Tiruchanur Brahmotsavam 2024: Date and Timings

Tiruchanur Brahmotsavam 2024: Date and Timings. Vahanam starts and ends time.

Padmavathi Devi is the divine manifestation of Mahalakshmi, the consort of Lord Vishnu. She is also known as the Padmavathi Devi Goddess. Having risen from the temple pond known as the ‘Padmasaras’ in the ancient pilgrim town of Tiruchanur, she is currently seated on a golden lotus with a thousand petals. The Kartheeka Brahmotsavam, which takes place once a year, is a special event for worshiping the Goddess Padmavathi, who is considered to be the Mother of the Universe. As a result of the divine incarnation shining a light on the heavenly Lotus, all believers refer to the goddess as “Aalar Mel Manga.” Between the dates of November 10, 2023, and November 18, 2023, the Brahmotsavams are held at Tiruchanur. During these Brahmotsavams, the goddess Padmavathi Devi goes out of the temple to bless her followers on various mounts. The most important of all of her mounts is known as “Gaja Vahana Seva.” The devotees of Her are treated to a visual feast. The elephant is a symbol of wealth and imperialism. Sri Padmavathi Devi’s lotus feet, which are a representation of the goddess, stand for the power and energy of the universe. According to Sri Vedanta Desika’s Daya Satakam, Goddess Lakshmi is the one who provides the Milk of Knowledge to all of humanity. In his work titled “Sri Stuti,” he praises the illustrious qualities of the Godhead, which consists of the divine beings of Lord Vishnu as the Father and Goddess Lakshmi as the Mother. She is the image of the Vedas and the Mother of the Three Worlds, according to Jagadguru Adi Sankaracharya, who writes about her in his book “Kanakadhara Sthotra.” Sri Ramanuja begins the “Saranagati Gadya” with the phrase “Bhagvan Narayana Abhimatanurupa,” which translates to “Mother who is equal to the Supreme Lord of all auspicious qualities.” Sri Parasara Bhattar’s “Sri Guna Ratna Kosam” is a real treasure that describes the attributes of the Divine Mother. It is in Sri Kuresa’s “Sri Sthavam” that we learn about the “prapatti,” which is the act of surrendering oneself at the feet of the holy goddess Padmavathi. Panchami Theertham is a ritual that is done to the goddess on the final day of the Brahmotsavams, which is known as Panchami. This ritual is undertaken to honor the goddess’s appearance in the Padma Sarovaram. On this day, Lord Srinivasa leads a procession of all the offerings that are considered to be fortunate to the temple that is located in Tiruchanur. Immediately following the Brahmotsavams, the ‘Pushpayagam’ ceremony, which is dedicated to the goddess, is a significant celebration that represents the abundant nature of their surroundings. Those who are devoted to the Divine Mother are under the care of the Divine Mother. May the rich benefits of the Goddess Padmavathi Devi, including prosperity, tranquility, and spiritual bliss, be bestowed upon all who make devotion to her for all eternity!

Tiruchanur Brahmotsavam 2024: Date and Timings

DateMorning VahanamEvening Vahanam
27Nov 2024Laksha Kumkum ArchanaSenadhipathi Utsavam,
28Nov 2024Tirucchi Utsavam,
Chinna Sesha Vahanam
29Nov 2024Pedda Sesha VahanamHamsa Vahanam
30Nov 2024Muthyapu PandiriSimha Vahanam
1Dec 2024Kalpa Vruksha VahanamHanumantha Vahanam
2Dec 2024Pallaki UtsavamGaja Vahanam
3Dec 2024Sarva Bhupala Vahanam,
Swarna Rathotsavam
Garuda Vahanam
4Dec 2024Surya Prabha VahanamChandra Prabha Vahanam
5Dec 2024RathotsavamAswa Vahanam
6Dec 2024Pallaki Utsavam,
Teertha Vari,
Chakra Snanam,
Panchami Theertham
Tirucchi Utsavam,
Dwaja Avarohanam
Brahmotsavam schedule

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