Upanayan Sanskar Vidhi, Cost, Muhurat, and Booking

Upanayan Sanskar Vidhi, Cost, Muhurat, and Booking

The Upanayana Sanskar ritual holds a significant place in the Brahmin tradition. Some Vaishyas and Kshatriyas also wear the sacred thread. Another term for a Brahmin is “Dwija,” which translates to “the one who is born twice.” It is said that when a boy does Upanayanam Samskara, he is born again. Yajnopaveetam is a sacred thread that is wrapped over the boy’s left shoulder.

Three strands make up one sacred thread, and these three strands stand for three responsibilities. the debt to God, the debt to the teacher, and the debt to one’s parents and ancestors.

When should I perform Upanayana Sanskar?

  • When a Brahmin kid is seven years and two months old from birth or eight years old from pregnancy, his upanayana has to be done.
  • At twelve years old, one must do a Ksatriya.
  • At that age, Lord¬†Krishna received the sacred thread. Sixteen is the same age as a Vaisya.
  • The sastras state that a Brahmin child’s age range is eight to sixteen years, with an additional eight years of grace.
  • It is wrong to avoid performing a Brahmin boy’s upanaya before he reaches the maximum age.

Auspicious Days for Upanayana Sanskar

  • The best time to do Upanayana is during the sun’s northward journey, which occurs between the Tamil months of Tai and Ani (6 January to 15 July)
  • Although now is a good time for marriage, the spring season (Chittirai to Vaikasi) is encouraging.
  • Masi is the Tamil month that is best for Upanayana.
  • Marriage and Upanayana are not encouraged during Daksinayana, which runs from the end of Margazhi to the Tamil month of Adi.

Upanayan Sanskar Vidhi

  • Ganapathi Pooja
  • Punyaha Vachan
  • Maha Sankalp
  • Kalash pooja
  • Udakashanti
  • Upanayana Sanskar
  • Kumara Bhojan or Sumangali Bhojanam
  • And finally, the homa is performed as stated in Shastras.

Following the thread ceremony, the child’s father recites the Gayatri Mantra into his ears. In the past, brahmachari would go out into the public to plead for donations from different Bhikshakaranam households. This is being done indirectly during the event. Even though it would be tough to practice Bhikshakaranam every day in the current environment, doing so will cause kindness, control the ego, and remove all distinctions between the rich and the poor, high and low.

Upanayan Sanskar Benefits

  • The child can now begin studying all of the Vedas.
  • He is protected from all forms of negative energy and evil spirits.
  • improves one’s capacity for knowledge acquisition.

Pooja articles list

Puja ItemQuantity
Turmeric powder100 grams
Kumkum100 grams
Camphor1 Packet
Dhoop sticks1 Packet
Ghee500 grams
New DhotiOne set
Panchapatra and udarini1
Betel Leaves and Nuts10+10
Jandhyam /Yagnopaveetham / Sacred thread (Either Gold or Silver)3 Strands
Flowers2 different varieties
Fruits12 Bananas & 5 Variety fruits- 5 fruits for each variety
HoneyOne small bottle
Kalasa Vastram1 Towel
Dry Coconut (Whole)1
Sugar250 grams
Sandalwood Paste/Powder1 Packet
Rice4 Kilo grams
Coins changeRs. 25
Sugar Candy (Kalakanda)250 grams
puja list

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