Tirupati Darshan Walk

Tirupati Darshan Walk

Tirupati Darshan Walk, Timings, Ticket details

Devotees who wish to reach Tirumala can start either from Alipiri Mettu or Srivari Mettu

Alipiri Mettu

Alipiri Mettu remains open for 24 hours

Divya Darshan tickets will be issued from 00:01 hours for the same day Darshan.

No.of tickets issued: 14,000 per day.

On reaching the limit, the devotees can have Sarva Darshan

Duration to reach Tirumala Hills: 3 hours 30 mins – 4 hours 30 mins. Depends on the body fitness

Eatouts are available along the path. Emergency facilities are also available.


Srivari Mettu

Srivari Mettu open from 6:00 am – 5:00 pm

Divya Darshan tickets are issued from 6:00 am onward.

No.of Tickets issued: 6,000 per day

On reaching the Limit, the devotees can enter Sarva Darshan line.

Duration to reach Tirumala Hills: 2 hours 30 mins – 3 hours. Depends on the body fitness again.

Eatouts are available at the beginning but not along the path.


Tirupati Darshan Walk Details

Divya Darshan Tokens may not be issued on special days at both. Like Annual Garuda Vahana Seva, Rathasapthami, New year, Vaikunta Ekadasi, Saturdays during Puratasi month

Usually, press note will be released much in advance on these occasions

These are tickets are free tickets which are issued along the path.

Board display is available right at the steps entrance indicating No.Of Tickets issued and No.of Ticket left for the day.

Ticket issuing counter is located right at the entrance which is 20 steps from the starting point.

Divya Darshan ticket screen will be there along the path to authenticate the devotee.

One must carry valid photo ID proof to avail this Darshan.

Required ID proofs: Any Valid Photo ID proof such as PAN Card, Aadhaar Card, Driving License, Voter ID, Ration Card, Passport.

Darshan Time depends on the crowd. Usually, it is Direct Darshan during Weekdays and varies from 5 – 18 hours during weekends and on special days


Detailed Info from the devotee

Only 14000 tickets will be issued every day starting 12 am midnight post the quota pilgrims have to go through Sarva Darshanam or free Darshanam only. The token will be issued at first security check gate near Alipiri and only devotees with the token will be allowed to take photo andbiometricc tickets at Gali gopuram i.e 2083 step. Security check stamp is required for this ticket validity which is put nearNarasimhaa Swamy temple security checkpoint. Devotees should report with the ticket near vaikuntam 1 queue complex at the given time slot.
clear information regarding Divya darshan tokens


  1. I need a kalyanostva Seva tickets, when I should book it in online or will it get in tirumala only and where it will get.

  2. I climbed to tirumala through srivari metlu..thr r 2835 steps.In alipiri..it goes round and round like a ring around the hills..this goes steep directly diagonal..but this is doable..though no plain surface comes aftr 800 steps..its just steps and steps which get steeper..but u can rest on sides..we finished it in 1 hr 45 mins..with a break of 3-4 mins every 100 steps..so whoever is little healthy and fit can easily do it..and there are shops selling cool drinks.buttermilk etc on the way.

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