Navagraha Homam Procedure, Benefits, and Cost

Navagraha Homam is meant to remove all kinds of problems. Those who perform this Homam will be blessed with “Ayush, Arogya, and Saukhyam,” which means prosperity, health, and happiness.
After the Navagraha puja, the homam is done. For the puja, nine kinds of flowers, nine kinds of cereals (Nava Dhanya), nine kinds of vastrams (fabrics of different colors), and nine kinds of Naivedyams are used. A devotee offers each Graha a different flower. There are nine kinds of Chamatas, which are sticks.

When to perform Navagraha Homam?

The homam is performed to pacify the nine planets: the Sun, the Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Rahu, and Ketu. It is a good way to remove Navagraha Dosha. The planetary positions in the birth chart can bring good or bad luck. By performing the Navagraha homam, you can pacify the Grahas, get rid of Doshas, or lessen their bad effects. You can still get the benefits of the Navagraham even if they were put in bad places in your horoscope. This homam is very helpful and useful because it improves good planets and makes their positive influence stronger while calming down bad planets and making their negative influence less strong. When you do Navagraha Homam, you ensure the planets always work in your favor. When the Navgraha Homam is done with faith, it keeps all bad planetary effects away.

The Navagraha is very important to how our lives will go. For those whose birth charts have four or more planets that are not in good positions, Navagraha homam should be done. It is also done when Rahu (the ascending node) and Ketu (the descending node) are sick. If you have Kalathra dosha or Kala Sarpa dosha, you should do Navagraha homam. For good marriage proposals and career growth, the dosha should be taken away. Each Graha acts as per the previous life karma.

Navagraha Shanti Homam Procedure

  • Punyahavachanam, cleaning pooja articles, and prasadam with mantras
  • Ganapathi Puja marks the beginning of the puja
  • Maha Sankalpam emphasizes the purpose of the puja
  • Navagraha Mandap Sthapana
  • Kalasa Sthapana and invoking Navagraha
  • Navagraha Shanti Homam
  • Purnahuthi
  • Prasadam distribution
  • Veda Aseervachanam

The puja duration is 4 to 5 hours. Puja duration varies with the number of priests performing and the mantra count of 108, 216, and 432.

Preferable dress code

Gents: dhoti (white) and shirt, or kurta and pyjama.
Ladies: Saree or Salwar Kameez (with Pallu Compulsory).
All pilgrims are requested not to wear clothes such as T-shirts, jeans, etc., as the same is strictly prohibited irrespective of any age group.

Mantras to chant while performing Navagraha Homam

  • Surya Graha Mantra: Om Hrang Hring Hraung Sah Suryay Namah
  • Chandra Graha Shanti Mantra: Om Shram Shreem Shrom Sah Somay Namah
  • Kuja Graha Shanti Mantra: Om Kram Krim Krom Sah Bhaumay Namah
  • Budha Graha Shanti Mantra: Om Braam Breem Braum Sah Budhaye Namah
  • Guru Graha Shanti Mantra: Om Gram Greem Graum Sah Guruve Namah
  • Shukra-Graha Shanti Mantra: Om Draam Dreem Droum Sah Shukraye Namah
  • Shani Bhagavan Shanti Mantra: Om Pram Preem Prom Sah Shanye Namah
  • Rahu Graha Shanti Mantra: Om Bhram Bhreem Bhrom Sah Rahave Namah
  • Ketu Graha Shanti Mantra: Om Stram Streem Strom Sah Ketave Namah

Navagraha Homam Pooja List

  • Kumkum – 50 Gms
  • Sandal Powder: 1 packet
  • Betel Nuts, 50 g, and betel leaves for Rs.20
  • Incense Sticks: 1 packet
  • Camphor, 50 g
  • Match Box: 1
  • Pure Cow Ghee: 1 Kg
  • Puja oil: 200 g
  • Honey: 50 g
  • Jaggery: 200 g
  • Sugarcandy: 100 g
  • Pacha Karpooram: 50 g
  • Turmeric: 50 g
  • Pattu Vasthram: 2 Nos
  • Thread Reel: 1
  • Cotton Wicks – 1
  • Pooja Asanam: 2
  • Navarathanam: 1 Set
  • Lamps: 2 Nos
  • Dry Coconut (Full): 1
  • Navadhanyam set: 1 Packet
  • Dharba
  • Hand Napkins
  • Tissue Paper
  • Sticks for Homam

Navagraha Homam Benefits

  • Navagraha homam nullifies the bad effects of planets that aren’t in the right place.
  • All kinds of health problems and diseases can be cured.
  • Removes problems and sufferings
  • Bless devotees with positive energy and peace of mind.
  • Removes dosh related to marriage and pregnancy delay
  • It provides moral strength to find the solution to Financial problems
  • Removes any health issues.
  • This homam also protects against Drishti and bad energy.
  • it gives your job a huge boost and helps you do well at work.
  • Reducing the effects of bad planetary positions in the birth chart.
  • Getting past problems and increasing success
  • Improving job chances
  • Getting rid of the bad effects of certain planets

The sun is the most powerful planet that brings health.
The moon is in charge of your mind and brings you luck.
It is said that Mars, also called Mangal, brings wealth and success.
Mercury is the planet that tells you things.
Jupiter helps people learn
Venus tells people about art, music, and other things.
Saturn is a teacher of vairagya and brings happiness.
Rahu makes things bigger.
Ketu makes sure that the family does well.

Navagraha Homam cost

Homam cost varies with pandits and mantra counts. Puja cost starts at Rs.6000 with one pandit, Rs.10000 with two pandits, and Rs.15000 with four pandits

For more details, Please call or WhatsApp 701-303-3309

A minimum of 7 days of booking is required to make the puja arrangements. We perform this Puja at Srisailam, Srikalahasti, Srirangapatna, Gokarna and Rameswaram.

Auspicious Days for Navagraha Homam

Dec 20234DecKarthika Somavar
Dec 202311DecKarthika Somavar (Masa Sivaratri)
Jan 202410JanWednesday
Feb 20248FebThursday
Mar 20248Mar (Maha Sivaratri)Friday
Apr 20247AprSunday
Good dates for the puja

This puja can be performed on any day as this homam is meant to pacify Nine planets. It is advisable to perform after Amavasya. Women can perform this homam after the 8th day of their menstrual cycle. One should stop taking non-veg foods three days before the puja. One can perform this puja after a year if there is any deceased in the person’s family.