Unjal Seva Tirumala

Unjal Seva in Tirumala Temple, Ticket cost, and Booking procedure

Reporting Time:  11:30 am at Supadam. First Darshan followed by Seva at Aina Mahal.

Unjal Seva Ticket Cost: Rs 200 per person. One can book 2 tickets using one login ID. Children under 12 years don’t need Seva tickets, it is free entry along with their parents.

Devotees are allowed for Darshan followed by Seva.  Unjal Seva will be performed in Aina Mahal at 1:45 pm near Dwajasthambham (within Temple premises)

Seva Starts by 1:30 pm and ends by 2:30 pm

Seva Dress Code: Men: Dhoti or White Pancha with Shirt/ Kurta Pyjama

Female: Saree with Blouse/ Half Saree/ Chudidhar with Dupatta

Inside Aina Mahal, Tirumala

Tirumala Unjal Seva Details

In Unjal Seva ritual, the Idols of the Lord Sri Venkateswara and His consorts Sri Devi and Bhu Devi are seated on the Unjal or Swing in the Aina Mahal or Addala Mandapam, that is the Mirror Hall, opposite to the Ranganayaka Mandapam. The entire area is lit with Lamps. During Dolotsavam ritual, the priests chant Vedas to the accompaniment of the Mangala Vadhyam or the Sacred Musical Instruments.

Each  Unjal Seva ticket holder will be given with 2 small laddus after this Seva at Laddu Counter. At the conclusion of the Seva, the ticket holders are also sent for the darshan of the main deity Lord Sri Venkateswara in the sanctum sanctorum. Seva Ticket holders are merged with other Paid Services Queue line while allowing for Darshan.

Below the Picture is marked with the pointer to Aina Mahal which is located Inside Temple, for easy reference.

Tirumala Unjal Seva Online Booking procedure

  • Seva tickets quota will be released for online booking on first-cum-first serve basis.
  • 4600 to 4800 tickets will be released per month for booking
  • One can book 2 tickets using 1 login ID.
  • Ticket printout and Photo ID proof are required at the time of reporting.
  • Every month First Friday at 10:00 am, tickets quota will be released for online booking.
  • Kalyanotsavam tickets, Unjal Seva and Visesha Pooja are highly demanding Sevas as these Sevas are performed in the temple premises.
  • Rest other Sevas, Sahasra Deepalankara, Arjitha Brahmotsavam and Vasanthotsavam are performed outside temple followed by Darshan.

Unjal Seva Mandapam Aina Mahal in Tirumala

Unjal Seva Tirumala
Mark indicates Aina Mahal

Tirumala Unjal Seva Online Quota release Dates

Sevas Month Quota release date and Time
Mar 2020 6Dec 10:00 am
Apr 2020 3Jan 10:00 am
May 2020 7Feb 10:00 am
Jun 2020 6Mar 10:00 am
Jul 2020 3Apr 10:00 am
Aug 2020 1May 10:00 am (as it is Holiday) or 8May 10:00 am
Sep 2020 5Jun 10:00 am
Oct 2020 3Jul 10:00 am
Nov 2020 7Aug 10:00 am
Dec 2020 4Sep 10:00 am
Jan 2021 2Dec 10:00 am

If you have any queries or comments or suggestions on Unjal Seva in Tirumala, please leave your comment below. We will get back at the earliest.


  1. Pilgrims will be allowed into the temple inside?

  2. Dear Sir,

    I see 11:00-12:00 as timings for Supdam timing in ‘ttd supadam timings’ page and per ttd website the ungal seva is at 12. Will darshan to main deity be done before ungal seva?

  3. Dear Kamal

    Reporting time for Unjal seva ( dolotsavam) is 11 AM….What is the actual seva time for unjal seva?
    1. Will they send the ticket holders first for moolavar (main deity) darshan and then we enter the aina (mirror) mahal for unjal seva…
    2..or do we finish the unjal seva and then go for main deity darshan???
    3. How long does this seva last???
    4. Where will we be connected to the main queue for moolavar darshan???

    • Dear Sir,

      1) No, it is going to be seva first.
      2) First Seva will be performed at Aina Mahal, followed by Darshan.
      3) Seva will be 1 hour 15 mins
      4) Queue will be connected near Dwajasthambha mantap inside temple.

      Please let me know if any other details required.


  4. Dear Sir,
    Please confirm whether, all ticket holders of sahasra deepalankara, after conclusion of the seva, will also sent for the darsan of the main deity Lord Sri Venkateswara in the sanctum sanctorum?

    this will help us to book the ticket accordance with train timings and plan to reach tirumala.

    we request your kind reply.

    with kind regards

    • Dear Sir,

      Yes, after Sahasra deepalankara seva devtoees are allowed to have main deity darshan.


  5. Dear sir
    Hi, I have booked Unjal seva. What is the actual time of seva and at what time to report for seva and where to report ?
    Can we go for darshan with out attending the seva , because my return journey train time is at 5 pm .

    • Dear Sir,

      Reporting Time: 12 pm
      Venue Supadam entrance

      I believed yes, you can have darshan. Let me check with staff on this.


  6. Hello Sir, for Unjal seva on 1 ticket how many persons are allowed and exactly at what time do we need to report at Supadam.

    Sai Sree

  7. Do we need to book a separate tkt for kids below 5yrs

  8. What is the link to book unjal seva tickets online?

  9. Child r allowed r not for unjal seva

  10. Hi,

    I want to know what is the exact time for Unjal Seva, Reporting and Seva Start time?
    Also how much is the duration of Seva and approximate time to get the Darashan as I have to catch train at 5pm from Tirupati?


    • Dear Deepti,

      It will take 1 hour 15 mins for the seva + 25 mins for the darshan. Yes, you can catch train by 5 pm


  11. Hai Kamal
    Unjal Seva will be allowed after 1:00Pm aa sir

  12. Dear sir
    I have booked for unjal seva of Rs 200/-
    for one ticket how many persons allowed

  13. DEAR SIR,

  14. For Unjal Seva wearing of Dhoti is compulsory? Pl guide.
    I am given timing of 1-30 pm. How much time it will take to complete Unjal seva
    Daga H.P.

    • Dear Sir
      Please wear
      Men: White Pancha, Dhoti/ Kurta ,Pyjama.

      Female: Saree with blouse/ Punjabi Dress with Dupatta / Chudidhar with Dupatta/ Half saree

      It will take 1 hours 15 mins for the seva and 25 mins for darshan.


  15. Hai
    Can you please tell me the unjal seva allowed timing
    because if i see the ticket reporting Time is 11:00Am & Preformance Time is 1:30PM Means TTD Will Allow up to 1:00PM & Please help me how much time it will take for darshnam, because i am coming with my parents – & my mother is operated for Knee replacement surgery. so she cant stand for long time

    please let me know

    • Dear Phani Kumar,

      Seva will take 1 hour 15 mins + 25 mins for darshan. You will be seated even during seva time. There is no standing time other than darshan time.

      As Unjal seva will be performed within the temple premises at Aina mahal, you will have easy access to darshan.




      • Dear Shashi Babu,

        vasanthotsavam will be at 1:30 pm it will take another 1 hour for the seva followed by darshan which takes another 45 mins.
        If it is Unjal seva it starts at 1:30 pm and ends by 2:30 pm another 30 mins for darshan.


  17. When can we enter the mahal for unjal seva…?When will it commence…? Thanks in advance…

    • Dear Dhaya Murgesh,

      Seva starts by 1:30 pm and ends by 2:30 pm + 25 mins for darshan. If you have not booked this ticket then try to look for Kalyanotsavam seva, which will start at 10:30 am ends by 12 pm + 25 mins for darshan



    • Dear Sir,

      Unjal seva tickets will be released online on 4th Mar at 11 am. Tickets should be booked online at ttdsevaonline website.


  19. Hello Sir,

    I have booked tickets for unjal seva. I want to know, after completion of seva, for how many minutes we can see lord venkateswara. and is there any privilage to see lord at near distance like before main gate way.

    • Dear Sir,

      After Unjal Seva, it will be normal darshan only. Seva likes Suprabhathama, Thomala, Archana, Astadala pada padmaradhanamu, Nijapada Darshanam will have darshan at close distance


  20. Dear Sir..

    I have booked 2 tickets for unjal seva but due to some reasons my friend doesnot attend this puja. Can i transfer one ticket to my other friend , Please advise.

  21. Hello all, what about the vishesha pooja darshan? Will see the God in very close distance or like normal darshan?
    Thanks in Advance

  22. Hi sir,

    If we book for archana and thomala seva can we go near to lord venkateshware (i.e) [into the seven darwajas or not] and also can u seva how these sevas are performed.

    • Dear Sir,

      Yes, Archana and Thomala seva allows devotees to view Main deity from the very close distance.

      Other sevas, Suprabhatha seva, Astadala pada padmaradhanamu, Nijapada darshanam (only darshan from close distance)


  23. Hi sir

    can you explain how archana seva will be performed

  24. I would like o book a unjal seva for 1st May 2016. Please let me know when will be the online quota tickets released for unjal seva on 1st May 2016.

  25. Hi Sir,
    Please let me know when will be the online quota tickets released for Unjalseva on 15th May 2016.

  26. thank you very much kamal sir

  27. My train time 4:30 in renigunta if any possible to see unjalseva

    • Dear Sir,

      Kalyanotsavam Seva is good and you can manage time easily. With Unjal seva, it starts by 1:45 mins and ends by 3:30 pm so you can’t manage time.

      If it is Kalyantosavam, it starts by 10:30 am and ends by 12 pm +25 mis for darshan


  28. can we see balaji from very close distance if we book kalyanotsavam tickets.


    when will the quota of rooms in tirumala released for more rooms



    • Dear Sai,

      Suprabhatha Seva, Thomala, archana, nijapada darshanam, astadala pada padmaradhanamu will be close


  32. For unjal seva only 2small laddu they ‘ll provide know sir

    • Dear Sir,

      yes, it is 2 Regular Laddus. Small Laddu is different section. Small will be offered to devotees at free of cost after Darshan


  33. For unjal seva they ‘ll gv only 2 laddu sir

  34. Kamal sir for unjal seva wat time they ‘ll be leaving us inside and they ‘ll provide laddu for us

    • Dear Sir,
      Laddu to be collected after Seva and Darshan. Laddu counter is available outside the temple. On showing the receipt, Laddus will be given the devotee


  35. Sir,
    How many unjal seva tickets can i buy from a single login ID online ?
    Timings for the unjal seva is 12 to 5pm is it ? can i be at supadam entry at around 2.30pm and still get the unjal seva ?

    How long will it take for unjal seva and the darshan following the seva ?


    • Dear Sir,
      2 unjal seva tickets can be booked using 1 login ID. Unjal Seva reporting time is 1 pm. seva starts at 2 pm and ends by 3 pm followed by Darshan.


  37. Hi Kamal Sir,

    We have Unjala seva tickets for June 14th. How much time will take to for seva + darshanam. I appreciate your help.


    • Dear Sir,
      Seva and Accommodation are two different things. Both are independent and should be booked separately at ttdsevaonline website

  39. Hello,

    We have booked Unjal Seva for 13 May 2016. Along with us is my aged mother who is physically disabled.
    Reporting time is 11 AM at Supadam entry.

    Would like to know if we can finish the senior citizen darshan at 10 AM first, or complete the Seva and then go for darshan later slot at 3 PM. Which is a better option ?

    Also, I have seen the video which shows wheelchair facility for disabled. Is this available.


    • Dear Madam,
      Unjal Seva starts at 1:30 pm , Seva ends by 2:30 pm followed by Darshan 30 mins. By time you come out of the temple it will be 3!5 pm. Physically challenged darshan is not available in the morning hours due to heavy crowd. Only left option is at 3pm for which senior should report at 1 pm. Wheelchair will be available only to the entry point, it is not allowed in the darshan line.
      Do you have someone who can help your mother on the Darshan reporting ?


  40. S v narsimha rao

    Dear sir .where the unjala Sega performed inside or outside the temple .after completing unjala seva any special darshan .or they will be merged with 300ticket line .

    • Dear Sir,
      Unjal Seva will be performed inside the temple. Seva will be mixed with Rs.300 darshan line. It will take 25 mins max for Darshan

  41. S v narsimha rao

    Sir unjalseva reporting time is 11a.m seva starts at 1.30 and ends at 2.30 and darshan 25min max..total time for seva & darshan is nearly 4hrs is this every thing correct sir ?.and for darshan for this unjal sevapersons at what point they Wil merge with 300 ticket line .

    • Dear Sir,
      Yes, Reporting and Seva timings are right. For Darshan it is merged with Rs.300 ticket

  42. S v narsimha rao

    Dear sir should we report exactly at 11a.m at supadham entrance for unjal seva or any time between 11a.m to 1 p.m

  43. Dear Sir,

    Can we book online tickets by multiple login IDs from single IP address or does we need different IP address
    pls let me know

    • Dear Sir,
      Yes, you can book from the same IP. If you get the error “booking limit exceeded ” then you have to switch to new ip till then you are good

  44. hi,
    WHAT IS ALLOWED TIMMINGS .(cut of ftime)

    • Dear Sir,
      Dhoti with shirt. Will not be allowed after reporting time.
      Till 11:30 am reporting will be accepted.

  45. sir,
    what is the dress code if any for UNJAL SEVA

  46. Sir,which reporting exact place and time for performing unjalseva. I am also booked 24/6/16. Please do needful help

  47. Sir,
    how much time will take for darshan after unjal seva

  48. Adiyean
    I’m SRINIVASAN Iyengar.
    Air I’m booking unjal seva on 28th Augu
    What is the in time and when will the seva close and for deity dharshan by what time.
    Because I want to book 300rs dharshan.

    • Dear Sir
      First Darshan then Seva. Please book after 3 pm so that you will enough time for reporting

  49. Sujan reddy sammidi

    up to what time we will come out of temple

  50. Sir, I have booked Unjal Seva on September 18th and my reporting time in ticket is 11am, but I will be in tirupathi by 10am only approximately. If suppose am late, what is the maximum time limit for me to be
    at supadham? Until what time will I be allowed inside?

    • Dear Sir,
      You are allowed till 11:30 am. Tirupati to Tirumala by Jeep or Private vehicles takes 40 mins max

  51. Sir whether we can touch the unjal during unjal seva on request

  52. Please let me know the unjal seva timings and days of the week.
    when the online quota for accomadation for october 2016 month will be released.

    • Dear Sir,
      Unjal Seva reporting time: 11 am
      First Darshan then Seva will be performed. It will be completed by 2:30 pm
      Please check on 5th Aug at 11 am

  53. good please provide tickets

  54. hi
    please tell me when will they release for november month to be booked for astadala padmaradhanamu and suprabhatam..how long will they allow to sit near the lord for the archana..

    please reply sir
    harini 🙂

    • Dear Madam,
      It is 30 mins for Astadala Pada Padmaradhanamu. 5-10 mins for Suprabhatha Seva

  55. Dear sir I want arcana ticket for the month of November can u pls suggest me how to get the tickets and when the quota will release

  56. Sir, I missed booking suprabhatam ticket. Is it possible to get it at the last moment, like tatkal tickets? I am arriving on 11th of Oct and want Suprabhatam darashan since last 5 years. Please guide. Thanks.

  57. Respected Sir,

    I am planning to go for Unjal Seva. After completing Unjal Seva I want go for Main Darshan. So please suggest me need to purchase Darshan tickets again or with Unjal Seva tickets I can go for Darshan? And Is there any seprate line for this Unjal Seva people?

    • Dear Madam,
      No need purchase Darshan tickets. Seva tickets includes Darshan + Seva. Entry is thru Supadam line.

  58. i want one time atleast need to make suprabathamseva/astadala…. can you please help me when i can get online or anywhere …..

    • Dear Sir
      Online quota will be released on 2nd Sep at 11 am. Tickets can be booked at ttdsevaonline website.


  59. Sir

    I have booked the Unjala deva ticket for my grandmother who’s age is 80 years and for my aunty. Now my tension is that: for darshan again will be merged with regular darshan queue which my grandmother may can not be able face hence could you please suggest me. And also please explain that for dharsan it will be really merged with that much of heavy crowd please let me know.

    • Dear Sir
      Please let me know the date so that I can let you know the crowd status. Is there anyone accompanying your grandmother for this Seva? Srivari Sevaks will be assisting them during the darshan.

  60. Sir,

    Can we book for any seva or darshan or any online booking for darshan on January 9th? i.e., on Vaikunta Ekadasi..

    • Dear Madam,
      Yes, you can book Rs.300 ticket. Sevas will not be performed

      • Sir,

        I would like to have Swami Darshan on Vaikunta Ekadasi…I have seen that there wont be any sevas available that day. Can i book for 300Rs ticket? When will be the quota released?

        Can you please also tell me how long it may take to have darshan? I have fracture in leg and cant stand too long. But i wanted to have darshan on that day.

        Let me know

  61. Suprabatham tickets from Dec 16th to Dec 31st not released.. Will they release them? When ?

  62. I want to know darshan process for unjal seva

  63. Dear Sir,

    1. I booked unjal seva on 11.11.2016. I put driving licence while booking Process but i have duplicate copy of my driving licence, other documents are original (Aadhar, Voter, PAN etc). it is acceptable ??

  64. om namo narayanaya
    i want to know how many tickets for day available in that unjal seva
    and how darsan will carry on
    any special darshan for unjal seva devotees
    or merged with other piligrims

    • Dear Sir,
      Darshan will be merged with other pilgrims.
      First Darshan then Seva at Aina Mahal near to Dwajasthambham
      It is 100-150 tickets per day

  65. Dear sir we the family 5 members want to go suprabhatam on 11/12/2016.how i get suprabhatam tickets sir.

  66. Will they allow for darshanam for Unjal seva after 1pm? I have booked on 11.11.2016.But I will reach Tirumal by 11AM on 11.11.2016.

    • Dear Sir,
      You are good to report by 11:30 am. First Darshan then Seva will be performed at Aina Mahal
      Will there be any problem in having Darshan at 11:30 am?

  67. how much time it will take to climb tirumala tirupathi by walk? iam planning for kalyanotsavam,so at what time i should start to climb to tirumala hills ?

    • Dear Sir,
      Please start by 4:30 am so that you can reach Tirumala by 8:30 am + 15 -20 mins walk to Supadam. 10 am is the reporting time

  68. sir ji,i booked tickets for unjala seva by using my sis account for both of us ……. but on the date of seva she will attend for her public exams…..i decided to attend the seva without her….can i get entry to seva without her.is there any ristriction for me to attend the seva without her…..
    ……………..THANKYOU IN ADVANCE……….

  69. bachu.krishna murthy

    good evening sir,how much time takes compleet tha unjal seva from entry to exit the templ

  70. Sir,

    Where is the sahasra deepa seva performed now a days. Where do we need to report for the SD Seva. Earlier they used to perform in the open area in front of the temple.

  71. bachu.krishna murthy

    good evening sir we reserved Rs.500/room for 13-11-2016 report at the time of before 12 pm,but we have to attend unjal seva on 14-11-2016 by report 11-30 am,is there any problem in room vacate after came from temple,and is it possible to catch Padmavathi train at 5 pm at tirupathi

    • Dear Sir,
      Please plan this way,
      1. Pack your belongings and vacate room by 11 am itself.
      2. Deposit your belongings at PAC IV which is right next CRO office.
      3. Now attend Seva
      4. On return collect your belongings at PAC IV as room checkout process takes time.
      5. Now plan to Tirupati which takes 60 mins by private jeep.
      Seva starts at 1:30 pm and ends by 2:30 pm. So you are good to catch train at 5 pm.

  72. I have booked Unjal Seva on 28-Nov-2016. Which entrance is allowed for Seva (Supatham or VQC).

    Will they allow to darshan main deity after seva or before seva ?

    If after seva, how to go to the seva hall after darshan ?

    • Dear Sir,
      Entry is from Supatham. Darshan is before Seva. After Seva, devotees are allowed inside Aina Mahal while returning.

  73. Dear sir,
    I heard that, there is 500 Rs Dharshanam to ticket which is available in Tirumala. Can you please explain, how to take that ticket?

  74. Hello Sir,

    Is it possible to make Sahasra Deepalankara immediately after coming out from Unjal Seva..? B’coz we (8 Persons) have booked Unjal Seva on 17 FEB 2017 and my mom wanted to attend Deepalankara Seva.

    Also, we need your valuable suggestion on accomodation.. What kind of room should be booked for 8..?


    • Dear sir,
      Unjal seva is performed at morning 1:30 p.m. and ends 2:30 p.m. Sahasra Deepalankara seva start at 5:30 p.m. .But one login id you can book only 2 tickets sir , so you have to create 4 different accounts to book for seva, but one id is possible to book one seva only.
      for 800 rs 5 members will stay comfortable.

  75. What is the important of this seva we need history and mahatyam. Abot this. Tq

  76. We have booked unjal seva for 4 members on 21.11.16.Can it be postponed to 22.11.16

  77. Correct answers are given. Thanks for the information.

  78. i was booked a ticket unjal seva on 30/11/2016.i have a small doubt.after seva we we will go for darsan or before seva darsanam will perform…i am confused..plz tell me

  79. Dear Sir
    Plz let me know how to get the tickets for tiruppavada seva and vastralankarana seva

  80. Dear Sir,

    Is kids are allowed for Unjal Seva?
    Is Main deity darshan will be combined with special entry darshan/divya darshan/sarva darshan?


  81. Sir in which seva we will get kalyana laddu and vada prasadam please tell me

  82. Sir,
    In which Seva we can have inside Darshan?

    • HI sir,

      for suprabhata,thomala, astadala pada padmaradhana,nija pada darshanam,archana you will get inside main deity darshan.


  83. Dear sir,

    I am devotee of Thiurmala Balaji, Thiurppavada seva ticket required, not able to get it through online, kindly suggest, we have already attended, Suprabhatham, Kalyana utsavam, Deepalankara seva, Thomala seva and Arjitha Brahmostavam,

    Seek your guidance in this regard.


  84. Do i get darhsn of Shri Balaji in unjal seva

  85. Sir, when will the Argita seva tickets releases online?

    • Hi Sir,

      for April month sevas tickets are released also booked for further dates please subscribe to go tirupathi.


  86. Sir, what sevas are performed in the sanctum Santorum before paid devotees?

    • HI Sir,

      suprabhata,thomala,archana,astadala pada padmaradhana,nija padaa darshanam will be performing infront of main deity.


  87. For suprabhat seva how meny days, what date&time online tickets booking will start Pls tell me sir.

  88. Before unjal seva darshanam will be completed.Is there any separate queue will be there for darsan or will be merged with the other paid service.if the darsan is delayed bcoz of queue,how unjal seva can be attended

    • HI Sir,

      YOu will have seperate queue to attend the darshan after that you will seva inside the temple at ayina mahal.


  89. Geethakrishnan K G

    Yesterday 20th jan, I came with family of 4 having the unjal seva ticket booked early nov. It was unfortunate that no one there to guide for unjal seva place and we end up join normal que and come out from the exit. No sign board available to guide and no volunteers able to answer query. After came out about 1pm when asked to a police officer he keep on saying go to supadam. Actually we enterd supadam point at 11 am. He never helped us to join the seva, keep on telling that the ticket is stamped , it means seva is attended. Actually stamping is done at entry.

    • HI Sir,

      yes for this seva first you have darshan and after finishing darshan you can get the seva at aina mahal in the temple itself.


      • Geethakrishnan K G

        May I know is there any sign board displayed to guide devotees or any announcement being made to inform participants available at temple premise?

  90. Sir I have got unjal seva ticket for 27th Feb.,17 and fortunately I have confirmed railway ticket for Narayanadri express on the same day which starts at 1700 hrs from tirupathi. Can I catch the train by finishing darshan of daity and perform of unjal seva, and collecting of prasadam at counter,?

    • HI Sir,

      I think it is doubtfull sir it totally depends upon the seva starting time if its delayed then it might be difficult to catch the train.


  91. Sir, we have booked unjal seva tickets for 23rd Feb for five people and for two children of age 5 and 7. Actually we five comprising of aged people of age 74 and 65 and physically handicapped female of age 41. Could you please guide us how to get into the main entrance by avoiding huge rush.

  92. Sir,

    If I come 12 PM they will allow are not for Unjal seva

  93. How many minutes we can stand in unjal seva

  94. I family members 4 person my wife and my children 2 age13.and and 8 only allowed 2 how to possible I can Darshan please tell me sir

    • HI Sir,

      on each login ID You can book 10 tickets for special entry darshan you can ook in ttdsevaonline.


  95. Whether unjal or deepa slankaraseva how many days before on line booking stared if we get tickets from vijaya bank daily basis when we come 5th may we will get on the day itself at the counter

    • Hi Madam,

      You can get the tickets through the online or else you can try through the lucky dip bookings,for lucky dip bookings you can find the link below



  96. Sir
    how many darshans will be allowed for unjal seva when we are in the temple from 11.30 am

  97. In Unjal seva it is said Rs.1000 & 5 persons are allowed. Again it says Unjal seva Rs 200 per person. Whether Darshan first or Seva first. What is the reporting time and Seva time. How to get Seva tickets. We are four devotees want perfom Seva in June 2017 ending

    • Namasthe sir,
      First Darshan then Seva at Aina Mahal.
      Unjal Seva Ticket Cost: Rs 200 per person. One can book 2 tickets using one login ID.

  98. Hello,

    We are planning for unjal seva in dec 2017. We are 5 adults and 2 children. Its mentioned that unjal seva costs rs 200 per person. Is it inclusive of darshan.

    2. If we get unjsl seva tickets, will they directly take us for lord darshan or else we have to book darshan tickets separately??

    Pls can you explain in detail as we are from mumbaoli and have to book tickets accordingly. Thanks

    • Hi Madam,
      there is no need to book dharshan tickets seperatly you will get dharshan first and then seva.

      Thank You.

  99. Is any darshan or seva ticket for close to see lord venkateswara for long time

    • HI Sir,

      If you get Suparbhata,thomala,archana,nija pada darshanam,astadala pada padmaradhana tickets then you can see the deity from kulasekhara padi, try to book for those tickets through the seva electronic dip.


  100. When I booked for kalyavutsavam my children under age of 10 & 7 will allowed or not

    • HI Sir,

      YEs you can go with your children sir below 12yrs old kids are allowed for any seva along with the parents.


      • thank u sir, I have another doubt I have registered for suprabhatam seva and booked for kalayanautasvam on 08.11.2017, with the anugragha when I got suprabhatam seva can I allowed to perform both sevas and how many persons allowed for suprabatham seva perday

        • HI Sir,

          Yes you can allowed for the both the sevas if you get the tickets and nearly 400 members are will there at suprabhata seva.


  101. Hi sir, I have registered for suprabatham seva and also booked for kalyanautsvam on 8.11.2017. if I got the suprabhatam seva I will be allowed to perform to do both seva in the sameday. generaly how many persons allowed for suprabhatam seva perday

  102. dear sir,
    I have not get any cancellation intimation

  103. srinivas ,hyderabad

    regarding unjai seva —-srivari darsan before or after seva —-i want to know please

  104. srinivas ,hyderabad

    at what time unjal seva will be completed please

  105. Sir, i have booked for ungal seva. Its only for ungal seva? Otherwise can i see the lord vengatesa? In main…

  106. how to book kalyanautsavam for 10 piligram 3/12/17, whetherwe have to take 5 indipendent registratiion .

  107. Hi I am planning to book suprabhata seva for december 2017.

    Can you please let me know when Can I get the quota released.

  108. Hi sir,
    we have booked the unjal seva tickets through online in Dec’17. But we want suprabhatam tickets. So, Can we try to suprabatham tickets through electronic dip to same persons.
    it is acceptable.

  109. Rakothu Syamala wife of R V Seshaiah Naidu garu

    Indeed it is rare blessings for people who have availed unjal seva in tirumala in the aaiyina mahal of the temple premiises.people are allowed to have the main diety lord venkateswara swami darsanam first and they are allowed to sit in the aaiyana mahal where unjal aeva isconducted with vedic chanting by the temple purohits.and after pooja is over arathi is given to Lord Venkatewara swami along with Sridevi and Bhoodevi..
    After that every one assembled there for the pooja unjal seva is allowed to go inside the mahal to see swami.by doing pradkshinam. Chataari is applied to every one’headand panchajarjura prasadam is given to every one. Really blessed to have unjal seva in tirumala..very much satisfied the way they(TTD) conduct Unjal seva.

  110. Hi Sir, I have read some places that for Unjal Seva first it is Seva and then Darshanam. But in this artical it says first Darshanam and then Seva.

    Even the TTD online site says reporting time is 1:30 pm. Can you please let me know that is the exact timing for reporting ?

  111. Hi Sir

    I am hearing here that first there will main deity Dharshan and then followed by Unjal seva. what will be the total quota for unjal seva nevertheless I have unjal seva ticket booked for Friday 15th September.Is unjal seva ends exactly at 14:30 because i have train booked at 17:50 from Tirupati.Sorry for posting so many questions. My mother will not able to sit down during as she is suffering from knee pain. Is there any alternate plans.

    • HI Sir,

      yes first balaji darshan and then you can attend for the seva ,within 4 hrs you can complete the seva and darshan


    • We r coming to Tirumala on OCT 02 for Unjal Seva . Listening to the news that there were long queues and some of the darshans got cancelled. How long it will take to complete the seva & darshan since i have 2 small kids. And will they change the darshan after seva?

  112. Hi sir, our grand mother who is 67years old..she came but darshan did not happen…so we are planning again…I have a small doubt..there z special entrance for senior citizens between 10am and 2pm…she want to go for DAT..I want to know the formalities for that..and when the senior citizens are allowed inside the temple…would they stop the other people …I wanted to know this information because ..my grand mother cannot walk….can u please give the information… Thank u

  113. Sir, wll there be darshan after seva?

  114. Dear sir, we booked unjala seva and will be coming to tirupati by 7 am in a train. we are planning to be near the temple by 11.30 am. Should we be reporting for darshan first or should be going directly to the seva? If it is we have to go to darshan first, where exactly in the temple should we report?

    • Hi sir,

      On arrival you can report at supatham entrance and first you will have the swamy darshan and then you can attend the seva at aina mahal



  116. I have booked for unjal seva. Separate booking for balaji dharshan?

  117. Hi
    Before seva wil there be a direct darshan or do we need to start the darshan Q line as like Spl entry darshan or divya darshan? Bcos my parents couldnt walk much so i want to know is there a seperate line for darshan for those who has seva tickets?

  118. Sir, im waiting to see kalyanotsavam. Can you please tell me when will open for the month of february

  119. sir,
    we have planned for visit to lord balaji temple on 20 feb 2017. when will released february 2017’s unjala seva online tickets?

  120. J. Satyanarayana Rao

    Sir namo VENKATESHA. I want to book for Abhisekham on Friday in February 2018. Please inform process kindly. If there is booking or no booking for Abhisekham.

  121. Sir , I have booked unjal seva ticket online & got confirmation sms … How can I get the printed ticket


  123. respected sir,
    I have booked unjal seva ticket for darshan of lord venkateswara. I want to know in this seva will you allow us very near to lord venkateswara at garbha gudi as suprabatham seva.

  124. How many laddus will provide for Unjal Seva ticket per person 200/- ticket?

  125. Sir,
    I heared that Senior Citizens are pushed by the staff .Is it true.I have knee problem pushing will aggravate the pain. I can not walk fast.Would like to have darsan in Jan 18.Hope staff will take care of people like me.

  126. Hi sir,

    After Unjal Seva how much time does it take for darshan normally

  127. For those with UNJAL SEVA tickets , Darshan is before seva or after seva. In the main writeup they have said first darshan and then seva. Where as you have said it is darshan is after seva. Which is correct?

  128. sir I have bought the unjalseva ticket.shall I goto maindiety first then to injalseva.

  129. Hi Sir

    For Unjal Seva, do we need to travel in a regular line or is there any direct entry into the temple premises.


  131. Managobindatripathy

    I have booked for Unjal Deva on 12/5/18.No ticket is provided to me.How can I get it.

  132. Managobindatripathy

    Only one SMS is sent regarding transaction that you have successfully booked for Unjal Seva having transaction ID. IS02021804431359 on 12/5/18.No mail to my Gmail ID regarding e ticket. Please provide a link to get my ticket.

  133. Dear sir/madem,

    I need unjal seva darshan march15 th from april 10 any date


  134. Raja
    From chennai
    We booked unjal seva on 17th April 2018
    This seva out saide the temple or in saide
    Plese advice

  135. sir,

    we are 3 members along with my son.If you allow only 2 tickets then how can we 3 participate.Plese let me know in the same ticket can we have main God darshan or else we need to book special ticket for Darshan separately.

    • HI Sir,

      If your son is less than 12 years then you can take and you can get the main deity darshan along with the seva ticket


  136. how much time does it take for darshan and unjal seva. Does seva followed by darshan or darshan followed by seva.

  137. Dear Sir,

    What is the difference between Unjal Seva and Sahasra Deepaalankara Seva? Is both conducted in same place?

    • HI Sir,

      sevas are different and performing places also different but for both the sevas you can get the darshan


  138. Sunday roju 5 months pillalni pampistàra

  139. Sir I have unjal seva ticket for me and my wife but what about my grand mother and mother in law

    • HI Sir,

      right now tickets are fully booked so if they are above 65 yrs then let them plan to take the senior citizen darshan


  140. Sir,
    I am planning to book unjall seva ticket, along with my wife, my mother and below 12 year old my two children. So how many ticket required and how to book

    • HI Sir,

      from one login id you can book the 2 tickets and below 12 yrs old kids can accompany with parents and you can book one more ticket from another user id


  141. Sir i have booked tickets for my mom and dad. But i dont know the meaning of pilgrim name so again i entered dads details.. is there any way to change that details

  142. Sir I lost my unjal seva ticket bt I know my booking id

  143. Sir How much time it will take for having darshan of the Lord Siri Ventakteswara through Unjal seva.

  144. S.Lakshminarayanan

    I want to book two tickets for unjalSeva on 9-7-18.

    • HI Sir,

      Tickets are fully booked so on arrival you can try at cro office through lucky dip bookings


  145. Hi sir,

    May I know unjal seva timing?

    • HI Sir,

      reporting time is 11:30 am and seva starts at 1:30 pm so plan accordingly


  146. Sir, Can you tell me how much time they perform unjal seva. from 1.30pm to 1.45pm???. And where we will get joined with normal queue line ? I mean to ask you how much time will it take for darshanam . Is it Maha lagu darshanam only?

    • HI Madam,

      first you will get the darshan and then you can perform the seva so plan accordingly


  147. Hi sir I have booked Unjala seva You said first darshanam then seva darshanam means we are going to normal queue are…..???

    • Dear Madam,
      after seva you will be moved to darshan in special entry line,
      please call at 9393939150 for detailed information
      Thank you

  148. Hi Team,

    I need to book tickets for thomala seva ‘or’ Nija padha dharshana, But I am not able to see those seva in https://ttdsevaonline.com .

    Please let me know where and how I can book ticket for thomala seva.


    • Dear Sir/Madam,
      you need to enroll in lucky dip, The next quota will be releasing on July 6th at 10 am, please check in the same site
      Thank you

  149. I have booked seva on september after finishing the sevas how long time i wait for darshan

  150. Dear Sir,

    11.30 A.M to up to what time you will permit me for unjal seva darshan

    Because i am reaching by 1.00 p.m only can you permit me..

    Please confirm me.

  151. Dear Sir,

    Once unjal Seva is performed will they allow inside for the darshan? or it will be from Jaya Vijaya statue?

  152. How many days before the Unjal Seva can be booked

    • Dear Sir/Madam,
      You can book the seva before a month also and its subject to availability and can booked online.
      Thank you.

  153. Sir, i want to give a music concert in unjal seva , kindly provide prescribed proforma if any on online for booking.

    • Dear Sir/Madam,
      You need to check that with the official staff of ttd for further details contact 9393939150.
      Thank you.

  154. Please let me know the following

    1. If I book Unjal seva ticket, is it necessary to book special darsan ticket also.
    2. Is there any dress code for unjal seva.
    3. Advance booking of Unjal seva starts when i.e. How many days in advance?

    • Dear Sir/Madam,
      No need to book darshan tickets, you need to wear traditional outfit , you can check that online.
      Thank you.

  155. Dear Sir/Madam,
    The queue is mixed at supadam only.
    Thank you.

  156. How to book UNJALA Seva ? The procedure please.

  157. Sir may quota accommodation which date will be released
    Double click booking for unjal seva .Can l
    Cancle the seva ticket

  158. I am interested in taking part in auditions for unjal seva…pl let me know…

  159. What should we bring .

    • Dear Sir/Madam,
      No need to bring anything, its a seva performed to the uthsava murthy by the priests over there .
      Thank you.

  160. How should we apply for unjal seva

  161. Raghavendran Mahalakshmi

    I am interested in audition of Unjal sewa..
    How to participate?
    Information plz

  162. Raghavendran Mahalakshmi

    After booking I will be allowed to sing before swamivaru…

  163. Sreelakshmi Suresh

    I want to participate in the auditions for unjal seva. Kindly send me the details and link.

    • Dear Sir/Madam,
      You can perform unjala seva in tirumala by booking online in the official site .
      Thank you.

  164. Vidya hattimattur

    I want to participate in the audition of unjala seva .Kindly send me the details and even the link .

  165. Vidya hattimattur

    Sir are we allowed to sing dasara pada ?

  166. I have tried to register for online sevas but proceed is unsuccessful. Looks like the system doesn’t allow to register if being stayed in abroad. I have provided my contact number and system prompt me to e get OTP which is not tree deceived at all. This had been tried many times but it doesn’t work.

  167. Vidya hattimattur

    Sir I want to participate in the auditions for unjal seva please send me the details and the even the link.

    • Dear Sir/Madam,
      Unjala seva can be booked directly there is no lucky dip system for that .
      Thank you .

  168. CHITHRA venkatraman

    How long will it take for darshan after unjal seva….

  169. After the unjal seva is done, will we be allowed to join the queue near to the Aina Mahal (like the queue in your picture) or should we join from the queue starting place, like go outside all the way back?