Tirupati Car Parking places

Tirupati Car Parking places, Paid and Free Parking in Tirupati City and Hills

Place Free/ Paid Parking Details
Alipiri Mettu Paid Balaji Link Bus station
Srivari Mettu Free Steps Entrance
Tirumala Free MBC
Tirumala Free (Restricted) Rambagicha parking area
Tirumala Free Beside Rambagicha
Tirumala Free Padmavathi Guesthouse
Tirumala Free Gokulam Guesthouse
Tirumala Free Beside Kousthubham

Alipiri Toll Gate Charges

Vehicle Type Seating Capacity Tariff
Car (Own) 4 Rs.15
Car (Taxi) 4 Rs.25
Zeep (Taxi, Sumo, Trax) 9 Rs.50
Zeep (Sumo, Maruthi) 6, 9 Rs.30
HB Mini Lorry 5 Rs.50
Two Wheelers 2 Rs.2
APTDC 32 Rs.100
Van 12 +1 Rs.60
Govt Vehicles 6

Two wheelers are allowed to Tirumala. Helmet and Driving License mandatory to drive in Tirumala Ghat roads.

Two Wheeler, Car Parking and Tourists bus can be parked at Balaji Link Bus station. Charges applicable for 24 hours.

Please note that the Tourists buses not allowed to Tirumala.

Tirupati Car Parking places close to Temple

  1. Rambagicha parking close to Darshan Exit Line
  2. MBC and ATC Car parking is close to Darshan Entry line
  3. Parking available in the main road, Opp. Alwar Tank.

Please note that vehicles parked wrongly will be Towed in Tirumala.

Minimum Travel Duration from Tirupati to Tirumala: 28 mins

Minimum Travel Duration from Tirumala to Tirupati: 40 mins.

Tirupati Car Parking places

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