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  1. Hi Sir,

    I am planning to have kalyanam on July 18
    Can I start climbing the steps from Sri vari mettu at 5 pm July 17. What would be my divya darshan time
    Also pls let me know where and how much time will it take for hair offering and ear stiching

    • Dear Srikanth,

      It is not advisable to climb hills from Srivari Mettu at 5 pm as you will not have much facilities during evening times. As you are planning to climb Hills , it is good to take Alipiri Mettu path. If you start climbing Hills 5 pm , it will take 4 hours – 4:30 hours as you are planning with elders, which means 9:30 pm , you will reach Tirumala. While Climbing Hills, Divya Darshan Token will be issued. I would suggest not to depend on Divya Darshan as it is Saturday, crowd will be high and Darshan Waiting Time may go up to 18 hours. So please book Rs.300 tickets online or any seva tickets at

      Please look for accommodation as well, It doesn’t matter if it is Tirumala or Tirupati. As it takes 28 mins to Tirumala, you are still good to stay in Tiruapti.

      Hair Offering will take 30-45 mins at Kalayanakatta, and bathing rooms do available there itself.

      Ear Stitching is will take another 10 mins max.

      Please let me know if further clarification required.


  2. Sir,

    Please let me know if I can take my 3 yr kid and my parents along with me for kalyanam. Will they also be allowed to join the special darshan queue.

    • Dear Srikanth,

      Yes, 3 year kid is allowed for Kalyanam, but not parents. For Kalyanam, only 2 persons are allowed per ticket. If your parents are interested to join then you need to take ticket for them as well.

      Please let me know if further clarification required.


    • Is ttd’s ccommodation available at tircahanur. If so how do i book.

      • No madam, it is not available in Tiruchanur. Please plan to stay in Tirupati, which will not take more than 15 minutes to reach Tiruchanur.

    • Hai andi ,garuda prasadam online lo book chesukovacha vere country lo unnavallu

  3. Dear kamal sir,

    Thank you very much for the information.

    My parents will go by bus to thirumala. It’s only me and my wife who will climb the steps from Sri vari mettu. Is climbing from Sri vari mettu allowed after 5 pm.(what is the last reporting or entry time from Sri vari mettu)

    Both my parents are handicapped and aged 62 & 65. They also have a companion to take care of them. What is the best way for arranging their darshanam.

    • Dear Srikanth,

      As you are planning to climb hills via Srivari mettu it is good to start bit early as Srivari Mettu Path will be closed by 6 pm.

      Srivari Mettu timings 6 am- 6 pm

      If you start by 3pm then it is good idea.

      Best way is by booking seva tickets for them like Kalyanotsavam. Unjal seva so that crowd will be normal when compared to normal Que. That too Kalyanotsavam will be performed inside temple after seva it would be 20 mins for Darshan.

      And that too you will be there to accompany them.

      If it is normal rs300 or divya darshan We can’t control as everyone Will be pushing.

      Please plan this way for easy access to darshan.

      Please let me know if further information required.


  4. HI, I am going to Tirupati in June for the first time and staying in Andhra Spice Residency. Please let me know the route map to Cottage number 74 and the travel options available.

    • Dear Rathish,

      As you are residing at Andhra Spice Residency, bus station is nearby. Tirumala to Tirumala bus runs every 10 minutes. And journey to Tirumala takes 40-50 mins from Tirupati Bus station. Private jeeps do run services to Tirumala but they will drive fast so better is to go with Bus services.

      Please check your mail box for TB Cottage 74 map, let me know if further information required.


  5. We are planning to take Srivari mettu and wondering if free luggage transportation is available here OR should we drop the luggage at Alipiri toll gate?

    • Dear Mani,

      Free Luggage Deposit Center is available at Srivari Metu Entrance, no need to deposit at Alipiri Toll gate.
      It will take 2 hours 15 mins (min) – 2 hours :45 mins (max) via SriVari Mettu Path.

      Please let me know if further information required.


  6. How long it’s going to take to climb via Srivari mettu?

  7. Can you pl give me the contact no.of shri Tirumalacharya, archaka in main temple… i have lost his number

  8. Hi Kamal,

    Could you tell how to join the volunteer group to serve in Tirumala?

  9. Hi sir,
    We are planning to reach tirupati at 3.30am on 21st june.planning to go by walk via sri vari mettu. What is idea about this. Can we able to complete the darshan by 2pm on Sunday the 21st June.

    • Dear Surendra Babu,

      As you are planning to start at early hours, I would suggest to go via Alipiri Path.

      As Srivari Mettu is available only from 6 am. Darshan time usually runs at 9 – 10 hours waiting time, which means you can complete Darshan by 3:30 pm (approx).

      Could you look for special entry darshan tickets if available at ?

      Please let me know if further information required.


      • Hi sir,
        We are planning to reach tirupati at 3.30am on 21st june.planning to go by walk via sri vari mettu. What is idea about this. Can we able to complete the darshan by 2pm on Sunday the 21st June.

        Sir is there any free accommodation (rooms or cottages) for footpath pilgrims. If yes where to find it. Or any other staying facilities.

        • Dear Surendra Babu,

          As you are reaching Tirupati at Early hours, Srivari mettu is available only from 6 am. If you want to start early then Alipiri Mettu is the only path available. Yes, you can complete Darshan on 21st itself. Darshan time will run at 10 -11 hours gap.

          Please let me know if further info required.


      • Sir is there any free accommodation for footpath pilgrims at thirumal I.e., rooms or cottages. If yes where and how to avail it.

        • Dear Surendra Babu,

          Free dormitory rooms with locker facility is provided to pilgrims which is available at all Pilgrims Amenities center in Tirumala Tirupati.
          It is located near C.R.O Office Tirumala (opp Tirumala Bus stand)..

          Please let me know if further info required.


  10. nice to see that there is a website that helps the piligrims! That too I see that the questions are promptly answered.

    I am from Tirupati and got really fed up after looking at all the corruption that goes on while trying to get accommodation/seva tickets. Feels good to see that there are still people who are doing selfless service. keep it up.

    • Thank you so much madam for your kind words. I’m trying to provide the best possible way so that they all can pray with peaceful mind.

  11. Planning to start on 26 th morning and reach Tirupati by 1 PM, and want to climb hill by walk and also to perform angapradakshanam, how should I plan, status of accomodation, etc what route to take for climbing, can leave Tirumala on Saturday, 27th, june, pls suggest


    • Dear Suresh,

      As you are reaching at 1 pm , it would good idea to take SriVari Mettu path so that you reach Tirumala early. Currently, Darshan time for Divya Darshan Tokens is running at 4 hours gap. So it may go high to 6 hours tomorrow.

      Which means even if you start climbing at 2 pm, Darshan time will be 10 pm, but Sarva Darshan close by 7 pm which means you can only have darshan next day morning.

      You need to look for accommodation in Tirumala, after reaching tirumala please go to C.R.O Office for accommodation. As it Friday, it will take time to get accommodation where rooms are allotted on First-Cum-First Serve basis.

      When comes to Angapradakshinam, tickets will be issued at C.R.O Office at 2 pm for which queue line starts at 11 am so you can join and get angapradakshinam tickets for the same day.

      If you are planning via Alipri Mettu is still fine, it will take 1 hour 30 mins more.

      Accommodation will definitely takes time, meanwhile to fresh please use free dormitory rooms beside C.R.O Office Tirumala.

      Please let me know if further information required.


  12. Hello sir,
    we are planning to climb steps this saturday and we were unable to book 300rs ticket.Is it possible we can get tickets in any counters in tirupathi? or how much times it takes for free darshan?

  13. Can I come directly with my family (wife and 2 kids below 12 years ) to temple without any booking and get SEVA TICKET OR DHARSHANA TICKET at your counters on Saturday and Sunday.

    • Dear Umesh,

      Ticket is not required for kids below 12 years , please carry age proof for Kids.

      But I would suggest to book E-Special Entrance Darshan as it is weekend so crowd will be high. please book darshan tickets at

      And look for accommodation if any .

      Please let me know if further information required.


  14. Climbing through steps will get special entry or should go in 50 rs Que.

  15. Booking via e-seva online of 300 rs ticket need to stand in Long Q or any other special entry. I have given TB cottage 74 entry at 11 reporting time. Please guide me.

    • Dear Anandhan,

      Devotees who climb Tirumala Steps will get Divya Darshan Ticket which is free. Usually during Weekdays Divya Darshan timings will be 3 hours of waiting time for Darshan. If you are planning on weekend or Friday, it is good to book Rs. 300 or e-Special Entry Darshan tickets online.

      for Rs.300 ticket there is no waiting time, all you to do is, report at the mentioned time in the ticket.

      When Pilgrims report at TB Cottage 74 for darshan, they will be allowed inside one by one and should be seated for 1 hour before they allow for Darshan line.

      So it is long queue which for tickets validation for each devotee.

      Please let me know if further information required.


  16. Any dress code for rs300 ticket darshan ?, Like Dhoti or only for early morning seva it is followed. Please clarify.

    • Dear Anandhan,

      Seva dress code is not applicable for Rs.300 . Normal Shirt and Pant is accepted for Rs.300 ticket. Dhoti not required.

      Please let me know if further clarification required.


  17. Thank you very much Mr.kamal sir. Wonderful support from you.

  18. Kamal sir,

    There is rule to wear dhoti now.
    TTD has stopped the 300 rs ticket issue ?, only we need to buy online . Please help as mt friend is visiting next weeek.
    To the pilgrims,
    Had darshan on July 04th, please wear Dhoti for 300 Rs Darshan, incase you miss then , carry one cover to pack the pant & dhoti is selling near the Q place.

    • Dear Anandhan,

      For which date you are looking for Rs.300 tickets. Tirupati Head post office do issue Rs.300 tickets to pilgrims on arrival.

      Thanks for the information.

      • My Friend coming this saturday to have Darshan.
        We are from bangalore, can you location of Head post office, is it open at 5 .0 am ?.

        • Dear Anandhan,

          Tirupati Head Post office will be available at regular hours. It won’t be available at 5 am.


  19. 13/17/2015 Avilable to room

    • Dear Gauravsharma,

      Are you referring to 13/7/2015 ?. For accommodation in Tirupati, please reach Srinivasam complex( opp bus station) and for Tirumala, it is C.R.O Office Tirumala.

      Please let me know if further information required.


  20. Hi,
    Can I start climbing steps from Alipiri at around 10PM and stand in the darshan Q at around 3AM in the morning? In this case, will the darshan be fast?

    Would you recommend this?

    • Dear Ramamurthy,

      You can start climbing at 10 pm which is totally safe, But not required to join Darshan line at 3 AM , You can only join Darshan line as stated on tickets.

      It is not like that, you are allowed to darshan only on the allotted time slot.

      Please let me know if further clarification required.


  21. dear sir,

    i and my friends are planing to visit Tirumala on 16th july night by walk. we will start walking only by 16th night 3am. please advice what time will i get divya darshsna and how much time maximum it will take complete.

    karthik HR

    • Dear Karthik,

      Divya Darshan timings will be 4 hours waiting time. 4 hours waiting time + 2 hours Darshan line.

      Please let me know if further information required.


  22. Sir
    From mokalla mertu we r starting to climb steps using knees, till where we need to following the knee climbimg method?

    • Dear Saibalaji,

      You can find Mokalla Parvatham or Mokalla Mettu in english and Telugu writing. Which is simple to identify. It is up to devotees to go on knees as it is not mandatory. God expects true love from us.

      Please let me know if further clarification required.


  23. Sir,

    We eight people are coming to Tirupati on 21st July.

    We will reach Tirumala on 21st July night 8 PM.
    Out of 8, 3 people will reach Tirumala by bus and 5 others by walk.

    Understood that people who are going by walk would get Free Dharshan tickets.

    So, I am booking Rs. 300 tickets only for 3 people on 22nd Jul Morning 10AM slot.

    Can we all 8 people join the Rs 300 Dharshan slot in 10AM ?

    (Or) Are people going by walk allowed only in specific entrances ?

    Pls calrify. Thank you.

    • Dear Gokul,

      Pilgrim will not have choice for Divya Darshan Tokens Timings. It is system generated, Darshan time will be auto generated based on the available Darshan Slot. As it is Tuesday, Diva Darshan Time will usually run at 3 hours (max) or it can be direct line as well.

      Please let me know if further information required.


  24. Is there any Specila Darshan Q for handicaps

  25. what will be the maximum ticket fair for darshan

  26. How can i reach tirupati from shivmogga

    • Dear Dinesh,

      Special entry Darshan do available for Physically challenged person thru Supadam. Entry thru Supadam is free of cost.
      Devotees are allowed in two slots, one is at 10 am for which Reporting time is at 8 am, and the other slot is at 3 pm for which reporting time is at 1 pm.

      Looks like there is no direct bus from Shivamogga,
      Shivamogga – Bengaluru ( 5 hours 30 mins journey time)
      Bengaluru – Tirupati (5 hours 30 mins journey time)

      Do check for accommodation availability at
      Please let me know if further information required.


  27. Please I need suprabhatha seva tickets how I can get them

    • Dear Jagadishwar,

      Suprabhata Tickets can be availed thru online or thru Lucky Dip booking system.

      Chance of getting Suprabhata Seva ticket on mid of the week is high. Please let me know if further info required.


  28. We are planning for Kalyanotsava seva in Srinivasa mangapuram temple on 30th Sunday August 2015.
    We are family of 8 member (4couples) Kindly let me know the details and procedure if we can book online.
    Appreciate your valuable response.
    Thank you !

    • Dear Vinay,

      Online booking is not available for Srinivasa mangapuram Kalyanotsavam tickets. Tickets can be purchased on arrival at Temple. To participate in Kalyanotsavam, please be there at Temple by 9 am. Kalyanotsavam will be performed between 11 am – 12 pm.

      It is easy to get tickets for Kalyanotsavam On Arrival.

      Please let me know if further clarification required.


  29. Hello Sir,
    Please let us know whether kalyanothvam I tickets are available for 25-09-2015.. We are senior citizens aged above 65 years.and intend to book a room at padmavati guest house ,tirumal.
    Can we have darshan in sr citizens slot on 24-09-2015.

    Thank you Sir

    • Dear Sir,

      Special Entry Darshan thru Supadam won’t be available during Brahmotsavam. As 25th Sep is Brahmotsavam closing time so Darshan thru Supadam will be available. Padmavathi Guest House rooms are allotted to pilgrims on arrival. Which is subjected to availability.

      Could you check rooms and Kalyanotsavam tickets availability at


  30. Hi,
    This is Anil, we have 300 /- darshan on Aug 16th evening 5- 6pm.
    My parents and my 2 year old daughter will be commuting to tirumala by car , whereas my wife and myself will be climbing to Tirumala through Srivari mettu.
    my Concern is :
    1) While walking to tirumala through Srivari Mettu, can I wear a shoe , as I am diabetic.
    2) For 300 /- darshan, is it mandatory to wear Pancha and Shirt / kurta ? can I wear Pyjama and Kurta ?
    is Khanduva required ?
    3) Can I wear my belt and carry wallet ?
    4) My daughter is 2 year old and my Dad is 63, so is it possible to avoid long queue keeping my daughter and dad in mind, we have darshan timings at 5- 6 pm on Aug 16th.


    • Dear Anil,

      1) While walking to tirumala through Srivari Mettu, can I wear a shoe , as I am diabetic. – Yes, you can wear Shoe. No problem with that.
      2) For 300 /- darshan, is it mandatory to wear Pancha and Shirt / kurta ? can I wear Pyjama and Kurta ? – Yes, TTD made it mandatory. Which is recent move by TTD managementt.
      is Khanduva required ? – Not required.
      3) Can I wear my belt and carry wallet ? – Yes, Belt and Wallet allowed.
      4) My daughter is 2 year old and my Dad is 63, so is it possible to avoid long queue keeping my daughter and dad in mind, we have darshan timings at 5- 6 pm on Aug 16th. – Darshan usually takes 2 hours. Please carry required baby food.

      Please let me know if further info required.


  31. Hi Sir

    We are reaching tirumala on 19th August 2015 by 12 for baby tonsure and ear boring with my wife ,sister with her two kids and parents aged 65&60.

    We have TTD board member recommendation letter for accommodation on 19th and break darshan for 20th.

    We need to return on 20th afternoon 1:00 pm.

    Please suggest and guide planning for 19th accommodation, 20th for tonsure, ear boring and darshan on 20th.


    • Dear Shashi,

      Please submit letter at CRO General Office Tirumala, Rooms allotment will be done here for recommendation letters. As you are planning for Break Darshan on 20th Aug, please submit Letter before 1 pm at JEO Camp office. Do carry photocopy of ID proof all the family members as it is required at the time of submission.
      It would be nice if you plan to reach Tirumala by 11:30 am so that you can get accommodation first, then you can submit letter at JEO camp office within time.

      If it is L1 or L2 it won’t take much time, you can complete Darshan by 8:30 am.

      Ear boring and Tonsure are minor things, which can be managed after getting room and submitting letter.

      Please let me know if further info required.


  32. Thanks a lot for your valuable information.

    Do we get 3 bed room cottage near by temple as parents are not able to walk so long. What time do we have Break darshan for sister and her family and what is the cost of the ticket and where it is available.


    • Dear Shashi,

      VIP Break Darshan time is 6 am.
      Cost of ticket per person : Rs.500 . It will be issued at MBC 34, Tirumala.

      There is no private accommodation in Tirumala.

      Please let me know if further info required.


  33. I had paid lifetime subscription for saptagiri magazine through on 25.6.2015 but till now i have not received any issue of the same.
    Can you please help me by giving the e-mail id of EDITOR , TTD, TIRUPATI

  34. Hi Sir,

    Could you please explain briefly about the rules and procedures to visit Venkadesware temple? I have searched many websites but still a lot of doubts

    I have registered the E-portal and got a special Dharsanam timing. My timing is 3 PM to 4 PM.My traing will be reaching Tirupati Station almost 4 AM. Please suggest a plan to visit the temple from the station to temple also please answer my following queries.

    Can i get a direct bus from Tirupati Station to the Tirumal temple ?

    What are the legal fromalities to enter the temple? I have submitted my passport copy in the online portal. I heard there is some eye scanning and some security settings there. Where i can do that .My wife is accompanying wit me and i didn’t submit any of her document .Where can i do all these?

    I have heard that we need to bathe from Swami Pushkarini temple and visit Sri bahu Varaha swami temple before go to Venkedeswara. Are these temples near from the main temple? If it far how long i have to travel ?

    Kindly advise some good hotel to stay in Tirumala and also suggest some other locations to visit, since my return is next day evening


    • Dear Nithin,

      Can i get a direct bus from Tirupati Station to the Tirumal temple ? – Yes, direct buses available from Tirupati Bus station to Tirumala at frequency of 15 mins.

      What are the legal fromalities to enter the temple? I have submitted my passport copy in the online portal. I heard there is some eye scanning and some security settings there. Where i can do that .My wife is accompanying wit me and i didn’t submit any of her document .Where can i do all these? – As you bought online tickets, you need to carry Original passport. Dress code is for Men: White Pancha, Dhoti/ White Kurta, Pyajama
      Female: Saree with blouse/ Punjabi Dress with Dupatta/ Chudidhar with Dupatta/ Half Saree.

      No need to submit documents, you need to show them for verification while allowing for Darshan.

      I have heard that we need to bathe from Swami Pushkarini temple and visit Sri bahu Varaha swami temple before go to Venkedeswara. Are these temples near from the main temple? If it far how long i have to travel ? – Yes it is stated in puranas that one should take bath in Pushkarini and go for Varaha swamy Darshan before Lord Venkateswara Darsha. Swamy Pushkarini is next to Aadhi Varaha swamy temple and is walk able from main temple.

      Do remember that you shouldn’t wear foot wear while going for Pushkarini and Aadhi Varaha swamy Temple.

      Kindly advise some good hotel to stay in Tirumala and also suggest some other locations to visit, since my return is next day evening – Private accommodation is not available in Tirumala. Could you let me know the exact date so that I can let you know, whether it is good to go for Private accommodation or TTD accommodation in Tirumala or Tirupati?


      • My visiting date is September 11. I also booked my return Septemebr 12 at 9 PM. I would like to visit Padamavati Ammavaru temple too. I think in this case i can book the hotel at Tirupati. What’s your opinion ? also suggest the good hotel


    • Dear Anudeep,

      Online booking is not available at this moment, tickets will be issued at Sri Kalahasti Temple Ticket counter. Be there at temple an hour in advance to get ticket in time.


  36. Dear Kamal Sir

    You are awesome,you are giving the best support to pilgrims, really excellent , thanks for your great support ,this is the ultimate support from you ,hats off to you sir


  37. What are the pooja for childless couple in Tirpati or Tirumala Temples ?

    • Dear Suarj,

      Rahu Ketu Pooja to be performed at Sri Kalahasti and you will be benefited from the pooja.
      At Sri Kalalasthi
      1) Abhishekam to be performed to the Idols at Rudra Padam ( No ticket , it is in open space) , Abhishekam with 2 -3 liters of milk
      2) Followed by Rahu Ketu pooja

      Procedure to be followed during Rahu Ketu pooja
      1) One should stay in Sri Kalahasti a day in advance
      2) Both Husband and wife should sleep on the floor
      3) Next day morning after taking bath, perform Abhishekam at Rudra Padam
      4) Followed by Rahu Ketu Pooja
      5) Perform Rahu Ketu pooja either on Sunday between 4:30 pm – 6:00 pm or on Tuesday between 3:00 pm – 4:30 pm.
      6) One should go on fasting till they complete Rahu Ketu pooja. you can take liquid foods till you complete pooja

      Please let me know if further info required.


  38. how to go about booking online for rudrabishegam on 3/9/2015 please.

    • Dear Santha A Manickam,

      Online booking is not available at this moment, tickets are issued at the Temple counter only.


  39. Sir,
    Pls. suggest best option to reach temple from Tirupati Airport.
    I’m arriving airport at 1:35pm

    • Dear Denish,

      From Renigunta Airport, only option is by hiring private Taxi. It is little far from Renigunta so mode of transportation is only by private taxis.
      Please hire taxi at airport to Tirupati. From Tirupati to Tirumala, buses available at high frequency.


  40. Hello Kamal garu,

    My friend is planning to visit the temple with family including his parents and childerns of age below 6yrs. I know the brahmostavam are in sept -16 -24 and oct -14-22. Are there anyother such events coming up? They wanted to come during less rush time. Please advice. Thank you.

    • Dear Ravish,

      Only these two Brahmotsavam activities planned in the months of Sep and Oct, after that there is no major events. After Brahmotsavam, plan your trip either on Tuesday or Wednesday so that crowd will be minimal.

      Usually it will be direct line, on Wednesday which means no waiting time. Darshan ticket not required for your kid. Please check for tickets availability at


  41. Hi Kamal,

    We all are 5 people planning to visit Srikalahasthi for Rahu Ketu pooja this or next weekend.
    Pl. let me know what things are required like which ticket should we opt for 300, 750 etc. do we need to wear any special clothes, we might not be able to go to tirupati so is that fine. will it be too much crowded nowdays and specially during rahu kalam.

    Let me know if anything else is required.


    • Dear Gaurav,

      How many are planning to perform Pooja, if it is only one then you can purchase Rs.1500 ticket so that others can sit next to you during Pooja.
      Pooja can be performed single or with couple. Even you perform pooja with Jeans and T-shirt, there is no restriction with dress code.

      Yes, it is absolutely fine in not going to Tirupati. You shouldn’t visit any other Temple after this pooja. Crowd will always be high, higher the ticket cost lower the crowd.


  42. Hi Sir,

    I booked a darshan ticket on 05th Sept, due to some personal reasons I could not go for darshan, I would like to cancel my darshan ticket. Can you tell me how much refund will I get for cancelling one ticket prior to the darshan date ?


  43. Dear Kamal,

    We are planning to do Rahu Kethu pooja on coming Sunday. After pooja we don’t want to travel in the night, so can we stay at hotel on Sunday night and leave Kalahasthi on Monday early morning?


    Siva Nathan

  44. I hope i am not repeating again the same question i have asked before. i am karisiddamma from chennai. The date of my daughter Anitha`s wedding was fixed on 25th of October 2015. But now my future law Praveen Mohan and his parents to wish to have wedding at Thirumalai. Is it still possible to do it through purohith sangam. If yes how to proceed it.

  45. Hi Kamal,

    We are two people and planning to climb tirumala through Srivari mettu on 12th sept15 saturday morning 6 am.We have not done any online booking for darshan. could you please tell us whether we will be able to get divya darshan ticket while climbing on that day? also how much time will it take that day to get darshan based on your experience and crowd for that day as it being a weekend. Also will the diyva darshan counters be open or not for that day? If not is there any other alternative to get darshan the same day?

    We have a train at 5 p.m same day to catch. Will we be able to finish the darshan before that time on that day?

  46. good service

    • i want to stay there for three days. on 7th nov 15 i got accn at srinivasam. rest two days i want to have accn at tirumala

      • Dear KSSRK Prasad,

        One day extension is allowed at Srinivasam complex when it comes to 3rd day, room rent will be 100% so it is advisable to book accommodation using different login id so that you can stay for 3 days all together.


  47. please let us know the online booking for KALYANOTSAVAM AT Srinivasa Mangapurm on 15-11-2015

    • Dear TVSB Sankar,

      Online booking is not available for Kalyanotsavam at Srinivasa mangapuram. Tickets can be purchased easily on Arrival at the counter.

      Crowd will not be high, you can easily get tickets for the Seva.

      Please let me know if further info required.


  48. Dear Kamal,

    I have tickets for Arjitha Brahmotsavam seva, Where can i report before going to this seva?
    Is there any dress code for this seva?

  49. Sir

    I booked darshana ticket on sep 28th 2015…due to some personal reason im not come to temple….So what are the procedure to cancel my ticket and how to get my refund amount….


    • Dear Revathi,

      Cancellation is not possible, if you could have checked the ticket , TTD already mentioned cancellation and postponement process.

      Please let me know if further clarification required.


  50. Sir/Madam,
    Please let me know how many members are allowed in one ID proof?????????????

  51. Sir i have to book tickets for 13 members for special entry how can i do that while booking online

  52. Dear Sir,
    We are from Singapore. There are 14 Adults and 3 kids below age of 12 who would like to visit TTD. Since we would like to go in minimum crowd with more Darshan time. Can you kindly propose a ticket that is suitable for our request?
    Thank you!

    • Dear Aravinth,

      3 Kids don’t need Darshan tickets, it is only for 11 adults. If you plan your trip on a weekday ie. Tue-Wed so that crowd will be minimal in Tirumala.

      It would be nice if you look for Arjitha Seva tickets so that crowd will be minimal and you can have good darshan.

      TTD is planning to release Arjitha Seva tickets for online booking during the first of Oct, Quota for the period16 Nov= 30 dec. You can book tickets online at .

      Please subscribe to GoTirupati NewsLetter so that you will not miss the communication.


      • Dear sir
        Thank you for your reply. We are planning to come on 24/11/2015(Tue).
        I am aware that the price of Arjitha is 1000/- for 5 pax. So am I right to say 200/- per head?
        Please also advice me for accommodation.
        Is it better to get L1, Arjitha or VIP break Darshan. Which is better? How many recommendation letters should I present?
        Pls advice me

  53. Dear Sir,

    We are planning to visit between oct 10 to 14, as we have 2 kids age below 1 year, my mother is of 60+ years and my in-laws who are also 60 years.

    Can you tell us what is the procedures and documents to carry with us. Help us with the route go for Darshan.

    What are all other places we can visit near Thirupathi and Thirumala.

    We also looking for room accommodation too…

    Please suggest and guide us with information with any contact numbers too


  54. Hello Kamal sir,
    I wud like to inquire is there any special tonsure arrangement can be done at Tirumala around 3am – 5am on 9th Nov 2015 other than KalyanaKatta. We wud like to perform the tonsure prior our Visesha Seva at 6am. Kindly advice.

  55. Hello Kamal Sir,
    Can you pls advice timings and cost for VIP break darshan on 9th Nov 2015?. Secondly where we can purchase the tickets ?

  56. I want to book Kalyanam tickets on 24 October 2015 please help me

  57. VIP break darshan timing on 12th oct 2015. procedure for prior confirmation for darshan

  58. Hi Kamal

    If i book seva tickets online & if i am unable to attend that seva, can i send my parents with the tickets which i hold ? will any one stop my parents during darshan/seva ?

    How to get information about, when seva quota tickets will be open for booking?

    could you please clarify the above? Thank you

    • Dear Praveen,

      Tickets are non-transferable. Next quota will be released on 6th Nov, 11 am.

      Please let me know if further info required.


  59. plzz increase sevas tickets some more

  60. Dear sir
    I have booked kalyanothsava seva on 26th October again shall I able to book another seva in November with same ID and ip address

    • Dear Sir,

      You can book from the same IP address but not with the same login ID, please create one more login ID with different number.


  61. Dear sir,
    1) Regarding kalyanotsavam, are kids allowed to view it?
    2) Will I be able to get more Darshan time and less crowd if I go for kalyanotsavam.

    • Dear Subha,

      1) Yes, your kids are allowed if their is above 3 years and below 12 years.
      2) It depends on the day, if it is weekday crowd will be minimal so you will have enough time to watch God from nearest point. If it is Weekend, then Darshan will be Laghu Darshan, which means you are allowed till 3 door.


  62. Dear sir,
    My brother doesn’t have I’d proof he is 17yrs old. How can I book online darshan tickets? Can we show aadhar as a I’d proof?
    But in online aadhar option is not available. Please helpe me sir

    • Dear Prathyusha,

      While booking Rs.300 ticket, you can select any of these listed proofs , Aadhaar Card, Passport, Voter Id card, Ration Card, School/College Identity Card.
      Yes Aadhaar is considered as valid Id proof. During User Registration you can provide any proof which is not a problem.


  63. Dear Sir,
    I have daughter 10 months old and son 9 years old. Can we avail supatham for my family ( Myself+wife+Son(9years)+Daughter(10 months). This darshan can we get next week. whether we need to book ticket for my son. To avail supatham darshan where we need to contact.

    Can we directly walk in to temple to avail supatham darshan. or we need to contact prior to darshann anyone in temple?

    • Dear Sir,

      No need to book tickets for your son, you are all allowed thru Supadam. No ticket required for infant entry. Please carry birth certificate of your daughter. Do carry photo ID proof of your’s and your wife as well. When comes to your son, as he is need to 12 years, staff may ask for age proof, you can carry school identity card.

      Yes, you can directly go to Supadam, which is near to Vaikuntam I queue complex entrance. Please note that Brahmotsavam is upcoming, i.e from 14 Oct – 22nd Oct. Crowd will be high, so plan your trip mid of the week, i.e Tue-Wed-Thu so that you will not have any delay with Darshan.


    • Dear Sir,

      Supadam entrance will be closed during Brahmotsavam which is starting from 14th Oct – 22 Oct.


  64. HI, please answer for my doubts.

  65. Dear Sir,
    we need a rs.50 ticket for 50 members on 17/10/2015

    • Dear Saravanan,

      Currently Rs.50 tickets are On Hold. T.T.D is going to take final decision on Rs.50 tickets whether to continue or not. Which will be finalized in the upcoming board meeting, due in another 2 weeks.

      Please look for Rs.300 tickets at


  66. Sir, my grand mother and father have 65 age , as it possible to go in sr, cityzen couta .and vallaki todu nenu vallatho undocha same line lo pls inform

  67. please tell us weather we can get rooms in tirumala

    • Dear Swetha,

      8th Nov is weekennd so rooms may not be available either in Tirumala or Tirupati. If you plan to reach Tirupati by Friday morning, then rooms will be available at Vishnu Nivasam ( Near Railway station) or at Srinivasam Complex ( Opp. Bus station). Rooms at these cottages are allotted to pilgrims On Arrival.
      Rooms will fill up by Friday evening.



    Kindly inform on which date Seva tickets for 3/12/2015 will be allowed for booking online.

  69. Hi…

    How to book suprabhatam tickets in online? I have registered my name in But i am unable to book suprabhatam tickets in that website as it is not being highlighted. So please tell me the process…

    • Dear Aparna,

      For month of Dec month, T.T.D is going to release seva tickets online on 6th Nov at 11 am. Please subscribe to GoTirupati News Letter so that you will not miss the communication.


    • DEAR SIR,

      • Dear Shobana,

        Yes, Special entrance thru Supadam for infants below 1 year of age. You are all allowed thru Supadam. Please note that Brahmotsavam is starting from 14th Oct -22 Oct, so Supadam will be closed during this time.


  70. Hi Kamal Sir,

    Can you pls advice whether they are performing Break Darshan at 6pm on 8th of November 2015. If yes, kindly advice me the process to book the break darshan. Thank you so much for your kind help and attention.

  71. our family are visiting this friday to srikalahasti to conduct rahukethu dosha pooja for one of our family member, but i have one question that rest of us conducting same pooja will be fruitful to us or its adversely affect to the us. so plz let me to know that whether we have conduct the pooja in sepearate or to accompany with our one of my family member.

    • Dear Vijay Kumar,

      Anyone can perfrom Rahu Ketu Pooja, there is no harm in that. Whoever wants to perform pooja should buy tickets at the counter. One person or couple can perform pooja on a single ticket, rest all can accompany them. Let say, there are 5 members , 1 couple ( Husband and wife) and 3 members(relatives), if relatives want to perform pooja means then they need to buy separate ticket.

      Please let me know if you need further clarification.


  72. Hi need to know apart from every month 1st friday , Is there any other option available to book a ticket for daily sevas on daily basis.

  73. Sir,
    When will on line booking of Suprabhatam Seva will open for 7th or 8th of December 2015.
    Regards and thanks.


    • Dear Suresh,

      It will be on 6th Nov at 11 am. Please subscribe to GoTirupati News Letter so that you will not miss the communication.


  74. Sir, I tried to book suprabhatam tickets in OCTOBER Month on TIckets released date for November quota but the site is not opened at all when i tried to login at 11:00 am it was telling UNDER MAINTAINENCE i tried alot to book ticket by good internet speed of 10 Mbps/sec but showing alert message of “Site Under Maintainence”. Why it was Happen ???? Why the management is unable to maintain site ??? Many Devotes are very angry about site maintaince sir. I think Management is telling LIES like “we will keep tickets in online but on that day at 11:00 am site is not opening at all”

    • Dear Sriram,

      I truely understand your concern, in the coming month, T.T.D is going to release seva tickets for the whole month of Dec. Due to overload it is keep going down. I believe T.T.D will surely consider the site maintenance.


    IT’S FROM 19/10/2015 (MONDAY) 11 AM TO 20/10/2014 (TUESDAY) 11 AM.





    • Dear Sir,

      For good benefits, pooja to be performed during Rahu Kalam Timings which is 3 pm – 4:30 pm.

      1) After taking bath, reach Temple and do Abhishekam with Milk to the Idols at Rudra Padam ( which is 100 ft from Pathala Ganapathi Temple) and do 3 Pradakshinam to the Idols. 1 liter milk is enough, just sprinkle milk on the idols here. Rudra padam idols is at open area, no ticket is required for this. These idols still holds power.
      3) After Abhishekam to Rudra padam, please perform Rahu Ketu Kala Sarpa Dosha Pooja
      4) After pooja, please donate 2 -3 meal packets to the poor.
      5) Now you are good to leave home.


  76. Hi Please reply for my question which is posted.

  77. Dear Sir, we are visiting tirumala on 8th nov, we are blessed with twins.
    just wanted to know if i can take my mother also in supadam entry along with my twin kids and wife?

    • Dear Kiran,

      No, it is only for infants and parents. Relatives are not be allowed thru Supadam.

      Please let me know if you need more info on this.


  78. I want to book suprabratham or thomala seva or archana seva ticket for december 2 or 4. please reply when we can book the tickets for the same.

    please reply the date and timings as early as possible and also any other mode to book the tickets for the same.

  79. Dear Kamal,

    Could you please share the Route Map for SMC-211 gate?

    Is there any car parking facility available near to SMC-211 gate?

    Thanks & Regards,


    • Dear Balamurugan,

      Park is available at MBC 34, which is 5 – 7 mins walk to SMC 211.

      Please check your inbox for the route map.


  80. sir, i want to do rahu-ketu puja on sunday early morning 4am-6am. is it possible to do this puja. pls give me reply.

    • Dear Nagendra,

      Pooja starts from 6 am, Temple opening is at 5 am. Rahu Ketu pooja will not be performed during that time.

      Please let me know if you need more info..


  81. Hi, I want to do Rahu ketu puja, is there available online tickets, or we need to come there only.



  83. Route map for Smc 211 and parking details please

  84. Hi sir,

    I am trying to book e-special entry darshan entry in online for 22/12/15 but they are not releasing the afternoon quota from 2pm on 20th Dec 2015. Could you please let me know the status for Dec 22nd 2015 and 23rd Kalyanam?

    Thanks, Venkat

    • Dear Venkat,

      21st Dec is Vaikunta Ekadasi, so crowd will be high in Tirumala and it takes a day or two in clearing crowd. I believe that is the reason why Tickets not released.


  85. I’m planning for rahu-ketu pooja in Kalahasthi on 23rd Oct (Vijayadashami). Is this seva will be available on 23rd Oct 2015, this Friday.

  86. Hello sir,
    Im visiting Kalahastha this month for rahu-ketu pooja and planned to visit lord venkateswara the next day after this pooja.Can i do so?

  87. Hello sir, i need to know whether abishekam to shivan wil b performed on 27.10.15 pournami?. If so, Shall i make a online pre booking for that.

  88. Sir

    We are One couple and a child aged 9 years. We all want to do Rahu Ketu Pooja on coming Monday at 7:30 am. Pls advise what time we should reach the temple . Is one Rs 2500 ticket is good for us or we need to buy two Tickets.



    • Dear Rajeev Arora,

      One ticket will do for couple to perform pooja. Please start by 6 am from Tirupati Bus station, it takes 60 minutes to reach Kalahasthi. Kalahasti is just 38 km from Tirupati, but usually stops at many places before reach Temple.


      • Dear kamal

        Thanks , We are reaching Tirupati on24th Oct Saturday 3:00 pm

        1) Can we visit Padmavati Temple on saturday itself or not ? if yes what is suitable timing and Ticket

        2) our hotel is at Upadhayaya Nagar Karkambadi Road. So what time we should start for Tirumala Darshan as we hold Sunday 11:00 am Rs 300 Ticket and not prefer to walk much with the child.

        3)Pls send me routemap for smc 211

        4) On Monday , At Srikalahasti , Can we do Rudrabhishekam at 10:00 am after finishing our Rahu Ketu Pooja ??

        Sorry to bother you a lot as I am visiting Tirupati for the first Time.

        Thanks and Regards

        • Dear Rajeev Arora,

          1) Yes, you can visit Padmavathi Temple on Saturday itself. Please plan anytime between 4:30 pm – 7 pm
          2) Plan to start by 8:30 am and it takes 20 mins to reach Leela Mahal Junction and 15 -20 mins wait time for bus. 60 mins journey to Tirumala.
          by 10:30 am you will be in Tirumal. 20 mins walk to SMC 211.

          3) Please check your inbox for the route map.

          4) Yes, you can perform Rudrabhishekam after Rahu Ketu pooja.

          I’m happy to share the info.




    • Dear Sir,

      T.T.D is going to release Dec month quota on 6th Nov at 11 am. Please subscribe to GoTirupati News Letter so that you will not miss the communication.


      • Hi Kamal.. im from Singapore.. wanted to know the charges for Kalyanosthavam and Suprabhatham.. Also when i have book for both? can you help me in booking? travel dates 14th Dec or 15th Dec..

        • Dear Sridhar,

          Kalyanotsavam and Suprabhatham Tickets will be released for online booking at Please signup at ttd website.
          For dec month, quota will be released on 6th nov at 11 am. Please subscribe to GoTirupati newsletter so that you will not miss the communication.


  90. Hi,

    we are planning to do Rahu-Kethu Pooja on 24th Oct 2015 between 9 Am to 10: 30 Am. so kindly let me know the tickets availability and what time we should be there.

    • Dear Prasanna Kumar,

      Please be there an hour in advance to perform pooja on time. It is unlimited number of tickets for Rahu Ketu pooja, tickets will be available.


  91. Hello

    Can you Pls send me the route map for SMC-211 Counter in Tirumala??

    Also is there any special tonsure spot for infants in tirumala??/

    Thanks in Advance…

    • Dear Karthik,

      Please check your inbox for the route map.
      For Tonsure, please visit Rambageecha Guest House near main temple. It is 5 mins walk from main temple. It is paid tonsure, which takes 30 mins max. If you are planning for free tonsure at Kalyanakatta or other Pilgrims Amenities Center, then it takes 60 – 90 mins, depending on the crowd.


  92. Hi, I have time slot on 25th Oct’15 at 3pm. Pl share SMC 211 route map and approximate darshan time.

  93. Hello,
    I want to make sure is there Rahu Kethu pooja on November 11th,2015. Just got a doubt because of DIWALI festival.Thank you.

  94. Hi,

    We have a seven month old infant and planning to have a darshan via Supadam Entry. I have 2 questions in relating to that,

    1) If we choose Supadam entry can we use thulabaram facility as well? Because we have planned to give coins for my infant @ thulabaram. So can we use both thulabaram on supadam Q?

    2) As per website information, supadam Q is free only for infant(my child) & his parents(myself & my wife), in addition to it i might be taking my mother with me. So can i accommodate my mother also in Supadam Q? What would be the process to take my mother as well?


    • Dear Dharmaraj,

      1) Coins will be provided there at Thulabharam site, you don’t need to carry. You need to pay the cash at bank counter available at Thulabharam site. Yes, you can use both Thulabharm and Supadam Q.
      2) Relatives are not allowed thru Supadam. If you mother is senior citizen then there is a special entrance for them

      Please let me know if you need more info.

  95. Hi, I am visiting the temple on Oct 28th 2015 and would like to get the parking area map for private cars near entry point for e darshan SMC 211? Also, please provide the route map for cars in the near by area to SMC211 too. Another query I have regarding thulabaram, is there a separate queue for thulabaram or should we go through the e darshan queue? Please advice. Thanks, Subramanyam

  96. is there any pre booking process for marriage at kalayan vedika. My marriage is on Nov 18th morning 1.09am which means on NOV 19th. Kindly let me know the process.

  97. Sir,
    Please provide me with route map for SMC-211 as I booked Rs300/- Edarshan on line for 23-11-2015


    • Dear Sir,

      Please check your inbox for the route map.


      • I have not received any route map to SMC-211 as written by you.Will you pl send again? Hope inbox is my email inbox
        2.Whether Rs500/- break darshan ticket is available to common man and if so what time the tickets are available?

        • Dear Sir,

          Rs.500 ticket is not accessible to common man. It is only for recommendation letters.

          Please check your inbox for the route map.


    • Sir,
      I requested to send me route map from Tirumala Internet reservation centre to SMC-211 to go to Rs300/- ticket queue which you asked me to see in inbox but I have no mail received.Pl send again. or Are you referring to any other inbox.
      One more doubt. Can anybody get Rs500 ticket ? If so where to get and what time?

  98. Hi,

    Can you please provide me the route map to SMC-211


  99. Sir,
    We have got Rs600- accommodation booked online with check in time slot between 00.00 hours and 12.00 pm on 23-11-2015.
    1) We reach Thirupati by train at 9.45 am on 23-112015.
    2) Is it possible for me to report to Tirumala internet booking counter before 12.00 pm on 23-11-2015?
    3) Is there APSRTC BUS STAND opposite to Thirupati railway station?
    4) What is the normal queue time to get bus to Tirumala from Thirpati?
    5) where is preapaid taxi counters are situated near Railway station their frequency and fare?

  100. Sir,
    We have got Rs600/- accommodation booked on line with the check in time slot between 00.00 hours and 12.00pm on 23.11.2015.
    1) We reach Thirupathi on 23-11-2015 by 9.45 am by train.
    2) Is it possible for me to report to Tirumala Internet booking counter before 12.00 pm on 23-11-2015?
    3) Is there APSRTC BUS STATION opposite to Thirupati Railway station?
    4) What is the normal Queue waiting time to bus to Tirumala from Thirupati?
    5) Where is the prepaid taxi counters are situated near Railway station,their frequency and fare?

    • Dear Sir,

      1) If accommodation slot is 00:00 – 12:00 pm means that you can report anytime between 00:00 to 12 pm. Even if you reach at 11:55 pm , room will be allotted to you but not after 12 pm.
      2) Share autos available from Tirupati Railway station to Bus station at minimal charge. it takes 15 – 20 mins walk from Railway station.
      3) Queue will not be there, it takes 10 mins max. Bus frequency is high from Tirupati to Tirumala. Every 15 mins there is a bus to Tirumala
      4) Prepaid taxi is really not required, Even if you start by 10:15 pm from Tirupatii Bus station, you are good to collect Room

      If you really want to go for Prepaid taxi, then I can get the contact number for you.


  101. dear Kamal,
    I am unable to book seva tiket online . whenever i click on sevabooking after login , it always shows quota is not available for selected slot.can you pl. help to resolve this issue.

    • Dear Sanjaykumar Patil,

      Arjitha Sevas Quota for the month Jan will be released online during the first week of Dec. Tickets will be released once in a month.

      Please subscribe to GoTirupati News Letter so that you will not miss the communication.


  102. Hi,

    I’m planning for kalyanotsavam around 21-February-2016 and 22-February -2016. Can you please let me know when online booking opens for these dates.

    • Dear Ramakrishna,

      For feb month, it will be released in Jan. Please subscribe to GoTirupati News Letter so that you will not miss the communication.


  103. Dear sir,
    I have booked special entry Darshan on 30 dec 2015 at 2pm. i have few questions in my mind,your help would be appreciated.
    1. where can i get route map for entry point SMC- 211 ?
    2. how long will it take to complete Darshan at 2 PM time slot on 30 DEC?
    2. By what time in the night i can get BUS/CAB for Tirupaty bus station ?


    • Dear Shaily,

      1) I will mail you the route map.
      2) 2 PM is the reporting time and 3 pm is the actual queue line time, which takes 1 hour 45 mins (max) to complete Darshan which means by 5 pm , you will complete your Darshan
      3) Bus/ Cab will be available till 11 pm from Tirumala.

      Please let me know if you need more info.


  104. Please assist with route map to SMC 211 and suggestions for car parking.

  105. Dear Kamal Sir,

    Myself along with my wife and daughter are visiting Sri Kalahasthi Temple on 5th Nov 2015. We are from Kerala. We will reach Renikunta at 1:10 PM on 5th. We will return on 6th evening (Train is at 5:30 PM from Renigunta)
    We plan to perform Rahu-Kethu Sarpa Dosha Pooja and Rudrabhishekam at Sri Kalahasthi. Please tell us when should we do both these poojas…. so that we could catch the train on 6th at 5:30 PM from Renigunta.


    • Dear Sir,

      After reaching Renigunta railway station, there are buses from Renigunta bus station to Sri Kalahasthi, bus station is just 5 mins walk, it is straight road from Railway station.
      From Renigunta, it takes 30 mins by bus. Please visit Trinetra guest house where rooms will be allotted to pilgrims On Arrival.

      Next day morning, plan to perform Rahu Ketu Pooja at 7:30 am and Rudrabhishekam at 10 am.

      Rahu Ketu Pooja takes around 45 mins, Rudrabhishekam tickets will be issued at the counter.

      By 12 pm, you will complete with Pooja, Abhishekam, Darshan. Plan to start by 4 pm and it takes 30 mins to reach Renigunta Railway station.

      Please let me know if you need more details.


  106. How many allowed for kalyanotsavam. What about kids and till what age they can be allowed?

  107. We like to get the darsha tomal seba,with the family, holding the letter form CM/ MP of Maharashtra, Thanks

  108. Hi Kamal,

    I have provided aadhar card number while booking special darshan ticket. Currently am in Delhi and traveling to Tirupati from here and I do not have aadhar card with me. Can I show xerox copy of aadhar and original Pan card/Voter id before entering line.


    Kindly inform whether a baby aged 5 months can be carried by parents to perform kalyanothsavam at Tirumala.

  110. Hi,

    I’m planing to have kalyanam on Dec 23rd. I came to know from the previous posts that itckets will be released online on Nov 6th. At present we are in USA. Can we book tickets through online with United states credit/debit card. Please let me know



    • Dear Sameera,

      Tickets are issued only the counter. Yes, one hours in advance will do.

      Please perform pooja anytime between 7:30 am – 9:00 am.


  112. Hi Sir,
    I am planning to visit tirumala for darshanam on Nov 10 with my 1.5 years old son. Will we be allowed in infants queue. If not how will be the crowd day before diwali through other darshan queues.
    Please let us know.


    • Dear Jyothi,

      Infant entry thru supadam is for kids below 12 months. have you booked e-special entry darshan tickets in ?
      Darshan crowd will be normal. I mean darshan estimated for Divya Darshan will be 3 – 4 hours, Sarva Darshan will be 6 hours.

      Please Let me know if you need more details.


  113. sir,
    i want to book archana anantara seva for my parents
    1)is the seva available?
    2) when does booking online start?
    3)how many people are allowed in a ticket?
    4) should my parents register in the ttd site? or can i do it for them in my id?
    5) which seva might be comfortable for senior citizens?
    kindly reply

    • Dear Ananth,

      Sevas will be available for booking at 11 am on 6th Nov

      2) one ticket one person, you are allowed to book 2 seva tickets. If it Kalyanotsavam ticket, 2 person allowed on 1 ticket.
      3) You can do booking for them
      4) Suprabhatham Seva, Thomala Seva, Archana, Nijapada Darshanam, Asta dala pada padmaradhanamu – all these sevas will be done in main temple right in front of god.

      Kalyanotsavam, Unjal Seva, Sahasra Deepalankara seva, arjitha brahmtosavam, arjitha vasanthotsavam will be done to Utsava idols, followed by darshan.

      Please let me know if you need more details.


  114. hi

    can u tell me that how many laddu’s i will get if i go by walk.

  115. HI, Me and my wife along with our 5 month old baby are planning for Darshan this December.
    Please clarify few doubts:-
    1. Through Supadam Entry how long will it take for us to complete the Darshan.
    2. Till what place are we allowed to go inside the temple. i heard that we will be restricted well before the last entrance and will have to darshan from a far distance.
    3. How many tickets are required to be take, from where. If tickets are to be taken, can i take it online and is there a separate ticket for parents with Infants.

  116. Sir,

    I would like to know the details regarding how to book the seva tickets for Friday seva which is Vastralankara Seva. Please let me know the details.

    • Dear Lakshmi,

      Vastralankara seva tickets, can be availed only with high recommendation letters from C.M and ministers.

      Please let me know if you need more details.


  117. hi sir,
    i’m planning to attend kalyanotsavam on dec 23 or 24, 2015. pls send me availablity details of dat days. i saw online but it shows quota full. pls give me any suggestion.

  118. SIR,

    • Dear Sir,

      Reason, is Dhanur masam. During Dhanur masam, Arjitha sevas will not be performed that is why TTD has not released tickets online.


  119. Regarding kalynam i booked the tickets much time will it take for kayanam.where is the entrance for kalyanam.who is the contact person there. and what is the procedure to enter for kalyanam

    • Dear Sir,

      Entrance is at Supadam, it takes 1 hour 30 mins for Kalyanam, followed by darshan, which takes another 30 mins.

      If you tickets is pre booked, then you can carry electronic receipt and report at Supadam at 10:00 am.
      Please let me know if you need more details.


  120. Regarding kalynam where will be the below 12 yrs are allowed free .whom to contact there.

  121. Dear Sir,
    I have a few questions:

    1. Is photo shoot allowed inside the temple ?
    2. Are mobiles and cameras allowed inside the temple premises. ?


    • Dear Ankur,.

      1. No , photo shoot is not allowed inside temple
      2. No, electronic gadgets allowed while going for Darshan.


  122. Dear Kamal,

    Please also advise:
    1. Is 1.5 years old kid allowed for all these four pujas: Kalyanotsavam, Arjith Brahmotsav, Vasanthotsvam, Sahasrara Deepalankara ?.
    2. Can we have darshan of main deity after all these 4 pujas: Kalyanotsavam, Arjith Brahmotsav, Vasanthotsavam, Sahasrara Deepalakara ?


  123. SIR,

  124. Hi sir,

    We have a kid aged 10 months and we are planning our Dharshanam on 13-Nov(Friday). I heard that we can go through Supadam entrance but that entrance will be closed if there are any special sevas (like brahmotsavam etc.,) on that day.

    Please advice us can we have the darshanam on 13-Nov
    Is the Supadam entrance will be opened on that day
    Also please advice that we have already booked 300rupees darshanam tickets through online, as supadham entrance is free can we cancel the tickets
    If we can cancel the tickets, please help me how to cancel them


    • Dear Surekha,

      Even if you cancel, you will not get money refunded. There is no cancellation policy.
      Supadam will be available. There is no festivals on 13th Nov.


  125. We have booked our darshan ticket on 14th of this month so please provide the route map of SMC-211 & also confirm whether is any age restriction for children as by daughter is less than 2years

    • Dear Srikanth C,

      If it is Rs.300 ticket, your daughter can accompany you, no ticket required for your daughter. There is no restriction on Darshan.

      Children below 3 years are not allowed for sevas only.


  126. Sir
    I’m planning to visit Tirumala tomorrow or Friday. Is it fine to visit Tirumala on these days due whether. I’m planned to visit Tirumala by footpath is there any interpretation to visit .. And how much time it will take for Dharshan .
    Thank you

    • Dear Shriviknesh,

      It is absolutely fine, weather is complete ok. Divya Darshan will take 4 -5 hours on Friday.
      Do you want to climb hills via alipiri mettu path, which is 4 km from Tirupati Bus station and Railway station , if so, TTD runs free buses to this path entrance.


  127. Sir

    Is there any other way to reach Tirumala from Tirupathi
    As of I know two ways
    1) by road ways
    2) by foot path (3550)steps
    Any other way is there to reach to Tirumala???

  128. Sir
    Tell me about angapradhaksanam timings and during which days are allowed

  129. Shastipoorthi Pooja – at Thirumala for my parents to be conducted.

    I would like to know the below

    1. Procedure and Process for booking
    2. Material which has to be brought along
    3. 10 people are allowed to the pooja
    4. Contact number to talk about this
    5. Available Dates


    • Dear Navaneeta,

      Now, Purohit Sangam is not conducting Shasthipoorthi Pooja in Tirumala. It should be done at cottage separately.
      Please check your mailbox for further details.


  130. Hi Kamal,

    Thank you for all your valuable information to keep the devotees well informed.

    There are some days Angapradarshan is not conducted like Ekadasi, Dwadasi, Eclipse Days etc. Like to know if this info is available anywhere in Tirumala web site. This would help us plan our trip better.


  131. Dear sir/madam
    I am getting married on january i planed to vist thirumala immediatly after my marriage rituals are finished so please kindly tell me is there any special tickects issued for newly married couples and what is the procedure to get ticket thanks in advance

    • Dear Sir,

      Instead of opting for Normal Darshan, please plan this way.

      For Jan Month, Arjitha Seva tickets are not released for online booking yet,
      You can perform Kalyanotsavam after marriage, it can be booked online at

      TTD is going release Arjitha seva tickets for online booking on 4th dec at 11 am.
      If you want to go for Good darshan, then plan to book Suprabhatham seva or Thomala Seva or Archana Seva or Astadala Pada Padmaradhanamu or Kalyanotsavam seva tickets.

      If you could let me know the date, so that I can let you know which seva can be booked.


  132. Darshan time : 16th Nov 2015

  133. Dear Sir,
    I am planning for Lord Balaji Darshanam on Nov. 17th. I already have e-Special Entry Darshan booking for 4 p.m.
    I am planning to start my walk from Alipiri Mettu at 9:30 a.m. and be up in Tirumala by 1:30 p.m.

    I have 2 questions:

    1. After reaching the top, where are the recommended places for head tonsure and bath (snana), where I can complete both quickly and in the minimum amount of time?

    2. Although I have been told that most devotees and pilgrims do the walk from Alipiri Mettu barefoot, but some friends told me that they had done it wearing rubber soled shoes made of fabric (like keds, NOT leather). Is that allowed?

    Please advise. Thank you.

    Amrit Raj Ghosh.

    • Dear Sir,

      1. Yes, after reaching Tirumala, please go to Rambageecha Guest House, where it is a paid service for tonsure. It takes 20 mins to complete this activity
      2. No restriction on the foot wear, it is only advise, why because Lord Balaji took Srivari Mettu Path after marriage to reach Tirumala.
      It is holy place, so it is suggested not to wear. If it is unavoidable then you can wear foot wear.


  134. Hi,
    we are visiting tirumala on jan 12th
    1)can you please let us know what is the seva to be booked for quick darshan
    2)what is the difference in taking 300rs ticket online and getting the ticket while passing the queue?

    • Dear Srividya,

      1) For jan month, seva tickets will be released online on 4th dec at 11 am. Instead of quick darshan, I would suggest look for best darshan.
      if you get a chance, try for Suprabhatham seva, Thomala seva, archana, astadala pada padmaradhanamu, kalyanotsavam. Please follow this order while booking seva tickets online.
      2) Difference with Rs.300 and Divya Drashan is, In Rs.300 you can pre-plan your journey time, whereas Divya Darshan, we will know darshan time only at the counter.


  135. Dear Kamal,
    Thank you so much for replying to my previous post. That helped me a lot.

    I reached Chennai this evening amd will travel to Tirupati by taxi early tomorrow morning starting at 5/6 a.m.
    I have e-Special Entry ticket for 4 p.m.

    What is the weather situation?
    Can a person still walk up from Alipiri Mettu in the rain?
    Is the path covered all the way?
    Considering weather forecast should I be postponing trip to another time?

    Please advise considering the severe weather conditions.

    Thank you in advance for your time and input.

    Amrit Raj Ghosh.

    • Dear Amrit Raj Ghosh,

      It rained continuously, now it stopped raining. If you want to take steps, please wear sweater.

      Path is open now.

      No need to postpone your trip. It is raining very little, which will not disrupt transportation.


  136. Hi Sir,

    We have total 7 members and 3 pairs. We have taken 3 kalyanotsavam tickets for Dec 5th (Sat). I need to take darshan ticket for my aunt.

    1) Any option my aunt with come along with us.

    2) Shall we take to my aunt 300 Special entry ticket for Dec 5th and any chance she can meet us inside.

    3) If only special entry is option please suggest which time slot is better 9am ,10am ,11am.


    • Dear Nag,

      1) Only ticket holders are allowed for seva
      2) Kalyanotsavam will take more than a hour seva, followed by darshan. We cannot predict on the exact time.
      3) Please book 11 am – 12 pm darshan, slot. so that with little difference in time, your aunt will also go for darshan.
      you can wait for your aunt after finishing darshan.


  137. I want to visit with my family for nijapada darshanam

    • Dear Amareswarii,

      For Jan month, quota will be released on 4th dec at 11 am. Please plan to book Nijapada darshanam tickets online.


  138. sir , Im planning to come to tirupati tomorrow i.e 22nd November 2015 from Hyderabad on road please let us know is it advisable to come on raod to tirupati from Hyderabad in this rains.

  139. SIR,

    • Dear Sir,

      It is not bus station, but usually halts here. But I prefer going to Central Bus station, where bus starts immediately. It takes 7 mins max to reach Bus station from Railway station.

      Please let me know if you need more details.


  140. srinivasa yanaparti

    Hi Sir,

    I am panning to visit tirumala on Dec 9th and looking for accommodation i was wondering where i can book ..i am NRI so do i have any special quota ..i would really appreciate for any help ..

    Thank you

    • Dear Sir,

      For accommodation, there is no special quota available. It is only Darshan, where NRIs can have privileged entry thru Supadam.
      Rooms will be available in Tirupati Cottages, as it is weekday. Tirumala room allotment will take time

      Please visit either Srinivasam complex (opp. bus station) or Vishnu Nivasam (Opp. Railway station) , where rooms will be allotted to pilgrims On Arrival.


  141. Dear sir,
    Please let me know whether pachakaruporam abishegam to shivan @10 am on 25.11.15(karthigai deepam day).and what about the route from Chennai to kalashtri

  142. Hi Sir,

    Can you please tell us when the quota will be open for 23rd december 2015 for srinivasam guest house tirupathi.


    • Dear Sir,

      I believe, Quota will not be released for 23rd dec, reason is 21st dec is Vaikunta ekadasi. Crowd will be high in Tirumala from 20th dec – 26th dec, so rooms will be allotted to pilgrims On Arrival.

      Please let me know if you need more details.


  143. Hi Sir,

    Please Provide direction and route mao for SMC-211 and nearest car Paking

    Thanks and Regard’s,
    Arun Prakash

  144. Hi Mr Kamal,
    Is to possible to get Vastraalankara seva at Tirumala through recommendation letter from central minister?

    • Dear Shanmuga,

      Let me share my experience, we got a letter from A.P IT Minister for Vastralankarana seva, but they allotted Poorabhishekam ticket. Vastralankarana seva and Poorabhishekam runs on the same time. In vastralankarana seva, devotees are allowed to carry God’s vastram.
      Yes, you can try for Vastralankarana seva using Central minister.


  145. Hi,

    At the time of reporting in SMC-211 shall i carry a small bag of contain Milk, Water and Biscuit for my child? Is any thing need to provide for any age proof for my child.


  146. How to reach to SMC-211 gate ?..

  147. when will the january quota of kalyanotsavam tickets will be released..??

  148. Hello,

    we’re planning to visit in the Month of Jan 2016 (dt; 23,24,25) Please suggest what seva tickets we can buy for quick darshan.

    Please tell the eligibility criteria of the given below ages and pl suggest the best possibility to attend for darshan.

    Please also tell can we book tickets for kalyanam for 24, 25 of Jan 2015.

    1. We have 2 kids age below 1 year.
    2. My brother have 1 kid with 2 years age,
    3. Mother has 60+ years of age
    4. My aunt and uncle are close to 60 years of age.

    Thank you…

    • Dear Sridhar,

      1. Tickets not required for children below 12 years of age.
      2. Tickets not required. No need to mention their names as well.
      3. Your mother can avail, Senior citizens darshan,
      4. Tickets required for your aunt and uncle if their age is below 60 years.

      For quick darshan, please look for seva tickets Suprabhatham seva, Archana, Thomala, Astadala pada padmaradhanamu seva, nijapada darshanam.

      One can book two tickets using one login ID. For more tickets, you need to create more login IDs.

      Please let me know if you need more details.


  149. Dear Kamal,

    Can we book 2 Suprabath or other seva tickets for male in one on line transaction?

  150. Im unable to book kalyanotsavam online. I get a error upload valid picture. I have uploaded pic of 16Kb jpeg file. I noted the upload pic of accompanying pilgrim is freezed. Kindly guide

    • Dear Raghav,

      Photo should be in 150 x 150 dimensions. You don’t need to upload photo for the second person.


      • As guided tried with 150 x 150. Still facing same error

        • Dear Raghav,

          Could you let me know the error you are facing now ?
          Don’t reduce image quality too low, you can reduce size either by using photoshop or paint brush.
          Try logout and login again.


          • Dear Kamal,

            ‘Please upload valid gif or jpg or jpeg or bmp file’. I have uploaded jpeg file of 150 x 150 and the size is 4.13 kb.

          • Dear Raghav,

            Don’t reduce size to very low quality, it will expect image which is of size 18 kb – 19 kb.
            4.13 kb is poor quality, please increase the size to something around 18 kb – 19 kb.


          • Thnx Kamal. I got it resized thru Size was 4.4 kb and i was able to book. Thnx for your support

          • Dear Raghav,

            That is really great. Happy Darshan.


  151. Required more I formation on 365 Tirumala punya theerthams on this site. Kindly do the needful. Thanks

  152. Reqd more information on tirumala punya theerthams

  153. Please help us to book ticket for Rahu Kethu Pooja at Sri Kalahasti for our family comprising 3 adults on 25th December 2015

    • Dear Sir

      Tickets are issued only at the counter, advance booking is not available at this moment.
      For. e.g. if you are planning to perform pooja at 1 pm, then please be there at temple counter by 12:30 pm.

      Please let me know if you need more details.


  154. Hello Sir, Good afternoon, We are planning to visit Tirumala. If I reach by Tirumala by night 9 PM, Can I get the room i.e., will the staff be available. In online, if I book accomedation for 10th January 00:00 to 12:00 slot, If I reach Tirumala by 9th night by 9PM in the night, can I ask them allocate that room. please suggest me.

    Thank you very much.

  155. please give the details of what is Rudra Homam? and it will be state the which date and timings.


  156. Sir,
    My son hs Kalasarpha Dosha in his horoscope.
    We were asked by our astrologer to perform Kalasarpha Dosha parihara pooja.
    Can we , parents do it on his behalf, since he is not in India.

    • Dear Sir,

      One who has Dosha should only do this pooja. Even if parents does this pooja, it will not have impact on your son.

      Please let me know if you need more details.


      • When Vaikunta ekadasi tickets darshan tickets be available and what are the modes and limits of booking.

        Thanks in advance !!

        • Dear Mahesh,

          TTD is not releasing Rs.300 tickets for vaikunta ekadasi as crowd will be high on these days. It is going to be Sarva Darshan for all.

          Please let me know if you need more details.


  157. SENT BANK DRAFT FOR Rs.500/ on 4.11.2015 towards subscription for MONTHLY MAGAZINE ‘SAPTHAGIRI’ as suggested in your letter No. ES3/266/Chief Editor/2015 dt. 19.10.2015. But so fat not received the Magazine. Please look into the matter and send the MAGAZINE (TELUGU). THANKS

  158. Hi Kamal,

    First of all thanks for all info you provided in you site, very use full and help full. We are planning to visit tirumala on feb 19, with a group of 7 adults and 2 children, Since its on friday we want to book for nijapadadarshnam and kalyanam on the same day. what are the chances to book through online for both the sevas.

    Do we need to upload all of group members photographs or any one will do. Since we stay in singapore i can book online as and when it opens. what other things i needs to look out while booking online.

    Incase if i fail for online booking, what are the other chances of getting my tickets for those two sevas.

    Since you had a lot of information, please suggets any other sevas possible to book on the same day.

    Thanks, and god bless you !!

    • Dear Anu,

      Kalyanotsavam tickets can be booked easily. Both sevas booking can be managed easily, if two persons handles two requests separately.
      Primary person photo is enough, no need to upload group photo

      For 7 adults, tickets should be booked from 4 login IDs.
      Children above 3 years and below 12 years don’t need seva tickets, they can join with their parents for the seva

      One more restriction, is there while booking, if you book any seva then you are not allowed to book any other seva ticket using the same id. For Kalyanotsavam you need to have separate id and Nijapada darshanam separate id.

      Sometimes you will get the error as Booking limit exceeds, in this case try connecting using your dataplan to book seva ticket.

      Please keep these things ready before starting with online booking

      1) Photo size should be less than 20 kb
      2) Photo should be in 150 x 150 dimensions
      3) Save Id details, age, name in a notepad

      Kalyanotsavam can be easily booked which will not be a problem at all. Instead of Nijapada Darshanam tickets, try for Suprabhatha seva tickets for the same day.

      Please let me know if you need more details.

  159. Please let me know the monthly quota release date

  160. We Have booked for Special darshan on the 5th Jan 2016 n the reporting time is 11am.How much time will it take for the darshan during the first week of the New yr?Will appreciate an early reply.can some one email me the SMC-211 map ?

  161. Pls advise nri ticket availability for 22nd dec.

  162. Dear Kamal.

    I am planning to come to Tirupati from delhi, so need some advice .
    1. reaching chennai airport ( 10:30)
    2. hiring a cab to travel to Tirupati/tirumula (4 adults and 2 kids)
    3. want to do the hair offering
    4. what time slot for dharshana shall we book.
    5. is it possible to go back to chennai same day..or shall we book the accomodation in tirupati or tirumula?

    • Dear Sanju,

      Please do this way.

      1) I believe there is direct flights available from Delhi to Tirupati, that will save 4 hours journey time from chennai
      From chennai it takes 3 hours 45 mins to reach tirupati and another 30 mins to reach Tirumala. Which means by 3:15 pm you will be in Tirumala
      2) For hair offering , please go to Rambageecha Guest House , it is paid tonsuring which takes another 20 – 25 mins followed by bath over there (30 mins). Estimated 5 pm.
      3) Please book darshan slot for 7 pm by 8:30 pm , you will complete the darshan so that you can start to chennai
      4) No need to book accommodation in Tirumala for this.


  163. hi can i know is angapradakshinam available on 2nd and 3rd of jan. My husband and i wanted to participate for that. i have read the procedure still will request you to tell me in detail as to when i collect tickets. I will be reaching tirupati on 2nd early morning around 4 am,..

    • Dear Sailakshmi,

      You need to collect tickets at CRO office on 2nd jan by 2 pm so that you can perform pradakshinam on 3rd jan at 3:45 am.
      Please let me know if you need more details.

  164. SIR,


  165. I want to perform rahu keto Sarpa dosa nivarana pooja. Can I send payment to the temple.

    • Dear Kailas Nath,

      Pooja to be performed in person, it is 35 mins pooja process.

      Even if you send payment, it is not worth.


  166. Dear Kamal,

    I have planned tirumala tomorrow we are coming from chennai will reach foot hills of tirumal by morning and will start the foot path dharshan around 10 am mostly will reach tirumala by evening 4 to 5 Pm and also we have planned for tonsure as well

    And also we have booked accommodation tomorrow slot 12:01 to 11:59 PM check in timing so we would like to know tomorrow evening will be better or 29th eraly morning will be better for rushless dharshan pls let me know ASAP

    • Dear Indu,

      After noon hours, darshan crowd will come down. Please plan after noon hour, if you start by 10 am, you can have darshan by 4 pm.


  167. Hi Kamal,

    I have some clarification.

    How do we avail 1st door darshan and also children below 5yr and below 8 yr will be allow for suprabatham seva. Also we are from chennai, can we avail suprabatham tickets from chinna tirupati in chennai. when can we book ticket for feb month (suprabatham). Please respond me. Thanks

  168. HI KAMAL

    • Dear Vikash Pareek,

      Currently there is no such facility available with Rs.300 tickets. Please let me know if you need furthe clarification.


  169. NRI entry timings pls

  170. Hi Kamal, when can I book tickets for suprabatham and nijapada darshanam for Feb 2016. Thanks so much!

  171. Hi

    We have MLA Letter for Accomodiation and for Break darshan. As per letter note it was mentioned to provide darshan on 3rd Jan 2016 which is on Sunday. As per TTD notes i have read like on saturdays and sunday’s break darshan are not availble which is true? If yes, is it possible to allot darshan on 4th Jan 2016 which is on monday based on the same letter pad?. Also if i want to book break darshan of at what time i should be there in tirumula and place where i need to reach.

    • Dear Sir,

      Recommendation letter should be submitted on 3rd jan by 12 pm for 4th jan darshan. If date is mentioned as 3rd jan, then it will not work.
      JEO camp office will check for darshan date, it should be 4th jan.

      Please let me know if you need more details.


  172. We have planned to perform Kalyanotsavam seva in March 2016…We are planning to book for 16 to 20 people..Can you please advise how is it possible…whether we have to book from e-darshan counter or online…

    • Dear Ambaaprasad,

      For 20 people, it should 10 login IDs using 10 different IP addresses. For march month, quota will be released online on 5th feb at 11 am. Tickets should be booked online at www. ttdsevaonline. com


  173. Hi Sir, I am planning for tirumala.

    Is 50 rupees tickets by any chance are still possible. My date of darshan is on 26-02-2016. Please let me know. It will be very helpful.

    Also, if i take a kalyanam many extra adults will be allowed. For example, me along with my wife have kalyanam ticket. My mother is allowed inside with 300 rupees extra ticket. Please let me know.

  174. Hi Kamal

    Looking for accomodation in udupi mutt for 16th Jan. Please help me with contact number


  175. Om Namo Venkateshaya
    Respected sir..
    I am saraswathimurthy from Karnataka Bangalore.. A Request is i too want to sing in sahasra deepa alankarana seva .. I am an A.I.R.Artist and DD too.. Already i am performing & representing so many stages in Daasa saahitya Annamaiyya kruties etc..
    kindly give me an oppourtunity in sahasra deepa seva to sing in front of deity….
    For this how can i can take participate in that sir..
    please Help me for this
    Thanking you
    saraswathi murthy

    • Dear Madam,

      Please allow me 2 days so that I can get you the procedure for this. I’m going to check with staff on this today or tomorrow.’


  176. Hi sir,
    I’m visiting tirumala with family on 11th January 2016. I would like to know if suprabhata seva or thomala seva is performed on 12th January or no., as the eseva site still shows it as quota not released.
    If performed, pls let me know how to book tickets at this point.
    It’s my birthday on 12th. Please guide me through this.

  177. hello sir,
    this is sathiyajothi from madurai. my tirupathi darsan date is 11/2/2016. i am physically challenged girl my marriege is getting late because of my physical disability. i want to see kalyanautsavam at kalyana vengateshwara swamy temple. can anybody help me to see the kalyanautsavam. i planned to come at 12/2/2016. pls help me to know the procedure. thank you.

  178. Hi Kamal,

    Is there any chance to buy the silk shawl and sarees offered to malayappa swamy and his consorts at tirumala. We want to have them home as there blessings.

  179. Sir,
    I want to visit along with my family.totally we are six members.
    2 people are aged 66 years and 61years.
    What are the option because aged persons are not fit to stand in the quee.
    We are reaching on 14/01/2016 evening and wanted 15/01/2016 darshan…

    Kalyanotsav online tickets sold out for 15/01/2016..Is it possible to get kalyanotsav tickets after reaching tirumala on 14th evening for 15th???
    I need your help..

  180. Hi,
    Can I get the route map for reaching SMC-211 from tirupathi


  181. Dear sir,

    Acutally through TTD employee booked Subrabharathanm on January 17,2016, we deposited payment to his account, now he is not lifting phone, he sending message the ticket is confirmed, I have given my driving licence and Aadhar has id, is there any way to get copy fo Dharshan ticket

    • Dear Sir,

      If you have all the details then I can get you the complaint cell number. You can call them on this.

      Brokers will try to cheat pilgrims. Please let me know if you want to go ahead with complaint cell or not?


  182. Hi kamal,
    I’m very glad to u… because u r clarifying so many doubts to our pupil…
    I know very well tirumala and tirupathi… next month I’m coming with my parents
    My mom dream she want to stand in front of the idol.. but we r not a vip and and we are not highly influenced… my mom age 43 she suffering from back pain too… I want to fulfill her dream
    How it possible ??????? My mom is my life … so please help me out…. is there any way to pay more money
    To reach that place???

    • Dear Sunil,

      You can book seva tickets online, TTD is going to release Arjitha Seva tickets in bulk numbers on 5th feb at 11 am
      Suprabhtham, Thomala, Archana, Astadala Pada padmaradhanamu, Nijapada darshanam allows to very close distance to the Lord.

      This quota will be for the month of Mar
      It is easy process to book tickets online.


  183. Hi Sir I am in chennai for some work want to perform Rahu puja on 26th jan. Can you please guide us. Also is it compulsory to go back home after puja or I can perform my work in chennai and then go to home. I will be staying in hotel in chennai.

  184. Dear Sir,

    I along with my wife and son (eight month old) are planning to visit the temple next week, preferably on Sun, 31st Jan. Is there too much queue on Sun? I came to know that there is a priority darshan for parents with infant below 1 year. Can you please advise if shorter queues can be expected in this case, even on Sun?

    • Dear Sir,

      If it is weekday i.e Tue-Wed, it will be easy darshan. Weekend’s will take more time than expected as crowd will be high during this time.

      For more details


      • Thanks. Do you also provide services to the visitors? I shall be reaching Chennai on day 1 afternoon, reaching Tirumala on day 1 evening, night stay at Tirumala, darshan at the main temple and Goddess temple on day 2 first half, visiting Srikalahasti on day 2 second half and reaching Chennai, night stay at Chennai, boarding the flight back on Day 3 noon.

  185. Hi Sir,

    My Name is K.Navneetha .Rao
    My DOB:07/09/1989
    I have two doshas :Naga/Kuja

    Please tell me which are the good dates to do pooja in the month of Feb 1st and second week..Almost wed and thursday as I haveoff from work

    Its urgent ..I am planning to visit tirupathi also so its better to visit to ttd and then go kalahasti..?

    I would be pronbably taking vip passes from my cousins.

    Thanks ,

    • Dear Navneetha,

      Please perform pooja anytime between 6 am – 10:35 PM on February 8.
      If you are planning for Dosha Nivarana Pooja and Tirupati visit, then plan Tirupati Darshan first and then Kalahasti Pooja.

      For Tirupati Darshan, please book tickets at ttdsevaonline website.




    • Dear Sir,

      Rs.300 darshan can be easily booked in online at ttdsevaonline website. When comes to accommodation, rooms may not be available for online booking now.

      It is advisable to go with private accommodation in Tirupati. Please let me know if you need more details.


  187. what is the age limit for tulabaram

  188. Sir,
    This is Krishnarao,
    i booked Saptagiri through online subscription for one Year on 25/11/2015. Order Number is 050000028954.
    And booking number IM1511258954, But till now i didnt received Saptagiri. As TTD call center exicutive advice im sending the details. kindly look into the matter ,advice concerned to dispatch or Refund the amount into my account.



    • Dear Sir,

      It would nice if you can write a letter to Editor, Address is already available in the magazine. I believe, As it is not fully automated manual errors might occur.


  189. Hello Sir

    i am looking to provide some donation at Ramalayam, Vontimitta, Kadappa Dist. but unable to find any contact details so that i can get some more information. any help will be much appreciated.

  190. Hi,
    My son is 11 months old and parents are 70yrs and 62yrs respectively. Can all 5(father, mother, me, my wife and my son) of us have darshan through Supadam? We are planing 6th or 7th Feb. Is it fine?


    • Dear Ramamurthy,

      Senior citizen entrance is at different place

      Infant entry is thru Supadam. seniors will have quick and easy darshan.


      • Thanks Kamal,

        Could you suggest how all 4 can visit and coordinate when there are 2 different entry point?
        Even if we enter at 2 different points, can we have darshan at same time and exit together?
        If we exit at different time, is anyone there to take care of my parent?

        your reply would be highly appreciated as i have booked hotel for one night stay.


        • Dear Sir,

          Yes, Srivari Sevakulu and Scouts will be helping them during Darshan. Senior citizens will have quick darshan.
          After darshan, they can relax outside temple, meanwhile you can join with them.

          Please let me know if you need more details


          • Thanks Kamal,

            Could you confirm is there any special occasion(like Brahmotsava) coming weekend ie Feb 6 and 7? If it is special days, then we will not be able to get Darshan.


          • Dear Sir,

            There is no special events. It is only 14th feb


          • Hi Kamal,

            The plan is like first i will drop my parents at Nambi Temple at 8AM on Sunday 7th Feb and then we(me, wife and kid) join queue at Supadam. Will this be fine?

          • Dear Sir,

            Yes, it is absolutely fine



    • Dear Sir,

      Suprabhatha seva quota will be released online on 5th feb at 11 am. Tickets should be booked ttdsevaonline website.
      For 7 members, you would 4 login ID. Children don’t need tickets up to 12 years of age


  192. Hello sir,
    i want kalyanosthavasam ticket for 1 couple on 5th feb…so how it possible…plz give me suggestions.

  193. Hello Sir,
    Want to perform Upanayanam in Tirumala. Can you please help to provide the procedure on this.

    Thank you.

  194. Dear kamal sir,
    We got arjitha seva tickets by it necessary to convert the e ticket into regular ticket or e ticket print out is enough?. If so are we require 2 copies of tickets.kindly clarify.

  195. Hello,

    Can you please give us info about the Vishesha Pooja which is performed on Mondays.

    Is this pooja performed to main idol or any other place ?


  196. Dear Sir,
    we are planning to do darshan on 10th of march.
    our train reach Renigunta by 14.30. same day & we are planning to take roon at Tirupati.
    Our darshan time is 5pm. Is it possible to reach Tirumala on time.

    • Dear Sir,

      As soon you get down at Renigunt Railway station, please hire taxi which takes 1 hour 15 mins to reach Tirumala. Let say if you start by 3 pm then you will reach Tirumala by 4:15 or 4:30 pm. Get fresh up at PAC which is beside CRO. Deposit your luggage here and start to SMC 211 by walk which takes another 10 mins. You are allowed to report till 5:30 pm so you have 1 hour time to relax and deposit belongings.

      After darshan you can plan for accommodation at Tirupati.


  197. Dear Sir,

    Can you please confirm if Sahasra Deepalankara seva ticket will be released for March 23 at a later point, for some reason the quota was not released for this date today.

    Also is Ekanta seva tickets still issued and if so only available at CRO Tirumala ?


    • Dear Sir,
      If not released means, it will not be released.

      Ekantha seva will be performed by temple preists only. Devotees will not be allowed for this seva


  198. Dear sir,

    i want to book a archana ticket through online but what is the quota for the seva in online can i book the suprabatham and archana on the same day ..

  199. I am looking to perform Gow Dhana in tirupathi or tirumala. Kindly suggest the price and process involved.

  200. Dear sir,

    what is the quota for the archana ticket in TTD Website sir..
    can i get a ticket in april month

  201. Dear Sir,

    I need to know these –
    1) For men, Can we wear Kurti and Formal trousers (instead of Pyjamas, as don’t have one) for Dharshan at the Temple?
    2) Which is safest place to park our Vehicle (Sedan) before we go for Dharshan?
    3) Last time when we visited Tirumala, we could not find even one Restaurant up there, so we had to take food at down hill at around 4:30 pm (Bhimas or Mass i guess) as we took breakfast at Down hill in the morning at Bliss at around 8:30 am.. Are there any Good Restaurants available up there as of now?
    4) Is there any Hospital available up there? Please give details on medical Services at the Tirumala Hills there. (Few years ago my mom suffered severe Decentry up there but she could not find a hospital up there for any medical assistance).

    Hoping for reply ASAP.. Thanks in advance..

    • Dear Sir,

      1) Dress code is mandatory. You can try Normal shirt and Dhoti. Dhoti will not cost more.
      2) Please park the vehicle at MBC 34, It is safe parking here.
      3) Yes, there are many restaurants available.
      4) Aswin Hospital is available for pilgrims. Contact number +91 877 2263311 / 877 2270111

  202. Hi Kamal,

    We are a family of 6 people+2 Kids. For Kalyanotsava seva only 2 people are allowed. How can all 6 of us participate in Seva?


    • Dear Sir,

      For 6 people you would need 3 tickets. Tickets should be booked using 3 login IDs. For kids if they are below 12 years then ticket is not required. It is free for children below 12 years


  203. the website was really informative and attractive… Appreciate for your updates…

  204. In which site I can book e-Sudarasanam ticket since it is not available in

  205. I want to know coming 14th february 2016 on that day what are the dharshan allowed pl thanks

    • Dear Sir,

      It would nice to book Rs.300 tickets online for 14th Feb as crowd will be high on this day. Please login to ttdsevaonline website.

      Yes Darshan is allowed


  206. Dear sir,

    Suprapadam seva on 14th april 2016 are allowed?

    • Dear Sir,

      Yes, 14th apr. Suprabhatha seva will be performed. Quota will be released online on 4th mar at 11 am. Tickets should be booked at ttdsevaonline website


  207. Dear Kamal,

    this is sunil, plz tell me the information about the sevas performed on April 8 (Telugu Ugadi). If any sevas will be cancelled on that day? I want to book nijapadadarsanam on that day. whether it will be possible kamal….

    Through online booking so much difficult to book all these tickets kamal, all systems are going to hang up kamal. can you tell me the better solution for this one..

    thanking you….


    • Dear Sunil Kumar,

      On Ugadi Day, there will not be any sevas. As Ugadi Asthanam will be performed so TTD will cancel all sevas.

      Please login to ttsevaonline website at 10:45 am and keep the session active. Exactly at 10:58 am , please click on e-seva and proceed.


  208. I need thomala seva ticket for any dates on april 2016

    How i book

    Which time will open

  209. Sir,
    I have been trying for Thomala seva ticket for the past 6 months sitting exactly at 11.00 am on first Friday each month for booking for the next month. The internet and system becomes almost inactive for about 1 hour and I have not been able to book on line for Thomala seva. The releasing quota online only I feel an eye wash.
    Is there any other way of getting Thomala seva ticket?
    Devotees view my comments may also share their experience if any one was ever successful in getting Thomala seva online if so how?

    • Dear Sir,

      Thomala and Archana tickets will be 10 per day. Please try for Suprabhatham tickets so that chances of getting a ticket will be high.

      One more thing, try login to ttdsevaonline portal by 10:45 am and maintain the session active. Exactly at 10:58 am click on e-seva tickets. I have noticed couple of times that quota is getting released 2 – 3 mins than said time


  210. iam plannig to visit tirumala on 3 march i will reach tirupati on 2march evening i an thinking of vip darshan i have chief election commosion of india as a friend so what category of vip darshan would he be able to help me with and how long will it take to have darshan with his help and shall i apply fr thursday or friday and in case i book sheegrah darshan 300 what time slot should i select on thursday for easy darshan iam thinking of 9-10 am slot and i also want the srivari mahapradaam the camphor applied to the lord how can i get that

    • Dear Anshul,

      Yes, you can avail VIP break darshan using the letter. Here is the procedure for that

      If not, you can go with Rs.300 ticket, please 10 – 11 am Darshan so that you can manage things easily. Camphor will not be available outside, it will be shared among themselves.


      • thanks fr reply but someone told me that the camphor is packed into several packets named mahaprasadam n distributed to VIP coming is it so do we have to specifically ask fr it and and once we get into quue first will come first varahaswamy temple or thr main temple since first its imperative to visit varaswamy so how manage it once we get into queue

        • Dear Anshul,

          Varahaswamy temple is outside the main temple, which is near to Srivari Pushkarini in the south mada street.

          Here is the visit order

          1) Wash you feet and hands at Srivari Pushkarini
          2) Visit Sri Aadhi Varahaswamy temple on the banks of the pushkarini
          3) Then join darshan line


    • k but we should first report to smc or go to varahswamy temple i thing even fr going varahswamy we have to go through SMC 211 i mean if once we get into that will be able to have first visit to varahsway so how managage first visit to varahswamy in case we get into smc 211

      • Dear Anshul,

        First Varaha Swamy Temple near Main Temple, it will take 15 mins walk from SMC. Plan to be little early so that you can visit Varahaswamy temple then you can join SMC 211 line. Varahaswamy temple is 15 mins walk from Tirumala Bus station.It is 15 mins walk from Varaha swamy temple to SMC 211.


  211. Dear Kamal,

    I am a Chiristian , could I go for thirumala dharasan, any restriction is there, please confirm

  212. Dear Sir
    We have book special Darshan on 4th March’16 @12 noon- Reporting place SMC-211
    Request to know the location and how to reach

  213. k but what if do a car from SMC 211 to varahswamy it must be taking just 5 min and how much time is needed fr darshan at varahswamy on average 15 min i guess plz tell

    • Dear Anshul,

      If you want to reach Varahaswamy temple by car then you can park car Rambagicha Guest House and then visit Varahswamy temple which is 5 mins walk.
      Darshan will not take more than 15 – 20 mins


  214. Hi Team,

    When will the Kalyanostavam online tickets quota be released for April. Can unmarried 2 children above 12 yrs take part in the kalyanotsavam along with parents with 2 kalyanostavam tickets .

    Thanks in advance.

    • Dear Sir,

      For children above 12 years needs tickets. Yes they can join with parents by having tickets


      • hi kamal ,

        Thanks for the above info .. I need the info on kalyanostavam tickets online quota release for april month. Hope you will provide this info..

        Thanks in advance.

  215. hi
    can I get any accommodation by showing any seva ticket at Tirumala

    • Dear Sri,

      Accommodation to be booked separately. Seva tickets and accommodation are two different entities


  216. how can i get recommandation letter, please help me

  217. I booked the kalyanotsavam seva. When the seva will be started and when it will be finished? After that shall we allowed for dharshan? Which way shall we go for dharshan?

    • Dear Madam,

      Seva starts by 10:30 am and ends by 12 pm + 25 mins for darshan. Seva will be performed inside the temple so darshan line starts near Dwajasthambham.


  218. I booked kalyanotsavam seva tickets for me and my husband. I have two kids aged 16 years and 10 years. Will they allowed with us for this seva. Please reply soon

    • Dear Madam,

      Your 10 years kid will be allowed without ticket. Could you let me know if you elder one (16 years) is a boy or gal?

      Unmarried daughter under 18 years will be allowed by purchasing Rs.300 ticket Supadam entrance


  219. Sir,
    We plan to go to Tirupati in the month of may. so we reserved Train tickets and Accommodation through E Service portal. When we approach TTD E cerntre for E-Sudharshan Tickets (50 Rs Ticket) they said quota not released. we are planning to go to Tirupati on May 2 and 3rd 2016. So kindly help us why they not yet release even 50 Rs. Ticket.

    • Dear Sir,

      I truly understand, please give me a or two day to find out 2nd May and 3rd May Darshan tickets status.


      • Dear Kamal,

        I really thanks for your kind reply.. Sir, i am waiting for your positive words. Kindly help us to make our trip successful

      • Thank you very much sir for your wonderful job. They have released quota but only for 300Rs. so we decided to wait till tomorrow for 50 Rs. Dharsan tickets. If it is not released then we book 300 Rs. ticket for us. Shall i do sir?

        • Dear Sir,

          I believe Rs.50 tickets is stopped. Anyway try once for Rs.50. I need to check on Rs.50 tickets if it is stopped permanently or not


  220. hello kamal garu,

    can u provide local cab driver no so that when we come on 10th march
    we wont face any problem


    • Dear Madam,

      Please Venkat – +91 888 666 0608, Ajay – 9000 336 331. These numbers are from two different travels who are providing cabs to Yatragenie and Ola in Tirupati.


  221. how & where will get senior citizen tickets

  222. hello sir with ur guidance we had nice darshan of lord through vip break darshan L2 , thanks for ur support we also got teertham in mahaprasad packet is this the water with water abhishek is done to main mool virat idol pf lord or it is of some other idols kept at temple ? do u know any mantra of lord venkatesh which can be recited daily to keep away all sorrows n pain .?

    once again thanks u r doing nice job

  223. Can anyone let me know if there is any way to cancel the accommodation booked. If so, can you please walk me through the cancellation steps

  224. Hi

    Could you please advise what are the temples we can visit in Tirumala…Is there any free bus service available for the same…how long it will take to visit those temples

    • Dear Ganesh,

      Free bus is available but it connects only cottages and temples. It should be either by R.T.C bus or by private jeeps to visit other temples.

      1) Aadhi Varaha Swamy (near main temple at Srivari pushkarini entrance and is walk able)
      2) Sri Bedi Anjaneya Swamy temple (opp. Main temple)

      3- 5 Places falls under one route
      3) Akasa ganga theertham
      4) Papavinasanam
      5) Sri Venugopala swamy temple

      if you have time then
      6 – 8 falls under one route
      6) Chakra theertham
      7) Srivari padalu
      8) Sila thoranam


      • Thanks for the information Kamal.

        Could you please let me know how much they will charge in RTC buses or private jeep how long approx will take to view 3-5 temples

        • Dear Ganesh,

          RTC bus fare – One way fare for 1 adult – Rs.51
          RTC Bus fare – One way for child between 5 – 11 years, Rs.27

          RTC Bus two-way fare – for adults – Rs.92, for child – Rs.46

          Children under 5 years don’t need tickets.

          Above 12 years it is a full ticket.


      • Sorry for asking you more questions Kamal

        As 25th-27th March is holiday time how the darshan rush will be…i have booked 300 rs tickets on Good friday 25th March how long it will take for darshan to complete my slot time is 11:00 – 12 Noon. i need to bring my 3yr old kid hence want to know max how long they will make wait in 300rs darshan as maximum

  225. I want to book room at Tirumala on 24th March. pl suggest any rooms available

    • Dear Prem,

      Rooms are fully booked in online at ttdsevaonline website. On arrival, please visit Sri Padmavathi Guest House. Rooms will be available


  226. sir,
    we need room for one day on 25 of march (night) in srikalahasthi how book through online or telephonic plz help me out if you have number please send us it help full for me

  227. Could you please let me know, when the online booking slot will be opened for Suprabatha Seva ?

  228. hi sir..

    is 50rs darshan tickets stopped issuing in ttd e darshan counters ?? as i can see there is no separate page for 50 rs in ttdsevaonline website . i believe they stopped issuing trhough online .. do they issue through e darshan counters in tirupati and also at ttd centres in various places in india ? please let me know


    • Dear Sir,

      There is no counters available in Tirupati and Tirumala for Rs.50 tickets. Counters available for Rs.300 tickets in Tirupati and Tirumala.

      One of the devotee reported that they stopped issuing Rs.50 at Hyd, I believe it applies for all the centers


  229. Dear sir

    pls.send me your email id & contact no.


  230. Hello Bharath, Kamal,

    Can you please let me know if Kalyanosthavam at mangapuram is performed on 21st of March. Can you also let me know if I can purchase the tickets at 10 Am on that day? or this there any online booking available to book the tickets. Kindly let me know.

    • Dear Harshi,

      You have to purchase ticket by 9 am or 9:15 am on 21st Mar. Kalyanotsavam usually starts by 10:30 am. Devotees are allowed inside by 10 am.

      Online booking is not available. Tickets shold be purchase over the counter.

  231. hii sir
    we are plan to go to tieumala at 27 mar.sarva dharshan at 28 mar.pls tell me how much time to get dharshan.we have 11 months baby

  232. Could you please tell me

    1)Should people only have dosha should perform rahu kethu pooja or anybody can do?
    2) Are parents must for pooja ?

    • Dear Sri Hari,

      1. Anyone can perform this pooja. It is meant for all, event without dosha can perform this pooja.
      2. Parents not required. You can perform this pooja as a single



  234. Dear Sir/Madam,

    We are planning to perform Rahu Ketu pooja in srikalahasti temple.
    we also intend to perform Mahanyasa Purvaka Ekadasa Rudrabhishekamu.
    Can we perform both of them on the same day or what is the procedure to get the poojas done.
    From where and how can i book the tickets for these poojas?

  235. Dear sir,

    Coming April 1st my family members plan to tirupati. But I used devasthanam website on accommodation facility but at time t time on April 1st room not available in tirupati so pls clarification if any other devasathanan hotel available?


    • Dear Sir,

      There are no other Devasthanam rooms. Rooms will not be available as crowd will be high over the weekend. That too it is public holiday.

      Please look for private accommodation in Tirupati


  236. Dear Sir,

    After Rahu kala Pooja it is said that we should not visit any temples.
    Then how can we perform the Mahanyasa Purvaka Ekadasi Rudrabhishekamu.

    Is Sarpa Sukta mahanyasa purvaka ekadasa rudrabhishekamu performed in srikalahasti?

    • Dear Madam,

      You will be performing Mahanyasa Purvaka Ekadas Rudrabhishekam to the Lord Siva so you can perform this pooja after Rahu Ketu Pooja. It is only Mahanyasa Ekadasa Purvaka Rudrabhishekam which will be performed at Sri Kalahasti.
      Sapra Suktha Mahanyasa pooja will be performed here.


  237. hii sir
    we are palning to go to tirumala in 28 march.what about the croud
    how much time to get the sarvadharshanam.we have 11 months pls give
    me urs valuable reply

  238. Hi I need to know about rudraabhishekham timing on monday,is it available for evening

  239. Sir,

    Not Clear if sarpa sukta mahanyasa purvaka ekadasa rudrabhishekamu is performed in srikalahasti temple or not..
    please clarify

    • Dear Madam,

      Sarpasukta Sahitha Mahanyasa Poorvaka Ekadasa Rudrabishekam, means they will perform 11 times Abishekam to Lord Siva by reciting Sarpa Suktam.
      I’m going to check with priest today on this pooja.


  240. Smc 211 entrance map and also tonsure place near footpath way pls help sir we have planned on mar 30

    • Dear Madam,

      Please visit Rambagicha Guest House (near main temple) for tonsuring. It is paid service, it costs Rs.50 per person. It will not take more than 30 mins. Kalyanakatta, free service will take 2 hours for tonsuring


  241. how to make areservation for rudhrabishakam as we r planing on 6th april that is masashivarathri
    is there any special prize r it is 600 rs/_ ?


    • Dear Madam,

      Online booking is not available.Tickets to be purchased on arrival at Kalahasti ticket counter only. It is Rs.600 for 2 persons.


  242. Hi sir,

    we booked kalyanotsavam tickets on may 24th for my parents. what kind of darshan will be provide after kalyanotsavam (Is it normal darshan?) because my father is handicapped It will be difficult to make him darshan if it is normal darshan. Can you please suggest on this so that it will be great helpful. My mother also would like to go for darshan along with dad.

    Thanks in advance.

    • Dear Madam,

      Yes, Kalyanotsavam ticket holders will be clubbed with Rs.300 darshan line. It will not take more than 20 mins to complete darshan. Your father can walk slowly, care will be taken during darshan time.

      Yes, your mother and father can have darshan after Seva


  243. Hi,

    We are visiting tirumala on 3rd May 2016, I have got kalayanam tickets online for 4th may, but I could not find any accomodation available online. Can someone please help me with the procedure to get accomodation in tirumala for 4th and 5th may. Please share the details.

    • Dear Hari,
      Please login to ttdsevaonline website, click on e-accommodation -> Change “Accommodation at” field value to “Tirupati” and proceed with booking.

  244. Dear kamal sir

    i was booking suprabhatam seva for what is dress code for men in this seva


  245. Sir , We have booked train to reach tirupathi station at 10.35 on 22 nd April and to return at 14.50 on 24 th . myself , wife ,mother and two kids of 13 and 11. We have to do Rahu kethu pooja for elder kid.Kindly suggest most apropriate locations to saty such that we can cover maximum temples without being pressure of loosing return train .also pls tell me if pooja and rooms can be booked in advance?
    Is it possible for all 5 of us witness the rahu pooja?

    • Dear Sir,
      Yes, You need to buy one Rs.2500 ticket so that all can witness the pooja. Advance booking or online booking is not available. Tickets will be issued only at the counter for the same day pooja.
      It is advisable stay in Tirupati so that you can cover maximum temples.

      Please let me know if you need more details.


      • Thank you Kamal sir,

        Is there any dress code for girls for Rahu Pooja .
        what is the normal rate for this pooja

        • Dear Sir,

          There is no dress code. Any decent outfit will be ok.
          Different rates are there Rs.300, Rs.750, Rs.1500, Rs.2500. Pooja process remains the same, it is only the location and seating comfort differs



    • Dear Sir,
      You can perform pooja anytime between 6 am – 6 pm. No need to stay at Sri Kalahasti before or after this pooja.
      Advance booking is not available, tickets to be purchased only at the counter.


  247. I along with my family are reaching Tirupati on 11th April, 2016. It would be better if we get accomodation at Tirumala from 11th to 13th April,2016.

    • Dear Sir,

      Currently, no rooms available in Tirumala and Tirupati. I believe rooms will be available from 1 pm. Rooms will be allotted at CRO office. Waiting time wil l be 1 – 2 hours.




    • Dear Sir,

      Tickets should be booked online at ttdsevaonline website. Jun month Unjal Seva will be released online on 6th May at 11 am


  249. Dear Sir,

    We need to book Kalyanotsavam tickets for 3 couples. However we would be accompanied by a 13 year old child(boy) and 60 year old woman(widow and mother/mother-in-law of one of the couples). Do we have an option for them to enter the Kalyanotsavam premises?

    THank You

    • Dear Sir,
      Yes, you can book one ticket for 13 years old kid and 60 years old woman. They will be allowed on booking a Seva ticket


  250. hi sir
    I had suprabhata sea ticket, i stay in tirupathi up to what time they in tirumala for this seva

  251. vip lettar darshanam days

  252. Hi,
    Is NRI Darshan available on April 26th,I heard some special darshans are closed due to high volume of pilgrims.
    Where can I get the tickets for the NRI darshan if it is still available.

  253. Pl guide me for booking Poorabhishekam thro’ internet during June, 2016

  254. Dear Sir,

    Would you please provide bramhousav schedule, we are planing 11 sep 2016 to come tirupati.

    Please advise any utsav during period.

    Waiting for your reply.


  255. Hi Kamal, is there a way to reach VQC I entrance through west mada street by walk, can you please share map. Thanks!

  256. Dear Sir
    Can i know is Narayana Bali pooja for durmaranam performed in kalahasti or in any temple near tirupathi


    • Dear Madam,
      Narayana Bali Pooja is not available at Temples near Tirupati. But devotees can offer Pindas at Kapila Theertham which is auspicious.

  257. hi sir
    we are planning to come to tirupathi in august , when will be the quota release?
    Which seva would be the best to book , we are 7 adults with 3 years old and 1 year old kid


    • Dear Sir,
      Aug month quota will be released online on 1st Jul at 11 am. One can book 2 tickets using one login ID. For 7 adults it should be 4 login IDs. Please create 4 login Ids. Kalyanotsavam will be good. As there is restriction for other Sevas such as Suprabhatha Seva, Thomala Seva, Archana, Astadala Pada Padmaradhanamu Seva, kids under 3 years will not be allowed. So Kalyanotsavam will be good.


  258. Pls guide how to book sivrapatham and thomala tocekts in online. It always shows Quata full. When the tickets is to know this information. Pls guide.

  259. sir,
    I am from Tamil Nadu,TTd accepts Tamil Nadu state minister recomendation letter for VIP Break Darshan and if i got recomdation letter from ministers means,then the minister’s PA will defenitly inform by phone call to TTD for vip break darshan ?

    • Dear Sir,
      There is no phone call required from minister PA for this. Yes, Tamilnadu minister letter will be accepted for break darshan. please plan darshan for Mon or Tue or Wed or Thu.

  260. please guide to book thomalaseva for the june mounth,i tried for past two months i can’t able to thomoalaseva,even though i was loged in the site before,I short a while it was booked,I don’t know how it was booked in a seconds,Only suprabatham,neejabatham ,etc… only able to book in some minutes,

    We never seen the thomolaseva ever before but very eager to see with god bless

    Can you please help me to book the thomolaseva on any day of the month june Or give me any tips to book

    Any other way to book thomolaseva



    • Dear Sir,

      Please login at 10:30 am and keep the session active. Exactly at 10:58 am, click on e-seva and continue with booking. Hope it works.

      • sakthimuthukumar

        Thank you for your reply kamal sir,
        This time i tried as per you said,How much thomola ticket can i book for an single id, Need 2 tickets,Is it possible to book at the same time in a single id

        Thanking you

        • Dear Sir,
          Yes, you can book 2 tickets using one login ID. Please try booking at 10:58 instead of 11 am

      • sakthimuthukumar

        Dear kamal sir,

        I tried today as you said,I logged in at 10.27am and i keep active the session but while start open booking at nearly 10.58 to 10.59 am while loading the page was expired and it was opening at around 11.09am only while seeing thomola,archana was booked remaining only balance,This is the thrid month i tried same thing happing how!

        Thanking you

  261. sir,

  262. Dear Kamal,

    I planned to come to tirupathi on 7th and 8th. so how is the crowd and how long the darshan time will take.

    • Dear Sir,
      Crowd will be little high over the weekend. It is good to book Rs.300 Darshan tickets online at ttdsevaonline website.
      Divya Darshan will take 6 hours. Sarva Darshan will be 8 – 9. Rs.300 darshan will be 1 hour 45 mins max

  263. Dear sir,
    I want to know how to book ticket for srinivasa magapuram kalyanotsavam for june month.

    • Dear Sir,

      Tickets should be purchased only at the counter a day in advance or on the same of the Seva. Advance booking is not available.

  264. sakthimuthukumar

    Dear kamal,

    How to book thomalaseva,I tried last 2months but i can’t able to book thomalaseva even though i entered into the site before 11am within a few seconds it was booked,I don’t know how,I can able to book suprabatham,etc.. only,we never seen the thomola seva ever before and very much eager to see the seva
    with god bless
    can u help me to book this seva or any other tips to book

    Thanking you

    • Dear Sir,
      There is no tips as such. It is purely by lucky and timing. Please try booking at 10:58 am.

  265. Hi Sir,

    Do we have buses available to Vellore golden temple from Tirupati, if so please let us know at what time it starts early in the morning, such that we can start early in morning and come back early to Tirupati to catch our train which starts at 6:00 pm.

    Thank you sir

    • Dear Madam,
      Yes, Direct bus to Vellore is availbale from Tirupati. If there is any delay in the bus, please plan this way. Plan to reach Chittoor and From chittoor buses to Vellore will be high. Bus frequency from Tirupati to Chittoor is 30 mins. You can easily reach Tirupati by 3 pm if you plan to start little early by 7 am

  266. Dear Kamal,
    I have booked accomodation in my name but now due to some physical problems i cant able to travel but my wife and childrens are coming to Tirupati, Is there any possibility of booking the room or what is the procedure for changing the name of the room in to my wife name, Please answer me.

    Thanking You

    • Dear Sir,
      I did check with staff on this. Due to security reasons it will be denied. Please book another room by creating one more login ID

      • Dear Kamal,
        Thanks for your valuable reply. If there is any possibility of booking rooms please inform to me. I shall ask my wife to produce my original ID and my wife also.

        • Dear Sir,

          You can book rooms online by logging to ttdsevaonline website. For fresh booking, please create one ID on your wife name and book the room in online.

  267. Hi Kamal, I note that there is Padmavathi parinayam in Tirumala from 15th to 17th May. Can general pilgrims watch this as this will be in Narayanagiri gardens. Hope no separate tickets are required to watch.

  268. I want to get darshan tomorrow morning date 16/05/2016 can I get the tickets online today and want to be back within one day

  269. I would like to know about Kalyanam details.
    Can are planning to schedule Kalyanam on Wednesday (05/18). Please let us know the time and Tickets Details.
    Thanks in Advance for your info.

    • Dear Sir,
      Kalyanam is fully booked. Jul month quota will be released online on 3rd Jun at 11 am. Tickets should be booked at ttdsevaonline website

  270. Mrs Anusuya Umasuthan

    Dear Sir,

    We are coming to Tirupati on 16 July Sunday 2 pm local time, from the UK. Could you kindly let me know whether we can have dharshan on that day and the cost as well please.

    Also can you please let me know how to pay as well.

    Many thanks
    Mrs Umasuthan

    • Dear Madam,
      It is advisable to book Seva tickets instead of Darshan Tickets. Jul month quota will be released online on 3rd Jun at 11 am. Tickets can be easily booked online at ttdsevaonline website.
      Kalyanotsavam Seva or Suprabhatha Seva is ideally for the family. One can book 2 tickets for 2 persons using one login ID.
      Please let me know if you need more details.

  271. Dear sir ,
    I am reaching tirupati on 12/9/16 Monday 15.10 and leaving on 15/9/16 Thursday afternoon 15.00.I am a handicappe fellow. Can you please tell me how to plan darshan of Lord balaji, other devsthanam and places
    And about accommodation for 3 days


  273. Srileka Arivazhagan

    Dear Sir,

    We are planned Srikalahasti temple for my daughters sarpa dhosha pooja and Tirupati dharsanam or Alamelu thayar temple, because we always told first Thayar then Tirupati dharsanam, pls suggest to me

    With regards,

    • Dear Madam.
      Here is the order
      1. Sri Kalahasti Temple Sarpa Dosha Pooja
      2. Take head bath
      3. Tirupati Dharsananam
      4. Alamelu Thayar Temple


  274. I am planning to visit the Temple tomorrow or day after tomorrow.
    Can you please confirm the Darshan timings?

    We are thinking to walk all the way through the steps Alipiri Mettu. Is there any time when the Darshan isn’t allowed?

    Do we need to have a ticket to enter the temple? I tried the e ticket option via TTD seva online, however there isn’t any slot available.

    Where can we get the special entry tickets?

    Please guide me

    • Dear Sir,
      Path is opened for 24 hours. Divya Darshan tokens will be issued along the path. Darshan waiting time will be 5 hours. Crowd is Normal Today so you can easily get Divya Darshan tokens along the path.

      For Special Darshan tickets, One counter is available at VQC II in tirumala and one at Srinivasam complex in Tirupati. Tirumala counter will be closed on most of the days.

  275. Dear Sir,

    We are planning to Sri Kalahastri Temple on 3 July for my husband’s Chandi Homam Pooja and donate food for 9 people. We need to book the date and timing. 3 July morning. We will be reaching Tirupati on 1 July. Can you please advise and suggest. We are coming from Malaysia.

  276. Sudha Vadlamani

    I would like to obtain the vastra used during kalyanotsavam for bhudevi and sri devi. Is there an auction or special place where we can get these vastra as prasadam?

  277. Sudhakar Reddy Putta


    We are planning for Kalyanotsavam in August 2016. We have 5 year old boy.
    Will he be allowed to sit in the seva along with us .
    Please update
    Sudhakar Putta

  278. Jaganmohan Madire

    Hi Sir,
    I have a query regarding accommodation at Sri Kalahasti Temple.
    After performing Kalyanotsavam Seva on July 7th and visiting near by temples would like to reach Sri Kalahasti for the next day Darshan. As per the information 4 guest houses are available near by the temple in Sannidhi street, online booking is not available, is it only on arrival? Please suggest chances of getting rooms on arrival, we are 10 people (5 couples), will it be rush on July 7th Thursday Evening, checkout Friday Morning after Darshan.

    Thanks for your Time and Seva sir,

    • Dear Sir,

      It is weekday so crowd will be minimal chances are quite high for on arrival allotment. Even if rooms not available, boarding in a private hotel is quite easy.


  279. Susheela Elango

    I need some info about the kangana kappu at Srinivasamangapuram-for delayed marriages.

    How can we get this and what time should we be there?
    We will be in Tirupathi on
    10th & 11th of this month.

  280. hi Kamal,

    1.I wil reach tirupathi @ 2pm so i have booked 300rs Darshan @ 6pm with my grandmother age 70 & my son 1yr old, do i want to take them in regular queue or any separate queue is available

    2. how far from Rambagicha to 300rs ticket entrance ? can i get wheel chair for my grandmother if yes where ?
    4.booked time slot is 6pm to 7pm how long it wil take for Darshan

  281. Jaganmohan Madire

    Hi Sir,
    For Kalyanotsavam seva, are we allowed to wear a white shirt with dhoti or only upper cloth/towel is allowed to wear with dhoti? Please let me know.

  282. Dear Sir,

    am planned Srikalahasti temple sarpa dhosha pooja and Tirupati dharsanam..after pooja tirupathi darsanam is good or not..and which is fist visit temple…srikalahasti or tirupathi pls suggest to me

  283. Dear sir,

    For supadam darshan with twins having 10 months age any chance of accommodating extra person with parents

    • Dear Sir,
      Only baby and parents will be allowed. Relatives will not be considered for this special darshan

  284. Dear sir/mam
    We count of 4 adults and one child and one infant are visiting temple by july 8 and 9 from mumbai want to do tulahparam , for the infant and want to see sevas and early morning nijapatha darshan please guide us how to get the tickets as I checked in net its not released or full please guide us to get these sevas
    thanks with regards

  285. we need kalyanotsavam tickets on Aug13,2016

    • Dear Sir,
      Aug month Kalyanotsavam tickets will be released online on 1st Jul at 11 am. Tickets should be booked at ttdsevaonline website

  286. Dear Sir,

    Today I booked e-accommodation (Rs.1000/-) for 14.08.2016, but by mistake i typed wrong pan no in id proof column in the receipt. can i show other id proofs like Aadhar card,driving license and Voter ID at the time of availing accommodation. if they not accept what we have to do? .

    Hence i request you to kindly give the right suggestion to rectify this problem.

    Thanks & Regards

    • Dear Sir,
      It will not be a problem. Please carry original ID proof and room will be allotted

      • Dear Sir,

        Problem is I typed my friend PAN No instead of my PAN No .TTD staff said if PAN No not match they cannot allow for room allotment. I have other all ID proofs except PAN Card which wrongly entered in receipt.

        Can they allow for room allotment with other ID proofs ?


        • Dear Sir,
          Yes, ID proof and photo should match. Anyway I’m going to check with room allotment guys on this today.

      • Dear Sir,

        Have you check with room allotment guys regarding this ?

        If they not allow what we have to do? further to whom i have to meet to rectify this problem. do you have any idea to solve this problem ?

        kindly give the right advice to us


        • Dear Sir,

          I did check on this and they are saying that all 3 should match. Photo, ID, Name. I’m really sorry for that.

  287. Hi
    Am going to book 300rs Darshan ticket, my 65 yrs old mom also coming with us , may i book the ticket for my mom also?

  288. Hi Sir,

    Please advise when will kalyanosatvalm tickets for october month will be available to book online

  289. is sashaputhishanthi is being performaned at tirumal temple if kindly let me know

    • Dear Sir,
      Shasti purthi shanti is not available now.
      Shasti Poorthi can be performed separately. Please plan this way.

      1. Choose the Date and Time for the event
      2. Book Rs.2000 room which is quite big and can accommodate 8-9 adults + 3 kids
      3. Book rooms for 2 days using 2 login IDs and Book Special Entry Darshan tickets or Seva tickets.
      4. Plan to arrival at Tirumala a day in advance to engage purohit at Purohit Sangam and to purchase pooja materials
      5. Purohit will perform this event at your guest house
      6. After the event, proceed for Darshan.

      Please let me know if you need more details.

  290. hi,,
    I want to perform the Aseervachana Rahu Ketu Kala Sarpa Nivarana Pooja , for which where i have to ticket in the temple, my friends who visited the temple said only 300 & 750 are available outside. Can you provided me the information regarding the pooja.


    • Dear Sir,
      Yes, what your friend is correct only. Counter is within the temple complex and is easy to identify. Just walk to the temple Darshan line where you will find the counter.

  291. new portal launched? is is true website? can we start booking from new portal?????but accomodation window is not coming for booking accomodation. Kindly guide me.

  292. Dear Sir,

    how can we get nijapada darsanam ticked for 19th aug

  293. Dear Sir,

    I am in Saudi Arabia and I planned to attend kalyana urchav on 04/07/2016. I checked in online all are full . What is the other way to get the kalyana urchav ticket. Please advise me

  294. Dear sir,

    I m planning to Tirumala on 1st of July on my birthday.How to book for accomadation…Also wish for darshan in the morning on 2nd july but timing slot starts from 13hrs only.Do i have any chance for morning slots of Darshan under special entry with rs 300..

    • Dear Sir,
      Rooms are still available in Tirupati cottages. Please login to https: //legacy.ttdsevaonline. com/eBooking/BookingHome.aspx website and change the “Accommodation at” to Tirupati.

  295. Dear sir,
    I booked special entry darshan on 20 june 16 . Booking
    i could not download my receipt due to some can i trace my receipt with booking ref. ID
    Kindly advise,

  296. vashist r andhale

    sir pl tell me how to book vastralankar seva and thirupavada seva in advance. i will send the DD acordingly. dates are flexible.thanks.

  297. how to book rooms in tirupati by iskcon temple card……..contacts are not unreachable

  298. Hi Sir,

    We are Planned to book Sarpa Samskara Pooja on Aug 18 & 19,dates are available on the website,So on the same day Aug 18 & 19 will we get another booking for my cousin for same Sarpa Samskara Pooja,Please let us know if it is possible for 2 Separate booking for same date on Aug 18 & 19.

    • Dear Sir,
      Yes, you can book for your cousin as well for the same dates. It will be 2 separate Poojas in the same hall. One priest will be assigned to one devotee.

      • DEAR KAMAL,
        3)WHERE I CAN DEPOSIT BY BAG,MOBILES ECT.any ph no.for assistance.

  299. Dear Management

    We have planned for Tirupathi on 1st July and to the temple on 2nd July.
    Can you advise on the ticket booking and darshan. unclear of the booking.

    there are 7 of us (4 adults and 3 kids -all below 12 years).

    • Dear Madam,
      It is weekend so crowd will be high in Tirumala. Rooms may not be available. It is good to look for private accommodation in Tirupati private hotels

  300. Gentleman,
    Kindly update your website to the current date, since going through the
    site many information were of circa 2015.
    Kindly do the needful.
    Sundar Tumuluru

  301. Dear Sir,

    Iam planning to Tirumala on July 4th.I have baby boy who is 18months old still we are feeding milk to him.
    So we have taken Rs 300/- darshan tickets,will the security persons allow us to carry milk bottle along with us to feed in the line if he is hungry?

    Will the security guards object us? or allow us? Please inform us.


  302. Hi Sir,
    How to book online kalyanam ticket and room accommodatin. i m planing july 8th 2016.
    Plese Help me.

  303. Hello Sir,
    I have booked 2 rooms through online e-accommodation(booked for 1 day). I have planned for 2 days stay at Tirumala. Will they give extension for next day

    • Dear Sir,
      Extension may be denied for the 2nd day. If rooms are available for booking, create 2 more login IDs on your family member names and do the booking

  304. I booked 8 rooms with e-accomadations Rs 600 for 2 days with 8 email ids. 4 rooms for 1st day and 4 rooms for 2nd day. we are of total 12 family members. Will they provide all 8 rooms at same hotel/guest house for 2 days

    • Dear Sir,
      On most cases it will be at the same place. Changes only when crowd will be high. Even then it will be at the same cottage.

  305. I have booked 4 rooms through e-accomodation for Rs 600 for one day only. We planned for 2 days stay at Tirumala. Wiil they give extension for next day. And if yes, how much they will charge for 2nd day for same rooms.

    • Dear Sir,
      Room extension will be denied when crowd is high. It would be nice if you can create 4 more login IDs on your family members and do the booking for 2nd day

  306. Dear Sir,

    When can we expect the Kalyanotsavam Seva’s Intenet Quota to be released for the month of September 2016. We are planning it on 11-Sept-2016.

    Thanks & Regards,

    • Dear Sir,
      It is supposed to be released online on 5th Aug at 11 am. There is a news going on that Sep month quota will also be released online 1st Jul at 11 am which is not confirmed.

  307. I booked 4 rooms through e-accomodation for Rs 600 for One day. We planned to stay for 2 days at Tirumala. Total family members are 12. Will they give extension for next day. And if yes, how much they will charge for 2nd day for same rooms.( ie 4 rooms charges for 2nd day)

    • Daer Sir,
      Extension may not be possible. If rooms are available, pleasae create 4 more login IDs on your other family member names and book the rooms.
      Extension will be denied when the crowd is high. Please let me know the date.

  308. Sir,
    I propose to perform raghu kethu dosha pooja for my son.
    1. His date of birth is 31-05-1984 what time and date in the month of either July 16 or August 16 is auspicious?
    2. What ticket I have to buy if two persons other than my son to accompany for the pooja?
    3. Is getting accommodation very tough and time taking like in Tirumala?
    4. Can we book accommodation over phone?
    4. After performing pooja one has to go to lodge and take bath or can return home and take bath?

    • Dear Sir,
      1. Please perform pooja either 19th Jul or 2nd Aug or 3rd Aug.
      2. Rs.1500 will be good
      3. For Tirumala accommodation, advance booking is required. Please login to ttdsevaonline website to book rooms
      4. Phone booking is not available. Are you looking for Kalahasti.
      5. Yes, you can take bath at lodge and then start home

      • Sir,
        Thanks for your reply on ragu kethu pooja at sri kalahasthi.
        1.My question is after finishing the pooja can I go to Chennai and take bath at my home or before leaving Sri Kalahasthi I have to go to Lodge and take bath.
        2. As per your guidelines I propose to visit the temple on the dates advised by you. My question is as it falls on week days will I secure accommodation at temple cottage easily or there will be long queue like tirumala

        • Dear Sir,
          1. Yes, you can take bath after reaching home.
          2. Yes, it is easy to find accommodation at Kalahasti on weekdays as crowd will be minimal. Bhakta Kanappa Sadan is good for the stay and is located in the Sannidhi Street which is next to temple.

  309. hi sir
    can we know when will be the seva tickets for Aug 2016 Quota will be opened

  310. Thank you so much sir for your patience and caring, also for kind words and sharing information.

  311. Sir

    We are coming from Colombo, Sri Lanka from 16th July 2016 to Chennai then planning to visit Tirupati Kovil on 17th July or 18th July, This is our first visit, I want to know how to plan the Tirupati visit & regarding que for Tirupati on that days. If your kind respond is highly appreciated.


  312. SIR now i can booking Kalyanam tkts online now when it opens ..

  313. sir,
    how do i book rooms in tirumala… i could not find any link and new portal is not opening. guide me plz.

    • Dear Sir,
      I guess you are getting privacy error.
      On getting the error, click on advanced then click on proceed anyway

  314. Hi Kamal, Your services are highly commendable! Thanks!
    Can you please post Tiruchanur temple sarva darshan timings. It is not displayed anywhere and on few occasions when I went, darshan was closed for an hour or so. For instance, I think it’s closed from 7.30 to 8.30 am and 4.30 to 5.30 pm and the seva/ ticket counter is also closed during this time. Thanks again for your service! Om Namo Venkatesaya!

  315. Dear Sir,
    My name is Sri Lakshmi while creating login credentials I created Sri as first name and Lakshmi.Later, Lakshmi (my second name) is found to be missing in ticket . My husband’s full name is Sundaramurthy Vera Venkata Varna Prasad I entered his name as Sundaramurthy instead of SVVV Prasad as in his Id proof.will this create any issue with the allotted ticket.can we take Id proof of my husband which indicates his full name (Sundaramurthy Vera Venkata Vera Prasad) along with the Id proof that is given in ticket.Please, give me suggestion.

  316. Hi Sir,

    I have purchased 300Rs special darshan 4 tickets on 4th july 2016 so i got 8 laddus for that.

    I forgot to select for 4more laddus will get extra laddus?

    If yes may i know the process Please


  317. Sir,
    1. I heard that their are no dormitary halls available in kalahasthi as it is available in tirumala…May i know that any such halls available in srikalahasthi too??? If so please mention address and details to reach such place
    2.Is it mandatory to bath and start to home after Rahu-Kethu pooja….???

    • Dear Sir,
      There is a newly constructed Bhakta Kanppa Sadan which are quite decent with all amenities. It is Devasthanam cottage located in Sannidhanam street. Rooms will be allotted on arrival.
      2. It is not mandatory. You can take bath even after reaching home

  318. I need to book Room online in Sri Sringeri Sharada Mutt and please tel me the procedure for that

  319. Sir arjitha bramotsavam is rs 200 or rs 1000?

  320. Dear Sir
    Do i need to buy darshan tickets for my 3 & 8 year old sons who will be accompanying us for kalyanotsavam?

  321. is there any spl entrance for senior citizen?
    how many are allowed along with infants

  322. Dear Sir/Madam,
    We are 15 people from a same family.We need rooms to stay.Our travel date is on 23rd July 2016

  323. Sir,In which e-seva we can darshan Balaji and how many hours will it takes?

    • Dear Sir,
      All seva tickets includes Darshan. But Best Sevas are Suprabhatha Seva, Thomala, Archana, Astadala Pada Padmaradhanamu

  324. Hi Kamal,

    Is there any chance that TTD will ship the Laddu’s to USA ?


  325. Laxman uppugandla

    Sir iwant TTd Laddu Prasadam How To Apply Online Booking

  326. Is chudidar or skirt allowed for girls instead of saree, for kalahasthi?
    Since there is no online booking, kindly tell us by what time one should come for a 10Am booking for Rudrabhishekam?

  327. Hi Ian looking for rooms in tirumala

    • Looking for 11 people on August 12 th evening being aged people are there western toilet is preferred
      Pl share the details of such rooms who provide that facility

      • Dear Madam,
        It would be nice if you can book Rs.2000 room which is equipped with western toilet. Tirupati private hotels are also equipped with Western Toilet. Please let me know if you need more details

    • Dear Madam,
      Please visit ttdsevaonline website book accommodation

  328. Hi Kamal

    I wanted to know if girls could wear chudidar or long skirts instead of saree for kalahasthi Rudrabhishekam.

    Also, how early do we have to be there at the temple for a 10am Rudrabhishekam.


  329. Sir,

    I would like to know the process of online booking for Srivari Kalyanam. We are planning our visit to Tirupathi from August 15th to August 17th.


    • Dear Madam,
      Aug month is fully booked. Quota was released online on 1st Jul at 11 am. Next quota will be released online on 5th Aug at 11 am.

  330. hello sir
    we are 3 adults and one child reaching tirumala on 23rd july .we r looking for accomodation in tirumala.for one night stay.

  331. Dear Sir,

    We are 10 in total planning to visit on 4th and 5th Aug

     2 adult… 2 kids below 12 year—all NRI
     2 Elder.. above 65 ( My Mother leg have problem)
     4 Adult ..
    we want quick Darshan , Pooja .. Hair cut of my Chilld .. Hotel Booking and we are for 2 days.. what we can do..

  332. Ratna Rao Maddamsetty

    I have booked vasanthotsavam tickets for two members for28-08-2016 vide transaction no.IS16071622182938820069 on 16-07-2016at10.20 pm, but not generated ticket. Pl. provide ticket and mail to my address. -RatnaRao M

  333. Dear Kamal ji

    We are coming 6 members to tirupati and out of these 2 persons are senior citizens and they can’t walk in the que lines. Can u suggest us for giving better darshan to them without intrepting their health.

  334. hello dear kamal sir, I want to know the date or month of bhramostav

  335. Hi Kamal,

    Does the 100 Rupees Accommodation have an hot water facility? If not, which room does have.


  336. Nagaraj Veeraiah

    Hi Kamal,

    Can you please tell me how to book 10 tickets for Subrabhatam for my family members?


  337. Dear Sir,
    We are visiting Tirumala for 2 days on 29th & 30 August with 12 members, * members are senior citizens (all are above 65 years old). Will they provide senior citizen special entry for 2 times ie On 29th & 30th August

  338. Dear Sir,
    We Are visiting Tirumala on 29th & 30th August with total of 12 members. Out of which 8 members are senior citizens(above 65). Do they allow 2 times in a day ie 10am & 3pm. My 2nd Question is will they allow entry for the next day 10 am.

  339. Dear Sir,

    Kindly confirm whether accommodation for October 18th is overor is not yet released.

  340. Hi Kamal Sir,

    Can you please tell me, how many people are allowed for suprbhatam seva?? and does ttd gives accommodation for single person??

    • Dear Sir,
      One can book 2 tickets using 1 login ID. You can book ticket for single as well. Room will not be provided for single occupancy due to security reasons

  341. I need a room on 21st night

    • Dear Sir,
      Crowd is normal today. Please visit Srinivasam complex on reaching Tirupati which is opp. Tirupati bus station


  343. Hi sir,

    Can u kindly initimate how to book two tickets for rahu ketu pooja on 23 july 2016.

    If Possible kidly update me site details or procedure as soon as possible.

  344. Hi, I want booking for Tirupati Balaji darshan VIP booking and seva booking

    • Dear Madam,
      VIP booking is not available for online booking.
      Seva booking can be done at ttdsevaonline website. Seva tickets quota will be released online on 5th Aug at 11 am

  345. Is there any special quota for NRIs for accommodation .

    what are the chances of getting 2000Rs rooms on 07/27 or 07/28

  346. Hi Sir,

    How to reach tirumala from airport by bus or cab.

    If buses are available how to book it online or offline ticket will be available.


    • Dear Sir,
      Booking is not required for Tirumala. As bus frequency is high. There is bus to Tirumala from Tirupati bus station in every 3 mins

  347. Sir,
    I wish to visit Srikalahasthi on 02.08.2016 for my son’s Ragu Kethu dosha pooja as per your advice.
    !) Is Online booking for cottage at Sri kalahasthi is available.
    2) If not 02.08.2016 being a working day will I get temple cottage on arrival easily though it is Guru peyarchi day?

    • Dear Sir,
      1. Online booking is not available for Cottages. It is on arrival allotment
      2. Yes, you can get the cottage with little time

  348. Dear sir,
    Please can you tell me for one covering letter how much seva tickets you will give for advance booking DD and which documents we have to attach on the booking letter.
    Thank you,

    • Dear Sir,
      DD process is not available now. One can only book Seva tickets online at ttdsevaonline website. Next quota will be released online on 5th Aug at 11 am

  349. dear sir we are visiting tirumala on 24th and 25th august total 12 members 2 person child below 3 yrs and 7yrs
    so pls

  350. Sir,
    I am unable to book accommodation on line as ttdsevaonline site as the menu for e accommodation is not opening (Other menus are alright) and giving error as below using any of the browsers Mozila or Chrome etc.
    I have also mailed to [email protected]
    “Your connection is not secure.
    The owner of has configured their website improperly. To protect your information being stolen ,firefox has not connected to this website”.

    • Dear Sir,
      Please follow this steps.
      Open Gooogle chrome browser -> Open website -> on getting privacy error -> Click on advanced -> Then click on “Proceed anyway”


      • Yes Sir,
        As suggested by you I am able to open the e accommodation menu. Still I feel it is a bug which has to be addressed by the technical people.
        Why I say so is when all other menus are opening except Kalyana vedhika and e-accommodation which one has to force open either from IE or Mozial or Chrome or any of the browsers as suggested by you. When I force open it is going to ttd seva online old web site and again it is asking for the user id and password and the the above two menus are only available in the old web site. The menus should open as it is from the new web site.
        I mailed to helpdesk and called 1800425333333 and they are telling only how we have to force open as I told you above and are unable to understand the technical issue why it sholud go to old web site.
        I would only kindly request you to take up at your level so that thousands of devotees will have smooth surfing
        thanking you sir

  351. Sir,
    Thanks for your reply for guiding me how to open e-accommodation and kalyana vedika menu.
    I am unable to open from any of the browsers these two menus and all other menus are opening
    If I force open the menu as suggested by you it takes me to old ttd seva online web site, there again it is asking for the user id and password to enter the old web site.
    In the old web site only two menus are available e-accommodation and kalyana vedika and I am able to navigate.
    Still I feel it may be a technical flaw. I have already taken up with the [email protected]. I am doubtful if the will look into this issue. Therefore I am troubling you

  352. Dear Sir,
    My DOB is 22oct,1973. Time 5.10pm. I have been advised to perform puja at Sri Kalahasti temple. Please advise me, which puja should I perform and at what time. Please tell me how to reach temple from airport as I will be coming from Delhi.

    • Dear Sir,
      Please book flight to Tirupati airport. From Tirupati airport , hire a taxi to Sri Kalahasti temple. on reaching temple. please purchase Rs.750 ticket and perform pooja. Pooja will not take more than 40 mins + 30 mins for Darshan
      One should fast till they complete this pooja. You can have liquid foods. After pooja, you can have Veg food. Next day after taking head bath, you can have your own food

  353. hello sir
    we are planning our grand parents to do shasthi porthi tell me the process and give me your contact number plz

    • Dear Sir,
      Shasti Poorthi can be performed separately. Please plan this way.

      1. Choose the Date and Time for the event
      2. Book Rs.2000 room which is quite big and can accommodate 8-9 adults + 3 kids
      3. Book rooms for 2 days using 2 login IDs and Book Special Entry Darshan tickets or Seva tickets.
      4. Plan to arrival at Tirumala a day in advance to engage purohit at Purohit Sangam and to purchase pooja materials
      5. Purohit will perform this event at your guest house
      6. After the event, proceed for Darshan.

      Please let me know if you need more details.

  354. Dear sir ,
    we have planned to visit tirupati on wednesday( 4 + 2 children) & we would like to stay in a room ,as we heard that free rooms will be available to stay. But we don’t know how to book for the room advancely ,as we can’t wait for long time wasting the time for getting rooms.
    could you plz help us.

    • Dear Madam,
      Free rooms advance booking is not available. It will take 5 hours for allotment. Please visit ttdsevaonline website and look for Rs.1500 or Rs.2000 room.
      Please let me know if you need more details

  355. what happened sir why late for reply

  356. please provide details of supadam

  357. we are having an VIP(M.P.LOKSHABA) recommidation letter for roomaccommidation and sami dharsanam at thirumala…on JULY 31st 2016….we had an doudt in WHERE TO USE THE RECOMMIDATION LETTER IN THIRUMALA FOR ROOM ACCOMIDATION AND SAMY DHARSANAM…plz give the information without fail on or before JULY31st 2016 without fail

    thanking you

    • Dear Sir,
      I really doubt if recommendation letter works for Accommodation and Samy Darshan over the weekends. As crowd will be high. If possible, please book Rs.300 Darshan tickets online at ttsevaonline website

  358. Hello,

    We are planning for marriage in Tirumala. I request you to please update the procedure at the earlier. Also, is inter-religion marriage possible in Tirumala. I request you to update me at the earliest.

    Thank you

  359. Wanted to perform Kaal Sarpa Dosh Pooja


  361. Hi Kamal,

    I am planning to visit tirumala on 14th november. Please let me know when subrabhtam e-seva quota will be released.

  362. Hai Kamal,
    Is it possible to attend suprabatha and nijapada darshanam in one day?

  363. Hi Sire,

    Please confirm, today at 11 AM, will kalyanotsavam tickets quota for October will be released?

    Thank you

  364. Balu Mahendra T S

    Hi Kamal.

    M Looking for Nijapadha Darshanam Or Suprabhatha For the month of october or november.. Plz can i know when ll the quota be relaesed

    • Dear Sir,
      Oct month quota was released online on 5th Aug at 11 am
      Nov month quota will be released online on 2nd Sep at 11 am

  365. Hi,
    I have booked a Tirumala Darshan ticket at 1400 hrs on 6th Aug. How much time will it take to finish the darshan?

  366. when release e acomidation october quota

  367. Hello Sir,

    We are planning for Suprabatha Seva in November. Please let us know when we need to book tickets in online. Can we book suprabatha seva tickets offline also? IF yes, pleaes let us know the procedure.

    Sailaja Chaduvula

  368. Hello Sir,

    We are planning to perform Sahasra kalasabhishekam. Please let us know when we need to book tickets. How many days before we need to book tickets.


    • Dear Sir,
      Next Quota will be released online on 2nd Sep at 11 am. Tickets should be booked online at ttdsevaonline website

  369. Hi Kamal, I have booked 300 Rs darshan for 2-3pm slot on Sunday, will this slot be okay, will darshan get delayed because of Senior citizen darshan during this time?

  370. Sir first time we have to plan going there so we have no idiea

    • Dear Madam,
      Sure, I will be happy to assist. Please let me know the date that you are planning and number of persons.

  371. first time we have to plan going threre

  372. dear sir,
    we already reserved kalyanotsavam for 6 adult. on oct2nd but online accomdation not found
    when release oct quota

  373. Hi.. we are 5 members travelling on 17th Aug with my parents who are senior citizens. Is it possible to get some help for VIP Break Darshan? Thanks.

  374. Can I book Break Darshan for 6 people with recently married couple for 6th september.

  375. Is extention will be given for next 24 hrs or not at tirumala for online booking

  376. Dear Sir,
    We are planning to book Rs. 300/- ticket for Sep 2nd at 3pm or 4pm Darshan. What is the expected waiting time given that Sep 3,4,5 is long weekend. Thanks.

  377. Dear Sir,

    We (NRI’s) have planned to visit Tirumala Balaji dharshan on 27th August 2016 and unfortunately my dad’s brothers son (cousin) passed away recently. The 13th day ceremony will be finished before my dharshan date. Could you please kindly let me know if it is okay to visit Lord Balaji on our planned date.

    Many Thanks


  378. This is Pavan, 6 of us are coming to Tirupati on 26th of August with recommendation letter form MP Rajya sabha (congress Member). can we get VIP break darshan or L1 darshan for 27th August i.e Saturday. Also please let me know whether the letter should have the names of all the devotees who are coming. Please help me on this.


    • Dear Sir,
      Letter usually works for 4 members. I believe, MP letters usually falls under L3. Letter should state VIP Break Darshan and name of devotees. But you can try for 6, it depends on the letters submitted.

      • Hello Kamal,

        Thanks for the reply. If they allow only in that case should we get 2 letters? please let me know on this.


      • Hello Kamal,

        Thanks for the reply in case if we can get 2 letters from the same person is it ok will they allow 6 members or do we need to take the letter from a different MP or MLA.


  379. Is extention will be given for next 24 hrs or not at tirumala for online booking

  380. syamalaradhakrishnan


  381. Details for tiru-kalyanam

  382. Dear Sir

    We booked 6 tickets of Rs.300.00 darshan for 24.08.2016 through online, but one person is going to miss the tour because of health problem. Can we take other person with the same ticket. Kindly suggest.



  383. I planned to visit Tirumala with my Family (3 middle age Persons) and I need to book accommodation for us.
    I try to book through website and I am getting privacy error message.
    Kindly help me to book a room for family and provide me the easy method for booking accommodation

    • Dear Sir,
      Please follow these steps.
      Open Gooogle chrome browser -> Open website -> on getting privacy error -> Click on advanced -> Then click on “Proceed anyway”


  384. I have subscribed for Sapthagiri English language Magazine for life time (15 years). Membership / Subscription number is LE849.

    My address has changed to the following:
    H-7 / 1:2, MANGALDEEP CHS,
    NAVI MUMBAI 400708

    Please reply to my email with confirmation of address change

  385. Dear Sir,
    It is Humbly Requested That I Am National President Of Bhartiya Modi Army ( BMA ) A organization Which Works For Our Honble Prime Minister Globally A Organization Which Has 17 Lackh Workers Across The World . Would The Management Give Us Priveledge To Have VIP Darshanas We Will Really Appreciate if You Permit Us We Are A Team Of 9 All Together We R Coming From Delhi North Part Of The Country .Regards.
    Dr. Rajiv Ahuja
    National President
    Bhartiya Modi Army ( BMA )

  386. Hai Kamal,

    Can we Nijapada Darshanam tickets through MLA Recommendation Letter.

  387. Dear Sir,

    I need accommodation from the the night of August 31st for 2 people till Sept 01st and it shows unavailable for any of the room categories. What are my options for accommodation? I plan to go to Tirumala on the evening of August 31st from Alipiri. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

    Also, if I reach Tirumala by foot around 9:00-10:00, will I be available to do darshan the same day. I heard the temple closes for sevas at 11:30 PM.

    • I meant 9:00-10:00 PM.

    • Dear Sir,
      Rooms are still available for booking at Tirupati cottages. Plesae visit ttdsevaonline website to book accommodation.
      Please login to ttdsevaonline website -> Select e-accommmodation -> Ignore privacy error and proceed -> Change “Accommodation at” to “Tirupati”
      Thanks, Aug

  388. hi, if we are coming from new delhi, then how can we reach by trailn.


    • Dear Sir,
      Direct trains available from New Delhi to Tirupati. From Tirupati Railway station, direct bus to Tirumala is available with good frequency. Please login to ttdsevaonline website to book accommodation and e-special entry Darshan tickets.
      Please let me know the date and devotees age so that I can let you know the possible options

  389. how do I book the online Breakk Darshan Pass

    • Dear Sir,
      Online booking is not available for Break Darshan. Please try for Seva tickets which will be released for online booking on 2nd Sep at 11 am. Tickets can be booked at ttdsevaonline website

  390. Hi Kamal, Just curious – I note that Lord Malayappa swamy is in smiling posture in some TTD photos and very calm – not smiling / yogic posture in some photos. Do they use Kavasam for face also or is it just His appearance at that time?

  391. Dear sir,

    We planned to visit on 27th Aug 2016 7pm darshan. Is there any new restrictions, orders, changes on the day in Tirumala and tripati.


  393. Hi

    Whether there is any special arrangement for darshan by pregnant women, kindly let me know


  394. Dear Sir
    My mother aged about 73 years is there any special timings or line to Darshan what are the documents required for that pls mention


  395. satyanarayana goud

    good morning sir
    i wish to visit kalahasti for rahu kethu pooja and mahanyasa rudrabhishekam , is mahanyasa rudrabhishekam performs tomorrow or on new moon day plz clarify me,

  396. Sir my father aged 57, wanted to attend for seva .how to apply for that. Where to apply sir? What is the procedure for seva

    • Dear Madam,
      Sevas quota will be released online on 2nd Sep at 11 am. Tickets can be booked at ttdsevaonline website.

      Steps to be followed while booking

      Keep your ID proof details in hand
      Make sure your bank account is having good balance if you are using Debit Card.
      Have patience while booking, it may go up to 2 hours
      Photo dimensions should be 150 x 150, it should not exceed 20 kb. Try to limit your photosize to 18 kb
      For multiple bookings, please create additional login IDs
      If you are facing error “Booking limit exceeded” , try booking from different ip
      Only one photo needs to be uploaded while booking. For the second person it is only details required
      Children below 12 years don’t need tickets. It is free entry for them.

  397. Sir, we have a plan to visit kumara theerthams & tumburu theerthams please let me know about timings and contact numbers. Is there any restrictions to visit these theerthams on norma days. we need full details in this regard.

  398. Dear Sir,

    I’m planning for darshan on 04-09-2016, We are 4 cousins and all will walk to tirumala. My mother will come to tirumala by bus. I came to know that there will be special darsan for the pilgrims who come by walk.
    If this is the case can I take my mother along with 4 of us in the same darsan line for pilgrims come by walk.
    Please help me an alternate if I cant take her with me.

    • Dear Sir,
      Yes, Special Darshan ie. Divya Darshan tokens will be issued for the devotees who takes steps path. Only ticket holders are allowed to have Darshan with those tickets. Your mother will not be allowed.
      Other option is by booking Rs.300 Darshan tickets for all in online at ttdsevaonline website.

  399. I have booked my Darshan appointment on 2nd Sep at 2pm. What would be waiting time? All India Trade unions have called for strike on 2nd Sep. Do you have any idea if there will be disruptions in public transport, hotels, petrol bunks, etc,.

  400. Dear Sir,

    How to book periodical seva like Teppotsavam, Melchant Vastram, Padmavathi Parinayam etc. Please let me know the whole process. Your help is greatly appreciated.


    • Dear Sir,
      Online booking is not available for these Seva tickets. It is in-person ticket purchase at Vijaya bank counter, CRO office or TTD cemters nearby. Tickets will be issued only at the counters

  401. Dear Sir,

    Only couples can perform Archana seva and Thomala Seva ?
    Single male or 2 Males can allow to perform the above 2 sevas?

    • Dear Sir,
      This Seva can be performed as a single. Even males can participate in this Seva. But online booking is restricted for single and couples only. To achieve this please create 2 login IDs and it should be 2 separate bookings

  402. Dear kamal,I already have I’d for special entry that Same I’d I have to book suprapatham or not.

  403. Dear sir, We want to do Kalyanotsavam for Padmavadithayar at thiruchanoor in the month of December.
    We are a group of six persons will be coming from chennai. Kindly provide the details

  404. dear sir, please post the correct phone numbers of srikalahasti temple accommodation, now that persons were in srisailam temple, please mention the correct phone numbers for avoid inconveniance of site users

  405. iam planning to have darshanam on 04/09/2016;i.e sunday..i have booked online ticket of 300 rupess and in the slot of what time i will be able to complete my darshanam..pls i have to book tickets accordingly

    • Dear Sir,
      Darshan might be completed by 8:30 pm + 15 mins to collect Laddus + 15 mins walk to Bus station + 15 mins bus waiting time + 1 hour 15 mins bus journey.
      please look for 11 pm

  406. m.s.krishnan mrunalani

    my planning in the situation for kalyanam place of tirupati go to the with my family. exellent place no other comments……………………………………………………

  407. Hari Namo Narayana ! M G.Sivakumar frm M’sia plan for Thirumala visit on 26th Dec-2016 -Mon. M bringing 13x devotees among myself for Plimigrims.. What should i do for shorthen the Que line up ? How much iys cost per person ? Pls. advise accordingly. Can i book online fm M’sia ? Tq

  408. Anjaneyulu Ankenapally Mob - 98495 42681

    Dear Sir, We are planning to visit Kalahasti temple during October, 2016 to perform Kuja Dosha/Graha pooja for my son. It is understood, the temple will be closed for repairs/renovations for 3-4 months.

    Please confirm whether the temple will be closed. If yes, can you please give us the dates to plan our schedules.


  409. Is there any dress code to attend Suprabhata Seva or Tomala Seva at Srinivasa Mangapuram .

  410. Can i book Kalyanotsavam Seva for 2 ladies?

  411. Shall i get L1 break darsan with TTD board member letter.

  412. Dear Sir,
    We are five persons visiting Kalahasti temple on 11 sep. 2016.My elder son date of birth is 04/03/2000, birth time 12.10 pm and second son date of birth is 19/04/2001 ,birth time 12.18 pm. both are born at Bangalore. Suggest me which pooja they should perform and when should perform.Does this pooja helps them in studies, carrier, etc. How many tickets we have to buy and cost of ticket/person. Next day is it o.k to climb Alipiri or Srivari metlu(steps) and also to visit Balaji temple at Tirumala. Thanks in advance

    • Dear Sir,
      Please plan to perform Rahu Ketu pooja on 30th Sep which is good for studies and Career. Pooja to be performed separately so it is 2 tickets. Yes, you can climb Alipiri or Srivari Steps after taking head bath

  413. dEAR Sir,My mother aged about 63 and she is a diabatic obesity and bp patient shall she is eligible for senior citizen darshan quota,is there allowed a person to assist her.Is there any special timing for this quota.Please tell me in brief

  414. Hello,

    We have planned 2 days for Tirupati tour, 1 day will completely spend time at Tirumala, : for 2 Kids Gundu and Darshan etc…will you pls explain the procedure about it..what time you recommend to go up and what time we have to start Gundu

    2nd Day – Tirupati surrounding locations, we would like to see all the places near by Tirupati natural locations, do we have any tour packages which covers other than temples..?

    • Dear Sir,
      1. Please start by 6 am so that you can reach Tirumala by 7 am or 7:30 am. 15 mins walk to Rambagicha guesthouse. 30 mins for Tonsuring , 30 mins for bathing
      Now wash your feet and hands at Srivari Pushkarini which is 5 – 6 mins walk from Rambagicha guesthouse
      Next have Darshan of Aadhi Varaha Swamy. Temple is located at the entrance of Srivari Pushkarini. 30 mins for Darshan.
      Now plan to have breakfast.
      After this, you are good to join Darshan line.
      After Darshan plan to visit Akasa Ganga Theertham, Venugopala Swamy temple, Papavinasanam, Chakra Theertham, Sila Thoranam and Srivari Padalu(if possible)

      2) Please let me know the date so that I can let you know the best options

  415. Hi Kamal, We are planning for darshan on 4th oct, booked 11am 300 Rs ticket online. We want to attend vahana seva on that day (Chinna sesha) which will be from 9 to 11 am and then go for darshan. How will be the crowd, how long it might take for darshan.

    • Dear Sir,
      Darshan might take 2 hours max on 4th Oct. Yes, you can join after watching Vahanam. I would suggest you to stand at Supadam path so that you can leave quickly.

  416. Hello, Kamal.
    Please, let me know that when will be the quota for Jan/Feb/Mar months sevas released ?
    Awaiting your valuable reply.

  417. want Acomodatin in Vishnunivasam on 23rd Sep 2016 from 3 pm to 24th Sep 3 PM (one Day)
    fr 2 memebrs . thank you

  418. Dear Sir,
    I need to book 3 rooms to accommodate my family members, Please let me know how to proceed.

    • Dear Sir,
      One can only book 1 room using 1 login ID for 1 day. As you are looking for 3 rooms, you would need 3 login IDs to book 3 rooms. Please create 3 login IDs on your family member names and book the rooms at ttdsevaonline website


  419. Dear Sir,

    We are planning to visit Kalahasti temple on October 23rd, want to perform Sampoorn Kal Sarp Dosh Nivaran
    for me and my sons. Can you please let me know how many days does we have to stay there for this Pooja and do we have to do advance booking for this pooja.


  420. Dear Sir,

    I wrongly booked the accomodation for the 5th november 2016 instead of 4th november 2016. Is it possible to change the date.

    Booked A/C room – Thirupathi vishnu nivasam 800Rs Ticket.

  421. Mahinder Chandarsing

    We are living in Holland and is it possible to do kal sarp pooja without us.

  422. Priya Dashinee Purusothaman

    i want to do the karla sarpa dosham ritual on the 2nd of October. How do i go about it and how much is it, what do i need to bring for the ritual and what time does it start?

    • Dear Madam,
      No need to bring any pooja material for this pooja as it will be provided by the temple itself. Pooja will be performed in batches from 6 am to 6 pm.

  423. Is it mandatory that that person books the e accommodation should be present at the time of availing the reservation?

  424. sir, i booked darshan on 03/10/16 is any room available for single person

  425. Dear Mr. Kamal

    Foremost, thanks a ton for such a service. You are blessed by almighty to do this !

    Need some guidance here. My mom fell sick & is now recovering because of Vaikuntavasa, the almighty. As they say only when Balaji himself feels you need to visit him, you can, otherwise whats so ever plan you do, you may not be able to fullfill it. This is a sudden plan & I am visting Tirumala on 24th (Sat). I am planning to walk from Alipiri early in the morning, reach Tirumala, get my head tonsured, take bath, deposit my mobile/ back pack and straight get in to the queue.

    I know, a single pilgrim cant get rooms in Tirumala. Given this background can you help me with the following:
    – Where can i take bath and refresh (not so crowded area & where i can get hot water as i have wheezing)
    – Place to deposit the mobile
    – Approx time it might take for the dharshan

    Many Regards – SK

  426. Dear sir,

    I have taken reservation for acomadation and special entry darshan fro 2 persons, one person may not be come because of his personnel work so can i get acomodation.

  427. sir we are going to come on 13-10-2016 at thirumala if any 50rs room is availble there sir?
    if available means pls inform me to procedure of booking the room at thirumala on online plssss sirrr

    • Dear Sir
      Rooms are fully booked in online for 13th Oct. It is only available at Tirupati cottages.

      Please login to ttdsevaonline website -> Select e-accommmodation -> Ignore privacy error and proceed -> login with your credentials -> select Date -> Change “Accommodation at” to “Tirupati” -> Choose the room -> Proceed with booking.

  428. is there any option is available to book “thomala seva” tickets in advance through demand draft.

  429. what is the age limit for kid(s) can accompany in the Kalyanotsavam ticket

  430. Wish to book tickets for suprabhatam in feb please guide when the quota will be released

    • Dear Madam,
      Next quota will be released online on 4th Nov at 11 am. Please subscribe to gotirupati newsletter to recieve the updates

  431. Hi Kamal, We exclude onion and garlic in our food for spiritual reasons. Can you please let me know if TTD Annaprasadam excludes these. Thanks for your guidance!

    • Dear Sir,
      It includes Garlic and Onion. You need to have special food. I will check and let you know on this. Could you let me know the date?

  432. We have Rs. 300 Darshan tickets. If we avail another Darshan and in the event we are not able to use the Rs. 300 ticket, can we collect laddus by presenting the tickets at Laddu counter?

  433. Can we get seva tickets for 27.9.16 directly at Tirumala. Reaching by 26.9. If so where to go and at what time?

    • Dear Sir,
      You can get Seva tickets under Current booking at CRO office for the next day. Please be there at ticket counter by 7 am.

  434. Hai
    I am planing to visit Tirupathi on 6th oct 2016 . The crowd will less or more because weekdays.

    can i use free darshan or Rs 300 ticket take pls give me details


  435. Dear sir,

    Will i get Thomala booking for January 2016. If yes which date is available. As we have to book from Mumbai.

    Kindly reply.



  436. Dear Kamalji,
    How can we know the updates regularly? can we get abhishekam ticket with Demand draft facility? or else how can we book that. pls. let us know.

  437. Hi Sir,

    we have booked 3 Rs2000 rooms for 30 Decemeber. How many people can stay and which quest house these rooms will be in? where is this gues house located?

    • Dear Madam,
      Rs.2000 rooms will be 15 mins walk from the temple. These rooms comes under Sri Padmavathi Guesthouse.

  438. Hello sir,
    I would like to visit Tirumala on 29th December , could you please guide me when to book suprabhatha seva for 29th &30th December 2016 online (is sevas performed on those dates).does ttd accept international cards for on line booking.
    I tried to do nijapada seva but it was unsuccessful for above mentioned dates.
    Thanks for your advise.

  439. i want to book rahu ketu puja for sunday 6th nov. at 4.30 to 6.0 pm inside temple. pl confirm.

  440. Sir

    I would like to take my mother 70 YEARS for DARSHAN in the month of november, she has Parkinson’s disease and is on medication. She will be able to walk for some time with tablets and some assistance. Earlier elder people we allowed to sit in-front of the temple and have direct darshan. Is the same available now.
    Pls advise the timings and convenient week days to plan

    Can she have darshan without going to entry at Supatham as lot of steps are to be climbed and have to walk long distance. Also huge crowd from Main entrance. We are afraid she cannot with stand the rush and push
    We also want to send caretaker with her. Our caretaker is around 60 years. Can she accompany her for assistance. Do we need to book tickets to both. Pls guide

  441. i want to book raghu kethu pooga on 10th of oct timming at 7.30am to 9.00am please confirm an ticket me

  442. Room booking statues of Madhavam Geust House Tirupati , My room booking no is IA 161113130009 for
    dated 11/13/2016 A/c room Rs. 1000/- I booked accomadation at Madhavam Geust House . Online booking
    dated 10/01/2016 . But upto today I had not got any information regarding room booking status ,So please let me
    inform all details regarding room booking


    • Dear Madam,
      No confirmation will be sent for these booking. On arrival, room will be allotted on showing the booking receipt

  443. SHYAM KHODECHA (9822468313)

    Sir, We have sent a mail on dated 04-10-2016 regarding avaibility and procedure to book online 7 rooms at SHRINIWAS COMPLEX OR VISHNU NIWASAM, Tirupati from 12-11-2016 6 A.M. to 14-11-2016 8 A.M.. But we have not received any information for the same. Please send the details as early as possible to book online. Thanks.

    • Dear Sir,
      Please login to ttdsevaonline website -> Select e-accommmodation -> Ignore privacy error and proceed -> login with your credentials -> select Date -> Change “Accommodation at” to “Tirupati” -> Choose the room -> Proceed with booking.

  444. Dear kamal,
    seva quota will not be open on today(7.10.2016),Which date will open sir

    • Dear Sir,
      Please check on 4th Nov at 11 am. Kindly subscribe to gotirupati newsletter so that we can communicate the dates in advance

  445. Dear sir, when booking open for january month suprabatham tickets

    • Dear Madam,
      Please check on 4th Nov at 11 am. Kindly subscribe to gotirupati newsletter so that we can communicate the dates in advance

  446. When will the kalyanotsavam tickets for january 15th will be opened online as well as e counter. Since the date is during pongal festival, whether the seva is performed on that day or not?

    • Dear Sir,
      Please check on 4th Nov at 11 am. Kindly subscribe to gotirupati newsletter so that we can communicate the dates in advance

  447. Dear sir,

    my father 60 years completed we plan to make shastipurthi at tirumala ..we are from bangalore
    please suggest how to make plan at tirumala


  448. We are planning to visit tirumala on 9th October with an infant. Will supadam darshan be available on 9th October? Should we plan after bramhostavam to avoid crowd?

  449. Balamanikandan Mthuvel

    Dear Sir,

    What type of Prasadams will be provided for Suprabhadam seva. I want a upper silk art, hence kindly guide to book which type of seva for get the same.

    Please convey, sitting activity is allowed or not during the suprabhadam seva?

    Thanks & Regards – Balamanikandan Muthuvel

  450. Sir,

    Please give me the details for Vasanthotsavam seva. What is cost per ticket? how many persons are allowed per ticket? What is seva time, reporting time and prasadam details.

    With regards,


  451. Dear Sir,
    when the Jan 2017 seva tickets will be released ?

    • Dear Madam,
      Please check on 4th Nov at 11 am. Kindly subscribe to gotirupati newsletter so that we can communicate the dates in advance

  452. Indulakshmi Kannaiyan

    My Family is coming to visit India this year end in Dec., would it be possible to book tickets during new year eve for Archana Seva @4:00 AM. I have a very old mom who eagerly wants to have darshan of the Lord.

  453. need kal sarp puja

  454. For senior citizens (above 65 years), I understand no special darshan ticket is required. Can one person accompany each senior citizen? Will they be entitled to laddoo prasadam and how many can they get? Is it possible to buy additional laddoos?

  455. when will be the special entry and accomodation opened for january 2017

  456. my planing to come kalakasthi ragu kethu pooja with my family.As per the shedule send it to me on sunday 23/10/2016

  457. Sir,
    We are planning to visit tirumala on 11th nov’16. How to book Rs.50 seva ticket. In ttdonline seva only 300 special entry darshan tickets are available. Please guide.
    Thanks in advance.

  458. Sir,
    While checking with Chennai T nagar TTD centre, they told that Rs50 seva ticket got stopped from long back. Need to book Rs 300 special entry darshan. Please confirm whether we can book Rs.50 seva ticket anywhere?

  459. Sir,
    I have subscribe with our news letter How u will communicate to US dates & timings whether by mail or phone.Whether can I book vip break darsan in on line,seva on e darsan counters one day in advance( current booking at TTD counters).

  460. sir, why r u not answering to my comments sent on 19th oct.. am i committed any mistakes near u ? then why?

  461. hello sir

    I am planning to visit temple on 29th Oct. which day is preferable for rahu- ketu
    pooja in temple & pooja timings

  462. Sir ,
    Govinda Govinda
    In 2017 When sorga vasal will open in TTD ?
    During Sorga vasal , Suprabhatam ticket is allowed or not ?
    If I get Suprabatham Ticket on sorga vasal opening time, can I have Lord Darshan by Suprabatham ticket &
    Visit Sorga Vasal , can both could be possible ?

    • Dear Sir,
      Sorga Vasal will be opened on 8th and 9th Jan.
      Suprabhatha Seva will not be performed. It is only Normal Darshan for all

  463. How long will it take time for Normal Dharshan tomorrow – Tuesday ?

  464. Dear Sir,

    Excellent website and it is amazing how well you maintain with latest news and regular updates. The site is so useful to everyone especially NRIs. It is very noble of you to share such valuable information and help pilgrims -a form of Madahava Seva.

    I am planning a visit to Tirumala on 9th and 10th of Jan with my eldrely parents. Booked rooms online.
    How will the rush be on these days? I intend to go go for darshan on the 9th via NRI darshan, while parent take rest. On 10th Jan 2017, I want to take parents (with the help of electric car from Ram Baghicha) for elderly darshan. How long will it take for this darshan and for NRI darshan? Any suggestions on this plan please.

    Thank you, Sir.
    Ram Mohan

  465. like to perform kalasarpa dosha nivarana pooja on 13 november 2016 at 4.15 PM slot ( Rs 750-)
    Please advice how to book the pooja- either online or by any other means.

  466. Sir,

    Do the couple performing kalyanotsavam have to be recently married ?


  467. Hi sir i booked nijapada seva and amount deducted from account but at last it shows transaction failed , i am waiting from many daysfor that seva. For my brother and his family they booked for same date and i also booked but it is failed as we have planned together.please help us

  468. Hello Sir/Madam,

    We are booking Kalyanotsavam tickets for our Family in the month of Jan’16. We have already booked 4 tickets for 4 couples, there is also an elderly lady coming with us. We are trying to book an extra kalyanotsavam ticket for her, but the website would not allow us to book ticket just for one. How shall we proceed. kindly guide us in taking her along with us for darshan during kalyanotsavam. we are travelling as a family so cannot leave her out.


  469. Hello Admin,
    On Nov 04, at 11 am i started trying for suprabbhatam seva tickets. But the site was not working till 12:30 PM afterwards it got logged in, till that time it as late and all tickets were booked. I want to understand whether it is really possible to book seva tickets or it is a gaffla to fool people

  470. Sir I want to perform suprabhat in March when online quota will be open


    We want to participate in Rudrabhishekam at SriKalahasthi on9th Nov’16 at 5PM.Can I get ticket please

  472. my name is rajeswari in all our my proof. but in kalyanotsavam ticket its wrongly entered as rajee its acceptable?

  473. procedure to have accommodation in tirumala in Rampakiga

  474. We are required room booking for dates 25th & 26th Nov 2016. Pls suggest

  475. My daughter along with her husband, A 7 yrs old son and a 11 mth old infant (all U.S. Citizens) wish to have darshan on either 17th or 18th of January, 2017. We are not getting A/c room accommodation above Rs.1000/-. is there any special time when they can have darshan. Please help how to get accommodation and also give details of darshan timing. Thanks

  476. I need Thomala seva ticket on 13/14/15 December, 2016. If I can bring Bandaru Dattatreya garu letter I can get it.

  477. Sir,I want room for 18th &19th please tell availability

  478. After Thirumala Darshan, we intend to visit kalahasthi to do rahu ketu pooja, kindly advise whether we can book this pooja online ??


  479. Hi Sir,

    I have booked arjitha seva for my uncle and aunt from my account. I have forgot to change my name to my unclename rest everything is correct like photo,age,voter id details

    Please help how to fix this issue.Thanks in advance


    I expect a reply for my earlier inquiry. Thanks.

  481. hello sir,