Tirupati Temple in India: History, Timings, and Darshan details

Tirupati Temple is located in Andhra Pradesh, India. You can travel to the temple by car, plane, and train.

The Lord manifested Himself with four hands to show His power is everywhere, even though He stands in one place. There was a discus (chakra) in his upper right hand. He held a conch shell (Sankha) in his top left hand. He points His lower left hand at His thigh to show us that if we give up and fall at His Lotus Feet, this “ocean of samsara” will become knee-deep.

Sri Maha Vishnu came to Earth to find Goddess Lakshmi Devi. He now lives forever in Tirumala, which is his beloved Kshetra. ‘Sri’ stands for Lakshmi. God Srinivasudu is called that because He is where Lakshmi lives. ‘Sri Peetam’ is another name for it in the Vedas. In Tamil, “Tiru” means “Sri,” and “Mala” means “Parvata.” The name “Sri Parvata” comes from this. This place is also known as Sri Sailam. This is the place where Srinivasa gives wealth to Kubera. By all means, it is called a Divine Place that brings wealth.
This is a Kruthayuga story. Sri Maha Vishnu raised the earth from the water in the form of Varaha Swamy. It is said in the Puranas that since then, Varaha Swamy and Rama have been happily walking on Tirumala Hill.

Steps to follow for Tirupati Balaji Darshan

  1. After offering hair at Kalyanakatta, the devotee should take a bath at Pushkarini.
  2. After taking a bath in Pushkarini, pilgrims will go see Varaha Swamy. Only then will they see Sri Venkateswara Swamy in Ananda Nilaya.
  3. The first gift of Naivedyam food will be given to Varaha Swamy before Srinivasa.
    It is said that VarahaSwamy is also known as “Govinda.” You can find the name “Maha Varaho Govinda” in the Vishnu Sahasra Nama Stotram. “Go” means “Earth,” and “Vinda” means “who has earned.” People who love me will call me Govinda, Srinivasa said.
  4. Sri Padmavathi Devi Darshan in Tiruchanur to complete the Yatra.

The importance of Alipiri’s footsteps

From Alipiri, you can start the Tirumala Srivari Darshan. After climbing the steps to “Gali Gopuram” and putting our heads on a sandstone (called “Talayeru Gundu”), all of our sins will be forgiven. The body’s parts will be made clean. Bad habits like Kama and Krodha will go away as soon as we reach the “Mokalla Mettu,” and soft, gentle thoughts will appear. When it gets to Tirumala, the human soul, or Jeevudu, will awake. It’s hard to get to the top of the steps on your knees to forgive sins and ask Swamy to help you attain Moksha. As you climb up the hill, you can see the secret of Yoga Marga.

Tirupati Temple Darshan Timings in India

102:30 a.m.–3:00 a.m.Suprabhatha Seva/Angapradakshinam
203:30 a.m.–4:00 a.m.Thomala Seva (Ekantham)
304:00 a.m.–04:15 a.m.Koluvu and Panchaga Sravanam
404:15 a.m.–05:00 a.m.First Archana, Sahasranamarchana
505:00 a.m.–8:30 a.mVIP Break Darshan: L1,
L2 and L3 (Recommendation Letter), and
L2 (Employees)
606:00 a.m.–07:00 a.m.Astadala Pada Padmaradhanamu
Sahasrakalasabhishekam/ Tiruppavada,
707:00 a.m.–07:30 a.m.Suddhi, II Archana, II Bell
808:30 a.m.–07:00 p.m.Sarva Darshan, Divya Darshan
Special Entry: Darshan
912:00 p.m.–05:00 p.m.Kalyanotsavam/ Arjitha Brahmotsavam
Vasanthotsavam/Unjal Seva (Dolotsavam)
Supadam Darshan
1003:00 pmSenior Citizen Darshan
Physically Challenged Darshan/
Patients Dashan.
1105:30 pm – 06:30 pmSahasra Deepalankarana Seva
1207:00 p.m.–08:00 p.m.Suddhi, Kainkaryams ( Ekantham),
Night Bell
1308:00 p.m.–11:30 p.m.Sarva Darshan/Divya Darshan
1411:30 p.m.–12:00 a.m.Suddhi, Preparations for Ekantha Seva
1612:00 amEkantha Seva
Tirupati temple timings

Tirupati Balaji temple in India remains open on all days for devotees Darshan. Two to three months of Booking is advisable for Tirupati Darshan as Darshan slots are limited on any day.