1. Hi we 2want to visit thirupathi temple in early September I am in south Africa cam you assist

  2. I have logged in and booked for other in Seva DIP thinking I am also included.
    God’s grace, DIP draw allocated a date. Now amount shows only for 2 members.

    Please let me know if I am included in seva darshan or not.
    Also I have missed my wife since there is no option to add third person. Can we take her along with us?

  3. Hi sir,
    I have planned to visit tirumala with family and going to offer coins equal to my son’s weight at (tulabaram) after that offerings do we need to get ticket for darshan or free for us?

  4. sir, i have a doubt sorry for asking here…. in my relative home ground portion will be owner, just now the owner died, in the upper portion my relative is currently living and got a doubt what she have to do if the owner died, can my relative eat anything right now? sorry for asking here i searched all but this is the only ‘online portal help’ i found please help…. please

    • Dear Madam,
      Your friend can have anything. But not supposed to cook Non-veg for the first 11 days. As there is no blood relation between the owner and tenant no harming in having normal food and no need to follow any rituals for this.

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