Auspicious Marriage Dates in 2021 and 2022, Muhurtham Timings

Auspicious date for Marriage in 2021 and 2022, Muhurtham Date and Time

Marriage Date and Muhurtham Time will differ with Kundali. The below-mentioned time is for Mangalyadharana or it can be applied for Jeelakarra Bellam time.

Auspicious Marriage Dates in 2021 and 2022

MonthDateMuhurtham Time
May 20215May2.42 AM
5May3.26 AM
12May2.15 AM
12May2.54 AM
13May2.11 AM
19May5.02 AM
21May1.39 AM
21May2.37 AM
21May4.54 AM
22May4.50 AM
27May1.59 AM
27May4.30 AM
29May4.22 AM
Jun 20213Jun12.48 AM
3Jun4.03 AM
4Jun3.59 AM
5Jun12.40 AM
5Jun1.24- AM
5Jun3.55 AM
17Jun11.52 PM
18Jun11.49 PM
18Jun12.32 AM
19Jun11.23 AM
19Jun11.45 PM
24Jun11.25 PM
24Jun12.09 AM
24Jun2.40 AM
26Jun11.17 PM
26Jun12.01 AM
27Jun11.57 PM
Jul 20211Jul11.41 PM
1Jul2.12 AM
2Jul11.37 PM-
2Jul2.08 AM
3Jul12.02 AM
3Jul11.33 PM
3Jul2.04 AM
Aug 202111Aug9.00 PM
11Aug11.31 PM
11Aug3.51 AM
12Aug9.25 AM
12Aug11.27 PM
12Aug3.47 AM
13Aug11.23 PM
13Aug3.43 AM
14Aug11.19 PM
19Aug3.20 AM
21Aug8.50 AM
21Aug11.38 AM
22Aug8.46 AM
25Aug2.56 AM
26Aug8.31 AM
26Aug8.01 PM
26Aug2.52 AM
27Aug7.57 PM
Oct 20217Oct4.11 AM
8Oct7.13 PM
10Oct8.21 AM
13Oct7.24 PM
13Oct3.48 AM
14Oct8.05 AM
14Oct3.44 AM
15Oct8.01 AM-
 16Oct12.04 AM
16Oct3.36 AM
20Oct3.20 AM
23Oct3.08 AM
24Oct11.32 AM
30Oct11.08 AM
30Oct4.14 AM
Nov 202110Nov10.25 AM
11Nov9.49 PM
11Nov3.27 AM
12Nov9.45 PM
14Nov9.37 PM
17Nov9.57 AM
20Nov1.18 AM
20Nov2.52 AM
21Nov9.09 PM
26Nov12.54 AM
26Nov2.28 AM
28Nov8.42 PM
Dec 20218Dec8.03 PM
8Dec4.28 AM
9Dec12.03 AM
9Dec1.37 AM
10Dec7.55 PM
10Dec1.33 AM
11Dec7.51 PM
11Dec4.16 AM
12Dec8.12 AM-
12Dec7.47 PM
12Dec11.51 PM
17Dec1.05 AM
17Dec3.52 AM
19Dec11.44 AM
23Dec12.41 AM
25Dec3.21 AM
29Dec11.05 AM
30Dec12.14 AM
Feb 20212Feb9.58 PM
3Feb8.42 AM
4Feb8.16 PM
4Feb9.50 PM
4Feb12.38 AM
5Feb11.48 AM
5Feb9.46 PM
6Feb8.08 PM
6Feb9.42 PM
10Feb8.57 AM
10Feb9.26 PM
10Feb12.14 AM
11Feb8.10 AM-
11Feb7.48 PM
11Feb12.10 AM
14Feb11.58 PM
18Feb8.55 PM
19Feb10.53 AM
19Feb11.38 PM
Mar 202120Mar9.45 PM
24Mar1.36 AM
26Mar9.21 PM
26Mar5.21 AM

The above-mentioned marriages dates might differ from person to person. For more specific dates, Please check with your astrologer who can let you know after checking Kundali.

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