to wait for second batch.

      Crowd will be less on Tue and Wed.

      Please let me know if further info required.


  3. Namaskar Sir,
    Just wanted to check how many people can accompany a disable person.

  4. SIr, i am physically handicap person. Whether, my relative accommpany with me for darashan ? Shall i get accomidation at tirumala ? What i have to do ?

    • Dear Dasaratbhai,

      Yes, they can accompany. Usually they will allow one women to accompany. Please let me know if your trip date.


  5. Dear Kamal,

    I am pysically handicapped person just wanted to know weather my wife and my 4 year old son can accompany me as assistance for darshan please let me.


    • Dear Sir,

      You are allowed for Darshan for which there is no problem, your kid can also join with you. I need to check whether they will allow spouse or not?. Will reply today.


    • Dear Prasad,

      Yes, your wife and son will be allowed with you for Darshan.


  6. My sister is handicapped . She is wearing calipers .is they allowed with calipers.

  7. Hello Sir,

    My Father in law met with an accident one year ago and it was a major accident. He is not able to stand for 10 mts even now. still he is visiting hospital and having medicines but he does not have any certificate. Please clarify if he is allowed to special darshan. He is desperately want to come Tirumala. Please also mention if any special cerficate is needed from Hospital.

  8. Dear kamal sir,
    My sister is handicapped she want the assistance two people will they allow two people with her

    • Dear Sreeja,

      One person will be allowed, if she really needs two persons then request will be considered. If she can manage with one person then other person will not be allowed.

      Please let me know if you need more details.


  9. Hi Sir,

    My father is physically disabled due to some health issues, and he is of 57 years old. And he can’t able to stand for more than 15 min and he need assistance of Wheel chair. And he don’t have any certificate and he is still under treatment. Please let me know will he get this special darshan and is his wife is allowed along with him for the darshan for the assistance.

  10. My dad is visually challenged….
    And I m 20 years old…..
    Will they allow me to assist my father in Physically Challenged dharshan???

  11. My child is an autistic child with not too much of tolerance for waiting. Can we be allowed under special darshan and what will be the minimum waiting time required


    • Dear Girija,

      If you can plan your darshan on weekday, Tue-Wed then darshan will be 45 mins max.
      Rs.300 darshan ticket will do for this. Will it be ok for you to manage ?


  12. My mother 75 yr. old,having severe orthoritis problems and she can not stand for even one minute.Is there any provision for Lord Balaji’s darshan by taking her on wheel-chair accompanying myself.

    • Dear Sir,

      Srivari Sevakulu will be assisting, other option is one assistant will be allowed with your mother for darshan.
      Wheel chair will not be allowed inside temple as temple is not equipped for wheel chair path.


  13. Hi,
    My grandfather is 65+ can there be one assistant with him? Do we need to take any ticket for senior citizen and the assistant.

  14. My daughter is physically challenged and recently underwent a major leg surgery. We also have her disability certificate. She needs assistance since she is not able to walk independently . Can I take my son along with me. I have a mother who is a senior citizen also aged 76 years.

  15. My father is a retired TTD employee from Venkateswara University. He has TTD card. Can I take his card or a letter from him and travel since my daughter is physically challenged.

    • Dear Madam,
      I believe TTD card may not work in this case. If you is under 12 years then you can join with your daughter for the darshan.

      Other option is you can ask your son to assist your mother for senior citizen darshan.

      You can go with your daughter for physically challenged darshan.
      and your son with your mother for senior citizen darshan.

      Both will the darshan at the same time. First you and your daughter report at the entrance by 8 am then you can ask your son and mother to report at the entrance by 8 am. Darshan will be allowed at 10 am


      • Usha Balasubramanian

        Thanks Kamal. My daugter is aged 14 years. But since after major surgery she doesnt have balance .. I need to accompany her. On other side you can also suggest if I can opt for some special scva. Which will reduce time.

        • Dear Madam,

          Which month are you planning? if it is in May, then quota will be released online on 1st Apr at 11 am. Tickets should be booked at ttdsevaonline.

          You can try for Suprabhatha Seva, nearly 6115 tickets will be released online.
          If you are looking for Kalyanotsavam, it will be 9775 tickets for the month of May.


      • Usha Balasubramanian

        Dear Kamal,

        In total we are 5 of us.. so which seva do you suggest.


      • Usha Balasubramanian

        Dear kamal,

        I am visiting on 2nd and 3rd May

      • Usha Balasubramanian

        Dear Kamal,

        The five of us visiting would be myself, my son and daughter and my mother and brother… so suggest the correct seva

        • Dear Madam,

          Children under 12 years don’t need seva tickets.
          It would nice if you book 2 Kalyanotsavam tickets.

          One for you and your son and 2nd ticket for your mother and daughter.

          If you have good internet access then try for Suprabhatha Seva, it will be 61115 tickets which will be released for the whole month of May.

          May month quota will be released online on 1st Apr at 11 am.


      • Usha Balasubramanian

        Dear Kamal,

        I can book Kalyanotsavam tickets.. But my mothers age 76, mine 45, son 19, daughter 14, and brother 42 .. can I book the above ticket. My daughter has her disability certificate.

        Please advise. I have 2 ttd login ids.


        • Dear Madam,

          Yes, you would need 3 Klayanam tickets. 3 login IDs required for 3 Kalayanam tickets


      • Usha Balasubramanian

        Dear Kamal,

        I can book for Suprabhatha seva also. But will it not be too crowded. because my daughter can’t walk fast after surgery and we need to rush in crowd. Also please clarify.. first your said 6115 tickets and in another reply you said 61115 tickets. Which is correct one.

        • Dear Madam,

          Yes, it will be crowded and not easy for physically challenged. It is 6115 tickets for the month. Crowd will be there in all Seva tickets. I’m not sure which Seva suits in this case.


      • Usha Balasubramanian

        Dear Kamal,

        I would like to have darshan from the closest. Which is possible.

        • Dear Madam,

          Suprabhatha Seva is good or you can plan to book Nijapada Darshanam tickets as well.
          Online booking will be challenging, you need to really fast.
          For 4 members, it should be 2 login IDs. Booking to be done in parallel from 2 login IDs


      • Usha Balasubramanian

        Dear Kamal
        Nijapada Darshanam is only on Fridays. whereas I am at Tirumala on Monday and Tuesday

        • Dear Madam,

          that’s right. But you can try for Nijapada Darshanam, if booked successfully then it will be really good experience


    • Usha Balasubramanian

      Kamal, i suppose my mother can travel in my fathers TTD card.


    • Dear Sir,

      I can understand the difficulties. In this case, I would suggest you to book Kalyanotsavam ticket so that darshan will not take more than 25 mins after the seva.

      Most the Sevas will have good darshan compared to Rs.300 tickets.


  17. Hi
    My mother is 50 yrs old, and she is having artificial leg and can’t stand for much time. and she requires assistance. I am 28 yrs old, kindly let me know if will be allowed to accompany her .
    Also, kindly let me know any wheel chair availability

    • Dear Madam,

      Yes, One attendant will be allowed in such cases. Darshan line is not convenient for wheelchair but they can relax whenever required.


  18. My wife is a physically challenged person with 40 % walking impairment and uses calipers.
    Is she allowed to have darshan wearing the calipers ? If she desires to have darshan without the calipers the will I be allowed to accompany her ?

    • Dear Sir,

      Yes, Your wife can avail special darshan and one person will be allowed for assistance


  19. Pavani Bharathula

    Namaste sir,
    I had major spinal chord fracture and ankle fracture 21 months back and underwent spine operation for 2 times. I can’t walk or sit. I dont have handicapped certificate but i have medical report that i got like this. will there be any facility to take me on wheel chair. If my mother 55 years old accompanies me, will that be permitted. we planned to come on 13 th may. should i need book tickets advance online? Thank you. your reply is so important to me.

  20. Hello,
    I’m not physically handicapped actually, but I’ve a heart problem.
    I’m 20 yrs old.
    I can’t walk or stand for a long time.
    Is it possible to get a wheelchair facility for darshan ?
    And will my mom allowed to accompany me?

  21. Hello Sir,
    My Grandfather age is 68 and Grandmother age is 64 according to ID proofs as they both can avail for special darshan and either one person or two persons can be allowed for their assistance?

  22. dear sir,

    my sister aged 22 got knee surgery and she cann’t sit or stand for long time so is she available for this catogory and for type of darshan. please inform me as we are planing to tirumala.

    thanks & regards

  23. Sir , I am a handica.. I am unable to walk properly but I can walk slowly and not able to climb stairs. I have one certificate made for income tax purpose. Can I use that certificate. I am 39 yrs old. Please advise

    • Dear Sir,
      Certificates are only required whose disability will not be external. I mean internal organs and nerve can’t be seen outside, only such cases require medical certificates. Yes, you can carry the certificate whichever you have.

  24. Good afternoon sir,

    My name is Rama Chandra and I am an NRI. I have booked for Special Entry Darshan at 1to 2.00 PM on 2/7/2016 and I have also have Sahasra Deepalankara Seva for my family, parents and in-laws on the same day. Since I have son aged 24 years, how can I get him to Sahasra Deepalankara seva?

    Also can I skip Special Entry Darshan as Sahasra Depalankara Sava booking is confirmed. If I go for Special Entry Darshan will I miss the Sahasra Deepalankara Seva?

    I request you kind advise.

    Thanks & Regards,

    • Dear Sir,
      2 pm – 3 pm Darshan starts at 3 pm and ends by 4:30 pm – 4:45 pm So you don’t need to skip Rs.300 ticket. Sahasra Deepalankara Seva starts at 5:30 pm. If tickets are available in online please book one ticket for your son.

  25. Namasthe Sir,
    My name is Sirisha(30 years).my brother is 27 years old.
    My father is 64 years old and is physically handicapped.He cannot walk properly with out assisstance.He has his physically handicap certificate.
    My mother is 56 years old and she is suffering from Osteo Arthritis,so she cannot walk properly without assiatance and she cannot climb the steps.
    i have seen in your site that physically challenged persons ,Patients and senior citizens are allowed from entrance near Tirumala Nambi Temple in South Mada Street/Supadam entrance.

    very happy to see that there is a vehicle to take the elders from srivari entrance to the supadam entrance.

    we are planning to come to tirupathi on 16th july 2016 morning.we will be in tirumala for 2 days from 17th july (Sunday) morning to 18th july (Monday)evening.
    We have booked Unjala seva tickets for all 4 of us on 17th july(Sunday) and the receipt said that the reporting time is 11 am.
    Could you clarify me with these below questions please. the entrance near Tirumala Nambi Temple and the Supadam entrance the same?
    2.i have read in your site that for this (Unjala)seva we (all 4 of us),the devotees can enter from the supadam it correct sir? my mother have to climb any steps from the supadam entrance?
    4.if so,is there any way that she can enter the temple without climbing the steps (as she cannot climb the steps) ?

    Sorry for the long message sir!

    5.we have booked 2 rooms on 17th july in the morning slot in Tirumala.can these 2 rooms be extended for one more day i.e to 18th july?if so, where should we ask for the extension sir?
    we are planning to take darshan of the Lord on 18th july also.

    So,if we reach the handicap and senior citizen entrance at 8 am on 18th july;
    6.can my brother enter as the assistance to my father in the temple? my mother have to produce the ailment certificate at the patient entrance?
    5..can i enter as the assistance to my mother in the temple?
    6.In the above case (i.e if all of us are allowed)how many Rs.300 tickets do we have
    to take at the supadam entrance?
    9.Should We (me and my brother)have to take the Rs.300 special entry darshan tickets
    on 18th july if only my mother and father are allowed at supadam entrance on 18th
    (either morning slot or evening slot)
    We really need your valuable feedback on the above points sir.pls do respond!Waiting
    for your reply! thanks in advance Sir!

    • Dear Madam,
      1. For Seniors, Physically Challenged and patients it is thru the entrance at Tirumala Nambi. Supadam and Tirumala Nambi entrance are different.
      2. Yes, For Unjal Seva devotees are allowed thru Supadam. First it will be Darshan then Seva will be performed in Aina Mahal
      3. Your mother will be allowed with your father for special Darshan. If she wants to participate in the Seva then it should be thru Supadam only
      4. It is very less steps and you can go slowly
      5. Extension may not be possible. It is clearly stated in the booking receipt. You can do this way, don’t report at CRO office for extension just continue using the room
      6. For Seniors, Physically challenged it is free Darshan.
      7. Yes, ticket required only for you and your brother. Your father and other can avail special Darshan either in the morning or in the afternoon at his convenience.T
      Please let me know if you need more details

      • Namasthe Mr.Kamal,
        Thank you for clarifying so many doubts.I am very happy with your fast response.
        I would like to ask you one more question,
        1.if we,me and my brother take the Rs.300 e-darshan tickets on 18th july at 10am as you said,can we enter with our parents in the 10am slot of the physically challenged entrance i.e Tirumala nambi entrance as their assistances,so that we can help both our parents simultaniously?
        thanks in advance,

  26. B. Rajeswara Prasad

    Sir, I am suffering from spinal card problems n can’t walk /stand for long time.

    Whether I will be permitted in this que, along with my assistant boy ……. pls clarify

  27. Dear sir is there any separate que for infant babies

  28. B. Rajeswara Prasad

    Are there any facilities nearby to deposit the belongings of patients/ senior citizens like cell phones, bags, chappals etc.

  29. B. Rajeswara Prasad

    Dear Sir,
    Are there any facilities nearby to deposit the belongings of patients/ senior citizens like cell phones, bags, chappals etc.
    I am a patient having medical certificate, shall I need to book a ticket in advance or I will be permitted in this que, what is the dress code ?

  30. B. Rajeswara Prasad

    Dear Sir, I am 55 years, suffering from severe back ache & neurological problems and can’t walk or stand for long time. With great difficulty I came to tirumala and stood in this que on 21.06.16 at 1.15 PM along with assistant & medical certificates but the very first person verifying proofs rejected and didn’t allow me further stating that my decease is not in the list prescribed by the authorities. Further i have told him that I am a Bank manager taken voluntary retirement because of this problem n having all the proofs on hand but he didn’t listen to. I have returned home / without having darshan of Swamy. Is it correct what the said person has done, if so I can’t have darshan of Swamy for many more years, request u r clarification please.

    • Dear Sir,
      It would be nice if you can plan Darshan using Seva tickets which is far better to Supadam Darshan. I’m really sorry for what happened. I will be happy to assist on your next trip. I will check and let you know the reason for this.

  31. Dear sir

    I am physically handicapped with 50 percent disability I have medical certificate issued by government of karnataka but people say that I am not that much disability showing outside. so u may not avail this special entrance window for physically handicapped. Kindly tell me dat am I eligibility or this facility is only who have severe disability. Awaiting for ur valuable reply because I am planning to come tirupathi by 9 July 2016

    Thanks and regards
    Shiva kumar

  32. hi sir,
    my mom is physically challenged person is my son aged about 15yrs allow to darshan along with my mom through main door? then what is the dresscode for him?

  33. Dear Sir,

    My grand mother is aged 87 and would like to attend my marriage which is happening at tirumala on next month,She is very desperate to have Dharsan .Is it possible for her ,as she cannot walk .Could TTD can able to provide wheel chair for her, if yes what would be the process to make such arrangements.

    We would be highly thankful if you could provide the information.

    Thanks in advance.


    • Dear Sir,
      Wheelchair will not be allowed inside Darshan line. one assistant will be allowed to assist her during Darshan

  34. vijayaragavendran.c

    Dear sir,

    My wife is handicapped person with 40 % of disability in legs.see cant walk properly in crowed place.she need assistance. should u allow me as her that we need to take tickets for that. is it free for only handicapped person. pls clarifie the details

    1. we have 1 years old kid

    2. should we take any tickets for this

    3. here they mention 10.00 am & 3.00 pm is the slot . wat time we should come…? to whom we meet for entry….

    4. would u allow feeding bottle to feed my kids..?

    • Dear Sir,
      1. Yes, one person will be allowed for assistance. Your kid can join with you for the Darshan.
      2. It is free entry.
      3. Please be there either by 8 am or 1 pm for registration.
      4. Yes, feeding bottles allowed.

  35. swarnlata mishra

    my husband one leg is 40% working he can’t walk in crowdy place but we have no physically handicapped certificate r we eligible for supadham darshan?

  36. Hi Team,

    I went to Tirumala last saturday @ 2pm darshan. I was surprised we got the darshan within 2 hours but i was really annoyed that when devotees are leaving the temple they are literally pushing one another without patience. Could you please have this organised. I went with my children and literally we need to form human chain to safe guard children from people’s pushing. if it is organised like a queue without pushing it will help children and elderly people visiting tirumala.

    I was pretty happy with lot of improvements made but this incident made me feel unhappy n upset.

    Also, I’m planning to take my parents who are above 65 years. My mother cannot walk continuously for 5 mins. is there wheel chair facility provided for darshan. Also the distance the elderly people need to walk before getting darshan. Could you please help me with the above info as I would plan accordingly.


  37. I am handicapped . Today , I came to tirumala but no dharshanam. Because of not available of wheel chair and battery car..& distance of entrance from main gate also so far. I feel so sorry about devastanam maintainance… so please give them better suggestions to them .. to dharshanam…. past ways are good for dharsham from main gate

  38. Dear Sir, I am planning to bring my mother of age 70 with acute Arthiritis problem. I understand that she can avail Senior citizen but would like to know whether my mother-in-law af age 58 can join my mother as she cannot stand and walk for a long distance.
    Kindly let me know.

  39. Dear sir ,

    I am physically handicap . I am unable to walk bare foot so is it possible that i wear orthopaedic precribed shoes till outside temple premises .before entering temple I will remove shoes.

    • Dear Sir,
      Yes, you can wear Orthopaedic shoes till premises. You can use battery car facility till the entrance.

  40. Hi Sir,

    My mother is 67 years old. Am 45 years old, but, 4 years back my knee got operated with Plate, screws etc. Because of this, I cannot walk for a longer time, especially in queues and will get severe pain. Will I get Supatham darshan for me, my mother and my wife, if I submit docor’s certificate. Please let me know.

    • Dear Sir,
      I truly understand the condition. I will check and let you know on this by Tuesday as I’m travelling to Tirumala on Monday

  41. Sir
    My son is physically handicapped .9yrs old on wheelchair .i will b coming from chandigarh alongwith my wife n son.will i b allowed to carry my son on his own wheelchair or is there is alternative arrangements fir darshan.i hv a certificate of 100percent disability of my child,issued by goverment of punjab?

    • Dear Sir,
      Devotees are allowed till the entrance with wheel chair. From Darshan line, it should be on support by the family members. Darshan will not take much time thru this special entrance

  42. Sir,

    I am partial visual impairment by birth. I cannot see at all from far distance and have the disability certificate. Can I avail the Darshan facility for physically challenged?


  43. sir
    i am 33 years old physically handicaped . Iam not walk with calipers. possible to dharshanam wearing califers

  44. sir, i am a physically challenged person. whether special entrance will be available on 24thsep 2016.and darshan timings.

    • Dear Madam,
      Entrance is same as Senior citizen entrance, located at the corner of North Mada street and West Mada Street (Near Tirumala Nambi Temple)
      Yes, Darshan will be available on 24th Sep. 10 am and 3 pm Darshan slots.

  45. Hi, my mother had undergone Knee replacement 5 months back and is having a medical certificate for the same. Will she be allowed to enter temple in Handicapped slop at 10/3 pm slot.?

    Do we need to take a special ticket for it.? Or taking 50/300 rs ticket for general category is enough.?

    • Dear Sir,
      I really doubt if your mother can avail special Darshan. Please book Rs.300 Darshan tickets online at ttdsevaonline website and plan for Darshan on Tue or Wed

  46. i had done Total Hip Replacement surgery in my right leg and also have certificate for physically challenged by Govt.of Tamilnadu. If i am eligible to see dharshan in physically challenged que or not?

  47. Hi Kamal,
    I wanted to check, This 1st Oct’2016, i.e,Sunday and 2nd Oct’2016, i.e, Monday. I have 9 months old Infant, so we are (me, wife and son) and also dad(70Yrs),Mom(55Yr) Brother(60% Disability with blind), is that possible to Darshan through Supadam and how long with it take the darshan for us with Supadam and also how long will it take Divya Darshan(thru Steps).
    Is there any possibility to get the Accommodation.

    • Dear Sir
      Yes, You can have Darshan thru Supadam. While your mother,father and brother can have Darshan thru Senior citizen entrance. It will take 4 hours to reach Tirumala. Crowd high in Tirumala. Rooms may not be easy now. Please use the facilities at PAC I and II for time being

  48. my son is severely disabled both mentally and physically hemail iso 12 yrs. totally depending on us.can u provide darshan for him.can we also get darshan along with him .I also have a small daughter who is 6 yrs.can we all get darshan together. pls help.

    • Dear Sir
      Is your son under 12 or above 12?
      If above 12 then one person will be allowed.

    • Dear Sir,
      I intend to visit tirupathi lord on 24 th Oct 2016 at 3 PM along with 18 members of my family for whom all special entrance Darshan(300Rs)tickets booked. I am 33 yrs old Physichally challenged unmarried female with a weight of 60 kg with more than 90% disability (i am always a wheel chair).Henceforth i need two persons along with me to carry me inside the temple .So i kindly request you to let me know whether two people are allowed inside along with me also let me know at what time i should report.


  49. Dear sir/madam,


    my wife physically handicapped could not walk much far. she 75% persent handicapped.kindly advice me

    we reach @ 28/10/2016 8PM

  50. Dear sir, my mother is 60 yrs old and she is a cancer patient. Undergone surgery and chemotheraphy..and because of bone density problem she can’t walk properly
    ..can she avail physically disabled enterance

  51. Sir, My brother is mentally challenged… my parents are escorting him.. is there any provision that, my parents can have special entrance with my brother…

  52. My sister is physically handicapped she need assistance & mother is 58 yr old so is it possible to get entry to me with them

  53. dear sir,
    we are planing to visit thirumala on 13th nov 2016. our family have one physically handicapped person, one child aged 3 months and senior citizen. can both go same entry.

  54. Sir,
    I am physically challenged with 45% disability & Married having two kids. one is 7 months baby and another one is 11 years old. 1) Whether it is possible to get entry along with wife and kids in the special entry. 2) My mother is 63 years old, can also be allowed.

  55. Hello Sir,

    My Aunt is physically challenged, but she does not have any certificate.. did she require any certificate or what ?

  56. Hello sir ,
    My mother is 47 and she’s mediacally compromised(underwent brain surgery ) recently. She’s not physically disabled. Can we avail this facility? How can we get confirmation ? Thanks .

    • HI Sir,

      please send request to the JEO Office they will consider and allow your mother to darshan.. please carry medical certificates along with you


  57. Dear Kamal,
    Thanks for your valueable advise .My mother get both knee replaced,will she can avail the physically challenged darshan?

    • HI Sir,

      if its severe case ,They will consider please carry the medical reports and have darshan on physically challenged.


  58. Sir my mom is handicaped.65 % disabled.we have certificate too.i am 23 and my bro 18 can be allowed with my mom…pls inform.

  59. Sir iam physically challenged idarshan for 13 dec 2016 sir please help m

  60. Dear Sir,

    One of my eye is lost in surgery and i am now with one eye. Am i eligible for this entry as disability?


  61. My aall team50 peoples for phycally challenged in go to hingoli to tirumala

  62. My son is Not able to walk he is 7 yr old.We are visiting Tirupathy for Darshan with my wife and older son ( age 11 yr) shall we go for darshan same time by using physically challenged facility

  63. My Sister is not able to walk in23 age visitng balagi darshnam two person whill allowed in physical challenged

  64. Hii my brother in law is physically challenged…so I am allowed or Dharshan

  65. Is certificate mandatory

  66. my father senior citizen visiting to thirupati darshan with my mother allowed or not

  67. my father senior citizen allowed my mother also free thirupati darshan

  68. My son is a mentally retarded person. He is unmarried 29 years old. He need an escort for all travels. இ got medical certificate from medical board. Shall i accompany him. Please let me know it.

    • HI sir,

      Yes you can accmpany with him for darshan and timings are 10am and 3pm,report at Nambi Temple.


  69. Sir,

    I have a daughter 8 years old who is mentally challenged. Will they allow mother and father to go with her.

  70. Gururaj Bagalkoti

    Sir any restriction for darsan within 3 months for phisicaly handy cap person


    • HI Madam,

      Sorry wheel chairs are not allowed inside the the temple.


      • T.Jagathrakshakan

        Then how to get dharshan for wheel chair people like me having muscular weakness or myopathy?

        Can I get dharshan with an attendant?

        I can not stand or walk.
        Ineed a wheel chair.
        Kindly help me.

        • Dear sir
          there will be srivari sevakuku for you to get dharshan bring medical certificate on arraival
          thank you

  72. Sir I am suresh suffering physical disabled with 81% which is certified. I want to darshan it available today

    • Hi sir,

      Yes available you can report at 8:30 am for 10 am darshan and 1:30 pm for 3 pm darshan.


  73. Respected Sir,
    Sir I am Satish suffering physical disabled with 60% which is certified. I want to darshan along with my mother support. is it available ?

  74. Rajaram Narayan Patil

    Rajaram. May 5 2017

    Respected Sir
    I am Physically Handicapped Person with 56% Certified
    & I want to take darshan with my Wife is it available

    • Hi Sir,

      If you are dependable then your wife can be allowed with your or else you need to go alone.


  75. Hi Sir,

    My Mother had fracture last year and she can able to walk with some one’s assistance. As her son will i be allowed with her for darshan. she is 58 Yrs old.

    • HI Sir,

      yes one person is allowed to assist your mother so that you can accompany with your mother.


      • Thanks a Lot for your Reply.It’s much needed help you are providing.

        Do we need to show any documents about her fracture situation. she is 57 Yrs old only.

        Will she be considered as old age person for allowing inside temple? what else i Have to do.. pls brief me up to avoid hassle free darshan for her.

        • Hi Sir,

          If you have the medical prescription then they will allow you for the special darshan.


  76. Hello sir,
    My mother is 70 years old but in her all ids her date of birth is62 years is she allowed

    • HI Sir,

      They may not accept as a senior citizen darshan please carry the proper id proof


  77. Tirupati team support,

    I am a pysically handicapped person 60% i want to visit tirupati for lord venkateshwara swmay darshan along with my wife & 2kids below 6years. I request you please give my right information so that i should not get stuck with out swamy darshan along with my wife & kids.

  78. Hi Sir,

    We need to book this prior or else we need to book directly..!

    1.If prior booking is available means how can we book
    2.Direct means were need to book in tirupathi

    • Dear sir,
      Physically Challenged devotees do have special Entrance in Tirumala through Special entrance for Darshan.
      10 A.M and 3 P.M. Reporting Time.

  79. Hi sir am planning to take 30 blind people with 30 volunteers can even the volunteer accompany them for darshan

  80. Hi sir
    I am having physical disability with 52%.can I go with my family? my daughter age is 20 can I take her with me

  81. Respected sir, I’m neelakantarao suffering physically disabled with 57% which is certified.. I want to take darshan with my son he is 23years it available? Is it free to my son?

    • Namasthe sir,
      If you are completely dependent, TTD may allow one volunteer.

    • Vandana Purohit

      I am Ms. Vandana K Purohit I am coming to Lord Balaji’s Darshan on 25th June 2017 I have a Mental Retarded and vision problem 60% sister coming for Lord Balaji’s Darshan. Can I accompany my Sister for darshanam. What are are charges we have to pay for Special Darshan.

      Is Escort services available for senior citizens.

      • Dear Madam,

        Yes, you can accompany your sister. Please carry original medical certificates at the time of entrance. It is free of cost Darshan no need of ticket for this.
        Yes, Escort service is available for the senior citizens.

        Thank you.

  82. my mother in law uses walker but she may need wheel chair from car to the entrance then she can walk with help of that , IS the distance more to walk till the balaji darshanam.

    we are coming with two senior citizen one disabled 82 aged and other lady 79 aged , can two of us accompany the two aged ladies , we are also above 50.

    • Dear sir,
      You can accompany them if they are completely dependent and you need to convenience them.

      thank you..

  83. WE 4 OF ARE TRAVELLING TO TIRUPATI on 17th June, My mother in law is 83 physically challenged cannot walk long distance but can manage with walker for a short distance and her last wish to visit balaji, do you recommend and i’m 52 can i accompany her and my aunt is 80 but will be able to walk , can her son accompany her.
    Please suggest.

    • Dear sir,
      Along with senior citizen they will allow one person
      Thank You.

    • I need to thank you all the volunteers and police personal of Tirumala devasthanam, my mother in law 82 yrs , unable to walk even a step, i took the risk of visiting tirupati with my aunt who is also aged 80 with help of her driver (my aunt son). It was against everyone wishes i started @ 6am Bangalore and reached 1pm ,she was not able to move an inch due to leg swelling, i lost hope of taking her , but the police personal and the seva karthas from TN carried her like a baby did her id/biomeric and placed her in electric car, again the same seva kartha(ramamurthy) carried her walked her for the entire temple, she had divine darshanam, including me and my aunt also.. we came out by 3:45 after darshanam.

      • Hi Sir/Madam,
        we are happy that you all could have a wonderful dharshan of the Lord.

        Thank You.

  84. Hello
    My grandmother can’t walk even a single step.. can ttd provides wheelchair from parking space to darshan n back to parking space??

  85. Dear Sir,

    My mother (aged 63) had a major surgery last month and won’t be able to walk so much.Can she use this queue .. can i accompany her.

    • Hi Madam,
      she can avail physically challenged dharshan and one person can accompany her if she cannot walk properly.

      Thank You.

  86. hariprabhu nammalvar

    Can you please give information about the transport facilities to reach the temple from foothills for completely wheelchair bout devotees and other facilities in tirupati

    • Hi Sir,
      they will provide wheel chair from supadam entrance to the temple entrance and to reach the temple you can avail any private transportation.

      Thank You.

  87. Dear Sir,

    My mom underwent a heart surgery and unable to walk long. but she can walk few steps with support. i want to get her for lord balaji dharshan. i have few doubts, can we driver her till supdham counter. from there can she be taken for dharshan without any need of long walk.

    any evidence documents required to carry.

    thanks in advance. God bless you all.

    • Dear sir,
      Some can accompany the patient Devotee, if the devotee is completely dependent. You can accompany upto supdama counter.

      thank you..

  88. Hello sirin bramhavotava times also specail darshanam available for handicapes r not

  89. i have two tickets for suprabatham. my daughter is mentally challenged. can we take her along with us

  90. my daughter is 26 and mentally handicapped with 90% diasability. we will not be able to leave her alone. we could get only two tickets for suprabatham. what is the solution

    • HI Madam,

      Please contact Jeo office with a request letter a day before if they accept you can take.


  91. Hi sir
    సాదారణ దర్శనాలు కాకుండా నెలల్లో రెండు రోజులు ప్రత్యేక దర్శనాలు ఉంటాయా వికలాంగులకు
    అవి ఏవి ఏ రోజుల్లో

  92. Govindha. Sir , i am a physically challenged person, I got married, If i have one assistant during darshan at 10 O’clock slot. kindly reply sir.

  93. Om namo narayana!!!
    Dear sir I met an accident last year and recovering now. I would like to visit tirumala on 15th this month. Is it possible to get special entrance ticket for 5 members?

    • HI Sir,

      Tickets are fully booked so on arrival you can try the tickets at srinivasam complex from 9 am onwards


  94. K r sathish Nagaraj

    Hi sir,
    My father aged 83 and not possible to walk is it possible to go in wheel chair till the main deity during the physical challenged timing or is there any other option.

    Thanks in advance for your reply.

  95. mahesh kumar agarwal

    i am a handicapped person. i want to darshan with my wife and my two kids and one sister in can darshan with all ??

    • Hi Sir,

      Only handicapped person can avail the special darshan and remaining can plan for 300 rs darshan sir


  96. Hi,

    My Mother in law is physically handicapped and need to visit TTD Darshana. Along with her one person will be allowed i.e. my mother to take care her???

  97. Hello,

    My uncle is handicap person he cant stand in line for long time, how can he take darshan without line.

    Please reply

  98. namasthe…

    I am physically handicapped. can I have dharshan of the Swamy trough, the handicapped Q. My question is I am married so my wife can help me. But I have two two young daughters, both around 12 yrs. So will they be allowed with me my spouse. 1 handicapped + spouse + 2 children, all of the same family… will they be allowed for dharshan through PH dharshan Q. tks

  99. Iam handicaps my ph certificate not carried wits solution

  100. Raaju Srinivasa Raghavan

    Hello Sir, Is the wheel chair allowed till the Moolagraham ? or only till some point ? as my father needs complete wheel chair assistance. My mother also needs some special assistance. So can they go with Srivari volunteers as the kids only till age 12 are allowed to go along?

  101. Hi sir. Nano venkatesa

    I am physically disabled persion what type documents to be carried with me for darshan and is there any facility to take accommodation with out standing in q

    • HI Sir,

      For darshan you can have the special entry and also you should carry the physically handicapped certifiate or any medical certificate


  102. Thanks sir. But what accommodation if require

  103. What about the accommodation if require

  104. Any document proof need?

  105. Hi

    can i take my parents with me for the assistance

  106. Hi sir last month on 27 i cam for darshanam as disabled…Now i want to go for darshanam on tomorrow…Is der any objection???

  107. And I need a room …How to book d room …

  108. Hello sir me n my mother , ny bava n sister n thier two kids coming for darshanam on feb 10 th 2018 … My bava is physically handicapped… Can all we go for darshanam along with my bava… Can we get a room to stay….

  109. Hi sir
    is there any special dharasan for physically handicapped on mukkoti yakadasi .

    thnak you

  110. My Father is 60 Years and he is single kidney and had a operation for his knee also. Is he eligible for physically challenged Dharsan. If yes, should i provide the certificate from the doctor that has done the operation or i need to get the certificate from Govt Hospital. My mother can accompany him?

    • HI sir,

      Your father can have the patient darshan and he needs to carry the medical reports and your mother can accompany with your father.


  111. My son (7 years) has development disability. Will me, my husband and my second child (3years) allowed with him or only one of us are allowed? Thank you for the reply.

  112. Hello Sir, I am physically handicapped. Can I have free darshana with my wife and l sons under the quota of physically handicapped?

    • HI Sir ,

      if you are dependent then one person can accomapany with you sir or else only you can allowed.


  113. Sir my wife is aged 60 but she is opporation for right ankle deformity correction because she is not able to walk she used now Walker she wants to srivari darshan is she allowed for physically handicapped darshan I have opporation discharge summary and medical certificate . may I also allowed with her (husband) aged 63 she wants wheelchair sir please inform me

    • HI Sir,

      wheel chair is not allowed into the temple but one person can accomapany with her so plan accordingly sir


  114. my sister aged 66 years …she suffers 4 months back hand and leg paralleled.treatment given by American doctors…driver darshan ki vachinappudu sister help ki ravachuna.husband ki recent operation ayyindhi.children America loo techukovachuna.american doctors ichina reports vunnavi

  115. Sir. Any wheel chair is available upto entrance gate for senii4 citizens or physically challenged

    • HI Sir,

      You can get the cable car from ram bagicha guest house to temple entrance so plan accordingly sir


  116. Om Namo Venkatesaya,
    I would like to bring a mentally challenged Adult .Can I join the phyically disabled/Sr Citizen Queue along as an escort?Pl reply

  117. Hi Sir,
    I have booked kalyanam ticket for my dad can’t walk due to paralysis. any option to go in wheel chair.
    Need info as we have kalyanam he need to join in Queue in physically challenged or kalyana seva ticket holder queue???

    • HI Sir,

      he can enter through the supatham entrance but wheel chair is not allowed into the temple so plan accordingly


  118. Everyday is available spl darshanam for ph persons?

  119. Hi …Below 5yrs children …Any spl darshanam availability for parents???At wat time n which place to contact

    • HI Sir,

      You can get the darshan from supatham entrance,baby along with parents can avail the darshan


  120. Sir my uncle age is 66 years and my aunt is physically handicapped. I am accompanying to Dharshan can you guide us at what time we should reach to Dharshan for special entry for physically handicapped people on today

  121. Hi,

    We family of 5 want to go for Tirupati darshan on 8th April 2018.My father inlaw is physically chalanged.along with him how many persons can travel.

    • HI Sir,

      If your father inlaw is dependent then one person can accompany with him so plan accordingly


  122. Sir I am physically challenge person so March month date with parents thiruppathi darshan allowed sir

  123. Sir,
    i am a disabled and married, I may be permit with an attender in 10am or 3pm slot and also the slots are available in all days.

  124. Hello sir.
    I got ACL reconstraction surgery (right knee)
    3months back. Still i unble to stand even 5mints.
    Can i get any chance to erly darshan.
    Im planing to Go in April.
    Me my spouce and 1infant chaild.

    • HI Sir,

      You can avail the patients darshan and you can take your spouse along with you if your dependent


  125. Om Namo Narayanaya namaka
    Respected sir, my is 88 years old and unable to walk whether any wheelchair will be available to take her for Dharsan

  126. Whether I shall get any room to stay in Truman’s along with my MOTHER 88 years old woman

  127. Hi sir special darshanam for handicapped second door

  128. Hii sir I’m ganesh 23 age I’m suffering from muscler dytophy I have 90 percentage my perfect for seeing buy unable walk on steps any slope area soo can u please tell darshan possible or not please let me know thanking you yours sincerely ganesh

  129. Hi sir what is timing for darsion for handicapped people as of now

  130. I am Sujatha and Pattammal My mother is 70 years old and is handicapped but can walk with help of stick and requires assistance. Can I accompany her for Dharshan for tomorrow
    Pl reply back

  131. Om namo narayana.
    Dear sir, is there any similar special darshan system for pregnant women?

  132. Hello sir,
    My father is 82 years old and needs assistance since he had open heart surgery 4 yrs ago. My mother 73 yrs has arthritis and has limited ability to stand and walk for length of time. !) Can 2 other people go with them for senior darshan. Myself and my son are planning to assist them. 2) Should we bring doctor certificates for them for us to be allowed entrance with them? 3) Where can I get wheel chair for my mother? How far is senior entrance into temple.
    Thank you for information and assistance with this matter.

    • HI Madam,

      yes if they are dependent then assistants are allowed and wheel chairs are not allowed inside the temple and you need to carry the medical reports it would be better


  133. Hi.
    Did they want to show any idproof ???

    • HI Madam,

      yes madam id proof and physically challenged certificate also need to carry


  134. My son is handicap age 7years along with him parents is allowed for physically challenged darshan entrance or not.

  135. Where to report in advance for entrance

  136. C.s.kirankumar reddy

    Sir iwant darsan i am orthopedically handicapped with my wife and two children below 5 years pls tell detail

    • HI Sir,

      You can have the special darshan and you need to carry the physically disabled certificate at the time of entry so plan accordingly


  137. Yes.ireally Good and we’ll service.

  138. Hi Sir,

    I am accompanying my uncle who is handicap and my family is also planiing for a visit. can i report at 12.30 pm near supadam entrance. my family members will be taking the specila darshan entrance.

  139. If Disabled person married , along with his wife and below 12 years children can allowed. Is it information is true. Now the family members are allowed.

  140. My parents are aged and I am us citizen can I accompany them for the Darshan ?

    • Dear Sir/ Madam ,
      No sir you cant accompany them, Please call at 9393939150 for further queries,
      Thank you.

  141. Prakash Sakharam Nawale

    I have come on 08/06/2018 for darshan but I won’t get any help from our means there is no proper connection between me and the volunteers.

    • Dear Sir,
      sorry for the inconvenience,
      please call at 9393939150 for further assistance,
      Thank you

  142. Bommide Saikiran

    Hii we are handicapped please tell me dharshanam timings on 13-6-2018


    we r arriving to tirupathi buy train with my visually handicapped girl, which reaches in the morning at 6-30 am sir. can we report by 10 am after refreshing sir. becoz reporting time is at 8 am sir. is there any consideration for such cases sir. pls inform sir. with warm regards.

    • Dear Sir,
      its not possible sir you can report at 1pm for 3pm darshan slot,
      please call at 9393939150 for further queries,
      Thank you

  144. sir,
    we r arriving to tirupathi buy train with my visually handicapped girl, which reaches in the morning at 6-30 am sir. can we report by 10 am after refreshing sir. becoz reporting time is at 8 am sir. is there any consideration for such cases sir. pls inform sir. with warm regards.

    • Dear Sir,
      If you are going to miss the morning slot then you can plan for afternoon Darshan slot at 3 pm.

  145. I underwent a HEMTAPTHROPLASTY surgery for neck of the femur. Till my life time i was advised to restrict weight Dearing. If there is any chance to me for dharson under handicapped list

    • HI Sir,

      yes you can avail the patients darshan and need to carry the medical certificate at the time of darshan


    • Sir I am a physically challenged person with one leg poleo affected with 50 %disablity , can I come to darshan along with my wife ,I have to bring my medical certificate along with me please clarify

      • HI Sir,

        yes you need to carry the certificate and one perosn can accompany with you sir


  146. Sir I have 2 female baby they allow with me with my wife

  147. Hi sir,
    I’m Rheumatoid Arthitis patient from Malaysia.
    I’m coming on 1/8/2018..Coming with sister n brother
    Any chance of me for dharsan in disabled list..

    • HI Madam,

      please carry your medical reports if probelm is sever then they may allow you in patients darshan


  148. Hi I am PH is there darshan on Sunday 29th July for 10 AM & 15 PM. Whrere to Assemble

  149. HI Sir,

    yes one person can accompany with him you can plan for physically challenged darshan


  150. Sir,
    My sister 74 is widower without children and donor for 1 lakh with only one eye with glaucoma a little sight unable unless she has a caretaker. I am 68 will I be allowed with her on disabled entrance. we have planned on 18th august on donor entrance also. But I am doubtful whether she will be taken in the que. Kindly let me know.

    • HI Madam,

      You can plan for physically challenged queue along with the medical reports ans being a donar also you can get the darshan madam


  151. Sir.
    I am a physically challenged person aged about 57 years I want to visit lord by taking Athira seva ticket one person will accompany me will I get wheel chair pl do reply

    • Dear Sir/Madam,
      you can show your certificates and you can get privileged darshan, any 12 years less than kid can accompany them , wheel chair is not provided.
      Thank you.

  152. Thanks for the feed backs forum here sir .

    My father is 67 year old , unable to walk due to paralysis and , planning for darshanam this month 24th . Can we get a wheel chair facility for darshanam . Any speacial counter is there for physically challenged people . Please suggest me .
    Thank you sir .

    • Dear Sir/Madam,
      NO wheel chair is not provided for darshan, you can use senior citizen privilege for darshan, you need to get tickets at museum and you will be having 2 slot one is at 10 am and 3pm
      Thank you.

  153. Dear Sir/Madam,
    Its subjected to the severity of the case please carry your medical certificates .
    Thank you.

  154. Thanks for yours reply.

  155. hi, is there any specific percentage criteria to avail this facility? Gov issued card for physically disabled is there with gov doctors certificate. 41% disability. Are these documents sufficient. kindly guide me.

    • Dear Sir/Madam,
      You need to check that with the official site for further details please contact 9393939150.
      Thank you.

  156. Sir, I have met with accident due which my left leg ancekl is injured with multiple fracture & hip is also fracture and plate have been placed & not able to walk will I get physically challenged darshan with wheel chair facility… Whole family is planned for darshan on 28/09/2018 which I should attend

    • Dear Sir/Madam,
      If you have any medical certificate stating that you can avail but it depends on the case and you will have two slots one is morning 10 am and at 3 pm you need to report 2 hours before the slot.
      Thank you .

  157. Sir my husband met with accidennt multiplr leg fractured put steel on leg in February can not walk property is this case required any dr.certificate to go on pysicaly chalengef darsan …can i go with my husband that quee

  158. I am visually impaired with 75% can I darshan in supatham dwar

  159. Sir my uncle is Sr-ctzn 68 yrs old , can I also join with him in special entry

    • Dear Sir/Madam,
      Only kids under 12 years and spouse of senior citizen darshan are allowed to accompany them.
      Thank you.

  160. Sir my brother is physically challenged met with accident under gone surgery at left leg ankle.. not able to walk. Can i join with him for assistance and let me know hw dharshan can be availed

  161. Sir My brother’s right hand elbow is damaged by accident and he can not use his right hand and he has medical certificate about it and it is written that he should have escort with him.
    So can he have special darshan in physically challenged and can I have special darshan with him as a escort.

  162. My mother underwent an amputation of big toe of her leg foot. She is 70 years old and is recovering post op. Can I avail special darshan for her and accompany her as well?

  163. Hi, my parents are going to reach tirumala by afternoon on Saturday. They are senior citizens. Can they go directly at 1PM for queue line and enroll there for 3PM darshan..!!?

    • Dear Sir/Madam,
      Yes senior citizen darshan is available at 10 am and 3 pm daily you can get the tickets 2 hours before the slot at Museum .
      Thank you.

  164. Sir my son age is 15 months old
    Is he eligible for Infant darshan ?

    • Dear Sir/Madam,
      Only kids under 12 months are eligible for infant darshan from 12 pm to 5 pm .
      Thank you.

  165. Sir their is only one time regesteration at 7clock for two batches or we can come directly for 3clock batch early 2hour it means 1clock

    • Dear Sir/Madam,
      For each slot you need to get the tickets two hours before the slot .
      Thank you.

  166. Dear Sir/Madam,
    If you are unable to walk ,she can accompany you by paying Rs 300 .
    Thank you.

  167. Subbarao parepalli

    Sir is everyday have darshan for physically challenged candidates.

  168. Gajjala Anjaneyulu

    Air om namo venkatesaya. May 1 phc darsanam is available sir pls in from me.

    Gajjala Anji..

  169. Gajjala Anjaneyulu

    Om namo venkatesaya. Sir may 1 phc darsanam available sir please inform me

    • Dear Sir/Madam,
      Yes its available you need to get the tokens 2 hours before the slot at museum .
      Thank you.

  170. Gajjala Anjaneyulu

    Phc darsanam available in may 1

    • Dear Sir/Madam,
      Yes you can avail darshan please collect the tokens before 2 hours at the museum .
      Thank you.

  171. Hello my husband fall down from bike yesterday and got his hand fracture, whereas I booked 300 rs dharshan on 18thmay2019. Be be allowed for dharshan or is he eligible for physically disabled dharshan this time on 18th may????

    • Dear Sir/Madam,
      Not allowed, fracture is not considered as physically challenged . however you can book special darshan online to reduce your waiting time in the queue line call at 8500 898 000 for assistance .
      Thank you.

  172. Hi my mother is a bedridden and planning for Tirupati as she cannot walk will TTD provide wheelchair through out darshanam

    • Dear Sir/Madam,
      No sir inside wheel chair is not allowed escorting facility is available for darshan .
      Thank you.

  173. Hi Sir is there any special tickets for physically challenge cadidate .and where did i get and when did give the tickets if its available.
    why i am asking my mother was physically hadycaped not able to walk .if its available plz inform me .

    Thanks you!

    • Dear Sir/Madam,
      You can get the tickets directly at museum , 2 hours before the slot . Darshan timings will be at 10 am and 3 pm .
      Thank you .