Guruvayur Thulabharam

Guruvayur Thulabharam

Guruvayur Thulabharam Timings, Details, Booking

Thulabharam Timings:

Morning Hours: 5:00 am – 1:30 pm

Evening Hours: 5:00 pm – 8:30 pm

Thulabharam performed daily

Weighing Location for Hindus: Eastern Gopuram Entrance.

Weighing Location for Non-Hindus: Near Kalyana Mandapam

No. Of Thulabharam Counters in the Temple premises: 3

Guruvayur Thulabharam booking procedure

  1. Advance booking or online booking is not available.
  2. Most of the items are readily available at Thulabharam site.
  3. Items which are not listed below to be carried. The devotee has to update Devaswom a day in advance for the items, not in the list.
  4. The expenses involved should be remitted after the offering and receipt obtained


Guruvayur Thulabharam Items

Readily Available at the Counter Weight Cost
Butter 1 Kg Rs.300
Ilaneer (Tender Coconut) Items in No.s 10
Cherupazham (plantain) 1 kg Rs.15
Kadalipazham (Plantain Kadali) 1 Kg Rs.30
Banana 1 Kg Rs.30
Poovanpazham (Plantain Poovan) 1 Kg Rs.20
Sugar 1 Kg Rs.30
Sharkara (Jaggery) 1 Kg Rs.30
Vellam 1 Kg Rs.25
Poori Panchasara (Sugar Cubes) 1 Kg Rs.30
Theerthkudam 1 Kg Rs.20
Gingely 1 Kg Rs.100
Kayar Coir 1 Kg Rs.15
Avil (Flattened Rice) 1 Kg Rs.25
Chena(Elephant Yam) 1 Kg Rs.10
Ilavan (Ash gourd) In No.s 10
Mathan 1 Kg Rs.10
Thulasi 1 Kg Rs.30
Rice 1Kg Rs.25
Dates 1 Kg Rs.50
Salt 1 Kg Rs.10
Umi (Husk) 1 Kg Rs.10
Uluuva (Fenugreek) 1 Kg Rs.40
Oil 1 Kg Rs.100
Kalkandam (Sugar Candy) 1 Kg Rs.50
Mustard Seeds 1 Kg Rs.45
Kariveppila (Curry Leaf) 1 Kg Rs.10
Pepper 1 Kg Rs.300
Coconut Shell 1 Kg Rs.10
Chakiri (Coconut Fibre) 1 Kg Rs.10
Chakirinaru 1 Kg Rs.10
Geerakam (Cumin Seeds) 1 Kg Rs.150
Thavidu (Bran) 1 Kg Rs.10
Nadan Chandana Mutti (Sandal Wood) 1 Kg Rs.300
Nalikeram Polichatu (Scrapped Coconut) 1 Kg 10
Nalikeram Polikathathu (Uunscrapped Coconut) 1 Kg Rs.15
News Paper 1 Kg Rs.10
Manalchakku (Sand Bag) 1 Kg Rs.20
Malar 1 Kg Rs.20
Manjal (Turmeric) 1 Kg Rs.75
Madal (Salk of Coconut) 1 Kg Rs.10
Ghee 1 Kg Rs.325
New Note Books 1 Kg Rs.30
Kadala or Payar (Bengal Gram)) 1 Kg Rs.35
Lotus flowers Items in Nos 50
Iron 1 Kg Rs.10
Kunnikuru 1 Kg Rs.20
Paddy 1 Kg Rs.15
Mysoor Sandal 1 Kg 215000
Cherukaya 1 Kg Rs.10
Nenthrakaya (Raw Banana) 1 Kg Rs.25
Silver 1 Kg Rs.45000
Vellari 1 Kg Rs.10
Coin 1 Kg Rs.200
Vaikkol (Hay) 1 Kg Rs.10
Jeerakam (Cumin Seeds) 1 Kg Rs.150
New White papers 1 Kg Rs.30
Viraku (Firewood) 1 Kg Rs.10


How to reach Guruvayur Temple?

By Air

  1. Kochi International airport, Nedumbassery is 79 km away.
  2. Calicut International Airport is 82 km away

By Train

  1. Direct Trains are available from all parts of India to Thrissur.
  2. Thrissur Railway station is 27 Km away

By Road

  1. Thrissur Bus station is 26 km away
  2. Shoranur is 44 km away


Guruvayur Thulabharam: Temple History


  1. 05-05-2019 thulabharam indo

    • Dear Sir/Madam,
      Guruvayur thulabaram can be performed from 5 am to 1.30 pm and from 5 pm to 8.30 pm and it cost you Rs 25.
      Thank you.

  2. Whether somebody can accompany senior citizens during darsan.

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