Kadiri Temple Namakaranam Tonsuring

Kadiri Temple Namakaranam Tonsuring Procedure, Timings

Namakaranam (Naming Ceremony), Hair offering or Tonsuring (Thalaneelalu) and Ear boring will be performed at temple premises

Hair offering and Ear boring will be done at Kalyanakatta.

Kalyanakatta Timings: 6 am – 8:30 pm

Namakaranam (Naming ceremony) and Annaprasana Timings: 6:00 am – 1:30 pm (Remaining days) or 3 pm (Sat/Sun).

Naming ceremony and Annaprasana starts right after Abhishekam.

Devotees can perform these events on all days in a year.

Shasti Poorthi and Marriages will not be performed by the temple but devotees can perform these events on their own.

Reference Link: Temple History

For more details, Please call @ 85000 85151