Tirumala darshan crowd today

Tirumala darshan crowd today

Tirumala darshan crowd today status:

Crowd is Normal.

15 compartments in Vaikuntam 2 Queue Complex is filled Divya Darshan Ticket Holders.


Suggestions on Tirumala Darshan

1) Best Time for Tirumala Darshan is on Weekdays i.e Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday.

2) It is always good idea to plan Tirumala Trip with Pre-booked Tirumala Darshan Tickets. Divya Darshan Ticket timings varies a lot.

3) If you are not able to get accommodation in Tirumala, then look for Srinivasam Complex and Madhavam Guest House Accommodation in Tirupati. Plan to stay in Tirupati rather than looking for accommodation  Tirumala.

4) Tirupati to Tirumala usually takes 30 minutes by Road so it is easily accessible.

5) During major festival periods like Brahmotsavam, Rathasapthami and Other Utsavams, plan your activities.


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  1. A very informative page, Mr Kamal. Kudos!

    (i) I have planned a Special Darshan or Divya Drashan on 19-09-2016. Which in your opinion would be quicker?
    (ii) How is Monday (19-09-2016) is likely to be crowdwise?

    Thanks for your effort and time.

  2. Can we take baby bottle and other baby material in special darshan quee in the package by ITDC as i have baby of around 10 months old?

    I know there is an option for supadam entry but just want to know in special darshan as we are coming in ITDC package and everyone will be in same quee of special darshan so just wanted to know can we take baby bottle and other small materials for baby in queee?

    • Dear Sir,
      Yes, baby food and materials are allowed inside the line. ITDC package darshan will be Rs.300 Darshan. Baby food is allowed for all types of Darshan

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