TTD Tirumala Laghu Darshan

TTD Tirumala Laghu Darshan Details

Laghu Darshan

Laghu Darshan, Where devotees are allowed till 3rd door, which is 25 ft away from Moola Virat. Earlier, Devotees are long-standing in compartments for hours even if it is a weekday, to avoid this situation Laghu Darshan is implemented.

Laghu Darshan will be active on Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat and Sun

Maha Laghu Darshan

Maha Laghu Darshan, Pilgrims can only have Darshan from the last door ( Jaya Vijaya Statue). Maha Laghu Darshan will be active on Festival and public holidays.  If Tirumala temple witnesses a heavy influx of pilgrim crowd then T.T.D will opt for Maha Laghu.

Normal Darshan

Devotees are allowed till the very first door, one can view Moola Virat at close proximity. When the crowd is minimal, then it will be Normal Darshan.

For Arjitha Sevas, there will be no queue line, Devotees will be seated right in-front of Moola Virat. Seva usually goes for 30 -40 mins.

For any queries on TTD Tirumala Laghu Darshan, please leave your comment below.

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  1. Laghu and Maha Laghu Darshan wiil available on 17.10.2015 and 18.10.2015.

  2. Sir, I am visiting Tirumala on 22 Oct during Brahmotsavam when Supatham gate is closed. So I have bought 300 special darshanam tickets. The problem is that we have a baby of 2 months old with us. What would you suggest in such a situation? Will we get proper darshan or Laghu Darshanam. Which one is better Darshan? Can we enter through Supatham gate using our 300 rupees tickets?

    • Dear Amit Mehta,

      It would be nice to continue with Rs.300 tickets, Supadam will be crowded during this time. You can also check for timings at Supadam before enter e-Special entry Darshan. It is Dasara Holidays so crowd will be high in Tirumala. Usually Supadam will not take much time, as it is holidays + brahmotsavam time, darshan timings at Supadam differs.

      Please let me know if you need more on this.


      • Thanks for ur quick response. I have a bumper idea and I think you can help me here. What about 23 Oct? I can buy 300 rupees tickets for 23 Oct also. Or would you suggest to go by Supatham on 23?. Because on 22, if I go by 300 rupees special entrance, I will get only laghu darshanam but if I go on 23 Supatham will also be not crowded and 300 ticket will also have Normal darshanam. So we won’t have to settle for laghu darshanam. Waiting for your suggestions. Regards Amit

        • Dear Amit Mehta,

          It would nice if you book Rs.300 for 23rd oct as well, reason is till 24th Oct, it is holidays. So Crowd still be there. From 26th Oct, crowd will be normal in Tirumala. Good idea to go ahead with Rs.300 ticket.

          Please let me know if you need more info.


  3. Sir,

    Even the crowd is less i got the maha laghu darshan only means from jaya vijayalu…..i didn,t get laghu darshan even in week days aslo..


    • Dear Sir,

      TTD planning to revised that in the coming month so that weekdays will be Laghu Darshan. Till then it will be Laghu Darshan only.


    • Dear Sir,

      TTD planning to revised that in the coming month so that weekdays will be Laghu Darshan. Till then it will be Maha Laghu Darshan only.


  4. I want to book a seva which is performed in front of moola vigra. As you mentioned “for Arjitha Sevas, Devotees will be seated right in-front of Moola Virat. Seva usually goes for 30-40 min”. How to know when quota is released? On website they say quota not released even for past date. say today 16mar 2016. I see for 9th mar 16 status as quota not released(blue color). then what is the guarantee future date quota will be released or no.

    Also what is the best time of day to book ticket to have quick darshan? I have 300rs/- tickets of 20th Mar.

    • Dear Sir,

      9th Mar was Surya Grahan day and temple was closed. If there is festivals or events planned inside the temple then TTD will not release sevas quota only for that particular day.
      May month quota will be released online on 1st Apr at 11 am.

      Please let me know if you need more details


      • Thanks for quick reply. please share seva details like each seva amount. little description about that seva. I can see even for 21-23rd March 2016 quota is not released. when will it be released? If I book Arjitha Brahmotsava how many people from my family will be allowed to sit in front of LORD?

      • Thanks kamal, for lucky dip you have mentioned on page “” that Currently Suprabhatham seva is not available under lucky dip. Where as on page “” you are mentioning this seva can be booked under lucky dip. Please clarify if this seva can be booked under lucky dip or no as of mar2016 onwards?

        Also if you can allow copy paste option while posting question in comment box , that will be good

        • Dear Sir,

          Suprabhatha seva was removed from lucky dip booking. It is the recent change in the lucky dip process. I will update the information.
          Surely, I will try to enable right click.


      • Also please mention “Melchat Vastram” Seva details e.g. where to get seva ticket. you said whole family can attend seva. how many member of family allowed in this seva?

      • Please mention about Anga pradakshina seva. weather it is daily seva? seva details, as none of the pages have details about this seva

      • I visited tirupati on 19th of march. It was full 30hr struggle to Have final Darshan. 5:30 am 7:30 am in Guest house queue, 12-3pm in getting Angaprakshina ticket, 1:30 am -4:30am in getting Anga pradakshina darshan. I Expected To see GOD without decoration, but we did not get. Even Lucky dip ticket were sold from backdoor.

        There were emplooyes who were selling confirmed lucky dip ticket to known people. Now I know why 99% of people never get any seva tickets and why influential people almost everytime get seva ticket. I saw locals getting 500 rooms easliy, while hindi people have to struggle to get rooms. You have to pleade TTD Employees. On top of that lot of ambiguity over information available on websites.

        But all done well after LORD’s Darshan for 3-5 secs.

        • Dear Sir,

          I truly understand your feelings. Next time when you are planning to Tirupati , I will let you know the steps. Tirupati Darshan is simple process if planned in advance.
          Crowd will always be at peak in Tirumala hills that too it is summer vacation time.

          Lord love the one’s who reach him with true heart.

          Please let me know if you need more details.


  5. Sir,
    We are planning to visit in First week of Aug’16. Is there a special day r time for laghu darshan? If so, can you please tell us what ticket we should buy for that?


    • Dear Sir,
      It would be nice if you can book Suprabhatha Seva tickets online so that you can have good Darshan. Aug month quota will be released online on 1st Jul at 11 am

  6. I am planning to have a laghu darshan either on 15th July (Dev Shayani Ekadashi ) or 19th July (Guru poornima / Full moon).

    Which ticket I should buy? Will it be too crowded on these days? Can we have Laghu darshan without tickets as well? Approximately how much time will normal darshan without ticket take during these days?


    • Dear Sir,
      Please book e-special Darshan tickets online at ttdsevaonline website. Darshan will not take more than 2 hours on this day for Rs.300 tickets

  7. Dear Kamal:

    We are SENIORS visiting on 22nd Oct for Lord’s blessings and plan to go thru gate for seniors at 3 p.m.
    Are we doing the right thing and how do we proceed to the reporting place.

  8. Sir we are visiting tirumala on 23 and 24 th august . Will laghu darshan available on those days. Regards RAMA

  9. Hello sir
    I booked a visesha Pooja seva on Dec.19,2016 Monday after the Pooja gets over which darshan we can have whether laghu or Maha laghu darshan

    • Dear Sir,
      After Seva, devotees are allowed to have Darshan similar to Rs.300 ticket ie from Jaya Vijaya entranc

  10. Hello Sir / Madam,

    I am visiting the temple on 8 th Oct 2016, which darshan i will get and approx how much time it will take??
    The day comes near to Dasara, since i have return flight on 9th. can u please help in letting me know the timings?? or the best thing which i can do for early darshan?any special darshan ticket or anything else?

    • Dear Sir,
      Crowd will be high due to Brahmotsavam. Please login to ttdsevaonline website to book e-special entry Drashan tickets. Rs.300 ticket Darshan might take 3 hours

  11. We are planning to visit on 10/10/16 by supadam,We carrying 10th month old baby with us.Can you let us know how much time it takes for darshan & will the crowd be high at this time?


  13. Hi,

    Laghu darshan is possible on 26th OCt’16(Wednesday) or 27th Oct(Thusrday)? Plz advice.

  14. How far is from mula virat for Maha laghu darshan? Actually I booked ticket for visesha puja, how the darshan will be done.

  15. I booked for Thomala Seva. how and from where I will get darshanam

  16. Which is the closest possible darshan?

  17. Hi sir,

    How to book Laghu darshan?


    • HI Sir,

      Now laghu darshan is not available only through the seva tickets you wil get the close darshan.


  18. V pavan Kumar Reddy

    Is Darshan will be provided very close to moolavirat.
    Or normal darshan like Rs 300/- pilgrim

    • Hi Sir,
      the dharshan will be unlike the 300rs dharshan and it will be close, you will be allowed till the first door.

      Thank You.

  19. Sir I want to c as nearer as possible and sit few minutes which Darshan is prefer

    • HI Sir,

      Please book the sevas which is under electronic dip in the ttd official website you can get the lagu darshan.


  20. Hello Sir,

    I want to see Lord Venkateshwra swamy from nearest possible door. Please let me know what should I do ?? I have 1 year old kid and my brother family also. Please help. (We all together 4 members)

    • HI Sir,

      Try to book the sevas like suprabhatam,nija pada darshanam,archana,tomala tickets ,so that you can see the deity very near.


  21. Very close Ist door darshan will be available on which ticket, somebody told it’s vip L2… Can u pl tel me on which day which darshan can I see closely..

    • HI Sir,

      You can get those darshan by sevas like suprabhata,thomala,archana,nijapada darshan and with reccomendation letters you can see the main deity very close


  22. For vip darsham with mla letter .which darshanam is provided .lagu or maha lagu darsham.or normal darshan

  23. How many doors in front of God darshan

  24. Sir,
    Is there any closer dharshan to see swamy very near with 2 year old kid ?
    I’m planning to travel India between 20th June to 12th July. let me know if there is any suitable darshan available within this period.

    • HI Sir,

      You can plan on weekdays like tuesday,wednesday and thursaday, crowd will be minimal to get the darshan.


  25. Sir anga pradkshanam have be navaratri brahmothsavam days pls reply.

  26. Is any specific day for laghu dharshan of moolah virat

  27. When can we opt laghu darshanam