Angapradakshinam Tirumala Temple

Detailed Description on Angapradakshinam Tirumala Temple and How to get Angapradakshinam Tickets, Timings.

The pilgrim devotees who are willing to have Anga Pradkshina should henceforth carry aadhar cards along with them which is mandatory

Pradakshinam on Floor – Angapradakshinam Tirumala Temple

Angapradakshinam Tirumala Temple, Tickets are issued at free of Cost.

Tickets issued Place: Central Reception Office, Tirumala

Ticket Issued Time at C.R.O : 2 p.m, It is good reach early at C.R.O Counter.

No.of Tickets to be issued: 750

Angapradakshinam not available on Friday due to Poorabhishekam

Reporting place: Supadam, 1 am (Near Vaikuntam I queue Complex)

Pilgrims who plan to do Angapradakshinam Tirumala Temple, should stand in Queue at C.R.O office counter.

Tickets issued for the next day, Ticket is issued using bio-metric finger print. These tickets are issued only in Tirumala on all days.

At 1:00 am, the next day devotee should report at Supadam Entrance after having bath. One should report at Supadam in wet clothes.

It is good to take bath in Swamy SriVari Pushkarini and Do Darshan at Aadi Varaha Swamy Temple before Entering Angapradakshinam.

Next day Morning , Devotees should reach Supadam with Wet clothes, only then devotee is allowed inside.

By 2:30 am you will be inside the temple. You have to lie flat on the ground and do Angapradakshinam in the inner prakaram i.e Vimana Pradakshinam.

Immediately after Angaradakshinam devotees are allowed for SriVari Darshan. This is a good oppurtunity for devotees as Suprabhatham Seva will be running in parallel. Total Hours for Angapradakshinam,  In and Out time from the Temple is just 2 hrs.

Dress code: Women should wear saree, Salwar with Duppatta. Men should wear only dhoti.

Please note that Darshan is available for devotees on all days expect on Fridays. As Angapradakshinam Darshan Time is overlapping with Abishekam Timings, which starts at 4 am, so Darshan is not available on Fridays.

On all other days Sun-Mon-Tue-Wed-Thu-Sat Darshan is available after Angapradakshinam Tirumala Temple.

On Friday No Angapradakshinam as Poorabhishekam is available.

For any queries, comments or Suggestions on Angapradakshinam Tirumala Temple, please leave your comment below. We will get back on your comment at the earliest with Up to Date Information.

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  1. I pay my pilgrimage every year to this Temple. I tried taking the Dharma darshan, VIP darshan and every seva. Not once did I have a peaceful Darshan. I once happened to go after Eclipse and there was hardly any crowd , despite that they whisked me away in less than 3 minutes. I am sure all of us had similar experience.
    I live in Australia. Iam sure every corner of the world there is a Balaji temple. And we are pumping millions into the temple fund. We are just condoning this system. The only reason being, we just do not have time to address the issue . Every year I am eager to go to the Temple and I just come back with bitterness. This year I seem to be fearful of the thought of visiting , months ahead. And I do not want this to happen.
    Why don’t we all hold meetings in our respective temples and come up with a solution and stop this Man handling, bribery at the garbha gudi. Why can’t we stop all this film stars, politicians, Government officers from holding the queue for hours.
    We NRI’s have played a major role in getting the temple administration into this state of affairs. We created the problem and we are perpetuating it on a massive scale around the world. It is time we all put our hands and heads together to find a solution.
    One solution would be to have a revolving platform that loads 10 people at a time. Guaranteed stop in front of the diety for 3 min and you are out. Once everyone is assured that nobody can get any less or more than 3 minutes before the diety, then the urge to bribe , jump the queue would eventually be lost.
    And also all the Poojas should go on uninterrupted without causing any delays for the darshan, except for the rest time for the diety, which is possibly 2 hours. To 4 hours. This would ensure the devotees the approximate time for Darshan.
    Please pen your thoughts or voice your opinion.
    Neelima Gandham


  3. sanjay manchiganti


    It is mentioned in your website that there is no Angapradakshna on Fridays, but when we called the Call Center it was mentioned that the Angapradakshna is done on fridays as well. Could you please give us confirmed information.


    • Dear Sanjay,

      Angapradaskhana is available but not Darshan. Other than Friday’s there is a Darshan followed by Angapradakshana.

      Please let me if further info required.


  4. Is there separate timings for women and men for performing the angapradakshinam

    • Dear Sairam,

      No, it is at the same time. Women is allowed to perform Anga Pradakshinam, only after completion men are allowed to do Pradakshinam.

      Please let me know if further info required.


  5. Sir,Plz. let me know on which day i can do angapradakshina & nijaroopadarsinam both simaltaneously and for the both is the tickets are available in online please help me by provinding the website details.
    Thank U

    • Dear Surya,

      Nija Pada Darshan is on Thursday, you can complete Angapradakshinam and Darshan and then join again Darshan line for Nija Pada Darshan.

      Please check for tickets availability at
      TTD is releasing online quota for the coming three months, .

      Please let me know if further info required.


    • Sir,Please Let me know as we are plannig to be at temple from25-09-2015 to 27-09-2015, either we have to book angapradakshina tickets online or we have to go personally to CRO Office.
      Thank U

  6. Dear Sir,

    Is there any amount to pay for getting angapradkshinam ticket?

  7. Hi Kamal,

    Can we get angapradakshina tickets on Sep 18th for darshan on sep 19th? Or they get blocked due to brahmotsavam? Also could you please let us know if we can get accommodation with recommendation letter if we contact CRO office?

  8. hi sir,

    On 26th Sept., morning , is angaprathasanam possible? And is it able to do Darshana as well? How many miniutes will they allow to do Darshana?

    Pls reply,

    • Dear Jensini,

      Yes, Angaprathasanam followed by Darshan. It is Queue Line, 15 mins to view Lord in the running queue.


  9. Dear sir,

    Angaprathakshinam seva available on 26.09.2015

  10. Vijayalakshmi Ashwin

    Hi Sir,

    Is there facility for us to book Angapradikshna tickets online insteadbof collecting from CRO office??


  11. Vijayalakshmi Ashwin

    Can we get Angapradikshna tickets online insteadnif collecting from CRO office??


    • Dear Madam,

      There is no online booking for Angapradakshina tickets. Tickets are issued only in Tirumala at counters.
      If you plan on a weekday, Tue-Wed-Thu, Crowd will be less and tickets will be available easily.

      Please let me know if futher info required.


  12. Hi ,

    I am Visiting Tirumala on 4th October and i dont think i can get Rs.300/- ticket. i planned to take angapradasanam ticket for next day 5th october. since it Brahmatosavam session will they be issuing the angapradasanam ticket.


    • Dear Balaji,

      5th Oct is not Brahmotsavam time, it is from 14th Oct -22nd Oct. Angapradakshinam tickets are issued on 4th Oct.


  13. No. Of tickets available for angapradakshana

  14. Can any other family member of the devotee go and get the Angapradhakshinam ticket ?
    Will they allow another person to go along with the main devotee for helping purpose especially with senior citizens?

    • Dear Sasidhar,

      Other person should also holds angapradakshinam ticket. Please note that angapradakshinam is not suggestable for heart patients and very aged persons.


  15. Total 7 members. My father,mother, mother in law, father in law, husband and my two kids planning to visit Thirumala. Myself and my husband want to do Angaprakshanam. How we can plan our schedule.
    Please advise.

    • Dear Dhanalakshmi,

      Kids don’t need Darshan tickets below 12 years of age. If their is near to 8 years, then it is better to carry age proof for the kids as well.
      Angapradakshinam tickets are issued at CRO at 2 pm, tickets here issued are first-cum-first-serve basis. Queue line starts from 11 am. It would nice if you pla trip on weekdays Tue-wed, so that crowd will be minimal.

      You can plan this way, if you want to complete in one day, Plan to reach Tirumala by 7 am and check-in TTD cottage, Collect Angapradakshinam tickets at 2 pm . Then go for pre-booked special entry darshan (online tickets at at 4 pm, by 7:30 pm you will complete Darshan and then in the early hours plan for Angapradakshinam and next day morning you can check-out and leave home.

      Please let me know if your need more info.


  16. i heard in news that the Angapradhakshinam is closed on Fridays , is this true? if that is the case will it be available on Saturdays and Sundays?

    • Dear Sasidhar,

      It is not closed, Angapradakshinam will be there but not Darshan. Usually after Angapradakshinam devotees are allowed for Darshan, as it is friday and Darshan time is overlapping with Poorabhishekam so they cancelled Darshan only. Yes, it is available on Saturday and Sunday.


  17. Sir,

    We are coming to Tirumala on 27th Nov, 2015 and will reach Tirupathi by train at 2PM, further we have planned to proceed to Tirumala by walk. Is it possible to obtain Angapradakshina Ticket for Saturday?

    Looking forward your earliest reply – thanks.

    • Dear Ganesan,

      Angapradakshinam tickets will be issued at 2 pm in Tirumala, Only 750 tickets are available. Tickets issued on First-Cum-First serve basis.
      To perform angapradakshinam, you need to be there in queue line by 11 am.

      Tickets will not available after 3 pm. Please let me know if you need more details.


  18. How will be the rush on Jan 1 2016, Whether i will be able to get Angapradakshinam ticket on Jan1, 2016 and do angapradakshinam on Jan 2, 2016.

    • Dear Bharat,

      Angapradakshinam will not be there on 1st Jan and 2nd Jan. Only on 4th Jan, you can perform Angapradakshinam.



    I will done angapradakshanam on January 17,please help me sir

    • Dear Sir,

      Tickets are issued only at the counter, advance booking is not available. Ticket will be issued at 2 pm in Tirumala CRO office. Queue line usually starts by 11 am.

      Please let me know if you need more details.


  20. Sir, I want to do angapradakshinam after one week. How many hours it will take to complete one circle? Is it possible to do more than one time with the same ticket? Pls help

  21. Dear sir,

    I want do Angapradhakshina on 12th Dec 2015,We are two people only come,can we both done the Angapradhakshina or one person should hold an other, in earlier one of the reply “one person should be their for holding the main devotee”, we are the age of 24.can you help me with that sir…


    • Dear Haritha,

      Both of you can do Angapradakshinam. Tickets will be issued at CRO office. Counter opens at 2 pm, queue line starts by 12 pm.

      I don’t know for which context I have replied that .

      First females are allowed to perform angapradkshinam, then only males will be allowed.


  22. Dear Kamal,

    Please tell me the correct procedure after entering the temple. . Also pls tell me where is vishnu pada darshan.Is it inside Tirupathy temple or any other temple near by.

    • Dear Vineetha,

      It is not inside, it is located outside temple. Located at 5 km from Tirumala. Private taxis will be running at high frequency to this place.
      It takes 15 mins max to reach this place. You can ask them for Srivari Padalu.


  23. Dear Team Go tirupathi,

    For doing angapradakshanam, can my wife and 4 year old kid accompany me inside the temple even though they wont be doing angapradakshanam.

    Balaji Manivannan.

    • Dear Sir,

      No, only devotees who perform Angapradakshinam will be allowed inside. Ticket is per person. Please let me know if you need more details.


  24. If I M doing angapradachana…can my husband come along with me…

    • Dear Ramya,

      Angapradakshinam ticket is individual ticket, if your husband want to join with you, then he needs to get ticket as well.


  25. Dear sir,
    I want to do angaprakdishina on Jan 8 early morning…please tel me that when I have to buy tickets N at what time I have to start…if M doing angapradkishna…my husband S allowed along with me to tale care of my belongings

    • Dear Ramya,

      Suprabhatha seva will not be performed during Dhanur masam, which is going to end on 17th jan.
      You can deposit your belongings at TTD free luggage center which is located right opposite Vaikuntam I entrance.

      First ladies are allowed to perform Angapradakshinam, only their completion, males are allowed to perform.
      Yes, he can hold you belongings while doing pradakshinam.
      Please let me know if you need more details.



  27. Sir on 15th of November I did anghapradakshina I entered at 12:30 in mid night and came out at 4:45 am. Please do some alterations for ladies it’s very difficult to stay in wet cloth you can see the water standing in q complex.

  28. Dear Sir angapradkshinam tickets are taken before day are same day

    • Dear Sir,

      For the same day, which means for 30th dec morning angapradakshinam, tickets will be issued on 29th dec at 2 pm.


  29. Sir..

    i have two kids and I wanted to do angapradakshina, can i take my kids for darshan, ages 5 and 2 with me after completion of angapradakshina .. thanks

    • Dear Prasanna,

      Yes, you can carry your kids for the pradakshinam. Will there be anyone accompanying you over the pradakshinam.


      • yes sir.. my husband will be there.. i am planning to do on Dec 26 then when should get the tickets or if i want to do on Dec 27 when i can get tickets.. pls. let me know.. thank u sir for u r help.

        • Dear Prasanna,

          While go for pradakshinam, your kids can stay with your husband. Only after ladies pradakshinam, gents will be allowed. So you can look after your kids.
          Is it 27 dec morning hours ? if so then ticket will be issued on 26th dec at 2 pm. Queue line usually starts by 11:30 pm for this.


  30. Hello sir,
    We are traveling through train and climbing the hill in morning hence we can’t stand in queue for angapradhakshina at 11.30, can we book tickets through online, if yes please let me know the procedure.

    • Dear Prathibha,

      I can understand, but these tickets are free tickets and will be issued only at the counter in Tirumala. Online booking is not available for this tickets.

      Please let me know if you need more details.


  31. Hello Sir, We are planning to go for Angapradaksinam on 23rd Jan’16 midnight i.e. 24th early morning, when to stand in queue for tickets at C.R.O., can we all three, self, wife and daughter get the tickets is their any restrictions, we will be alighting at Tirupati Station on 20th Jan’16 from Hyderabad.
    Thanks & Regards, Shivam

    • Dear Sir,

      Yes, ticket will be issued for all three of you. Ticket is only required for children above 12 years.


  32. Hello sir, when dhanur month is completing and we can see subrapadha seva with angapradhaksinam in Jan month?

  33. Hi

    Angapradakshina tickets can be bought instantly right . No need to book in Advance and can my sister come with me to help me in performing angapradashina many pradakshinas can we do ?
    Please provide me the details

    • Dear Lalitha,

      Advance booking is not available for Angapradakshinam. If you sister want to join with you then ticket is required for her entry as well.
      It is going to be one pradakshinam only.


  34. Dear Kamal, Your blog is very helpful. You are doing a great job.

    You solved all my doubts. By Bhagawans grace I could do angapradhakshinam last Sunday without any problem. Thank you very much.

  35. We plan to Angapradaksinam(myself-66 years) & my son( 24 years on) 13.01.2016,
    we are coming from Chennai by Saptagiri Express. What time we have to join the queue
    to get the tickets.

  36. Hi Sir,

    We are coming to Tirumala on Feb 3rd and we have 10 months old baby and I’m planning to do Anga Pradakshinam on 4th Feb but my wife wanted to join with me but she cannot do anga Pradakshinam as she is holding a baby, will they allow my wife? and will they allow my wife to see god?


    • Dear Sir,

      For Angapradakshinam one must hold ticket. Without which entry is not possible. It is limited 750 tickets per day so they will not allow anyone.

      If your wife want to join with your then ticket is required for her as well.

      I will check on this scenario with staff today.


      • Thanks for your Reply Kamal.

        One last question – if my wife has a ticket then she can come with me right? but she cannot do Angapradakshinam as she is holding a baby


        • Dear Balaji,

          Your baby can come next to you, baby will not be a problem. It is simple to handle.

          Usually ladies will be allowed first for pradakshinam followed by gents. After your wife completes the pradakshinam you can handover the baby to your wife and you can proceed with that.


  37. Hello sir, Elderly people in our home are planning to do angapradakshinam. How much time it takes to complete it (just for angapradakshinam not for darshan).

  38. Hi sir, I am palnning to come to thirupathi after march.I need to do angapradhakshinam.we are three of them,myself husband and son.can they too get ticket and come along with me,bcos they r not doing angapradhakshinam.

    • Dear Sujatha,

      Yes, ticket holders will be allowed for Angapradakshinam. It will be just one round only. There will be thousands of devotees who are waiting for such opportunity. It is up to ticket holder to perform or not after reaching there.


  39. Dear sir,thank u so much for ur reply.sir,i want to know whether my husband and son should come in wet clothes ,if they are not performing anga pradhakshanam.will they be allowed to sri vari dharshan if they dont perform anga pradhakshanam.

    • Dear Madam,

      Yes, everyone should be in wet clothes. As you will be entering temple right after Suprabhatham.

      Yes, they will be allowed, I will check on this with staff today.

  40. Dear sir ,one more kind request and details need to be known from u.
    I have prayed to put my mangalyam in srivari hundiyal.
    What is the procedure,kindly help me sir.

    • Dear Madam,

      It is a simple process, after completing darshan, you need to drop at Srivari Hundi. Srivari Hundi comes after Vimana Venkateswara Swamy Darshan. Vimana Venkateswara swamy is on top of Golden gopuram. Everyone will have this darshan.


  41. Hello sir,

    I am planning to do Angapradaksinam on Jan 19th. Could you please let me know Angapradaksinam service is available on all days or any restriction of days?

    SO PLEASE TELL ME THE WHEN I WILL BE THERE ON LINE ON 3 rd Feb 2016. please i want time .
    (enni gantalaki line lo nilabadithe ticket dorukuthundhi )

  43. Sir,

    Can I wear salwar suit for angapradakshinam ??

    Also, I have foot problem ….Can I wear socks ??

    Thank you for your valuable time in answering the questions patiently.

  44. I would like to do angapradasanam in tirupathi is there any facility available for advance booking thru online

    • Dear Jaishri,

      Advance booking is not available. It is free tickets which will be issued only at Tirumal CRO office.


  45. Sir
    Is the angapradhashanam tickets are limited in nos?

  46. Sir, Iam planned to do Angapradhakshnam on 18th february 2016. After getting a token on 17th february 2016, can I be permitted to do Angapradhakshnam on 18th february 2016.

  47. Hello Kamal Sir,

    We are planning to do Angapradakshinam on 14th February 2016 as it is Rathasapthami on that day, will there be any cancellations of Angapradakshinam, could you please let me know more in detail.
    Thanks in Advance.

    • Dear Sir,

      Yes, Angapradakshinam will be cancelled, it is not only angapradakshinam all arjitha sevas will be cancelled


      • Hello Sir,

        Thank you for your reply.
        Can we take tickets on 14th February 2016 for 15th Angapradakshinam or it is also cancelled?
        What is the other best Darshanam options on 14th February 2016?


        • Dear Sir,

          For 15th feb there will not be any problem. Yes, tickets will be issued for 15th morning hours on 14th feb at 2 pm


  48. Hi Sir,
    I am Planning with to Tirumala by Foot on 6th March, Can we get accomdation after reching Tirumala and What is the Process for Thulabharam ( What is the Weight VS coins or Jaggery – For Ex: If I weight 60Kgs How Much Amt has to be paid for the same )
    Thanks for all the help

  49. I am planning to do Angapradakshinam on 13-feb, after getting the ticket on 12-feb. Will they allow on 13-feb 2016?

  50. Hi,

    Crowd march 1, 2, 3, 4, dates lo akkuvaga untunda ?? Can we get Current Booking ticket for ARCHANA with some VIP letter ? On any of these dates, please suggest… Also i want to do Lakshmi Pooja in TIruchanoor and dont know the process of getting the ticket, please help me with the procedure to get the same.

  51. I am planning to take suprabatha seva ticket through current booking for attending on 14 Feb 2016, could you please let me know whether is that seva performed on 14 th jan 2016.

  52. Hi Kamal,

    Can you please confirm the timings for ticket issue for Angapradakshinam. We are planning to take the ticket on Sunday, so that we can perform seva on Monday morning.

  53. Hi kamal
    I am planning for angapradhikshanam on 29th February. Monday.Kindly guide me, its my first time . where should I can get tickets. Also inform the place for tickets and when to reach to get the tickets. I mean please say the timing

    • Dear Vicky,

      Tickets will be issued at CRO office Tirumala ( Opp. Tirumala Bus station). Tickets will be issued at 2 pm for which queue line starts by 11:30 am. It is 750 tickets per day and is free tickets.

      CRO Office is the place where you will get down in Tirumala, so it is easy to identify.

      Please let me know if you need more details


  54. I have suprabhatham ticket on Monday. If I take angapradikshina ticket, can I participate in both seva or will it overlap?

    • Dear Kumar,

      It will overlap, please plan for the next day. Angapradakshinam goes in parallel with Suprabhatha seva, after suprabhatha seva devotees will be allowed for darshan.


  55. Hi kamal

    After angapradhikshanam will I get the darshan of Lord, or darshan is available to those who participated in suprabatha seva. …….bit confused

    • Dear Vicky,

      Suprabhatha Seva Darshan will be from close distance. For Angapradakshina Darshan, it will be little far from the main deity.


  56. Dear Kamal

    I have heard it’s a sequence to get Lords full grace…first to have darshan of Lords elder brother then Lords darshan and then goddess laxmi darshan. ….its somewhere near hundi. ..Please guide

  57. Sir, is there possibility to get ticket in such a huge line

    • Dear Sir,

      Yes, it is possible. Daily 750 tickets will be issued for Angapradakshinam so chances are quite high


  58. Dear sir, 1. The date of March 8th 2016 will perform for angapradakshinam? pls, conform me sir,
    2.The age of 40+ women can wear salwar suit? pls, tell us womens dress code.

  59. Hello
    I am planning for angapradhakshinam. How many rounds are allowed. Also, I am a lady and should anyone accompany me while doing angapradhakshinam. How long does it take for one round. Also, if I am planning for it on 2nd March(1st March night), should I buy the ticket on 1st March at 2pm? Please advise.
    Thank you.

    • Dear Madam,

      It is one round around the Ananda Nilayam. No need for anyone to accompany as 750 devotees will be performing this pradakshinam.
      One round will not take more than 15 mins. It is free ticket which will be issued at CRO office Tirumala at 2 pm. Queue line starts by 11:30 am


  60. Dear Kamal

    Can I wear white Kurta and pyjama, or is it compulsory to wear dhoti while performing angapradhikshanam

  61. My elderly lady friend wishes to do angapradakshinam. But she may need her sister or husband to help her. Pls advise on following:
    1. Is a helper allowed (it was way back in 1980s when I did).
    2. Is helper has to be same gender as the devotee performing the angapradakshinam.
    2. Is helper required to register? Or should he/she has to register as angapradakshinam devotee also but skip doing it?
    3. The 750 quota is including the helper?

    • Dear Sir,

      1) Helper is not allowed. If helper wants to join then ticket is required for helper as well
      2) First ladies will be allowed for the pradakshinam, so if it is same gender then it would be easy to assist
      3) Yes, ticket is required for both.
      4) Yes, it includes helper as well


  62. From 2pm to till what time angapradhakshanam tickets will given at CRO counter

    • Dear Sir,

      Till tickets lost, usually it will be long queue will be there. Queue line starts by 11:30 am


  63. I saw some other website saying Angapradakshinam is only on weekdays, Is that true? I am planning to do it on Saturday Morning. Kindly confirm

  64. Ganapathysankaran

    Sir, I planned to visit Thirumala on 17th night and propose to do angaprashinam on 18 th morning (Friday). from the information provided in the website I understand that I can do anga pradishnam but I will not be permitted free darshan after anga prdishnam being Friday . whether my understanding is correct

  65. Ganapathysankaran

    sir, can I be allowed to do angapradishnam on 18th morning(Friday) and if yes, whether I can have free darshan after angaprdhashinam

    • Dear Sir,

      Only on Friday’s there will be no Darshan as it is overlaps with poorabhishekam. If you are planning for friday morning then it is going to be angapradakshinam only with no darshan


  66. Dear Sir,

    Myself and family (3 people) wants to do Angapradakshinam on 20th March.
    Can I alone reach tirupati on 19th and take ticket for family member.
    please confirm

    • Dear Sir,

      It is a individual ticket. One should provide fingerprint while taking a ticket. So presence is mandatory for all.


  67. Hi,
    Good morning,

    Shri Viknesh chennai, we are four guys planning to visit ttd on 17/18 March. We have decided to reach Tirupathi to tirumala by foot path pilgrim and we also planned to do angapradishnam can you please suggest possible ways. How much time it will take for angapradishnam and dharshan timings. And also we need the details of ticket pricing.

    Hope to receive ur valuable suggestions soon

    Shri Viknesh

    • Dear Shriviknesh,

      It will be either Direct Darshan line for Divya Darshan tickets or 1 hour waiting time on 17th Mar.

      Angapradakshinam tickets will be issued at CRO office Tirumala. Queue line starts by 11:30 am. Ticket counter opens at 2 pm.

      If you start little early on this day i.e by 4 am you can complete darshan by 10:00 am and join queue for angapradakshinam tickets

      Angapradakshinam is free ticket.


  68. Sir

    Is shirt is allowed for angapradishnam?? Along with Dhoti

  69. Dear Sir,

    we have planned to do Angapradakshinam on sundays, (march 27th) is it available kindly confirm.

  70. sir,

    i want to do angapradishanam on Thursday. when i should by the tickets,

    is shirt is allowed to wear along with dhoti during angapradishnam

  71. Sir I can not see reply for my requests old comments link not working

  72. Sir when I should buy tickets if I want perform angapradishnam on Thursday

    • Dear Sir,

      It is free tickets, no need buy. These tickets will be issued only at CRO office Tirumala. Queue line starts by 11:30 am. Ticket counter opens at 2 pm


  73. I went for Anga pradakshina and was expecting a quick darshan. But to my dissapointment there was no puskarni snana arranged. I expected to see GOD Without decoration ie. with mala only. As one of my office colleage told she had this darshan using anga pradakshina ticket. Serious lack of information about this seva on seva ticket or through ttd employees.

    • Dear Sir,

      I believe your office colleague might had angapradakshinam on Thu. Only on Thu it will be Nijaroopa Darshan


  74. If we are in the middle of a kalyana utsavam on day 1 and want to do the angapradikshna on day 2 morning how to get the tickets as the timings will clash.

    Please advise if children older that 12 male can come and attend the utsavam with us?

    • Dear Sir,

      One should get the tickets in person. As soon Seva ends try to reach CRO office. Angapradaskhinam tickets will be issued at 2 pm. You can join queue line.

      Children older than 12 years needs seva ticket to participate in the utsavam. Seva ticket is not required for girl children under 18 years. Whereas boy above 12 years needs seva ticket

      Please let me know if you need more details


      • What are the timings of the Kalyanautsavam?
        Reporting time:
        Starting Time:
        Finishing Time:

        Can we request some other member to pick the Anga Pradakshinam tickets?

        Now for boys above the age of 12, should the also have a seva ticket? How much does that cost and can we book that also online?

        How far is the CRO office from the Kalyana Utsavam place?

        • Dear Sir,

          Reporting time: 10:00 am
          Starting Time: 10:30 am
          Finishing Time: 12:00 pm + 25 mins for darshan

          Can we request some other member to pick the Anga Pradakshinam tickets? – It is a biometric system. One should provide fingerprints
          Now for boys above the age of 12, should the also have a seva ticket? How much does that cost and can we book that also online? – Above 12 years. Needs Seva tickets. Tickets should be booked same manner as adults had booked.

          How far is the CRO office from the Kalyana Utsavam place? -Kalyana Utsavam will be performed inside the temple. It will take 10 mins max to reach CRO.


  75. Hi,

    1) I’ve planned to visit Tirumala on 9th April (Saturday) and Angapradhaksnam on 10th April Sunday. When I should get the tickets.

    2) I need to know Angapradhaksnam duration timing, start time, and where Angapradhaksnam is held

    3) when I should do dharshanam before or after Angapradhaksnam.

    4) in between I need to do tonsure

    5) finally I need to book rooms for those days


    • Dear Sir,

      1. Ticket counter opens at 2 pm. Queue line starts by 12 pm.
      2. Reporting time 1 am. It will not take more than 20 mins for the pradakshinam followed by darshan
      2. After pradakshinam
      4. Tonsure to be done before entering queue line. You can visit Rambagicha Guest House (near main temple) for hair offering.
      5. I really doubt if rooms are available. Please login to ttdsevaonline website to check the availability


  76. What are the costume should be used while Angapradhaksnam . Is shrit and dhoti is allowed while performing Angapradhaksnam

  77. dear sir,
    I have prayed to offer my mangal sutra in srivari hundiyal after performing angapradhakshanam.can we do like that and wear a new mangal sutra there itself.please help me to know the there any other formalities sir.

    • Dear Madam,

      Yes, you can do that. No formalities required for this. Plan your trip on an auspicious day, performm pradakshinam and offer mangala suthram.

      Please let me know if you need more details


  78. Dear sir,
    Thank you for your kind reply.
    Is it that we should first go to alamelu mangamma
    temple to get blessings and then come to tirumala temple.
    Should I wear the new mangalam sutra before offering in srivari hundi.

    • Dear Madam,

      Alamelu Mangamma temple visit should be at the end after visiting Tirumala temple only. Yes, you need to wear new Sutra before offering the old mangala Sutra at Srivari Hundi


  79. Sir I’m planning to Angapradhaksnam on 10th Sunday then I should buy tickets on 9th Saturday right??

  80. Dear sir,
    Thank you for your kind reply.

  81. Dear sir,

    is there any special entry or consideration for darshan with infant baby.

    Please reply.

    Tirumala reddy

  82. Is there any dress code and color restrictions while performing angapradishnam


  83. Are you sure that they allow Angapradakshinam on Friday ? We were told tickets are not issued on thursday as they have stopped friday programme a while ago. Can you confirm this ?

  84. Srinivasan Manoharan

    We have booked arjitha brahmotsavam seva tickets, whose seva time is 2pm, mostly reporting time will be around 1pm i guess. Any chance of getting angapradakshinam tickets from CRO office? Not sure how long the tickets will be issued from 2pm. Please clarify.

    • Dear Srinivasa Manoharan,

      Angpradakshinam tickets will not last long. It will be finished in the first 45 mins



    Dear Sir,

    We are a couple and have Nijapada Darshanam tickets for friday. Can we also book Angapradakshinam for same day (friday) and go for Angapradakshina first, then come out of the temple to join the queue for Nijapada Darshanam ?

    If it is not possible for Friday, is it possible to take Angapradakshinam tickets for Saturday early morning? I heard there is no Angapradakshina on saturday and sunday. Request clarification.

    • Dear Sir,

      Yes, you can perform both. Darshan is not available for Angapradakshinam on Friday, it is only Pradakshinam. so you can join back at VQC I entrance for Nijapada Darshanam


  86. Dear Sir,
    We intended to do Anga pradkshina , but due to unavoidable situations we were unable to perform the same since many years. Is there any way that we can do the angapradkshina in our hometown and do some kind of aparada rusum to Lord venkateswara in tirumala.

    Thanks for your time.

    • Dear Sir,

      Yes, you can perform at your hometown and perform angaprdakshinam whenever you can. You can drop 10001 rupees whenever you can.
      Lord is kind of enough and he can understand situation.

  87. hi ,

    we r three people planning to do angapradhishanam on 9th april saturday

    we have planned our trip in this manner please do verify this plan.

    1) we are reaching tirumala on 8th april friday .standing on the queue around 11:30 and getting angapradhishanam tickets through bio metrics. then doing tonsure

    2) then going to rooms having rest

    3) on the next day 9th april morning around 1am reporting the angapradhishanam place and performing .

    4) after that lord perumal dharshanam

    5) return back to home .

    sir please tell me my trip is correct or i need to do any modification in my trip..

    and finally is it possible to do dharshan b4efor angapradhishnam …

    how the crowd except on this weekends.

    shri viknesh

    • Dear Sir,

      Plan looks good. It is Ugadi (public Holiday), Second Saturday and Sunday, Crowd will be little high on these days. Darshan will be availabl after Angapradakhshinam only.


  88. sir
    is angapradhishanam ticket is enough for doing lord perumal dharshanam or i need to buy any tickets for dharshanam after my angapradhishanam

    and tell me weather 9th april saturday angapradhishanam is available or not

  89. Sir
    Is Angapradhaksnam tickets is enough or I need to buy tickets for Lord Perumal dharshanam


    • Dear Sir,

      Angapradakshinam ticket is enough for darshan. Ticket includes Angapradakshinam + Darshan. Crowd will be high, so I’m little confused if darshan will be available or not after Angapradakshinam.


  90. Hi,
    Thank you with advice I’ve done my Angapradhaksnam successfully, all credits goes to you sir .

    I want to few detail about seva. I saw few people sitting near Lord Perumal idol what’s that seva belongs too. How to make that dharshanam

    Thank you once again sir

    • Dear Sir,

      That’s really nice to hear. There is no Seva during that time other than Suprabhatha Seva. It might be VVIPs.


  91. What’s the procedure to join in suprabatha seva .. If I buy suprabatha seva I can sit near Perumal idol.
    When I enquired to security he it was Thomala seva .. My dharshanam time was around 4

    • Dear Sir,
      Thomala Seva will be performed on Tue-Wed and Thu. Melchat Vastram, Poroabhishekam, Nijapada Darshanam on Friday. Archana on Tue,Wed,Thu. Tiruppavada on Thursday. Sahasra Kalasabhishekam on Wed. Suprabhatha Seva will be performed on all the days.

      I will try to get the details on Sat Seva. If you buy Thomala, Archana, Astadala Pada Padmaradhanamu then you can sit right in front of the Lord for 30 mins.


  92. Hello Sir, I am planning to do angapradakshinam on coming Sunday (17.04.2016). I heard that the tokens for angapradakshinam will be issued at CRO office by 2PM. I am bit confused on what would be the ideal time to stand in the queue?

  93. Dear Sir
    I’m reaching thirumala on 22nd morning (Friday) April 2016 , also have online Darshan on the same day at 5.00PM.
    I’m also planning for Angapradakshina next day (Saturday , 23rd early morning). Please let me know the procedure for the same. Also confirm if the bio metric can be done on Friday for next day’s (Saturday) Angapradakshina.

    • Dear Madam,

      For angapradakshinam ,please start standing by 11:30 am. Yes, biometric will be done on Friday for Sat morning pradakshina

  94. Dear Sir,

    Is there any age restriction for angapradikhana, my son is aged 14 yrs old and is he allowed for this seva, kindly reply and thank you very much in advance sir and for your efforts in maintaining the blog & guidance to the devotees.

    • Dear Madam,
      There is no age limit in performing this Seva. Yes, your son will be allowed and he needs a ticket as well.

  95. dear sir we have to do angapradhashanamin thursday morning .so when we have to buy tickets wednesday night 1am or tuesday night 1am please say sir. husband and wife can do at a time

  96. Sir,
    Please accept my pranams for doing this great help for the piligrims.
    We planned to have angapradakshina on 14th morning. If I stand in Q at CRO on 13th 11 AM. is it ok. And do we need any assistant while doing Angapradakshina? I mean when I do angapradakshina, is my wife allowed along with me?

    • Dear Sir,

      11:30 am will be fine. No need for assistant, Srivari Sevaks will be helping the devotees when required. Ticket is required for your wife as well to perform this Pradakshinam. These are individual tickets so whoever wants to perform Angapradakshinam has to get the ticket thru bio-metric system.


  97. Shiva Shankara Chary

    I got angapradakshina ticket for 6-5-16,my doubt is this darshan near main deity of lord vekateshwara or asusual pls clarify

    • Dear Sir,
      I know it is late reply. Please let me know if you need any other details

  98. Hellosir

  99. Dear sir,

    Previously, every month I did angaprathakshanam by Sri Vari’s Grace. Now You have changed the token issuing time from 20.00 hrs to 14.00 hrs Pm. For that , we have to stand before 11.00’o clock.

    I humbly request you sir, to resume the angaprathakshanam ticket issuing time from 14.00 hrs to 20.00 hrs. as early an also increase the number of tickets from 750 to 1000.

    One more request sir, Please issue a portion of angaprathakshnam tickets at TTD Centre, Chennai etc. before one week in advance. This is my humble request. Please convey this to E.O.Sir and get favourable orders.

    Expecting favourable positive reply from you sir.

    • SIr,

      Please provide a favourable reply sir

      • Sir,

        I am unable to follow your word “moderation”. Please explain sir and issue favourable orders

        • Dear Sir,
          I usually check the comments before approve. As I keep getting spam messages so moderation is set for all comments.

    • Dear Sir,
      Surely, I will take this note to officials. Hope it will be considered.


  100. Sir,

    Is wearing Dhoti compulsory for anga pradikshanam ? Or can i wear kurtapyjama ?

    Also, please confirm if we can have darshan from nearest door after the amgapradakshina.

    Our 300 darshan timing slot is 7pm to 8pm. So anywhere it might take around 11pm by the time we come out of temple. My plan is to go and take a dip in pushkarini and join the Q near Supadam at 1AM.

    Kindly advise if this is possible or any other things need to be done. Thanks in advance.

    • Dear Sir,
      Yes, you can wear Kurta and Pyjama for Angapradakshianam. After Pradakshinam it will be normal Darshan. Darshan ends by 9:30 pm – 9:45 pm. Another 20 mins for Laddu collection from the counter.
      Yes, it is possible to take dip at Pushkarini and report at Supadam by 1 am

      Please let me know if you need more details

  101. Dear Sir, I have planned for angapradakshina and also reaching tirumala by walk from alipiri. I am reaching tirupathi early morning 6.30 AM. If i could reach by 10-10.30 tirumala by walk, what should i do sir? whehter i go to darshan queue or stand in the angapradakshina ticket line at 11.30 AM? I need to give hair to lord venkateswara as well. Please suggest me sir. Thank you

    • Dear Sir,
      I really doubt if Darshan will be completed by 11:30 am. After reaching Tirumala please get the Angapradakshinam tickets then plan for Darshan. After Angapradakshinam ticket, please visit Rambagicha guest House near main temple so it will not take more than 30 mins here.


  102. Sir I am going to tirumala on 29th of this month. I am having MLA AS WELL AS MP letter also. what is the procedure for availing darshan. can we have suprabath seva darshan if we have vip letter

    • Dear Sir,
      I really doubt if MLA/MP letter will work at this time. Crowd is too high in Tirumala. Please have a backup plan for Darshan and Accommodation

  103. Hello Sir,
    How many times a devotee is allowed to do angapradaksinam per day?
    Thank you

  104. Many a times I requested to allot some angaprathakshnam tickets (say 25 to 50) at TTD, T.Nagar Centre. But so for no reply. Please consider my case favourably and issue orders sir. or change the Angaprathakshinam ticket issuing time to 20.00 hrs and not the existing time i.e. 14.00 hrs. . Please consider my case

    • Dear Sir,
      I have posted your query and waiting for the update. I believe it takes some time for the change. Will surely update you if request considered.T

  105. Sir, we are planning to go to tirupathi on coming weekend I.e., 18 or 19 of this month.. We are planning to do angapradakshina n take our in-laws for break darshan ( we have recommendations)..firstly can we manage both programs ? and since it is jyeshta abhishekam are these Sevas available ? Or will there be any evening break darshan or any special darshan on Sat or sun? Please advise.. Thank you sir..!!!!!

  106. Is there any age limit to do this ?

  107. Sir I’m planning to do Angaprathksanam and to visit thirumala on June last week, could you please text me the availability, because last week visited and couldn’t get the tickets as it was full could you please advice the preferred or available dates as I need plan my travel arrangements in advance as I’m staying abroad.

    • Dear Sir,
      It would be nice if you plan either on Tue or Wed so that crowd will be normal and can get tickets easily

  108. Dear Sir,

    I am planning to visit Tirumala on June 24, Friday morning around 6.00 am, will it be possible for me to do angapradakshinam on next day that is on 25, June, Saturday? How will the crowd be for the same? What would be the feasible time to get tickets on friday? I have heard that the tickets for angapradakshinam are available online only, how far is it true?

    • Dear Sir,
      Angapradakshinam tickets are free tickets so it is not available in online. Yes, you can get tickets by standing little early in the queue. Usually queue line starts by 11:30 am.

  109. Sir, Do they allow one person as assistant to the person who is doing angapradakshinam? Usually in all other temples, somebody will be there to help the devotee. Is this the same in Tirumala also. Please let me know as soon as possible.

    • Dear Sir,
      Only ticket holders will be allowed for Angapradakshinam as they are a limited number of tickets.

  110. Sir,
    I like to go kalahasti sivan temple, if ts is best to do darshan after Tirumala darshan or before.

    • Dear Sir,
      Here is the Darshan order
      1. Tirumala Darshan
      2. Alamelu Mangapuram
      3. Kalahasti Sivan Temple

  111. and also alamelu mangapuram. it is best after or before Tirumala darshan

  112. Many times, I requested to issue Angaprathakshinam tickets at TTD Centre, CHennai. Some 30 tickets may be issued bedore a week. Also requested to resume the issuance of Angaprathakshnam tokens at 20.00 hrs of previous day as existed early. But so for no information about that. Please let me know about that. Is there any new order regarding this.

    • Dear Sir,
      As of now there is no change in the order. I will definitely let you know if considered. Please allow me some time on this.T

  113. Many times, I requested to issue Angaprathakshinam tickets at TTD Centre, CHennai. Some 30 tickets may be issued before a week. Also requested to resume the issuance of Angaprathakshnam tokens at 20.00 hrs of previous day as existed early. But so for no information about that. Please let me know about that. Is there any new order regarding this.

  114. Dear sir,
    I have prayed to offer my mangal sutra in srivari hundi.
    Already i have enquired you about this.
    We are planning by july 1st week.
    Actually i m wearing mangal sutra in yellow thread.
    Now after offering in hundiyal,can i come along with gold chain attached with mangal sutra joined with yellow thread.
    After angapradhakshanam ,can i offer in hundi and wear new one .please help me sir.

  115. Hello Sir,

    Have the Angapradhakshinam ticket timings changed? (or) is it the same?
    Tickets would be issued at 2pm onwards at CRO office right?

    • Dear Sir,
      It is the same. Please carry Aadhar Card as it is mandatory now

      • Thanks sir, I heard that some newspaper had mentioned that tickets would be given from 8am onwards at Vijayawada bank counter. Is that true?

  116. Sir,
    please reply,
    one person can allow to support the angapradakshinam devotee (If she is women or old women) ?

    • Dear Sir,
      Support will not be allowed. Even Support person need ticket. Only ticket holders will be allowed in to the line.

  117. Hello sir,

    Is Aadhaar card mandatory for angapradhakshinam? They will not accept Passport?


  118. Hello Sir.
    I would like to do angapradhakshinam. Since I am a citizen of UK now, I don’t have a adhaar card. What can I do? Is British passport enough? Please help.

    • Dear Madam,
      Aadhaar applies only the devotees in India. For NRIs this rule will not apply, you can carry passport.

      • I don’t have Aadhar card, but have aadhar number. Will the print out be accepted? Thanks.

        • Dear Madam,
          Yes, printout is accepted. Along with Aadhaar photocopy, please any other ID proof

  119. Hello sir
    This is Praneeta again.i haven’t had a response yet from your side regarding aadhar card for angapradhakshinam. Please help. I need to book tickets for August.
    Thank you.

  120. Hello sir
    This is Praneeta again. I haven’t had any response regarding British citizen and aadhaar card. We are planning in second week of August. Hence please help.
    Thank you.

    • Dear Madam,
      Aadhar is required but not mandatory. So you can perform Angapradakshinam using passport.

  121. Hello Sir,

    My relative is coming from US and she does not have Aadhaar card. Will her passport be accepted for Angapradhakshinam?


  122. Hello sir,

    can u please let me know if children of 8years are allowed with parents for angapradhakshinam.

  123. Hello Sir,

    Can gents wear Formal Pants for Angapradhakshinam?

    • Dear Sir,
      Here is the dress code

      Dress code:
      Please wear
      Men: White Pancha, Dhoti/ Kurta,Pyjama.


  124. Praneeta Vaidyam

    Hello Sir
    How long does it take to get angapradhakshinam tickets? I know they start issuing tickets at 2pm. But i have booked 4pm special dharshan tickets on 16th August. Will I have enough time to get angapradhakshinam ticket and then go for special dharshan at 4pm?
    Thank you.

    • Dear Madam,
      Yes, you will have enough time. As it will not last for 2 hours. You are allowed till 4:30 pm for special Darshan tickets

  125. Hi sir I have a 1.5yr baby girl. Can we take her to angapradakshinam. Please suggest

  126. I have booked my special Darshan ticket at 12 PM ,on 17 Aug 2016, will I b able to collect my Anga pradakshina ticket issued from 2 pm, will have time to collect and get d ticket for Angapradakshinsm? Pl. Help.
    Thanks Vidhya

  127. Dear sir,
    Thank you so much for your replies. It is really helpful for me. One more question, my friend said, you don’t necessarily have wet clothes at entrnce. They will still ask you to take bath at pushkarni after entering the queue and then allow to do angapradakshinam. So I need to know if you can enter with dry cloths at supadham and then take a dip at pushkarni after that.
    I am asking it because I need to travel from trupati to tirumala in the night to do angapradakshinam as we didn’t get any accommodation in tirumala. I am doing it on 17th August, early morning.
    Also where will I come out after doing angapradakshinam. I should ask my husband to wait there.
    Thank you in advance.

    • Dear Madam,
      It is not right. You have take bath before reporting at Supadam. Staff checks for wet clothes at Supadam entrance.
      1. Take bath at Pushkarini
      2. Report at Supadam
      3. Perform Angapradakshinam

      • Thank you. Can you tell me where will I come out after angapradakshinam.
        Also what time do you suggest me to go to tirumala from tirupati to do angapradakshinam.
        Thank you.

        • Dear Madam,
          After Angapradakshinam, devotees are allowed to have Darshan And it is same Darshan exit way.
          Once you get the tickets, you have to stay in Tirumala only as Angapradakshinam reporting will be at 1:30 am so you can travel from Tirupati Tirumala as Tirumala Ghat road remains closed from 12 am – 3 am.
          So you have to start by 11:30 pm

  128. Hello, I stay in Bangalore. I want to do angapradakshinam very soon. How can I get the ticket for this for a date in Sep?

    • Dear Madam,
      It is on arrival ticket booking over the counter. Advance booking is not available

  129. Sir,

    I do not have aadhar card, instead I have voter id. Can I get angapradkshinam ticket using voter id. Kindly help.

  130. We have a child age 4years. will u allow the kid with out pradakshinam for darshan with us.

  131. Sir can someone accompany me during the angapradheshan?( but only am gonna perform can the other person just come along?) if not will there be volunteers to help us while doing the angapradheshan?

    • Dear Madam,
      Yes, one person can accompany but ticket is required for them as well. Volunteers will be assisting during the angapradakshinam. SO you will not have any problem

  132. Please Starting Point of Anga Pradhakshinam, via, Ending Point. inform to me.

    • Dear Sir,
      Reporting at Supadam in wet clothes at 1 am
      Ending will be normal Darshan exit. For angapradakshinam, devotees are allowed to have Darshan
      Angapradakshinam will be performed for Ananda Nilayam.

  133. My child’s age is 13 years old. u will allowed her along with me ( Me and My Wife) at the time of

    anga pradakshinam.

    • Dear Sir,
      Ticket is required for your child. Yes, your child will be allowed on getting ticket. Your child should follow the procedures applicable for adults.

  134. Sir, I am a foreign national of Indian origin. I do not have an aadhar card. How can I do angapradakshinam? What alternative IDs are acceptable?

  135. Dear Sir,

    Thank you for patiently answering all our questions. I have doubt, and would be grateful if you could help me with.
    Once arriving in Tirumala, I need to proceed to the CRO office and queue up by 11.30 in order to collect the angapradakshinam tickets for the following morning. I then intend to walk up to Thirupathi temple.

    Should I intend to undergo a tonsure and also snaanam at the SriPushakarini Tank, what time should I start walking up from tirumala town to Thirupathi temple ?

    • Dear Sir,
      Please plan this way.

      1. Start your walk from Tirupati town by 5 am so that you can reach Tirumala hills by 9 am.
      2. Collect Angapradakshinam tickets at CRO Office
      3. Next plan for tonsuring at Rambagicha Guest House near main temple.
      4. Take bath at Rambagicha Guest house itself or at Srivari Pushkarini which is walk able from Rambagicha


      • Hi Thanks for your prompt reply. I shall follow your recommendation. I have another question; if you dont mind answeirng.

        Do we need to bring our passport along only at the CRO office, or should we also bring it along to the supadham centre. If so, if we are to be wearing a dhoti ( and be wet) where will be able to store the passport/ wallet etc? i can bring a bag, but i dont think I can carry it whilst performing the angapradakshinam.

        • Dear Sir,
          Yes, ID proof required even at Supadam entrance. It would nice if you can carry passport in a polythene cover

      • Thank you. DO we need to bring our passports for the angapradakshinam itself, or just for the CRO office alone?

        Also If we are to wear only dhotis, are we able to bring our wallets and passports with us? Thank you

        • Dear Sir,
          It is required even while reporting at Supadam. Please carry passport wrapped in a cover so that it will not get wet

  136. Namaskaram,

    I am planning to walk on feet from Tirupati to Tirumala (uphills)on Sunday. Then I need to report at Padmavathi Guest house enquiry to complete biometrics formalities for accomodation and darshan. I also need to get tickets for Angapradhakshanam for Monday.
    1. Where can I get the tickets for Angaprdhakshanam? Can I get these tickets in Tirupati too (downhills)? 2. Between what time are the tickets issued for Angapradhakshanam? Is there any special Angapradhakashna tickets quota for NRIs?
    3. Will I be able to do Angaprdhakshanam and have a break darshan on the following morning Monday (both on same morning)?


    • Dear Madam,
      1. Tickets will be issued only in the uphills at CRO office. Ticket counter opens at 2 pm. Queue line starts by 11:30 pm. There is no special quota for NRI as it is free tickets and is for general reservation.
      2. Yes, you can perform Angapradakshinam as it will be done 1:30 am. Break Darshan reporting will be at 7:30 am. So you are good to perform both

  137. Dear sir,

    Many a time I Requested to issue angaprthakshanam tickets a portion -say 20 to 30 in chennai centre also. But the tickets may be issued one or two days n advance like Rs.50/- ticket. But so for no reply sir. Is there any order has been issued in this regard or will be issued soon. Please forward this mail to E.O. of TTD and do favourable orders.

    Thank you,


    • Dear Sir,
      Due to some constraints it is delayed. I have already posted the query. Hope for the best

  138. How many persons can accompany with angapradharshen devote and they required any ticketime sir

    • Dear Madam,
      Yes, ticket is required even for assistant. One should enter with wet clothes and this rule is for all. Srivari Sevaks will be assisting during the pradakshinam so you will not have problem during this event

  139. Hi Sir,

    We heard that angapradhakshinam has been stopped during this weekend from Aug 12 to Aug 16.. Can u pls let me know if its available for next weekend Aug 20 and 21??

  140. Are infants allowed for angapradikshina?if yes how to get the tickets.

  141. Thanks a lot for your reply Sir. Is anything other than Aadhar Card Required for Indian National to get the tickets?

  142. Hello sir,
    I am planning to do angapradakshinam on 17th early morning. So will I be able to get tickets on 16th afternoon, to do angapradakshinam on 17th. Is it open on 17th or closed. Please help.
    Thank you.

  143. if there is an online booking for angapradakshinam


    • Dear Sir,
      Yes, You can book Darshan tickets online at ttdsevonline website. Please book e-special entry Darshan tickets

  145. Sachitha rajanish

    If there is online angapradakshinam tickets available ?

  146. will the angapradikshina counter opened till 8pm or 7pm if the tickets are available

  147. Plz tel me how many members allowed for one ticket, means who is doing angapradhakshina along with them any one can come with them ryt?..

  148. is aadhar is must for booking angaprathakshnam booking. When you will introduce online booking for Angaprathakshnam ( a portion of the quota) or booking through ttd centre, chennai. Please help me sir.


  149. always you are saying that your comment is waiting for moderation. when it will be finalised. Please issue a favourable order sir regarding angaprathakshanam


  150. When my request will be finalised. Always say “awaiting moderation” . Please finalise sir


  151. Sir,Melchat Vishesha Vastralankar seva should be allowed without any high recommendations.What about middle class people?.
    Dr. G.R.Patil.

  152. Chakrapani Ramasundaram

    Aadhar card is a must for performing angapradakshnam should be relaxed at least for NRIs.

    • Dear Sir,
      It is relaxed for NRIs now.

      • Chakrapani Ramasundaram

        Thanks for the immediate response. Which ID card is required for NRI? PAN/DL/Voter ID acceptable. May not be possible to produce passport (original) since it has to be handed over to US Embassy for endorsement. Planning to do angapradakshnam on 13.9.16

  153. P. Chandrashekhar

    I want to do Angapradakshinam as. I have a vow to fulfill. I am a Senior Citizen but have no Aadhar Card. I have other I’d like PAN and Voters Id. Please advise.


    • Dear Sir,
      Ticket is required for all as it free Darshan tickets and is limited. Srivari Sevaks will be assisting devotees

  155. Hello Sir,

    Angapradakshinam can be done on 11 September.

  156. Can a 12year old son accompany his mother for angapradakshina on 12.11.16. Will there b any code for him to follow and can he also perform the same along with her.

    • Dear Madam,
      Yes, he can accompany on getting ticket as your son is above 12 years. Any traditional dress Men: White Pancha, Dhoti/ Kurta,Pyjama.

  157. Sir,
    I want to do ANGAPRADAKSHINAM on 16th October early morning 1 am ….when I will get the tickets and time ..?

  158. Thanks for reply .we will get online ticket for angapradaksanam.

  159. if i reach CRO Office at 1 pm 15 th october . i will get ticket to do angapradakshinam on 16th early morning 1 am ..?

    otherwise i want to come so early that is 8 am 15 th oct. there s more people…?

    because i am coming from long distance.and return ticket booked 16 th afternoon.
    your are telling only 750 people per day.
    pl advice

    • Dear Sir,
      It is a weekend so queue line starts by 12 pm itself. It can’t be said exactly. Please be there at ticket counter by 11:30 am on 15th Oct.

  160. Only Angapradakshana devotee will allow to the srivari dharshanam ,else attender /helper for angapradakshanam devotee also could join with them ?

  161. Is it required to follow fasting before angapradhakshana?If so please mention the fasting procedure.
    Has the helper also should come in wet clothes?


  163. whether angapradakshanam is available on 11/9/2016

  164. Sir,

    We have (me and my wife) have plan to do Angaprathakshinam of 24th September, 2016. My elder sister aged 59 years will be accompany with us while doing Angaprathakshinam. We will take ticket for my sister also. But, due to her age factor she may not able to do angaprathakshinam. Will they allow my sister with us? Since she is not going to do angaprathakshinam, is it necessary she has to come with wet cloth?


    • Dear Sir,
      Yes, wet clothes is a must at the reporting. Yes, your sister can manage without performing Angapradakshinam. But I’m confident that she will perform pradakshinam Bhakti will be at peaks during that time unless health not permitted

  165. Hello sir..we planning to come to tirumala on 16 sept 2016.. I want to know that is it possible to get angapradakshina ticket for Sunday, 17 September. How much rush is expected and what are the precautions to be taken in view of rush..
    Ty for ur service

    • Dear Sir,
      Plan to be there at Ticket counter by 11:30 am so that you can easily get tickets. It is free tickets so crowd will always be high but tickets are issued on First Cum First Serve basis

  166. Is there a separate queue for senior citizens.

    • Dear Sir,
      For Angapradakshinam it is one queue line for all. If you are referring to special darshan then special queue is available

  167. when is the angapradaKSHANA people will be allowed to darshan

  168. Dear Sir/Madam,

    I want to perfrom Angapradakshnam on 8th Oct 2016. On that day comes under Navratri Brahmostsavam .. On that day Angapradakshnam service is available or not. ? Is Nine year old boy is comes to perform by parent ticket or get seperate ticket ? Please reply

    Thank you..!!

  169. Good information Go Tirupati.i am going to perform anga pradikshana tomorrow I.e 18-09-16..your information helped me a lot.many thanks..

  170. Dear Sir,
    I am planning to do Angapradakshnam on Dec 15th.
    Can you please advise how about rush and by what time i need to be at CRO office on Dec 14th?
    Do we have any possibility for any on-line booking, to avoid any disappointment.


    • Dear Sir,
      Please be there at counter by 11:30 am so that you will get ticket for sure. Online booking is not available. Tickets are issued only at the counter in TIrumala.


    Dear sir,

    I have attended and done Angapradakshanam. Please allow another 250 tickets online also is better.

  172. Dear Sir,
    I plan to do Angapradiskhnam in Tirupati. When we went for the same purpose in February 2016, we were told it cannot be done for 1 month. Is there any time that I should avoid this year? Which month is ideal for Angapradikshnam (to ensure ticket is available and seva can be done without much rush). And also what is the dress code and any other things to complete before doing the vow?


    • Dear Sir,
      I believe it is during Dhanur Masam, Angapradakshinam will not be performed. Please let me know the month which you are planning.

  173. Hello sir,

    Is Angapradakshnam or Suprabatham performed on Dec 24-25,2016?

    Thank you.

  174. Angapradakshanam in brammorsavam days available or not. pls advice us.

  175. Is their any exceptions for children in dress code that is minors

  176. is angapradakshanam there on 13th october 2016?

  177. Sir Is there angapradalshanam on 25th October. When amd where can I get the ticket and what time can I get the ticket?

  178. Is angapradhakshanam available on 15&16 th oct 2016..?

  179. I don’t have adhar card which other documents can I show to get angapradakshinam tickets.

  180. How many pradakshinas are to be performed and what distance/ length?

  181. Dear Sir,
    Is Angapradakshanam allowed on 29-October (Saturday) – both Angapradakshanam and Suprabadha Darshan.

    Or otherwise on Sunday (30-Oct-2016) is allowed for both.

  182. Sir,

    Please let me know whether Angapradakshanam is allowed on Deepavali festival (Saturday, 29-Oct-2016).

  183. Dear Sir,

    Please let me know where Angapradakshanam ticket will be issued – Whether it will be at Tirupati (near Railway Station building) or on the hill Tirumala.

  184. Hello,
    Is aadhar card mandatory for Angapradaksham or we can publish any other valid photo id proof.?

  185. Dear Sir
    We plan to do angapradhatsanam on Wednesday the 26th October. Please let me know whether my husband will be allowed during angapradhatsanam

  186. Sir,My son is handicapped, he is having any species line for anga pradishna. Tickets

  187. Respected Sir

    IS Angapradharshanam can be done once only or can we repeat the same within a day . If we require tickets for person who accompany us , please help me to know whatkind of ticket to be bought.

    Thank you.

  188. Angapradshnam entrance supadham or please tellme

  189. Dear Sir

    My friend told me that angapradakshinam is now in alternate days only is it true.


  190. I got it good information about. Amgapradashinam

  191. HI Sir,
    I would like to know the timings for ticket isuue for angapradakshinam(both time and days)
    Some websites they are saying angapradaksinam will be allowed only on week days
    Is there any special dharshan for parents having infants(below 1 age)

  192. Sir I want to know whether angapradakshina is done once in a lifetime , somebody told me that rules have been changed.

  193. HI Sir,
    I would like to know the timings of ticket isuue for angapradakshinam(both time and days) and in some websites I found, angapradaksinam should be done on week days(mon-thursday), is it true and is there any special dharshan for parents having infants(below 1 age).

  194. SIR,


    • Dear madam,
      Yes, Angapradakhanam is available on that day ,You have to book tickets 2 p.m. onwards at CRO office.


  196. Dr Chitra Varaprasad

    Dear Sir
    I am a singapore citizen holding OCI card. Some say Angapradakshnam not available for foreigners.
    Will I be permitted to have this on the 26th Saturady

  197. Hi Sir,

    I am planning to do Angapradakshinam on 19-Nov-16(Saturday). Will they tickets for Angapradakshinam on Friday to do on Saturday.

  198. Hello sir.
    Please let me know whether my husband and child will be allowed during Angapradakshnam

  199. Hello sir
    I want to know. During angapradakhnam whether my husband and my child allowed are not

  200. Sir memu 25th nov arjitha brahmotsavam ki ticket tisukunnamu anga pradakshina ticket 26 ki tisukovalnte pssbl avtada

  201. Can you please tell till what time CRO office will be open and tickets can be collected. We might reach tirumala at 11pm only. Will we get tickets?. Is aadhar no sufficient or should we provide the original.

    • Hi Sir,

      after till 2 tickets will get and you have to be there in queue from morning 9 am bec limited tickets avialable


  202. Hi Sir,

    I am planning to Angapradakshinam on 31st December 2016 or 1st Jan 2017; will it be done on these days.
    Please confirm any that i can book the tickets accordingly.

  203. As per the content in this webpage , I’ve come to CRO office today (Thursday) to get the angapradakshanam ticket for Friday morning. But there are no where here tickets are giving for angapradakshanam for Friday.

  204. I have book kalyanoswavam seva in jan21 2016 and also I plan angapradarshana in fed2016. It’s possible I get ticket for angapradarshana please tell me

  205. Is angapradakshinam available on 13th Jan 2016?

  206. I mean Jan 13 2017?
    Is angapradakshinam available on Jan 13 2017?

  207. Sir,

    I’m going to be in Thirumala on 18 Dec at 12 pm and will try to get tickets for the Angapradhakshanam the following day i.e 19th December. What time should I stand in queue get tickets ? Also are there lockers available to store bags for a limited time ?

  208. Hi ,
    we are planning to do Anga pradakshinam 2 or 3 times in January . how many times are allowed for anga pradakshina in a month?

    • Dear sir,
      Due to danurmasam till January 15th sevas are not there.After danurmasam you can perform Angapradakshin. Yes ,You can perform 3 times.

  209. Dear Sir,
    Is possible to get the tickets on Friday evening for Saturday early morning angapradhakshan, Kindly confirm.

  210. angapradaksan ticket is it available on 1 .4.2017

  211. Hi Sir,

    Angapradaksan seva will be available on 1.1.2017? That is if we take ticket on Dec 31st 2016.
    Can we able to book Angapradaksan seva online?

  212. Hi
    I don’t have an Aadhar card, can I take PAN card/ passport instead and be finger printed for my angapradakshinam instead?

  213. Santhosh Ramanathan

    Whether Angapradakshan is allowed on 1st January..? ie can the tickets be bought on 31st December..?

  214. angapradaksan ticket is it available on 1.1.2017

  215. i want to thayar sanathi and thirumala next. where is the thayar sanathi. how can i go. this is my first time.

  216. Hi,

    Thank you for such detailed information. Is it possible to know now if angapradakshinam ticket is available for 8th Jan, 2017?

  217. Can we do angapradakshinam on 12 th Jan 2017 morning at 02.30 am Is ticket available or prohibited
    during danur nasa.Pl reply

  218. Is it permitted to do angapradakshina on 12th Jan 2017 early morning at 02.30am Is ticket available

  219. Hi Sir,

    will Anga pradikshanam ticket is available for 15-01-2017 night or not?

    • HI sir,

      tickets will not due to dhanurmasam till 15th and you can get tickets from 16th onwards.


  220. Is it mandatory to take adhaar card original

  221. Is it mandatory to carry adhar card original for angapradakshanam seva

  222. is ticket not available on thursday

    • HI Madam,

      Yes available on thursday to perform angapradakshina but fridays darshan will not available.


  223. Laddus given for angapradakshanam or not

  224. Hi sir,

    Is there facilities to book angapradakshinam tickets in online…???


    • Hi Sir,

      There is no online bookings for angapradakshina on arrival you can get the tickets one day before.


  225. Will Angapradhakshana Tickets available around 7PM roughly on Fridays?
    My Train reaches at 5PM.

    • Hi Sir,

      They will start issuing tickets from 2pm it close soon because people will be there in queue from morning 10 am onwards.


  226. Hi sir,

    Where i have to buy angapradakshinam dress (dhoti)..???


    • HI Sir,

      On arrival in tirumala at vijaya bank counter you will get the angapradakshina tickets at 2’O Clock daily.


  227. Is angapradakshinam available on all days

  228. Angapradashana tickets e Seca in booking available sir please impermtion

  229. Is there any age limit . how many round pradakshina we have to do of the tepal.

  230. Hello Sir,

    Angapradakshan tickets available on 03/03/2017 @ 2.30pm, so that i could perform angapradakshan on 04/03/2017 early morning. Is darshan available.

    Orelse should i plan to get ticket on 02/03/2017@ 2.30pm and perform on 03/03/3017 early morning.

  231. Is Aadhaar card the only card accepted for valid individual proof..?!?!

  232. Dear Team
    Please communicate very properly that you should hold only an Aadhar card as a proof while getting a ticket for angapradakshana…. Because of the wrong information provided by you, I was able to get my ticket only because I had a passport… just imagine if I didn’t have that and what could be the consequences

  233. Sir because of my mother can I stand I que or only my mother should stand

  234. Sir if I am doing angapradhaksana along with me another one person is allowed for dharsan on saturday.

  235. Is Angapradakshanam performed at Tirumal on amavasya days

  236. Hi sir,

    Many a time I requested to issue some little amount of Angaprathakshanam tokens through TTD centre, Chennai. In THirumal, the angapratakshanam tokens will be issued upto what time. can I get if I come Thirumala by 20.00hrs.

    • HI Sir,

      Angapradakshina tickets will be limited and it will issue at vijaya bank counter from 2 pm onwards you can get the tickets if you will be there in queue line from 12 pm onwards.


  237. hi sir,

    can i take xerox of my aadhar card? or is it necessary to take original?k

  238. Angapradakshinam at Tirumala Temple

    I would like to share the details of Angapradakshinam at Tirumala temple. Last week I went with family, we all did Angapradakshinam at Sri Venkateswaran sannidhi. It was very good feeling, so thought of sharing the details, may be useful for people who want to do it.

    Angapradakshinam is allowed all days except Friday. The tickets are issued free of cost at Seva ticket issuing center. This office is adjacent to the Railway Reservation Building. Tickets are issued exactly previous day of Angapradakshinam. Devotees will start coming and waiting in the queue around 12 noon, the tickets are issued around 2:00 PM. So, it’s better to go and wait in the queue around 12 noon itself. I was told around 750 tickets are issued daily. Devotees who wanted to do Angapradakshinam should present to get the ticket, photos will be taken, tickets are issued individually.

    Once get the tickets take rest at room till mid night, report at Vaikuntam Queue Complex – I before 1:30AM. Devotees are requested to take bath and come for Angapradakshinam. When entering the Vaikuntam Queue Complex – I, ladies are allowed first, even if you come as couple, only ladies are allowed first, they will check the dress attire for ladies, sarees and salwar only allowed. Salwar compulsory with thuppatta. Once they enter the Vaikunta Queue Complex-I, ladies will be waiting for ticket verification. Everyone should carry their own ticket. No joining together. When ladies are standing in the Queue for ticket verification, Gents are allowed behind the queue, dress code for Gents are Dhoti or Full Pant, shirts should be removed during Angapradakshinam. No purse, belts, handbags are allowed.

    Once ladies ticket verification is over, then they will be routed to a waiting hall. Then Gents ticket verification, all gents will be routed to a waiting room adjacent to the ladies waiting hall. Laddu ticket will be issued at the entrance of the waiting hall, interested people can get.

    This ticket verification and security check will over around 2:15am and devotees are requested to wait at waiting hall. Around 3:00am they will open the gate for Ladies. Once all ladies are left the waiting hall, Gents waiting hall gate will be opened and all will be proceeding to main temple. Before entering the main temple again dress code checking and security checking. No ticket check.

    While Ladies and Gents are waiting in the queue, you can hear the Subrapatham. This will be nice feeling. It would be better not to chant Govinda Govinda during Subrapaatham time. During Subrapaatham, ladies are first allowed to main deity entrance and one by one allowed for Angapradakshinam.

    In the mean time Gents will be waiting outside the main deity entrance. Once ladies are finished Angapradakshinam, they are requested to wait outside the main deity entrance for Dharshan. Then gents are allowed inside and one by one for Angapradakshinam. Same way gents are also requested to wait outside the main deity entrance for Dharshan. In the mean time you can see VIP’s visiting the main deity for Subrapaatham seva.

    Once Subrapaatham seva over, ladie waiting outside will be allowed again inside for Dharshan, this Dharshan also as usual pushing. Once ladies over, gents are allowed for Dharshan. Here it’s completing the Angapradakshinam. Then while coming out you will get prasadam as usual, a small laddu.

    Angapradakshinam is comfortable here, the floor is very smooth, not rough stone. My 11 year old son also participated he enjoyed doing it.

    I have shared here whatever I have observed and experienced. This information will give you an idea only. So, makesure you enquire TTD office before planning.

  239. Sir,
    I like to do angapradharsanam on the early morning. which day (Thurs day or Fri day) can I get angapradharsanam ticket?

  240. sir,
    I want to do angapradharsanam on early morning of saturday. Which day(Thurs day or Friday) I can get angapradharsanam ticket?

  241. I do not have adhar card, but I have valid voter ID is that enough to get the tickets .. kindly let me know ..

  242. Sir,

    Can anybody accompany the devotee while doing angapradakshinam or only the devotee is allowed inside.

  243. Please let me know if only the ticket holder is allowed inside or one more person is allowed to assist the person doing the angapradakshinam.

    • HI Sir,

      Only ticket holder will be allowed to perform the pooja, assistants are not allowed.


  244. Is there any age limit ???

    whether assistance allowed for kids.

    • HI Madam,

      Above 12 years on wards they can do angapradakshina but there is no assistance for them.


  245. Hi Sir can anyone take tickets for angapradakshnam on my behalf

    • Dear Madam,
      Tickets are issued using biometric system so devotee must be present at the time of ticket booking

  246. Where can we store the purse and room key when we come for angapradarshanam alone ?

  247. Sir
    I want Angapradakshanm tickets And when I should take ticket and after taking tickets when d darshan will have to me

    • Hi Sir,

      one day before you can get the tickets at vijaya counter and next day you can get the darshan early morning.


  248. Is angapradakshinam tickets available in online?

    • HI Sir,

      There is no online bookings for angapradakshina on arrival you can get the tickets at vijaya bank ccounter at 2pm daily.



    dear sir,
    i am planning to reach tirumala via steps at the evening may be around 3 to 4pm on monday,and i want to do angapradakshinam on tuesday. so how cani get ticket at 2pm.if i reach CRO offcie around 4pm will i get the angapradakshinam ticket fro tuesday.kindly clarify

    • HI Sir,

      IF YOU WANT to perform the angapradakshina you should be there in q line from morning 11 am onwards and you can get the tickets by 2pm it is available limited so after 2pm it wil be difficult to get.


  250. Hi Team,

    We are coming from bangalore on thursday and will reache tirumala by friday, Can we get tickets on friday for saturday angapradharakshinam?

    • HI Sir,

      Yes you can get the tickets for saturday so be there at queue line from 11 am onwards.


  251. Sir can i get angapradikshina darshan ticket on friday for saturday darshan because in friday no darshan bur same day can get the ticket for saturday?

    • HI Sir,

      Yes you can get the tickets for saturday angapradakshina on friday at 2pm.


      • Thanks kishorji, but my plan is go to tirumala by path from alpiri and it will take minimum 5 hrs from alpiri if i will start from 7am on friday (7th.april)so it can not possible to get it. Sir on what time standing in que or before how much hour stand in que to get the ticket thanks

        • HI sir,

          Once you reach the tirumala you can go directly to the compartment through the VQC-2 and it may takes 4 hrs for darshan.


    • can we get tickets on friday for saturday angapradharakshinam?

  252. Hello,

    Please confirm whether original Aadhar card is mandatary for angapradakshinam. Or else any other xerox copy is enough for that.

    And also please confirm PAN card is acceptable.

    Please any one reply

  253. HI SIR
    MY DARSHAN IS ON 14.04.2017 BY 1 PM .

  254. Hello Sir,

    From which door we will get Lord’s darshan after Angapradharakshinam?


  255. Hi sir,
    My plan is to come by path from tirupathi to tirumala, and by the time I reach tirumala will be in the evening around 6pm. Is there any way to get the tickets after 6pm or can we get the tickets at tirupathi before entering tirumala.

    • HI Madam,

      If you are going by walk then you can get the pedestrian tickets for divya darshan.


  256. hai sir,
    whether everyone in the family need to stand in the queue for getting tickets

    • HI Sir,

      Yes all the family members are need to be stand in the queue for getting tickets.


  257. Sir, only devotee allowed for angapraksgana or accompanied with other persin. If they allow one more person for this seva?

    • Hi madam,

      Only Devotee allowed for angapradakshina extra person will not be allowed


  258. Can you say when is the last time to get Angapradakshinam tickets

  259. Hi sir
    Actually we are comin on 28th for darshan at 8 pm.. is that possible to do angapradharkshinam on 29th… if do so at what time we should stand in que to get the tickets for doing angapradharkshinam on 29th???

    • HI Madam,

      sorry angapradakshina tickets are available till 2 pm on that day so by 8 pm it may not have to be in queue line from morning 10 am onwards at vijaya bank counter.


  260. I have doubt on angapradakshinam tickets, for example if i want to do angapradakshinam on Tuesday early morning.. I want get ticket on Monday Noon 2.00 Pm or on Sunday Noon 2.00 Pm.

    • Dear sir,
      you have to get ticket before the day for your example you can get that at monday 2pm
      good day

  261. Sir can you allow to do angapradakshanam both husband and wife at a time

  262. Hi sir my dharshan time is 24/5/17 3.00 pm which time i should arrive the counter sir

  263. Angapradakshina is allowed around the garbha gudhi or outside temple and can we darshan god from near or from a distance as I wish to darshan god from near suggest some sevas which provide such darshans.

  264. Sir online lo tickets book cheskovachaaaa

    • Hi Sir,
      there is no online booking you have to try at the CRO office in tirumala.

      Thank You.

  265. Do we have to carry aadhar card even when we are doing angapradakshina, it is difficult in wet clothes??

  266. Sir, for angaprapratistam at what time the que will start to get the tickets, and from how long we will have to wait for the tickets.

    • Dear sir,
      It will start at early morning by 1am. for that pooja ,from2-5pm tickets will be given at cro office
      Thank you

  267. After angapradakshinam, is it a laghu or mahalaghu ( near jaya-vijaya) darshan

  268. Hi sir
    need to wear yellow colour cloth during the angapradakshinam.

    • Dear sir,
      Women should wear saree, Salwar with Duppatta. Men should wear only dhoti.(no color specification)

      thank you.

  269. Can any one of the family member come along with me while doing angapradharshana

  270. Are the tickets issued on first come first success basis??

    • Hi Sir,
      750 tickets are issued daily you can collect them at 2pm in the CRO office in tirumala.

      Thank You.

  271. What is meant by seegra darshan

  272. What is seegra darshan

  273. On which date of July suprabatham october quota released mention please

  274. Hello sir,
    My hubby want to do angapradikshnam and thulabaram. Shall we do thulabaram after angapradikshnam while going for dharshan???

    • Hi Sir/Madam,
      it is fine you can perform thulabaram and then go for angapradikshnam.

      Thank You.

  275. Can we book angapradaksan tickets through online give me your suggestions thanku

  276. Hello Sir,

    What is the procedure to perform Thulabaram

    • Hi Madam,
      you have to go to tirumala and at the temple entrance there is the thulabaram counter and there you can buy coins,sugar,rice etc and perform thulabaram.

      Thank You.

  277. Sir,

    We are planning to get the angapradakshina tokens tomorrow, crowd will be more on Sunday, please let me know.

    • Hi Sir/Madam,
      there will be more crowd on weekends in tirumala, and at the CRO office in tirumala you can get the Angapradakshinam tickets at 2pm only 750 tickets will be issued.
      Thank You.

  278. R.Sathiyanarayanan

    Devotees have lot of clarifications and the way you are clearing them is appreciated.
    May Lord venkateswara pour his holy blessings on you.

    Thanks & regards

    R.Sathiyanarayanan, TIRUPUR, (TN))

  279. We are planning to do angapradikshna on Wednesday there will be more crowd or not

  280. sir,

    we would like to do angapradakshnam on sunday 13th Aug . so saturday night if we stand at 12 pm in the queue for tickets , is ti right time please suggest as we booked return tickets to Hyd on sunday evening,

    • HI Sir,

      On saturday 11am onwards you should be there in the q line and tickets are limited so plan acordingly.


    • U can go for tickets Saturday 2pm at cro counter and take Darshana in night 1am ok. Next evening I think U leave

  281. we would like to do angapradharshan on 16th august then when we should take the tickets

  282. Sir 23/9/2017 Saturday mng is there angapradakshinam ,,,, because b amstaves is there

  283. Hi sir is someone can accompany me during angapradhakshanam n also for dharisanam thanks


  285. Is it necessary that during angapradakshnam one has to wear dhoti?. Can we wear pants ?

  286. where is C.R.O office?

  287. We did angapradakshina on 24th September 2017
    Can I again get a ticket for angapradakshina on Oct 3rd 2017 ?please let me know

  288. I want to do angapradashinam in that can we see suprabatha Darshan

  289. Hello Sir,
    Can we get angapradakshinam tickets on 13th friday for 14th saturday darshanam?

  290. Sir,
    We have plans for Anga pradakshinam and Thomala Seva on January 30,2018.
    Can time permits for both, by what time Thomala Seva starts and by what time Anga Pradakshinam ends?

  291. Angapradakshiam tickets wanted

  292. Sir Is there rain in tirumala plz reply sir

  293. I didn’t got tickets for suprabatha seva in january .
    Wheather I can take angapradakdhana tickets and go through suprabatha seva because they both go parally

  294. Hello Tejas, i am an nri, i dont have aadhar card. Can i use any other id for booking? I have Pan card of india and drivers license. Can i use that.

    Thank you so much

  295. I am planning to come Tirupathy through steps way. I can’t reach by 2.00 pm at CRO. I may reach by 5.00 pm. Is thete any other way to book well in advance for Angapradakshina tickets.

  296. C G Chandrasekaran

    What is the dress code for men for angapradakshanam? By the time we do angapradakshanam the wet cloths dries up as we stand in the que for around two hours. Is it OK? Reply

    • HI Sir,

      You can wear comfort dress and if it dries also no issues you can perform the angapradakshina


  297. Can the wife accompany the husband when husband is doing angapradakshina? Is it necessary for wife to be in wet clothes too? Is it enough if you show Pan Card for Identification?

    Can you also tell us if some days are less crowded for angapradakshina

    • Hi Sir,

      There will be a seperate queue lines for ladies and gents so nobody can accompany with you while doing angapradakshina so plan accordingly.


  298. Hi sir,

    I have to angapradhasanam on dec.10. so wat time I have to get tickets.

    • HI madam,

      you can get the tickets from 2pm onwards and tickets are limited so it is ssuggested to be in q-line from 10 am onwards


  299. Hi if i stand in queue by 2 pm will i able to get because ill tirumala only by 2

  300. Very good info. Thank u very much

  301. Hi
    This s sudha from mumbai.will I b able to do t on 28th december morning?My reporting time will b 27th afternoon 2 o’clock to do my bio metric.,right?How about d crowd?Should I book room?Whom should I contact?How about ur washrooms f I didnt get rooms?

  302. Hi,
    Actually we are a team of 4, but the remaining three people will reach tirumala tonight. So is there any chance for me to get their tickets also.

  303. If me and my husband both want to go, I will do Angapradakshina but my Husband cant do Angapradakshina . Will they allow both of us even though he is not doing Angapradakshina?

    • HI Madam,

      there will be seperate queue lines for the ladies and gents so your husband cannot accompany with you he will be in seperate queue line


  304. Hi,

    How many Laddus will get through this dhursan

  305. Is angapradakhina available on Tuesday 12th of Dec

  306. Don’t have aadhar card. Can I bring passport?

  307. Sir I am planning to do angapradakshanam in March. Need I to book now itself. Can we have another person along with us for angapradakshnam.

    • HI Madam,

      There is no online bookings for angapradakshina a day before you can get the tickets at vijaya bank counter.


  308. Hello Mam/Sir,
    If I’m planning to do 3 Angapradakshina, can I take 3 tickets at a time and need to do 3 pradakshinas for 3 Days? .. do you have any special advance tickets booking for NRIs? And also where should I need to book kalyanostavam?

    • HI Sir,

      You can allowed to perform only one angapradakshina in a day,and for kalyanothsava tickets you can try through the lucky dip bookings a day before at CRO Office


  309. Can we get tickets in bangalore

  310. will one escort be allowed alongwith the person performing angapradakshinam? so that the escort can take care of any eventualities

  311. Hi sir i want to do angapradakshan on jan 25..since 24 jan is radha saptami…is it possible to get tickets on 24 jan 2018?

  312. Could you please let me know how many times a person can perform angapradhakshan seva ?

  313. HI Madam,

    You need to report at 1 am through the supatham entrance with wet clothes


  314. IF My husband and myself doing for angapradakshinam is there any possibilitiees to take my childrens with us

  315. Please make it online for some tickets

  316. shri venkateshwara

    i do have suprabhatam seva ticket on 23 jan can i enroll for angapradakshina on 22 . i will be there for three days. please suggest

  317. Can me and my husband simultaneously do this angapradakshinam or it is separate for ladies and gents

  318. Hi
    Thank you so much for your information
    We are planning to walk by feet on march 12 early morning hours(alipiri way) and I want to do angapradajshina on tuesday early hours.
    So is it possible for me to get the angapradakshina tickets on Monday afternoon
    Pls help me when I need to wait in q-line on Monday.

    • Hi Madam,

      from monday 10:30 am onwards you need to be queue line to get the tickets for angapradakshina for tuesday and tickets will issue from 2 pm onwards and it is limited.


  319. I hav enjoyed fully in angapradashina on my birthday it’s self only

  320. May I know after anga pradakshina darshanam will be till main deity like suprabhatam or maha lagu darshanam

  321. Hi sir,
    We are 4 family members are coming tirupati by tomorrow morning. We have 1 kalyabam ticket for tomorrow reporting time 10am for this 2 members allowed. How much time it will take?. No 300 rs tickects in online how can we take dharshanam tomorrow or day After tomorrow for other 2 members?. However we have MP letter for VIP dharsan. How can we utilise that? Plz advise…..

    • HI Sir,

      After kalyanothsavam you can get the darshan and if you are having the reccoemndation letter you can try for VIP Darshan a day before you can submit the letter at jeo office a day before and you can get the confirmation by evening for next day darshan


  322. Shalini Dinesh kumar

    Me with my family came for dharshanam two days before. When we asked about angapradakshanam they said that we have to wait for 365 days to book angapradakshanam tiCkets. Is that true? Because here you are saying the before day we can get the tickets. Kindly reply for my message thank you

    • HI Madam,

      a day before you can get the tickets at vijaya bank counter from 2pm so you should be there in queue line from 10 am onwards and tickets are limited so plan accordingly.


  323. Angapradikshnam tickets ekkada estunaru

  324. Harshini Komaragiri

    Hello Sir,if I want to perform Angapradakshina on satdayy early morning. Can i take tickets after 2pm on friday.

  325. Whether another person can accompany the person doing Angapradshanam, to help to perform the angapradakshanam.

    • HI Sir,

      only those who are having tickets are allowed to perform angapradakshina and others are not allowed


  326. I am getting angapradakishanam ticket for 14.1.2018.can I get Darshan after angapradakshinam .or can I go another entrance to get Sri bari Darshan.?

  327. Hi

    I don’t have Aadhar card since I have residence in US, what other ID cards you allow to get tickets and do Anga Pradkshina in Tirumala temple.


  328. Hi sir pls tell me the correct dress code for men to angapradakshinam

  329. Hi Sir…
    Me and my wife hv came on Thursday …there is no angaprathasanam tickets for Friday means….getting after tharisana…can we go for Saturday 2 am angaprathasanam… that ok..r after angaprathasanam only we hv to go for tharisana…plz give suggestions..

  330. Dear Concern,

    Can we book the Angapradakshinam tickets in advance with any source means online pre booking like that

    • HI Sir,

      There is no online bookings for angapradakshina so on arrival you can get the tickets at vijaya bank counter


  331. Really sir hats off to TTD administraton and staff for conducting the sevas as easy as possible and getting blessings of Lord Balaji to devotees. Thnq

  332. Pujitha Balakrishna reddy

    On Friday u will be issuing ticket for anga pradakishinam Friday 1 am will be Saturday right
    As Saturday is special day for swami
    If issuing ticket on Friday can start today

  333. Thank u for great opportunity. Is it possible for any helpers can accompany along with angapradakshana devotee .

  334. Hello sir/madam,
    If we are coming with our kid below 8 years and aged mom, can we take both inside?

  335. possible to have ticket for angapradesanam on Friday to do angapradesanam on Saturday morning,

  336. What documents needed for NRI’s? As we dint have Aadhar card, what other documents we can provind to get Tickets for angapradakshinam? Pls guide.

  337. Pls tell timing of angapradakshinam ticket given And which place

  338. Pls tell dress code for agapradakshinam …Pants are allowed or not

  339. Hello sir
    Please tell us the exact location and landmark for where to get angapradkshina tickets .At what time the counter will open.

  340. Sir
    March 4th tickets available?
    How much time tickets available after 2 pm?

    • HI Sir,

      Only 750 tickets are available and you need to be in queue line from 10 am onwards to get the tickets at 2 pm


  341. Can any male member accompany a woman devottee during Angaprathakshanam. Will tickets be available on 7th March 2018.

  342. Namaskaram, iam kavitha female of 40 years and I wish to do anghapradhakshinam for Lord BALAJI and I will be coming with my family my husband and a girl child of 9 years old a boy child of 4 years old.during anghapradhakshinam would devasthanam allows my husband and kids with me and then allow us all for dharsan.

  343. Hello sir
    I am from vizag I want angapradhakshan tickets plz Inform correct location at tirumala .
    Now present i am in tirmula we have to take two tickets to me and my husband or otherwise one ticket is enough to both of us plz tell correct info

    • HI Madam,

      You need to book the 2 angapradakshina tickets and you can get the tickets at vijaya bank counter from 2pm onwards


  344. I want to angapradhakshan on Saturday when will I get ticket Thursday or Friday?

  345. Can anyone accompany the person doing angapradakshinam? If so how many? Does it need special ticket? How to get?

    • HI Sir,

      No extra person is allowed to perform the angapradakshina only ticket holder can perform


  346. Thanks for providing this information. On aadhar card, is it sufficient if I carry print out of aadhar card downloaded form aadhar /UIDAI website?


  347. అయ్కా ! ‌నాకు ఒకా చిన్నా బాబు ఉన్నాడు తీసుకెలచా ?

  348. Meenal Natchiyar

    Hello sir
    What is the minimum age for Anga Pradkshina for girls

  349. Is it possible to get tickets for angapradhakshinam on Friday so that the devotee can perform her owe on Saturday morning ?

  350. Hi Sir how much ticket cost Angapradhakshinam

  351. Hi sir.i m planning for angapradhakshinam on Tuesday morning. Should I report Tom for getting the tickets

  352. Dear Sir it is possible to get tickets for angapradhakshinam on sunday 22-04-18

  353. After angapradakshinam, can the devotees change to dry clothes or will be allowed to darshan in the same wet clothes? I’ll be traveling alone. Wondering if I should carry extra change clothes or not

  354. Hi sir,

    I have booked 300 rs ticket dharshan on 15 April. Can I do angapradhakshanam on Sunday morning and visit god at 1.00 pm 300rs ticket dharshan on the same day?

    • HI Madam,

      get the tickets on saturday and you can perform the angapradakshina on sunday and by afternoon you can have the special darshan for 300 rs tickets


  355. Hi sir i am planning for angapradakshina on sat morning (21.04.2018) i should report on friday.


  356. D Chandra Babu,

    Hello Sir,

    Angapradharshan tickets , Can it be booked through on line ?

    • HI Sir,

      There is no online bookings for angapradakshina on arrival a day before you can get the tickets at vijaya bank counter


  357. Hi Sir,
    Can we book Angapradisanam tickets offered on line.

    • HI sir,

      angapradakshina tickets are not available in online so on arrival you can get the tickets at vijaya bank counter


  358. Sir I want to angapradakshina on 27 Friday how I get the ticket and what time

    • HI Sir,

      You can get the tickets on thursday for friday angapradakshina but on friday you will not get the main deity darshan after angapradakshina so plan on any other days


  359. Balan Rajarathnam

    Will I get Angapradakshinam token on 27apr 2018 ( Friday) for Saturday early morning Angapradakshinam kindly update me at the earliest

  360. Balan Rajarathnam

    Thanks , Tejas

  361. suresh Balasubramaniam

    What is the best time to stand in the Angapradakshinam queue to get the tickets for sure?

    • HI Sir,

      It is suggested to be in queue line from 10 am onwards because tickets are limited


  362. Hi Sir/Madam
    I heard Angapradakshina ticket issuing timings are changed.. is any news on that please

    Thanks in advance

    • HI Sir,

      Same timings sir you can plan to get the tickets at vijaya bank counter


  363. Hi sir
    Is there any booking in TTD counters in other than tirumala

  364. from where will a devotee get the drashan for angapradakshina is it from the jaya Vijaya door or the Kulasekara padi

  365. Muruganandam Natarajan

    dear admin,
    in tirupathi sava madurai counter they said.. the ticket issue timings is morning to 11. am in tirumala. for next day morning anga pradakshina.
    could you please advise me correct timing.

    i am planning to reach tirumala 25th evening to get ticket for 26th morning angapradakshina dharsan.. is that possible. please advise

    • HI Sir,

      May be timings are revised anyhow if you reach early you can get the tickets for sure so plan accordingly


  366. Thursday ticket issuing or not

  367. After Angapradakshinam Darshan Is Near Idol or as normal Darshan

  368. Hello Sir ,
    Kids also permitted to this Angapradhkshinam, we have 2 kids the age of 13and 11 n dressecode also please reply

    • HI Sir,

      Above 12 yrs old children required ticket to attend the seva and on request they may allow the children below 12 yrs


  369. Can i buy tickets previous night or on the day of angapradarshanam

  370. Hello sir ,
    Can we book the tickets for angpradakahinam in advanced,or at early in the morning like 08:00 am at C.r.

    • HI Sir,

      You can get the tickets at vijaya bank counter sir and tickets are limited



    Hello sir.
    We heard that angapradakshanam ticket counter is changed.. So please tell the present address and timings.

    Thank you.

    • Dear Madam ,
      you can get the tickets at CRO office at 2 pm, you need to be there before 3 hours as its limited to 750/day
      Please call at 9393939150 for further queries,
      Thank you.

  372. Ohm Namo Venkatasaya! Any volunteer will b there during angapradaksinam sir? Where can we deposit our specs and ID card etc. & how we will get back.

    • Dear Sir/Madam,
      you should not carry anything inside not allowed, those are at your risk.
      Thank you

  373. Angapradakshnam timing and detailed….. My mom should participated… Please do the needful mam/ sir

    • Dear Sir/Madam,
      The tickets are issued at 2Pm daily at CRO office, you need to be there at 11am to get tickets as its limited 750/day.
      Thank you

  374. Tickets issue and Angapradakshana is possible on same day

    • HI Madam,

      same day is not possible madam, a day before you need to collect the tickets at vijaya bank counter


  375. Sir/mam on which day of the weak there will be leave for angapradakshinam

    • HI Sir,

      daily angapradakshina is available but during friday you can perform the angapradakshina but darshan is anot allowed


    • Namaskaram,
      As I am an NRI, I remember last year when I am booking for kalyanavotsavam, I saw there is possibility to book for Amgapradhashinam, through online.
      Is it possible to book through online for now or only directly to come & Book there.
      Please looking for your kind we plan our travel accordingly.
      Thank You 🙏🏻

      • HI Madam,

        there is no online bookings for angapradakshina so on arrival a day before you need to collect the tickets for next day seva


  376. Can one more person accompany the person who is doing angapradakshanam to help them? If so will they be allowed for Darshan as well?

  377. On September 3o midnight angapradakshinam are available

  378. Abhishek k Chinchali

    Dead sir or madam
    I am coming on 21 morning how should be porcces the angapradakshina pls help me

    • Dear Sir/Madam,
      you need to get the tickets at CRO office at 2 pm they start issuing per day 750 tickets are limited you need to be there at least 3 hours prior to get the tickets and its free of cost.
      Thank you.

  379. Dear Sir / Madam
    I am Coming on 2nd of September TTD is there Angaprasakshinam tkt available for 3rd of September Morning and 4th of September if Available Please Reply me


    • Dear Sir/ Madam,
      yes it will be available on everyday, please contact 9393939150 for detailed information.
      Thank you.

  380. I Will reach 7 pm at tirupati on 24.08.2018.if I will get token for anghaprathasan and my husband & my child are allow to enter the temple

    • Dear Sir/Madam,
      The tickets will be issued at CRO office at 2 pm and you need to be there beofre 4 hoursto get tickets as they are limited to 750/ day and free
      Thank you.

  381. Dear Sir/Madam,
    not allowed, only for anga pradakshanam allowed.
    Thank you

  382. Sir, angapradhakshinam ticket is not issued for friday or Saturday morning dharshan, please confirm to me.

    • Dear Sir/Madam,
      Yes it will be not available for Friday as poorabhishekam will be there .
      Thank you.

  383. Namaste, do i need to have my passport copy or pasaport whilw queuing up? as I am am NRi

    Let me know please


    • Dear Sir/Madam,
      You need to carry your original passport and valid visa to avail NRI darshan,.
      Thank you.

  384. Sir
    Is angapradhakshinam possible on 12-09-2018?
    Pl tell me

  385. Is there angapradhkshanam on Sunday 16-Sep ?

    • Dear Sir/Madam,
      yes its available you need to get the tickets at CRO office at 2 pm and its limited to 750 tickets per day.
      Thank you.

  386. In danurmasa anga darshana is available r not,.i.e, after December 20th

    • Dear Sir/Madam,
      yes sir its available but as there is vaikunta ekadasi we cant assure you on that day please contact 9393939150.
      Thank you.

  387. Sir, I am planning to do Angapradashiknam on 15 Sep 2018, is it possible to do?

    • Dear Sir/Madam,
      Yes you can get tickets directly at CRO office at 2 pm, per day 750 tickets are limited.
      Thank you.

  388. Sir is angapradakshana possible in bramostava days?

  389. hello sir?madam,
    Is angapradakshina possible on 16/09/2018??
    please let me know….

  390. Hi Sir,
    Is angapradakshna is available on 15 Sep 2018 ?

    • Dear Sir/Madam,
      Yes its avaialble on all days you need to get the tickets at CRO office at 2 pm per day 750 tickets are issued.
      Thank you.

  391. please confirm angapradhashna is available on 23 sept & 24th sept

    • Dear Sir/Madam,
      yes sir its available those days you need to get tickets directly at CRO office at tirumala the tickets will be issued at 2 pm and you need to be there 3 hours prior to get the tickets sir.
      Thank you.

  392. Sir is anga pradhakshina or special dharshan available on 22-09-2018

    • Dear Sir/Madam,
      Yes sir both are available on that date, you can book online for booking special darshan please contact 9393939150.
      Thank you.

  393. Pl confirm angapradikshina is available on 17/10/2018

    • Dear Sir/Madam,
      Yes sir its available at 2 pm at CRO office you need to get tickets directly per day 750 tickets are issued.
      Thank you.

  394. Is anga pradakshina.available in Brahmothsava timings in the month of October?

  395. Dear sir/ madam
    Thanks for your info… I will be in tirumala on 1st Dec 2018(Saturday) and booked for special entry Sharman on same day around 17.00. Can u please advice me at what time & place I should be in q for angapradakshinam for next day morning 2am Sunday 2nd Dec 2018.

  396. Is angapradakshin available for 25th morning

    • Dear Sir/Madam,
      Yes it will be available on all days and the ticket issued at CRO office daily at 2 pm .
      Thank you.

  397. Respected sir/madam
    Weather i can get the ticket on Friday and shall I do it my angapradharshan on Saturday

    • Dear Sir/Madam,
      yes you can do anga pradakshana, you need to get the tickets at CRO office at 2 pm daily.
      Thank you.

  398. Please let me know wether angapradakshinam available on 30th saturday september 2018

    Kindly provide me the info

    • Dear Sir/Madam,
      yes anga pradkshanam is allowed daily at 1 am and you need to get the tickets at CRO office.
      Thank you.

  399. Dear Sir/Madam,
    you can perform after 90 days. you will get the tickets at CRO office at 2 pm daily.
    Thank you.

  400. Sir,
    If I have divya darshan token(given for foot path pilgrims) for Srivari darshan with fixed timing and I’m going to do angapradhakshinam. Which place I should approach first? Divya darshan queue or CRO office? Please clarify

    • Dear Sir/Madam,
      You need to get the tickets at CRO office at 2 pm, per day 750 tickets are limited.
      Thank you.

  401. Hello Krishna Garu,

    Could you pls tell me if Angapradaskshina tickets are issued downhill as well? What is the validity of the ticket?

    • Dear Sir/Madam,
      You need to get the anga pradakshana tickets at CRO office in tirumala at 2 pm its limited to 750 tickets per day you need to be there 4 hours before to get the tickets.
      Thank you.

  402. How many days i should wait for second time angaprdarshana tickets

  403. After angapradakshina are we allowed to see god from front like those of suprabatha seva people?

  404. is there any trouble to get an angapradakshanam tickets for dec 1 due to vaikunda yegadhashi in CRO counter.

    • Dear Sir/Madam,
      Vaikunta ekadasi is on dec 19th, you can get the anga pradakshina on dec 1st.
      Thank you.

  405. Sir,
    Is Anga pradakshinam available on Jan. 19th and Jan. 20th, 2019? Is darsanam available on these 2 days after Anga Pradakshinam?

    • Dear Sir/Madam,
      yes sir angapradakshina happens daily at 1 am, and tickets will be available at CRO office.
      Thank you.

  406. Dear sir, If I get the tickets at CRO counter on Friday, Will I be allowed for angapradakshinam on Saturday 2AM or Sunday 2AM. Please confirm. Thank you

  407. Hi, I m from chennai, if I come to CRO counter at 11 am, is it possible to get the angapradikshnam ticket for next day ?
    Also if if I see the Dharshan in the same day evening, is there
    Any restrictions for next day Anga Pradkshinam/ Dharshan?

  408. Hello Sir,
    If we buy tickets on Thursday when we are allowed to do angapradhakshinam?
    Both Thursday and Friday ticket people together allowed to do on Saturday? Or only 750 people including Thursday and Friday… 1500 people are allowed as Thursday and Friday people are doing

    • Dear Sir/Madam,
      Sir on Friday there is no angapradakshina,per day 750 tickets are issued at CRO office.
      Thank you.

  409. hello sir,

    can any one accompany with the person performing angapradakshinam????

  410. కె శివాజీ

    నమస్కారం నేను గుంటూరు నుండి 27 నవంబర్ న తిరుపతి వస్తున్నాను అంగప్రదక్షిణ టికెట్స్ లభిస్తాయ

    • Dear Sir/Madam,
      You need to get the tickets at CRO office tirumala at 2 pm daily. per day 750 tickets are limited.
      Thank you.

  411. Hi sir I’m from Malaysia, Is Angapradakshina tickets available on Dec 20, 2018 sir. Plz let us know.

  412. Hi sir . I booked darshnam on 2dec 2018..It’s agaparthashinam will be allowed on that day

    • Dear Sir/Madam,
      You need to get the ticket at CRO office per day 700 tickets are issued at 2 pm.
      Thank you.

  413. Krishnakanthan Sasankan

    Dear sir/madam,

    I am originally from Tamil Nadu, now living in the United States, American citizen. I do not have aadhaar card; I have passport and OCI card (overseas citizen of India). I have a prarthana for anga pradakshanam. How can I do that without aadhaar card.

  414. Dear sir,
    I have a baby who is 11months old. Can iamd my family join in this angapradhkshinam?

    • Dear Sir/Madam,
      Not allowed only people who got angapradakhanam tickets are allowed and no one is allowed to accompany.
      Thank you.

  415. Dear sir,
    While I am doing angapradakhsana Seva, can my husband accompany with me.

  416. Hi sir
    Can we stand in line on Friday for Saturday early morning angpradakahinam

  417. Hi ,
    I am planning to walk up the hill va Alipiri. I am also planning to do angapradhakshanam next day. My question is, can i get angapradhikshinam ticket in Alipiri or Srivari?

    • Dear Sir/Madam,
      You need to get the angapradakshina tickets directly on arrival at CRO office at 2 pm .
      Thank you.

  418. Hello Sir,

    For Saturday angapradikshnam, do we get tickets on Friday? Also where is JEO office located, I heard its CRO office for angapradikshnam tickets. Let me know sir..

    Usually how long does it take to sell 750 tickets?

  419. Om Namo Venkatesaya. We would like to know whether ladies can perform angapradakshinam?

  420. Good evening, do we have Angapradakshina Seva for this Saturday 22-dec-2018? If yes can we get the tickets on Friday (21-dec-2018) kindly confirm

    • Dear Sir/Madam,
      You can get the angapradakshina from and you need to get the tickets at CRO office per day 750 tickets are issued.
      Thank you.

  421. Tickets issued for next day
    It means , understand that , we can do biometric by saturday 2PM @ CRO office for Sunday 1AM angapradakshinam.

    Hope this is correct

  422. We are in Bangalore. We are reaching Tirumala on 04/01/2019 at about 5 pm. Are Online tkts available. Till what time is tkts available.

  423. Deepa Karthick stay

    Hari Om
    Respected sir/ madam,
    I am doing angapradhsan and from my family my husband and two kids are coming for tirumali tirupathi dharsan whether how many members will be allowed during that angapradhsan pooja timing. And how about ticket cost. Please kindly do the needful. Thank you

  424. Is angapradakshina closed during danurmasam?

  425. Dear Sir/Madam,
    Yes its enough you can show any id proof which is issued by the govt of india.
    Thank you.

  426. Sir,
    I would like to do Angapradesham on Feb4th early morning i.e around 1.00 Am to 4.00 Am, when can I have the ticket for this darshan, at what time to be in the counter. Is there any possibility to allow one along with the person who does angapradesham. Please reply.

    • Dear Sir/Madam,
      You need to take the tickets on Thursday at CRO office from 2 pm its limited per day 750 tickets.
      Thank you.

  427. To get the ticket at 2:00pm is it enough if we come to the counter by 12 noon.
    By 12 midnight can we have bath INSRIVARI pudhkarini have Darshan atVarahaswamy temple and join at 1pm in supdham
    Can one person accompany the angapradakshanam devotee
    Please let me know in details

  428. For one lady planning to do angapradharshanam, accompanied by a helper, her mother or father, please let me know if one ticket to be bought or two? Has the buying to be done only at the counter? Or can it be done on your web site? If it can be on your site, please supply the link. Thanks!

  429. Srinivasulu Nalluri

    We would like to do angapradakshinam on January 27 .Please let me know how to buy tickets

  430. HI SIR ,

    • Dear Sir/Madam,
      You need to collect the tokens at CRO office at 2 pm , for that you need to carry your aadhar card.
      Thank you.

  431. No.12 thailangadu villappakkam othilvilagam village chunampet post kancheepuram.dis

  432. Dear Sir,
    I need to do angapradharshan. I came to tirumala along with my mother, shall i bring her with me whike angapradharsnam.

    • Dear Sir/Madam,
      No only the person who is performing the anga pradkshanam are allowed to have that .
      Thank you.

  433. Dear Sir

    I”m coming to Tirupati on 22.02.19 by 3.00 PM. Is it any chance to get Angapradakshina ticket to next day i.e. 23.02.19?

    Thanks in Advance.

    • Dear Sir/Madam,
      You can perform anga pradakshanam at 1 am and you can collect the tickets at CRO office .
      Thank you.

  434. if i want to go for anga pradakshanam saturday morning when i want to take tickets

  435. Sir please suggest what is the next optionif any devotee wants to do Angapradhakshanam and not able to be in a position to come in person to take the ticket at the respective counter

    • Dear Sir/Madam,
      There is no other option you need to get the tickets at CRO office at 2 pm , per day 750 tickets are limited .
      Thank you.

  436. How long we have to do Angapradhashnam

  437. Dear Sir,

    With Lord’s grace, adiyen will be participating in Suprabhata Seva on May 20, 2019 – Monday. The tickets are booked via Electronic Seva DIP. My query is: can I also perform Angapradakshina Seva on the same day. I can get the tickets at CRO office the day before, but will it be possible to perform both on the same day?


    • Dear Sir/Madam,
      You can not perform that in the same day as the timings will coincide ,
      Thank you.

  438. For angapradakshinam can we take anyone to accompany?

    • Dear Sir/Madam,
      No you can not take anyone to accompany ,you need to do it by self there will be escorts to help you and do the needful .
      Thank you.

  439. Lord Venkateswara Swami antharalaya Darshan Availabe for Which Sevas, Will U Explain ?

    • Dear Sir/Madam,
      You can get the angapradakshina tickets at CRO office ,per day 750 tickets are issued .
      Thank you.

  440. Tickets on what time was issued can you please tell me On Saturday

  441. after angapradakshinam can we take kids for darshanam along with us.

  442. Venugopal Thimmappa

    In the absence of Aadhar card what else is accepted

  443. K. Jagadeswara rao

    Dear Sir,

    Anthara alayam darshanam is offered for angapradakshanam..
    Please clarify my dought.
    thanks in advance

  444. Is minors are allowed to angapradakshana ?

  445. Can we collect angapradakshinam tickets on Friday afternoon?

  446. Dear Sir/Madam

    hello sir

    i had already get ticket of darshan after that can i get the ticket of angapradakginam is that possible

  447. Dear sir /madam
    Please clarify me about the dress code for men’s in Angapradkshinam,as it is mentioned in above details men’s are allowed to wear only dhothi, then what about shirt and vest both should be removed or what
    Thank you

  448. sir.. this process for NRI also

    • Dear Sir/Madam,
      For NRIS you need to get the tickets directly on arrival at supadam entrance,by showing your original passport and valid visa.
      Thank you.

  449. Dear sir, I wanted to do angapradakshinam on june 1st,so at what time I need to wait for ticket in cro gate?

    • Dear Sir/Madam,
      You need to be there from 11 am the tickets will be issued at 2 pm .
      Thank you.

  450. Dear sir , can I have a person along with me for help during angapradakshanam

  451. dear sir/madam i want to do angaparidkshinam june 10 i want information about that

    • Dear Sir/Madam ,
      You need to get the tickets before one day at CRo Office at 2 pm . per day 750 tickets are limited.
      Thank you.

    • Is Aadhar card compulsory. Will PAN card be accepted instead?

  452. It is always better to carry aadhar card than any other which is issued by govt. Like pan, voter, passport etc

    • Dear Sir/Madam ,
      You should carry aadhar card , pan card and passport for more details call at 8500 898 000.
      Thank you.

  453. How many times can a person do angapradakshina in a year?

    I have done in September 2018. Can I go in next week again?

    • Dear Sir/Madam,
      only once in a year you can avail anga pradakshina by taking the ticket at CRO office.
      Thank you .

  454. Shashidhara B Miraskar

    Me and my wife want to do angapradakshinam. In case we cannot get the ticket. Can we book special darshan ticket in tirumala on the same day. If yes then where can we buy? Kindly reply

    • Dear Sir/Madam,
      You can get angapradakshina tickets at CRO office at 2 pm , you need to wait before 4 hours for getting the tickets as it is limited .
      Thank you .

  455. Tomorrow at 2.00pm we can take angapradakshina tickets

  456. Can we go and take ticket s tomorrow