Guruvayur Choroonu

Guruvayur Choroonu Timings, Ticket cost, Online booking

Baby’s first feeding ceremony can be performed at the temple.

Timings: 5:00 am – 1:00 pm and in the evening hours. Performed daily.

Location: Choroonu Hall, 1st Floor of Old Ticket counter block.

Choroonu will not be performed on Ekadasi, Every Vavu night and Guruvayur Ekadasi full day. It will be performed on all other days.

The ticket has to be purchased only at the counter for the same day event.

Ticket Cost: Rs.100 per Child.

Required food items will be available inside the temple. No need to carry food items from home.

Dress Code

Men: White Dhoti, Upper Cloth

Women: Saree / Half saree/ Salwars

Baby: Traditional Wear.

Those who are entering Temple should not wear Shirt, Banyan, T-shirt, Lungi, chequered clothes,  pyjama, footwear.

Choroonu 5 Photos Cost: Rs.100

Choroonu 10 Photos Cost: Rs.200

Auspicious 2020 Dates for Guruvayur Choroonu

Month Day Timings
Mar 2020 30Mar 9:46 am
Apr 2020 2Apr 9:36 am
9Apr 9:06 am
May 2020 6May 7:20 am
13May 9:44 am
Oct 2020 18Oct 11:55 am
29Oct 11:11 am
Nov 2020 4Nov 10:15 am
7Nov 10:36 am
16Nov 10:00 am
22Nov 9:36 am
25Nov 9:25 am
30Nov 9:05 am
Dec 2020 4Dec 8:49 am

The auspicious dates which we have shared is Generic. For more specific date and timings, please check with your astrologer.

Reference Link: Temple History


  1. Gayathri Arun Krishnan

    Is there any restrictions for the number of people to enter for choroonu