Sri Kalahasti Mahanyasa Rudrabhishekam

Sri Kalahasti Mahanyasa Rudrabhishekam, Timings, Ticket Cost, Booking

Nyasa means preoccupied the soul into a body. Mahanyasa means incarnation into the body more than deserved, which means incarnating Lord Shiva into our body from head to toe. Performing Abhishekam after Mahanyasam is said to be Mahanyasa Rudrabhishekam.

Mahanyasa Rudrabhishekam, which is very effective than Rudrabhishekam.

Mahanyasa Purvaka Ekadasa Rudrabhishekam

Rudrabhishekam on New moon day (Amavasya) is very special to Lord Shiva. One can see the best results within 3 months after Performing Mahanysa Purvaka Rudrabhishekam for 3 continuous Amavasya ( New moon days).

Benefits of Mahanyasa Rudrabhishekam

  1. This pooja will remove all your ill effects
  2. Blessed with good wealth and health

Mahanyasa Rudrabhisehkam Dress Code

Men: Dhoti, Pancha

Ladies: Saree

Sri Kalahasti Mahanyasa Rudrabhishekam Timings

Pooja will be performed on All Monday’s. Abhishekam performed when the planetary position is at Arudhra Nakshathram and in Pradhoksha Kalam.

Ticket Cost: Rs.1500

Persons allowed: 2

Pooja Timings: 4 pm  – 5 pm

Pooja Days: Every Monday, Trayodasi, Masa Sivrathri and Arudra Nakshathram days

Bahumanam: 4 Laddu, 4 Vada, 1 Uppercloth 1, jacket piece, Panchamrutham, Pulihora 1 kg.

How to reach Sri Kalahasti Temple from Tirupati?

  • Direct buses available from Tirupati Bus station to Sri Kalahasti Temple
  • Bus routes to Nellore, Naidupeta, Gudur goes via Sri Kalahasti. From Sri Kalahasti main entrance, it takes 10 mins by Share autos, private autos
  • Trains available from Tirupati Railway station to Sri Kalahasti, it takes 35 mins by Train.

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  1. Hi sir , first fall I congratulate to you, I have one doubt sir ,how can booking mahanyasa poorva abhisekham at srikalahasthi through online? Will you give online website name and full details like timimgs and cost?

    • Dear Sir,

      Online booking is not available. Tickets are issued only at the counter. Mahansya Rudrabhishekam will be performed only on New moon day only.

      It is Rudrabhishekam on New moon day.

      Please let me know if you need more details.


      • Actually I went to srikalahasthi today only, I asked the employees but al are said it’s online booking only, could you please tell me the website ,but they don’t knowknow
        Shall you update the srikalahasthi inquiry phone nono?

        • Dear Kumar,

          There is no online booking, I’m not sure who said that. Someone might be misleading. Tickets are issued only at the counter. May be online booking will be there in future, but for now it is only at ticket counter.


  2. Hello sir,I have one doubt can we do rudrabhishekam and rahu ketu pooja on same day.

  3. Dear Sir,

    Mahanyasa Rudhrabhishekam is done on New Moon days (Amavasya) or every monday. Because in the table it is Monday 3-5 PM. Can we perform Mahanyasa Rudrabhishekam after Rahu Ketu Pooja. Kindly clarify.

    Thank You

  4. Hello ,

    Could you please let me know when mahanyasa rudrabhishekam puja days in 2016

  5. Can u please tell me where is smc 211 entry point

  6. Respected sir
    When v should do kala Sarpa dosh nivarana pooja and which pooja I should do am suffering very badly at present…

    • Dear Madam,
      Please follow this procedure

      1) After taking head bath at home or room, reach Temple to perform Abhishekam with Milk to the Idols at Rudra Padam ( which is 100 ft from Pathala Ganapathi Temple) and do 3 Pradakshinam to the Idols after abhishekam.
      3) After Abhishekam, purchase Rahu Ketu Pooja Tickets over the counter.
      4) After Rahu Ketu Kala Sarpa Dosha Nivarana pooja, please offer 2 -3 meal packets to the poor in the streets.
      5) One should fast till they complete this Pooja. One can have liquid foods if required.
      6) After Kala Sarpa Dosha Nivarana Pooja you can take food and then plan to perform Rudrabhishekam
      7) Now you are good to start Home.


  7. Sir we are planning to do rudra abhisekham on 8th July in Sri Kalahasti temple…what timing will be auspicious and what things are required for puja ? Is online booking available..?

  8. Dear kamal sir, i am planning to do rahu ketu followed by rudrabhishekam puja on the same day… Can u tell me the auspicious date and time to perform this in july..Thank you

  9. Dear Sir, I need to perform rudra abhichekam on sunday(03/07/16), can you advice about of timing for it, and what is the fee for it, place for the same..

    Thanks and Regards,

    Ananda Kumar.P

  10. Dear Sir,

    What are the dates, Mahanyasa Rudrabhishekam performed in the month of September?


  11. Dear sir/Madam,
    I need to rudrabishekam on saturday(03/09/2016),on which time issued tickets at the counter .
    Kindly clarify.

  12. Dear sir,
    We need to perform rudra abishekam at kalahasti temple on saturday(03/09/2016),but we listen rudra abishekam not performed untill 02/02/2017.its true.
    kindly give clarity.


  13. Dear sir,
    I am planning to do Mahanyasa Purvaka Rudrabhishekam on 30 sep 2016. But we know till 9 Feb 2017 there is no abhishekas in Srikalahasthi. I am from Nellore. Could you please suggest me any other near place to me to perform this pooja asap.

  14. Helo sir,
    We need to perform rudra abishekam at kalahasti temple on (24-10-16) can I get tickets ? How can I get tickets? is there any way can we book in online? Is there any auspicious day to perform pooja

  15. Dear sir,

    When will ekadasa rudrabhisheka pooja be performed in Sri Kalahasti temple in February. What are the timings and how can I get the tickets

    • HI Sir,

      This abhishekam is available after feb 8th, timing is 4PM – 5 PM and cost is 1500 , numbetr of persons allowed is 2.


      • Thank you very much for this info sir. Where can I get the tickets. Can I get it online or do I need to buy it in the counter

        • Hi sir,
          There is no online booking in srikalahasti. you need to come direclty and get the tickets for mahanyasa rudhrabisehkam at the ticket counters.

          Thank you.

      • Dear sir,

        Based on your response to my query sbout the date and time of Ekadasa Rudrabhishekam. You had confirmed to me that it will be held today the 8th february 2017 at 4 pm. I drove down from interior Tamilnadu for this seva. Upon reaching Sri Kalahasti temple, I was informed that the Ekadasa Rudrabhishekam is not being held today and it is going to be held on Monday the 13th February 4 pm.

        I thought I must inform you this, so that you will take it up with the temple authorities of the wrong information given to you, which you paased it on to me in good faith through this forum..

        I do not mind the inconvenience caused to me, since I had darshan and hope to visit the temple again on February 13th 2017.

        Kind regards

        • Hi Sir,

          Sorry for the inconvienece but if you are plaaning to perform the Ekadasa rudrabhishekam please plan after march 3rd .


      • Dear sir,

        Thank you for guiding me sir. You are indeed doing a great service. Yesterday I again drove down to Sri Kalahasti temple to do the ekadasa Rudrabhishekam Pooja. I was there by 3 pm. The man in the counter refused to issue me the ticket and refused to converse in any other language other than Telugu. With the help of the translator, I tried to understand what the person tried to convey. I understand that I am supposed to fill up a form and get it endorsed from the office. The office will open at 5 am. I need to submit the form at the ticket counter immediately after getting it endorsed. I will then be issued the ticket on a first come first serve basis. Apparently, only limited number of people are allowed for the Puja and so only 15 people will be allowed. I tried finding this restrictive information on the net, but could not find any info on this process to be followed. I did not find this info even on gotirupati website.

        Will be grateful to you sir, if you could kindly let me know the process to be followed for me to do the Pooja. I have driven down twice from interior tamilnadu and both times faced this obstacles.

        Upon your guidance, will plan my trip after March 3rd, so that I am able to perform the seva.

        • HI Sir,

          A day before if you reach the kalahasthi you can get facilityin a aday advance so plan accordingly.


      • Hello Sir,

        I am planning for Mahanysa purvaka ekadasa rudrabhishekham in srikalahasthi in march 2017.Kindly confirm the dates on which day the pooja will be performed.

        What are the timings and what is the procedure etc.,

  16. Sir,
    When will be mahanyasaa rudhra abishekam performed in kalakashti for this April month. Pls let me know the timings also.

    • Hi madam,

      Every monday, trayodashi, masa shivarathri and arudhra nakshatram days they will perform the mahanyasa rudrabhishekam.


  17. Sir,
    We are coming from coimbatore pls let me know the timings for mahanyasaa rudhra abishekam

    • HI Madam,

      Please check out the link for further details “”


  18. In may n june 2017 mahanyasa purvaka rudrabhishekam performed or not

  19. Mahanyasa purvaka ekadsa rudrabhishekam is performed in june 2017 or not

  20. Pradeep Puranam

    Can we book online for ‘Mahanyasa Rudrabhishekam’ or can we make a call and pay the pooja fee once after we come to the temple on pooja day?

    • HI SIr,

      on arrival you can book the tickets there is no online bookings for kalahasthi.


  21. Dear sir,I want to perform mahantasapurvaka rudhrabishekam on 21st august 2017. Can you please give me the details.

  22. Which is the best puja for having a child at Kalahasthi

  23. Sir I want details of mahanysa purvaka akadasha rudhra Abhishekam in Srikalahasti and what is the performing cost and timings .

  24. Hi Sir,

    Please tell me cost

  25. Hello Sir! Is there conduct sarpa sooktha sahitha mahanyasa rudrabhishekam in January 31st 2018 Chandra grahanam in Sri Kalahasthi! Please give me reply quickly

  26. when we can do mahanya purvaka ekadasa rudrabhishekam in sri kalahasthi

    • HI Sir,

      when you are planning to perform sir,rudrabhishekam is available daily sir


      • It’s provided that Mahanyasa purvaka rudrabhishekam is available only on triodasi, Monday, masa sivarathri and Arudra Nakshatra days.
        You said that everyday the Puja can be done.
        My doubt is if it’s available only on the above specific days. Can we book online to let us be there on thriodasi afternoon to get Puja on 28/02/2018

        • HI Madam,

          It is available on mentioned days only and there is no online bookings for kalahasthi so for further details you can contact at 9393939510


  27. Sir,please inform us if mahanyasa rudrabhishekan can be performed on tuesday on pushyami nakshatram as my daughter was born on that nakshatram and we have to perform that puja for her purpose

    • HI Madam,

      It will be performing on all mondays,trayodasi,masa sivarathri and on arudra nakshtram so plan accordingly


  28. Sir
    We are planning Mahanyasa Rudrabhisehkam this month june cost of ticket and day

    • HI Sir,

      You can contact at 9393939510 for any suggestions, They will guide you regarding this.