Tirupati Srivari Mettu Timings

Tirupati Srivari Mettu Timings, Darshan Procedure and Room Booking

Srivari Mettu Length: 2.1 Km

Total No.Of steps: 2350

Total Duration to reach Top hill: 2 hours 15 mins to 2 hours 45 mins.

Divya Darshan tickets are free tickets issued along the path.

As per the folklore, Lord Venkateswara Swamy himself took this path to reach Tirumala after marrying Goddess Padmavathi. These are steps are holy so it is advisable to walk barefoot while taking this path.

Tirupati Srivari Mettu Timings before COVID

Srivari Mettu opens at 6:00 am and close by 5:00 pm. Most of the devotees prefer this path as it is easy to reach Tirumala. Those who would like to apply Vermilion and Turmeric to the steps and other Prarthana, prefer this path. Daily, 6000 Divya tickets were issued along this path. The devotee can deposit the Luggage in the counter is available at the steps entrance and can collect after reaching Tirumala at MBC.

Water facility and Restrooms are available till 400th step from there it might not be available. Security is available at the steps entrance. Divya Darshan tokens counter is located at 1200th step. Tickets are issued thru bio-metric system and Darshan slot will be printed on it. The devotee must report at VQC II as per the time slot mentioned on the ticket. Children under 12 years don’t need tickets as it is free entry along with their parents.

Usually, Srivari Mettu remains opens for 24 hours on special days such as Annual Garuda Vahana Seva. Tirupati Srivari Mettu opening timings might change on special days such as Garuda Vahana Seva, Vaikunta Ekadasi etc.

Online booking is not available for Divya Darshan tickets. Sometimes, TTD Cancels issuing Divya Darshan tickets along this path due to heavy crowd in Tirumala.

Tirupati Srivari Mettu Timings During COVID

Srivari Mettu was closed for more than 233 days following COVID safety rules. To control the Darshan crowd, TTD stopped issuing Divya Darshan tickets along this path. Only devotees with Darshan tickets are allowed to take steps path to Tirumala.

At present, Srivari Mettu opens at 6:00 am and close by 4:00 pm daily. The security check post at the steps entrance verifies the ticket before allowing the devotee. The devotees can deposit Luggage at the steps entrance and can collect after reaching Tirumala. As Alipiri Mettu is under renovation, majority of the devotees prefers Srivari Mettu to reach Tirumala. The devotee can avail Room at CRO office Tirumala. Rooms are allotted only to the devotees with Darshan tickets.