Shastipoorthi for Ladies: Cost, Benefits, and Procedure

Shastipoorthi for Ladies: Cost, Benefits, and Procedure

Shashtipoorthi is done when a person reaches the age of sixty. The passing of sixty years in a person’s life is known as Shastipoorthi. Being more spiritual is a good thing at this point in one’s life. At this point, the individual has had enough of the material world and is prepared to go on. The purpose of this puja is to call forth divine blessings in order to clear the path toward deeper self-realization.

For all individuals, reaching the age of sixty is a momentous occasion. It was a significant turning point to remember—an emotional reminder of the whole, relaxed life that was to be lived in the years ahead. The sixty-first year of life is sacred, according to legend’s sages and Rishis, who have created rich customs to honour this unique occasion. This time of life is a precious one in the sacred Vedic culture, and it is celebrated. Another name for the customs cut out of Shanti is Ugraradha Shanti. Ugraradha is nothing more than a challenging period. The pre-sixty is a time for materialist activities in a hundred years of man’s life; the post-sixty period is reserved for spiritual activities. A prayer addressed to the sky, the Ugraradha Shanti is meant to make the post-sixty period a spiritually rewarding experience.

Shastipoorthi for Ladies

  • Ganapathi Pooja
  • Punyahavachanam
  • Rakshabandhanam
  • Mruthyunjaya Sahitha Lakshmi Narayana Mandapa Aaradhana (Kalasathapana)
  • Mruthyunjaya Japam: 1000 count
  • Lakshmi Ganapathi Homam
  • Maha Ganapathi Homam
  • Vallabha Ganapathi Pooja
  • Vidya Ganapathi Homam
  • Navagraha Homam
  • Mrutyunjaya Homam
  • Lakshmi Narayana Homa
  • Janma Nakshatra or Nama Nakshtra Homam
  • Purnahuthi
  • Pradakshinam
  • Avabrutha Snanam
  • Mangalaya Pooja after wearing new clothes
  • Mangalyadharana (optional)
  • Thalambralu
  • Exchanging garlands
  • Aseervachana

Shastipoorthi Benefits for Ladies

  • Through this puja, people’s negative karma and many sins are removed
  • The couple will be blessed with a happy and prosperous life.
  • It is performed to bestow strong physical and mental health on the couple.
  • Strengthens the Mangala Bhagayam
  • In addition, this puja is done to drive away the harmful effects of the Navagraha planets.
  • This puja bestows pleasant vibes and kindness upon the performer.
  • Increase lifespan

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