Tirupati Kalahasti

Tirupati Kalahasti

Tirupati Kalahasti Bus Journey

  1. Bus frequency is quite high from Tirupati Central bus station to Kalahasti.
  2. A.P.S.R.T.C Bus is available for every 5 – 10 mins
  3. Non stop buses are available. Frequency is every 30 mins. Bus stops Temple entrance
  4. Tirupati to Naidupeta, Nellore, Gudur buses runs via Sri Kalahasti.
  5. Kalahasti temple is 38 km from Tirupati, which takes 45 mins – 50 mins journey.
  6. Tirupati to Kalahasti, direct bus starts at 4:30 am


Kalahasti to Tirupati Journey

  1. Bus frequency is quite high from Sri Kalahasti To Tirupati.
  2. Every 15 mins, there will be a bus running to Tirupati. One can board bus from the temple entrance.
  3. Sri Kalahasti to Tirupati, Non stop buses are available with a frequency of 30 mins. One can board bus right at the entrance of Kalahasti Temple entrance
  4. Naidupeta, Nellore, Gudur buses to Tirupati runs via Sri Kalahasti Temple.
  5. Sri Kalahasti to Tirupati is 38 km, which takes 45 mins – 50 mins journey.
  6. Kalahasti to Tirupati, direct bus will be available from 4 am.


Interesting Places falls under Kalahasti to Tirupati Route

  1. Thondamanadu Temple which is 9 km from Kalahasti.
  2. Gudimallam Temple near Renigunta. One should get down at Rengiunta Junction, from there it is by auto rickshaw.
  3. Sri Padmavathi Amma Varu Temple Tiruchanoor, near Tirupati.  One should get down Tiruchanoor Fly over. From there it is 2 km. Auto rickshaw, private buses will be running with high frequency.


Reference Link: Kalahasti To Tirupati


  1. is there buses from srikalahasthi to renigunta in the morning