Mrutyunjaya Homam Procedure and Benefits

Mrutyunjaya Homam Pooja procedure and Benefits, Cost and Booking

Pooja Duration: 2 to 2 hours 30 mins.

Dress Code: Men to wear white Dhoti/ Pancha. Must remove Shirt and Vest. Male devotee can wear Upper cloth during the Pooja

Female devotee to wear Saree.

This Pooja can be performed by anyone and there is no age restriction in performing this Homam.

Pooja Cost: Rs.15000 to Rs.20.000

Why to perform Mrutyunjaya Homam?

Dasha and Antar Dasha of the 2nd and 7th house begins then this Homam is required. If Shani/ Rahu Bhagavan is the head of 2nd or 7th house and the current Dasha or Antardasha is also Shani or Rahu then it can lead to premature death, in this case, worshipping Goddess Durga along with Mrutyunjaya Homam and donating black cow or buffalo is advisable. If it is Venus, then Homam and White cow donation is advisable.

This Dosha can be identified from the birth chart.

When to perform Mrutyunjaya Homam?

For Shani Bhagavan, it is on Saturday. For Rahu Bhagavan, it is on Saturday Rahu Kalam. For the Moon, it is on Monday. For Venus, it is on Tuesday. For the Sun, it is on Sunday etc. This Homam will be performed during Ayush Homam, 60th birthday (Shashtiaptha Poorthi), 70th marriage, 80th birthday, 100th birthday, On every birthday or Janma Nakshatra day, Every month for the newborn baby until they reach 1 year (To remove Balarishta Dosha related to death)

Auspicious days for Mrutyunjaya Homam

  • On Birth star day
  • During Sivaratri festival days
  • During Karthika Masa
  • Masa Sivaratri day

Please check with your astrologer for more specific Pooja date calculation.

Mrutyunjaya Homam Benefits

  • Removes Dosha related to sudden death
  • Removes Dosha related to accidents
  • Recovers from illness
  • Physical and mental strength
  • Success in all angles
  • Blessings of Lord Shiva
  • Ayush Vrudhi
  • Removes fear of sudden death
  • Good wealth and Career.

Mrutyunjaya Maha Mantram

It is advisable to chant this Mantra for 108 times before starting your journey. 11 or 108 times chanting is preferable. Chant this Mantra in the early hours or in the evening hours.

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