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Temples Near Guruvayur, Timings, Route information,

Mammiyoor Mahadeva Temple

As per the Legend, It is Lord Siva who gave consent to Vayu and Guru Bhagawan to install Lord Vishnu Idol besides him. It is said that the Guruvayur Darshan will only be completed after having Lord Siva Darshan here. Temple is 500 mt from Guruvayur Temple

Parthasarathy Temple

As per the Legend, Kunthi Devi worshipped this Idol during Dwapara Yuga. This Idol was brought by Sankaracharya as directed by Lord Vishnu. Sankaracharya had Lord Vishnu’s Viswaroopa Darshan at this place. Temple is 0.5 from Guruvayur Temple.

Thiru Venkatachalapathy Temple

This Temple is of 1000 years old and Idol was brought from Tirumala by a Swamy. The annual festival will be celebrated in the month of Medam (Aswathy) every year.

Sree Narayanamkulangara Bhagavathy Temple

These Bhadrakali Temples was believed to be built by Naranathu Branthan. The Goddesses are considered as the elder and younger sisters, who stand for Vidya and Sakthi respectively.

Sree Perumthatta Siva Temple

This temple is 1 km from Guruvayur. As per the Legend, Parasurama installed the Idol here. Besides this temple is one among the 108 Siva temples

Mullathara Bhagavathy Temple

Temple is 200 mt towards West side of Guruvayur Temple. The deity is called by Vanadurga.

Kozhikulangara Bhagavathy Temple

Temple is 2 km west of Guruvayur and the deity is Goddess Saraswathi.

Chovalloor Siva Temple

Temple is 3 km east of Guruvayur. This is one of the 108 Siva temples which were consecrated by Parasurama. It is believed that worshipping the deity of Umamaheswara in the Sanctum Sanctorum is considered as auspicious for getting Mangalya (marriage) fortune)

Sree Harikanyaka Bhagavathy, Ariyannur

Temple is 5 km east of Guruvayur. This is the only temple where the deity Harikanyaka is being worshipped.

Thaniyil Sree Bhagavathy Temple

Temple is 1.5 km North of Guruvayur Temple. It is estimated that this temple came into existence during the 12th Century.

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