Tirumala Tirupati Marriage Online Booking

Tirumala Tirupati Marriage Online Booking is available at TTD website

Rules and Regulations to be followed for registration

  1. The Bride should be 18 and above. The bridegroom should be 21 and above. Age proof Photo IDs should be submitted 24 hours in advance. Certificates considered for Age proof are Electoral Card, 10th class certificate, Birth Certificate issued by the Municipality. Originals should be carried for verification.
  2. Both the bride and groom should belong to Hindu religion.
  3. Address proof should be submitted. Documents which will be accepted are Aadhaar Card, Residence Certificate issued by M.R.O, Ration Card. Original documents should be carried.
  4. The Bride and Groom Parents or Guardians should present at the time of the marriage. Parents/Guardians must carry any of these documents, Electoral Card, Ration Card, Driving License, Passport, Aadhaar Card. Originals should be carried.
  5. If Parents are not available for the marriage then Guardians must present at Kalyana Vedika with their IDs.
  6. Marriage will be performed to a group of couples or single couple, which depends on the number of enrolments.
  7. After marriage, 2 persons from the Bride’s family and 2 persons from the Groom’s family will be allowed for Free Darshan along with Couple. Darshan will be thru Rs.300 darshan line. Guardians who are accompanying newly married couple has to carry their Photo ID proofs for Darshan.
  8.  With all the documents Bride and Groom has to report at Kalyana Vedika 24 hours in advance at Tirumala. Original documents have to be carried for the verification. On verifying the documents a confirmation receipt will be issued.
  9. Please keep the confirmation receipt safely as it is required Darshan and Marriage Registration in Tirumala at SMC. Marriage Certificate will be issued on the same day.

Tirumala Tirupati Marriage Online Booking

  1. Login to ttdsevaonline website
  2. Update Bride and Bridegroom’s  Name, Surname, Date of birth, Contact number, Community and upload documents supporting Age proof (Voter ID, Birth Certificate, School Certificate) and Photo ID documents ( Passport, Driving License, PAN Card, Voter ID, Aadhaar Card, Ration Card)
  3. Provide the required address details and also update Parents/ Guardians.
  4. Choose Marriage Date and Time properly.
  5. Booking can’t be changed once submitted.

For more details or availability, please WhatsApp or call @ 701 303 3309


  1. I want to perform my brothers son’s marriage at Thirumala. What are the mandapams available? What r the charges? The date of Marriage is 4th December 2016

  2. I want to conduct Shasti poorti for my parents in Tirumala. kindly help with procedure, booking and cost involved

    • Dear Sir,
      Shashti can be even done at cottage. Please book Rs.2000 for 2 days using 2 login IDs. Arrive a day early at Tirumala to purchase items for Shasti poorthi and engaging Purohit at Purohit Sangam. It will not cost more if you plan this way

  3. Sir I want to know the procedure for samuhika shastipurthi please let me know the full details thank you.

    • Dear Madam,
      As of now there is no such program available. You can perform Shasti poorthi separately in your cottage itself. Please book Rs.2000 room which can accommodate 6 adults easily. Engage Purohit from Purohit Sangam and perform this event in the cottage itself. It will not cost more than Rs.4000 in total

  4. i want to book tickets for kalayan in tirumala for my parents.can u please let me how can i book tickets online for this month.

    • Dear Sir,
      Aug month quota will be released online on 1st Jul at 11 am. Tickets should be booked at ttdsevaonline website.

      Steps to be followed while booking

      Keep your ID proof details in hand
      Make sure your bank account is having good balance if you are using Debit Card.
      Have patience while booking, it may go up to 2 hours
      Photo dimensions should be 150 x 150, it should not exceed 20 kb. Try to limit your photosize to 18 kb
      For multiple bookings, please create additional login IDs
      If you are facing error “Booking limit exceeded” , try booking from different ip
      Only one photo needs to be uploaded while booking. For the second person it is only details required
      Children below 12 years don’t need tickets. It is free entry for them.


  5. do we get any benefits for inter caste marriages in TTD. pleaes let me know and also please assist me with the process.

  6. Om Namo Venkatesaya:), good evening. im Mr.Vasu, i would like to get marriage in tirumala devastanam in the month of Nove,ber 2016. im trying to login in www. ttdsevaonline. com, but there is no option to upload bride details and bridegroom details. kindly heli me to do ASAP, please you can contact me on +91 9989206197.

    • Dear Sir,
      Here is the URL https:// legacy.ttdsevaonline. com/Home.aspx?ReturnUrl=%2fKalyanavedika%2fKalyanavedikaGuidelines.aspx

  7. Dear sir,
    1> I am already registered kalyana vedika in online,just I want to know for my marriage all family members & friends are coming so it possible to allow for all members or only parents?.
    2> Marriage things have to carry from our side or u will provide?

    • Dear Sir,
      1. No need to carry any materials
      2. All can watch the wedding. But only parents will be allowed for Darshan along with couple

  8. Sir,i want to get marriage in tirumala…but bride belongs to muslim religion…is it possible to get marrige there…by submiting original proofs….

    • Dear Sir,
      I’m sorry to say. Both should be from Hindu religion only then it will be considered at Tirumala

  9. Hi,

    I need two clarifications:

    1) For kalyana vedika seva, will they provide Purohit to do the marriage or we should arrange separately?

    2) In case of guardians inplace of parents, do we need to provide any extra documentation or photo proof is enough?


    • Dear Sir,
      1. Yes, TTD will provide purohit. No need to arrange separately
      2. Photo ID proof will do. No other documents required

  10. Sir..i am sreenivasa reddy m..i am phisically handicapped so which fecilities provide sir i want to get marriege in tirumala ..website is not supporting to registration.. what can i do? my contact..7702120077

  11. We married in April 2012 at Ahobilmutt, Tirumala. Now we want Marrage certificate. What is the procedure?

    • Dear Sir,
      Please apply at SMC marriage registration. Please carry proofs which states the marriage at Ahobilam Mutt.

  12. we want to marry in tirumala

    • Dear Sir
      Please apply in online for the marriage in ttdsevaonline website. Please let me know if you nee more details.


  14. love marriage is possible in tirupati temple sir, if so can you tell me the procedure.
    Thanks and regards

  15. Hello Sir,

    I have one clarification, bride and bridegroom are planning to do love cum arrange marriage but both their parents are not willing to attend the marriage. Instead, they are sending relatives as guardians for the marriage. Will it be possible to do the marriage with the guardians? if so what are the procedures? please clarify. its little urgent.

    Thanks in advance!

  16. Hi Sir,
    For arranged marriage, will Purohit be arranged by TTD? what is the Fees to be paid for a Purohit,
    what are the things we need to carry to marriage hall,


    • Dear Sir,
      Please carry mangal sutra. Try to be there at tirumala a day in advance to purchase required pooja material. Purohit will be arrange by TTD only

  17. Dear Sir,

    We already booked for marriage through TTD centre, Vellore. The marriage date 07.11.2016. Please let us know the below details..

    1.what are the marriage supporting materials we has to carry?

    2.To whom we have to contact in the previous day of marriage?

    3.In which place we have to stay?

    4.How long it will take to issue marriage registration certificate?

    5. Prohiter mobile number?

    6.Which is marriage place?

    Since it is Ist time hence we has a number of doubts and fear about the marriage in unknowingly language area.. So kindly clarify..

    If possible please give mail..


    • Dear Sir,
      1. Please be there a day in advance for the list from Purohit. I will check and on this list tomorrow
      2. Reporting required at Kalyana Vedika at Purohit Sangam.
      3. Rs.50 rooms will be allotted on reporting at Kalayna Vedika
      4. It might take 1 hour max for the certificate
      5. Purohit will be randomly allotted
      Purohits in Tirumala speaks Tamil only there will not be any problem

  18. bvenkatmallikarjunrao

    how many days before we have to apply for online booking of marriage. how many rooms will be given to bridge and bridegroom and for how many days.

  19. 1. Is marriages of couple done in day or night muhurratam.
    2. What ttd will do if some couple lagna patrika muhurratam in different times like someones on day and someones in evening etc.

  20. Hi,

    Could you please let me know if it is OK if groom’s parent comes with verification documents and then the bride and groom comes later? Will they issue the certificate?

    Also, I have heard there are separate halls for individual marriage, what is the procedure to book those halls?

    How long before should I make booking in both the cases(group and individual) ?

    How many rooms I will be getting after making a booking?

    How many people are allowed with the married couple for Darshan?

    I have to make a booking for February 3rd and have many doubts. Please let me know if there is a contact number where I can get clarification.

    Thanks a lot in advance!


  21. I have made a booking on TTD Seva Online regarding Kalyana Vedika, but want to make sure whether we will be alloted with a seperate Kalyana madapam or it ll be a part of mass marriages, please confirm

    • Dear Sir,
      It is mass marriages only. If couples exceeds 39 then it will be performed in group. If number of applicants are under 39 then each one will get one Purohit

  22. ramakrishna gadamsetti

    Dear sir
    i would like to oerfirm my daughter marriage at ttd marriage hall kindly ket me knw that if i come in end niv wiill it be possible to book for feb 3rd week 2017

  23. I am coming Dec 4 th marriage.

  24. Hi,
    I booked kalayana vedhika for 06-NOV, Whether bride address proof and guardian address proof should have same address mentioned n t proof…

    bcos my permananet address will be mentioned n proof and guardian proof will have my current addres which my proof doesnot have

  25. Hi,
    I booked the kalyana vedhika service for 06-Nov…I need to know whether guardian address in the proof and bride address should match in the proof…

    I mentioned my permanent address which is in the proof while booking the service but current address is guardian address which will not be der…will this be problem??

    • Dear Sir,
      It is not mandatory. It will not be a prolem

    • Dear sir,

      I am already married but one more time I got married in thirumala temple in thiruppathi in my wife dream .i have my marriage certificate.so can you please tell me whats that procedures.

      • Dear Sir,
        Yes, you can get married again at Tirumala which is absolutely fine. You will have two options 1. Separate marriage by booking cottage and managing things on your own which costs from 1 lac – 1.2 lac (depends on the arrangements)
        2. In group. By booking marriage slot in the online. This will be performed in group.

  26. Dear sir, What is the Fee for marriage Registration and to Purohith ?

  27. i applied kalyana vedika just for knowing .it create any problem?

  28. Hi,
    I had horrible service from kalyana vedika ttd I booked service for 06th Nov …my parents are old and sick I brought my guardian with me…my future wife relations all came …but still der didn’t allow me to avail kalyana vedika service stating that parents should be dead incase of guardians…also to provide death certificate… But my parents are very much alive… There was noidentifcaiton that while booking otherwise I would have opted for mandapam itself…now I have booked mandapam in tirumala for 25000₹ tomorrow at 7am ….that kalyana vedika officer was very arrogant…poor service didn’t expect this from them…really ashamed infront of my future wife relation.. My question is .I booked three months back…der didn’t provide or tell me this…I checked twice before booking

  29. Respected Sir/Madam
    I am Dr.Arpana here. My parents want to get me married at Tirumala. They have some queries for which they need answers.
    1.Can we have single marriage instead of group marriage. If yes, what is the procedure? If no then how will the group marriages be conducted?
    3.What all rituals will be carried out? Will we be allowed to carry out our rituals?
    2.What all things to be carried from both groom’s n bride’s side for the rituals? (Other than mentioned Id proofs)
    3.Will we be given accommodation? If yes then for how many people?
    4.What will be the total cost of everything?

  30. Hello Sir,

    My parents want me to get married at tirumala on Feb, 2017. And we would like to have single marriage which is arranged everything by ourself. My question is if we get married separately instead of mass marriages which is held by Purohit sangam, can we still go and register our marriage legally?

    Please help me with this.

    My concern is do i get any proof from tirumala if i get married separately?

  31. Hello,

    My sister wants to get married at Tirupati.
    Is it a possibility to get her married in a separate mandap as in single marriage rather than mass marriage?
    If yes, where do we register and what would be the cost?


  33. Hi.. I want to marry in tirumala … I need a separate marriage hall … Can u pls give me information on it

  34. Dear sir, one of our relatives got married at tirumala, but didn’t collect marriage certificate on the day of marriage can be obtained now, and what’s the procedure

    • HI Sir,

      Now they can get the certificate by providing wedding card as a proof and get the certioficate


  35. Hello, sir we are performing marriage for our daughter on May 18 we had visited padamavathi kalayana mandapamam no 2 we are looking forward to book it what is the procedure to book it is there any website or manual booking or any phone number please help me in this process

  36. We want to get married in tirumala tirupati with all rituals but we couple are lovers and our marriage is not acceptable by our parents. So we have inquiry that whether at tirumala tirupati perform our marriage or not.

    • HI Sir,

      To get married at tirumala parents or Guardians should be present.


    • Sir I am vignesh.. I want to get married at tirupati..but we are lovers and our marriage is accepted by the parents of the bride but not by my parents. Is there any provision?.. What is the procedure please help us

  37. Bride can keep flowers

  38. Sir i want get upanayanam to my son in tirumala. What is the procedure for this. Pl reply.

  39. Sir We want to get married in tirumala. We are lovers. Our parents are not agree for our marriage. I’m a defence person. So marriage proof is required. The marriage certificate which is giving by devasthanam is valid or not. Please reply as soon as possible. Thanking you sir….

  40. Sir We want to get married in tirumala. We are lovers. Our parents are not agree for our marriage. I’m a govt. Employee. So marriage proof is required. The marriage certificate which is giving by devasthanam is valid or not. Please reply as soon as possible. Thanking you sir….

  41. Hi sir I plan to get marry in this month. So please tell me the contact detals and registration process…..

    • HI Sir,

      Directly you have to apprach with your Id Proofs at tirumala “https://www.gotirupati.com/tirupati-marriage-procedure/”

      Please go through the link.


  42. Is there any cost for the marriage?? If it’s there please mention it. And also at the same time they can provide the marriage certificate or we need to register it again with registration office?

    • HI Sir,

      If you are looking for group marriage you can register at kalyana vedika in TTDSEVAONLINE its free of cost but marriage materials you need to carry.


  43. Hi sir we have planned sister marriage in thirupathi, we are 20 members altogether planned to come, that much members will be allowed or not

  44. Hai sir
    I planned to get marry next month. Do group marriages are held at every month? If so i wan to knew the details

    • Hi Madam,

      Yes they wil perform good muhurtham days so you please register at kalyana vedika with your ID Proofs in ttdsevaonline.


  45. In Feb 2018 my parents will be celebrating 50th marriage anniversary, their marriage can be done in tirupati ,please advice if yes,also guide reguarding the procedures as we have one year time,it’s my mother wish she wants go celebrate in tirupati temple,awaiting for favorable reply

    • HI Madam,

      On arrival you can contact at pruhit sangam they will provide you the complete details.


  46. Hi sir,

    We planed our relative marriage on march so how many members did allow for marriage?

  47. Bride and bridegroom parents and guardians will not come, friends will come, they are accepted or not

  48. P.chidambaram p.senvaruthi t.t mettur kudiyatham t.k vellur d.t marrige date 9/3/2017

  49. Hi sir,
    We done our marriage on 2012. Marriage register certificate also available. But our jaathakam says to do marriage again on good time at tirupati sanidhanam. For this also proofs of bride and groom required??? Do parents of groom should come? Can we do marriage in a group???? We need to do marriage on 2 April 2017..
    Plz clarify me sir.

    • HI MAdam,

      You can register at kalayana vedika to perform the group marriage and your parents should be there.


  50. My sister is not having any of the above mentioned documents for age proof. She is not having voter ID, School certificate and birth certificate. Is there any alternative for the age proof. Thanking you sir/madam.

    • HI Sir,

      Atleast one Id proof must and should reuired for registering the marriage in online.


  51. I want to marry at ttd with kalyana vedika. What is the cost for single or group?

  52. My marriage is next month how can i book. Function hall in tirumala,what will be the cost ,if i book in ttd kalyana vedika what will be the cost plz let me know

    • Hi Sir,

      kalyana vedika is nothing but the group marriage it is performing at the purohith sangam , if you are planning for the individual marriage then you need to book the marriage hall which costs 200 rs you can book at CRO Office .


      • Marriage hall cost 200 rs really will u plz provide me any contact number sir so that we can clarify our doubt and will know the procedure

  53. I want to marry at ttd with Kalyana vedika. What is the cost for single or group?

    • Dear sir,

      Please visit ttd seva online for booking. In kalyana vedika it will be performed at free of cost.

  54. Hi
    The parents of bride and bridegroom are against the intercaste marriage .In that case how to get a guardian?

  55. My partner was from Muslim religion and I’m from Hindu religion.. Is it possible to get marry at tirumala tirupati devastana..

  56. Iff we pay 200 rs we can make our marrage in personal like si gle couple marriage right ?? If so where we have to pay in online site or only in cro office

    • HI sir,

      On arrival you can book the hall there is no option to book in online


      • Sir I want marry in Tirupati we r hindu but sub caste is different (my caste:SC,,and her :Lingayat).. is it okay sir..we took permission from patients they agreed

  57. There is chance marriage in tirumula with out parents u r going to love marriage u both are Hindu ,plzzzz tell me the sagition

  58. Can marriage be performed between Hindu bride & groom without parents at kalyana vedika?

  59. Hi Sir,

    Current age of bride is 18 and marriage is planned for August. While booking Kalyana Vedika the DOB year is not enabled for her. Could you confirm how to proceed. Can we do individual marriages in Tirumala.


    • HI Sir,

      yes you can perform the individual marriages at tirumala there might be a problem to take dob because there might be a some months difference to complete the age.


  60. Hi ,

    Am getting married on 17th muhurtam 12.05 at kalyana vedika, coming to tirumala around 5 persons including parents.

    My question is i have somewhere heard that for darshanam they will only allow people who married before 12am is that true?

    You have mentioned in your list that we need to report 24 hours in advance but in tirumala list it shows 6 hours advance?

    Can you please clarify my 2 above questions.


    • HI Madam,

      yes madam for your arrangements you are there to be in advance and also after your marriage you can have the swamy darshan.


  61. for marriage ar kalyana vedika, what is the fees payable and what are the things provided and what are the things to be brought by us for marriage.

    • Hi sir,

      Its free of cost only mangalyam you have to bring rest all can be arranged at temple but you have to book priorly in online.


  62. I have all documents….. but i don have birth certificate what am do…

  63. if parents are not interested about my marriage i and my love both are major we want to get marriage at TTD will it possible

  64. Sir my parent are supporting us
    But my girl parents are nt intrested
    Can we get married hear
    By gurdian from her

    • HI Sir,

      Sorry both the parents should be available at the time of marriage then only you can marry at tirumala.


  65. Hai, sir
    We are Hindus ,bride have all documents
    But groom don’t have brith certificate,
    So can apply tirumala marriage???
    Both family have suppoting
    Arrange marriage

  66. Balaji Chandrashekar Phutane

    hi sir,

    I have one question iam marrying a girl from outside india and we follow iskcon it was my desire to marry in tirumala under the shelter of lord venkateshwara so what is possible solution.

  67. Hello sir
    Will marriage happen in Tirumala or Tirupathi?

  68. Dear Sir/Madam,

    At Kalyana vedika, my fiancee has booked a slot for marriage at Tirumala in June. After our marriage we would like to register our marriage at Tirumala/tirupati. We just heard from someone that ‘unmarried certificate’ is required to be produced for both of us, to register our marriage. We have never been married before and we both are accompanied by our parents and siblings.
    Is this document really needed?
    Thanks in advance.


    • Dear Sir,
      Unmarried document question might raise if the bride and groom are above 40 years. For which notary document will do.

  69. helo sir..
    i want to cancel the booking in kalyana vedika how to cancel it in tirumala website?


    Hi sir, my wish is there to get marry at tirumala at lord Tirupati balaji feet AND WE PLANNED TO GET MARRY IN JULY SO SIR PLS EMAIL ME THE CONTACT NOS.

  71. if we planned

  72. sathish kumar M

    My marriage date 31aug 2017

  73. how many rooms will be given for bride and bride groom for marriage at kalyana vedika

  74. Dear sir
    My brotherinlaw marrage 03 .09.2017 Sunday.so how can booking tirumala wedding;

  75. Sir menu marriage cheskovale ankuntuna tirupati lo process enti and spot lo marriage chestara

  76. Dear TTD management I have request. We are all ready married couple we came know that there will free marriages done at TTD. So how and where to register for those marriages could you please help us with information. Thank you.

    • HI Madam,

      you can register at kalayana vedika in online


      • Sir we already did register marriage. Now we would like to marry in thirumala devasanam. Is it possible to Get married in Thirumala devasanam now.

        • HI Sir,

          In main temple its not available you can perform at function halls for further details you can contact at 9393939150 for further details.


  77. sir i want to marry in the presence of thirumala. here i want to know is there any possible to marry with out bride parents.

  78. Sir my fiance is semi Hindu.. his father is Hindu but her mother is muslim.. can we marry at thirumba… pls inform…

  79. Hi sir as per our korrikka we dropped our mangalyam in Hindi…I have to put new mangalyam again to my wife …what is the procedure….

  80. shall we get any separate kalyana mandapam only for us.?

  81. Sir for the marriage if girls parents are not present can any oneelse take up the responsibility as guardian? If yes, what are the required documents?

  82. China Veeraiah Linga

    Hi Sir,

    We are planning to do my brother marriage at tirumala, my brother lives in usa, he is propose to marry by us citizen .

    what are the procedure we need follow for booking the marriage solt at tirumala?

    she will comes to india along with her mother to mariage before a week to india along with my brother .

    if we need to book slot now it self, my payrents is available to book the slot.

    Please suggest how proceed ..

  83. Can NRI’s get married in tirupati? What is the procedure?

  84. Respected sir
    I have been staying is the US for a long time so i could not get my aadhar card . I ma planning to get married at the Holy Tirumala Hill in March 2018. please let me know if Passport as is enough to recieve our marriage certificate on the same day as I get married.

    Thank you

  85. Dear sir
    I want to make the marriage at thirumala , wat is the procedure for the decoration & food fecilities at thirumala. It is all seperate charges for the Marriage or we have to give the total amount to the contracte, they will do everything ah sir?

    • HI Sir,

      Yes they will take care if they are genuine and they will take care of everything sir for further details you can contact at 85000 85151 for any suggestions


      • Sir,
        You have provided cell number 8500085151 can we know whose number and what is name and particulars. As we are planning to do marriage of my cousin

        • HI Sir,

          they can suggest you and know the details and procedure and availability of dates at tirumala, they can help you sir


  86. I am planning to book Kalyana vedika at tirumal, If i book Kalyana vedika did I get any rooms along wihth that..?

  87. I need to know the cost of hall no of rooms and cost for food

    • HI Madam,

      need details like number of guests, date and other details so you can contact at 9393939510 for further details



  89. hi sir,
    am planing marriage in tirupathi. need to know details about marriage procedure and guest staying , food details, total cost requirement everything .. can u support.

    • HI Sir,

      sure sir we will suggest you we need some details about date and number of guests etc so you can contact at 9393939510 for further details


  90. I married 2 years ago in pourohitha sangam – Tirumala. After marriage, I received marriage receipt. But I do not know how to register for my marriage certificate at that time.please let me know how to do it.

    • HI Sir,

      On arrival you can contact at purohith sangam for further details along with the receipt.


      • Hi sir ,
        My self teja. I want to marry my life partner in Tirumala . It’s a love marriage parents don’t know about marriage. Both are belong to Hindu religion. Will you accept my marriage in Tirumala.

  91. Hi
    . if bride have not study which documents required?

  92. Hello,
    sir my self Mr. Sunil p ingale
    I’m booked marriege purohit sangh 6th feb 2018 but marriege booking email and print i have loss.
    So please give me any option or resend me mail

  93. I am from tamilandu .. online marriage booking is available?

  94. Lata Rajesh Joshi

    It’s our 25 marriage anniversary wanna do it in tirupati hills in a grand vip way on 5 feb 2020

  95. Sir, we are interested booking for age attend function for my daughter
    Pls reply. M.v.NAVEEN, chennai

  96. Hello,

    My sister got register marriage 2 years back now we want to do traditionally in tirumala, so what is the procedure.

  97. Hello,
    What is the procedure to conduct marriage in alamelu mangapuram ?could u pls help us.

  98. Hi sir
    Coming November 14 marriage
    Marriage hall booking contact no
    Booking details

    • Dear Sir,
      Hall allotted from 3 pm – 3 pm on the next day. It has to be arranged marriage. Documents required to book the hall

      For more details, please call @ +91 93 93 93 9150

  99. Hallo sir girl not educate but age 18 years adhhar card

  100. i want details for marriage , 100 mem how much cost with decorations catering.

    • HI Sir/Madam,

      Where you want perform and for which date, also need the details so you can directly contact at 9393939510 for any suggestions


  101. Converted hindu aite marraige accept chestara

  102. sir age gap vunte accept cesthara
    pellikuthuriki akkava vundi

  103. nagaraju jagadala

    mam can i register online
    in ttd kalyana vedika
    if they dont have date of birth certificate & study certificates
    is there any alternative

    • Dear Sir/Madam,
      Those certificates are mandatory to book and perform marriage , please contact 9393939150 for marriage arrangements.
      Thank you.

  104. Sir , memu already registrn chesukunm but .reg id miss ayindhi andi ipudu em cheyali sir,plz help me andi

    • Dear Sir/Madam,
      you need to check that with the official site for further details please contact 9393939150.
      Thank you.

  105. Dear Sir

    Girl having age of 17 years 9 months , can be register marriage in tirumala

  106. How much does it cost for the marriage entire expenses 50 relatives with couple.

    • Dear Sir,
      It depends on the marriage date. For group marriages, it will be low cost. Please call @ +91 93 93 93 9150 for complete details.


  107. I. Am go to narrate at 29oct

  108. Can you tell me any marriage dates before 30 sept in ttd

  109. Sir ,how much does it cost for marriage that is to be carried not in groups but separately

    • Dear Sir/Madam,
      That depends on the number of guest coming and hall choosing for booking hall and arrangements please contact 9393939150.
      Thank you.

  110. February 8 marriage committed

  111. Rangineni kiran kumar

    Individual marriage information

    • Dear Sir/Madam,
      You can perform the marriage individually in mandapas please contact 9393939150 for detailed information .
      Thank you.

  112. Hai sir .. March 10

    • Dear Sir/Madam,
      please brief the details about marriage , for more details please call on 9393939150.
      Thank you.

  113. Manivsrk@1988

    • Dear Sir/Madam,
      Please brief the details about the marriage so that we can help you for booking .
      Thank you.

  114. Is it completely free or do I need to pay money for marriage

    • Dear Sir/Madam,
      you need to pay money sir group marriage and individual marriages will happen in tirumala .
      Thank you.

  115. dear sir, i am booking for my marriage but in that link there is no payment options when i have to pay for my marriages? please reply soon.

    • Dear Sir/Madam,
      Please share your name and contact so that we can update it about the hall availability and options.
      Thank you.

  116. Sir,

    Is there hall availability for 11th Sep 2019? Also, how much is the cost and other details. KINDLY HELP.

    • Dear Sir/Madam,
      Yes, can you share your name and contact so that we can discuss over the phone or else call at 8500 898 000 so that we can assist you.
      Thank you.

  117. Dear sir/madam,

    Bride is Jain religion, is that allowed to marry in Tirupati.

    Thanks & Regards

  118. Sir if the marriage is second for both the couples then what is the procedure and what documents needed?

    • Dear Sir/Madam,
      You need to have the divorce certificates and need to submit that before and can avail for detailed information call at 8500 898 000.
      Thank you.

  119. What is the cost of wedding?

    • Dear Sir/Madam,
      It depends on the number of people attending for the wedding and the hall availability and the requirements please call at 8500 898 000 for detailed information and hall booking.
      Thank you.

  120. How days before we apply

    • Dear Sir/Madam,
      You need to book that in advance , better book as early as possible because the whole thing depends on the availability of the hall please call at 8500 898 000 for better assistance.
      Thank you.

    • How many days before we apply

      • Dear Sir/Madam,
        Marriage halls are limited , you need to book as early as possible to avoid the hall prices hike , for quicker assistance on hall booking call at 8500 898 000.
        Thank you.

  121. Dear sir,
    As my daughter is christian she wants to marry a hindu boy .kindly let me know what is the procedure for there marriage at your holy place tirumala.

    • Dear Sir/Madam ,
      You can call at 8500 898 000 for complete details about the marriage procedure .
      Thank you.