Tirupati to Tirumala Bus Services

Detailed Description of Tirupati to Tirumala – Bus Services, Timings, Online Booking

Tirumala is connected with Bus Route. After reaching Tirupati either by Train, Air or Bus. One should start the journey to Tirumala either By Bus or Own vehicle.

Steps to follow after reaching Tirupati

1) From Tirupati Railway Station, Tirupati Central Bus station is 1 Km away. There are plenty of Share autos which are running.

2) From Tirupati Bus station, Tirumala buses are running at a frequency of 10 mins.

3) Balaji Link Bus Station near Alipri do run buses to Tirumala. If occupancy is not 100% then Tirumala Buses from Central Bus station halt as pilgrims choose this station as well.

Tirupati To Tirumala by Bus Route

Tirupati Central Bus station -> Leela Mahal Junction (Tirumala Buses do stop here for pilgrims) -> KapilaTheertham Nandi Circle (Tirumala Buses stop here for a while)  -> Balaji Link Bus station (Stop here for a while) ->Alipiri Security Check -> Tirumala Ghat Road

The above mentioned Bus Stops is only during Off-Season when Seats are not filled. If seats are filled right at Tirupati Central Bus station. Then Tirumala Buses will not stop at any of these Stop Points.

Journey Time from Tirupati To Tirumala By Bus: Minimum 28 mins to Max 35 minutes

Tirupati to Tirumala Bus Timings

First Bus starts at 3:00 am

The last Bus Starts at 11:30 pm from Bus Station

Tirumala to Tirupati Bus Timings

First Bus Start at 3:30 am

The last Bus starts at 11:55 pm

Bus Fare From Tirupati to Tirumala

One way journey

Adult: Rs.51

Half Tickets for Children 5 years to 11 years: Rs.27

No ticket for children under 5 years.

Two Way Journey

Adult (Full Ticket): Rs.92

Children (Half Ticket): Rs.46

T.T.D Run Free buses to Alipiri and SriVari Mettu at a frequency of 20 minutes from Tirupati Railway station and Tirupati Bus station.

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  1. This is not good at all…ttd buses from tirumala are not following any rules and regulations with passengers…only few buses are going to tirupathi…people are suffering with insufficient buses..there is no bus conductor also…this is not how maintain service is tirumala….every bus is over crowded because of insufficient buses…the bus people also very rude to public…this is not fair…government should take care of it

    • Dear Sir/Madam,
      Sorry for the inconvenience happened for you, we will forward it to the concern.
      Thank you.