Tirumala darshan crowd today

Tirumala darshan crowd today

Tirumala darshan crowd today and Tomorrow Updates

The crowd is Normal. Weather is Sunny.

15 compartments in Vaikuntam 2 Queue Complex is filled Divya Darshan Ticket Holders.

Tirumala darshan crowd today

  • Sarva Darshan: 8 – 10 hours.
  • Divya Darshan: 6 – 8 hours.
  • Infant Darshan: 2 hours
  • NRI Darshan: 2 hours 30 mins
  • Special Entry Darshan: 1 hour 45 mins
  • Senior Citizen Darshan: 1 hour
  • Divya Darshan Tickets Quota Limit
  • Alipiri Mettu: 14000 per day.
  • Srivari Mettu: 6,000 per day.

Tirumala darshan crowd tomorrow

  • Sarva Darshan: 15 to 16 hours.
  • Divya Darshan tokens may not be issued.

Suggestions on Tirumala Darshan

1) Best Time for Tirumala Darshan is on Weekdays i.e Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday.

2) It is always a good idea to plan Tirumala Trip with Pre-booked Tirumala Darshan Tickets. Divya Darshan Ticket timings vary a lot.

3) If you are not able to get accommodation in Tirumala, then look for Srinivasam Complex and Madhavam Guest House Accommodation in Tirupati. Plan to stay in Tirupati rather than looking for accommodation  Tirumala.

4) Tirupati to Tirumala usually takes 30 minutes by Road so it is easily accessible.

5) During major festival periods like Brahmotsavam, Rathasapthami and Other Utsavams, plan your activities.


Rs.300 Darshan Ticket Booking

  1. Current booking available at Srinivasam complex for the same day Darshan
  2. Tickets Quota: 400 per day.
  3. Counter Timings: 8:00 am – 5:00 pm.
  4. Dress Code Mandatory for the Sheegra Darshan Tickets.
  5. Queue line usually starts by 2:00 am during weekends.
  6. Darshan waiting time: 1 hour 30 mins – 2 hours 30 mins.

For more details, Please call @ 85000 85151

Please leave your queries, comments or suggestions, we will get back to your queries at the earliest.


  1. Ravi kumar Edubilli

    Dear Sir,

    Please tell me how much time will taken for Today Darshan ticket Rs: 50

    Please suggest me my train is tomorrow A.M

  2. sathi veerraghava reddy


  3. Sir we are coming tomorrow evening 4.00pm darashna what is the status about rain and i saw the video water is flowing like river on sriwari steps its true sir what about the road status from alipiri to tirumal it is clear

  4. Hi Sir,
    may i know that srivari steps is opened or not?im coming on 17-11-2015 morning.can u plz say status on that day?

  5. Dear sir’ how much time it will take to darshanam

    • Dear Satish,

      For Divya Darshan it is taking 4 hours. If you want to go for Rs.300 tickets, then today’s darshan tickets are issued at srinivasam complex.


  6. I booked 300 rs ticket on Sunday
    I am coming Saturday to tirumalai is there any problem on route

    • Dear Hari,

      There is no problem in the Tirumala Ghat Road, it is taking 1 hour to reach Tirumala from Tirupati.
      Road connectivity and Trains are running late due to recent heavy rains.

  7. Hi Sir,

    I have booked the 300 rs ticket for Saturday, right now hearing the information that the roads from tirupati to tirumala have been blocked because of bad weather. Kindly let me how is the weather and whether it is real that the roads been blocked.

    • Dear Yogaraj,

      Tirupati to Tirumala traffic is moving slowly. It is single lane road now. Due to recent rains, there is working going for 2nd lane.
      It takes 1 hour to reach Tirumala.

      Please let me know if you need more details.

  8. Hello we have plan to visit Tirupati on 23-25 Nov15.
    whats situation due to rain. I am coming via secundarabad being all family members considering this i want to know real situation at Tirumala. Accomdation availability.

    • Dear Shekhar,

      It is all good now. you can plan your darshan trip.

      On arriving at Tirupati, please visit Vishnu Nivasam, which is 5 mins walk from Tirupati Railway station, where rooms will be allotted On Arrival

      Please let me know if you need more details.


  9. Hi,

    Please let me know the croud today. How many hours does it take for free darshan on weekends. Tomorrow we reach tirupati so i have to book return tickets. Does buses are available till what time in the night and does it required reservation or we can catch the bus to hyderabad then and there and what will be ticket fare for bus.

    please let me know these details…so that i can plan accordilngly.

    • Dear Jaya,

      Free Darshan will take time, please look for Rs.300 tickets online if available. Do book return ticket, usually crowd will be high during weekends.
      Everything is restored , darshan and buses running normal. Last bus from Tirumala to Tirupati is at 10 pm.


  10. Dear Team,

    Is it mandatory to wear dhoti and pyjama for 300 rs darshan. Just I want to know, how the situation will be on 28th both rain and crowd.

    Thanks in advance.

    • Dear Satishrao,

      It is cloudy with little rain. You are good to plan your darshan. Everything is running on time. Yes, traditional dress is mandatory for Rs.300 tickets.


  11. Dear Sir,
    We booked railway, room and darshan pass. We are visiting Tirupati on 26th Nov 2015. I want to know current weather conditions at Tirupati? There is still raining ? What is the current weather conditions let me know as early

  12. Dear sir
    How is climate in tirumala and roads safe?
    Crowd normal??
    Pls advise

  13. please let me know that is weather favorable for darshan & foot path is ready to go tirupati to tirumala,
    i booked by ticket for darshan previouly are you sure darshan is open for visitors.
    please reply soon

  14. Hi sir,

    We are coming to tirumala this weekend. How would be the crowd? Is it adviceable to come now?

  15. Hi Sir,

    How is climate in Tirumala we booked tickets for 5th Dec 2015,is it Safe to travel now.

  16. Hello sir

    How is whether now in tirumala.We booked darshan tickets for 5/12/2015.

    Is road way clear?

    Please leave a reply.


  17. Dear Kamal,

    Could you please let me know the present condition (and forecast for next 2 days) in Tirupati and Tirumala? Are the trains coming from Vijayawada Zone? How about the road condition between Nellore and Tirupati? Your earliest reply is much appreciated as I may travel tomorrow to Tirupati. Also please let me know the present condition of foot path. I heard there are incidents of boulders, so please advise me on this as well.


    • Dear Suraj,

      Connectivity to Tirupati is Good. Tirupati and Tirumala don’t have any impact. Foot path is open for 24 hours.
      Please wear sweaters as you it is full of Myst.


  18. Hello,We are planning for swami darshan this weekend(Dec 5).Can you please confirm if the current weather and road conditions in tirumala


  19. Hi!
    I do not see the Special entry Darshan tickets for Dec 20 and 21. But in the availability chart, I can see the days prior or after it. Any idea, if tickets for these days will later released in due course of time or is it due to the heavy rush?

    • Dear Rajeev,

      21st dec is vaikunta ekadasi so crowd will be high. In 2014, TTD has released Rs.300 tickets but this year TTD is holding Rs.300 tickets.
      Due to heavy rush TTD is not issuing tickets for these dates.


  20. i found out that there is no availability for 300 rs tickets for 22dec..so can we darshan by coming from steps

  21. Could you please let me know is it right time go to Tirumala on 24th Dec, I could bot able get 300 rupee in online. We want take on Tirumala on the day we reach. Can anybody. Forecast the situation as we are going with kids.

    • Dear Chandra Sekhar,

      Crowd will be high for the whole week as it is public darshan will take more time. As you are planning with kids it is wise to schedule your trip anytime after 3rd jan.


      • hii sir
        we are planing to tirumala at march 29 ,could you pls tell me about sarva dharshanam timings,how many hours to get the dharshan.and we have 10 months baby,any child dharshan qouata available in temple

  22. Sir in which month less crowd we think to plan tirupathi in Feb or June which suitable

    • Dear Karthik,

      Feb will be less corwded. Plan to book seva tickets online at ttdsevaonline. com .
      Sevas quota will be released online either on 1st jan at 11 am or 8th jan 11 am


  23. Hi ,

    I am going by divya Darshani(walk).02jan2016.
    How much time does it takes to get darshan.?

  24. Sir pls give me reply I am planning tirupati this month 8th to 10th is it more rush on that date?

  25. krishnakant mokal

    could you please tell me .. how much approx time take in sunday …if i come on 3rd jan i.e. tommorow….

    need help .. because online booking is almost closed for tommorow…

  26. how much crowed in monday 4 th jan. how to go to thirmala by foot path.

    • Dear Sir,

      It is direct darshan line today and tomorrow. TTD free bus is available from Tirupati Railway station and Tirupati Bus station to Alipiri Mettu and Srivari mettu. Every 30 mins there will be a bus.


  27. Hi Sir,

    Your website is really helpful for all of us planning a tirupati trip.

    Im planning to visit the temple on 15th Jan (Friday- Makar sankranti/ Pongal). Will the temple be crowded on that day? If so, what day in later January be the right time for darshan? Please help.

  28. Sir,
    How will be the crowd in tirupati tomorrow ie., 7th Jan 2016

  29. Hai,am planned to go to thirumala on Sunday.booked tickets by 1 to 2 slot.May I know how much time to take dharshan and come out.

  30. Hi,How would be the crowd on friday i.e on 29 january for 300 tiket

  31. Sir is free darshan comfortable than 300 rupees. I heard that there will be less waiting for free darshan than 300 rupees darshan. Which is best to go on sunday

    • Dear Sir,

      Not really. Crowd usually be hight for Free Darshan, if it is Divya Darshan then it is good.
      If you have weekend plan then go Rs.300, as Free darshan will be 8 – 9 hours and Divya Darshan will be 4- 5 hours waiting time.


  32. hi sir i am planing to come on 13/02/2016..that day rathasapthami how much time it will take for darshan….can u plz tell me…

  33. Hi Sir
    Today dated 13 th february can I get 300 rupees darshanam tickets in tiumala?
    If I can’t get tickets and if I go in normal que what will the time for darshanam?


  34. Sir, I am planning to come to tirupati with my family on 24th of this month.how much time may it take for free darshan and special entry darshan.We didn’t book rooms online, can we get rooms in tirumala.

    • Dear Sir,

      For Divya Darshan (by walk to tirumala) it will be direct darshan line. Special entry darshan will be direct as well.
      Yes, you can get rooms in Tirumala. Please visit Sri Padmavathi Guest House in Tirumala for rooms allotment


  35. We are planning to tirumala on 27 by walk and we booked 300 ticket.. Can we move from walk darshnam line to 300 line is it possible..??

    • Dear Ram,

      Yes, it is possible. It is not mandatory to go with Divya Darshan tickets.You can happily go with Rs.300 ticket darshan on reaching TIrumala


  36. I am planning to visit on the 19th March. It’s a Friday. Will it be crowded? I am booking the Rs 300 darshan.

    • Dear Raj,

      Yes, it would be nice to book Rs.300 tickets. As crowd will be above normal and waiting time for other darshans will be little high


  37. Sir, we have planned for Free Darshan on March 5th (Saturday). Please advise how much time it approximately takes to complete on this day.

    • Dear Suman,

      Divya Darshan ( who reach Tirumala by walk) waiting time will be 5 hours. Sarva Darshan will be 9 hours


  38. Sir,

    I am coming for Darshan on March 10, Thursday. I have 2 kids 1 year completed. Is there any special queue for kids? I have booked 300 ticket for 4 members including my parents for 3PM slot. Being weekday, may i know the approximate time for queue.
    I am eager to know as we have to manage 2 kids together in between.


  39. Sri, i m planning for darshan on Saturady/sunday i.e Mar 5th/6th by walk with my wife, please mention how much time it may take for darshan and best day out of 5th& 6th..
    & can you suggest which way is better Alipiri or srivarimettu..??
    Is there any differences in darshan waitings for alipiri & srivarimettu??

    • Dear Sir,

      Srivari Mettu is shorter which will take 2 hours 30 mins. Alipiri Mettu will take 4 hours.
      Darshan waiting time will be 4 hours for Divya Darshan.

      There will not be any difference in the waiting times , it remains the same for both the paths.


  40. dear sir
    iam com ing to tirumalla on 8/3/2016 for rs. 300 darshanama, iam senior citizen of 62 years. how much tiem may take for darshanam of lord . kindly advice me.

    surya prakash baangalore

  41. planning to come to tirupathi on 12th mar and will take the alipiri foot path at 5am on 13th mar (sunday) and will reach tirumala by 7.15am. please tell me at what time I will get darshan with divya darshan ticket? Thanks.

    • Dear Sir,

      As it is weekend, Divya Darshan will take 4 -5 hours. You darshan will be sometime around 12 pm – 1 pm


    • Hi,

      I will reach tirupathi by 5 am on 12th march 2016 and will take alipiri foot path at 7 am(Sat) . Can you please let me know at what time i will get darshan with divya darshan ticket??

  42. Hi Sir,

    I will come to tirupathi on 12/3/2016 for free darshan with my kid.can i get the 300Rs ticket over there?
    and usually how much time take for darshan on saturdays?

  43. Hi Sir,

    How much time will it take for darshan tomorrow 3/8/2016.


  44. I got 300 Rs.ticket on line. how much time it takes for darshan on 14th (1.00PM0 and 15th (10.00AM). Whether i will get Rs.500 accommodation in current booking

    • Dear Sir,

      14th Mar, Darshan time will be 1 hour 15 mins max. Current booking is possible, please visit Sri Padmavathi Guest House in Tirumala. Usually rooms will be available from 12 pm


  45. how much time will take dharma dharshanam toomarw 10/3/16

  46. Hi sir i have booked rs.300 tkt on 13th march 12 noon how much will the waiting time. I m also an NRI. Is there any queue separate for NRI’s.

    • Dear Madam,

      Yes, Special entry is available for NRIs gotirupati.com/bwl-advanced-faq/nri-darshan-terms-and-conditions/

      Rs.300 ticket will take 1 hour 15 mins on 13th Mar.


  47. H Balasubramanian

    Please let me know time taken for the Darsan on 12th March 16 in forenoon hours. Climbing hill thro’ Srivari Mettu I suppose we get get walk darshnam ticket and how long it takes

  48. What is the average time required to Darshan with DIVYA darshan tokens collected at foot path on tuesdays

  49. We have booked 300 rs ticket on sat 12-03-2016.My kid hand is fractured recently.She is still having her bandage on.Is there any special entrance for such cases?


  50. Vanakkam.

    I would like to go for Rs.50/- darshan on March 16th or 17th. Will I be able to get the tickets from TTD, Chennai during this week end. Also for the accommodation, will I be able to get on reaching Tirumala.

    • Dear Madam,

      I believe Rs.50 tickets are not available. Yes, you can book accommodation at TTD counter chennai. but 16th /17th Mar is too late so rooms may not be available TTD counter as well.

      On Arrivla, please visit Sri Padmavathi Guest House or MBC 34 counter for rooms.

      Please let me know if you need more details.


  51. Dear Sir,

    I got Rs.300 ticket on line. how much time it taks for darshan on 13th march & my ticket timing is 12 PM to 1 Pm.

    Please reply urgently.

  52. I plan today go to TTD.I may be at there at 12 AM midnight. So how long it takes for divya dharsan

  53. Sir my name is ravindar reaching tirumala on kinda by 10 am on 14 the that is Monday can I get accomidation and Dashawn plz.

    • Dear Sir,

      Rooms will be available from 12 pm. Many used to vacate rooms after finishing their seva darshan and VIP Break Darshan.

      Please visit Sri Padmavathi Guest House room allotment counter.


  54. I am reaching tirumala by march 16th 8 am. Can I get accommodation i have a booked seegara darshan online for Thursday

  55. Dear Sir,


    Would like to plan for May 17th or 18th visit. How can I book the accommodation in advance.

  56. Dear Sir,
    I have booked for spl darshan Rs. 300/ tickets for my family on 18-Mar-2016 Friday evening 7pm
    But My mother is 60 yrs sr citizen can she avail sr citizen darshan on 19-Mar-2016 Saturday. As she has athiritis knee pain and diabetic she has doctor certificate also.
    Request to please let know if she will be allowed to sr citizen darshan can I accompany her for the same
    pls let know

    • Dear Sir,

      Yes, one person will be allowed if senior citizen needs assistance. http://gotirupati.com/patients-tirupati-darshan/

      Usually srivari sevakulu, scout person will be assisting them if required.

      It again depends on the crowd, if crowd is little high for this special darshan, staff will and conditions to stop assistants

      Please let me know if you need more details


  57. Hi sir.

    I took a room inn tirupati and planned to go tirumala today. But there is no 300 rupees ticket available.

    This is my first trip to tirupati.pleas help me how to see darshan easily



  58. Sir, I am coming to Thirumal today and will will reach at morning 4am. Please tell the dharsan waiting time for pedestrian

  59. Dear Sir,

    I am visiting tirupathi on 25th march and my darshan timings are 2pm and i have booked Rs 300/- darshan tickets. Can you let me know the approximate darshan duration because we have a train at 9:25 in the night for returning .

    • Dear Sir,

      For 2 pm – 3 pm darshan slot, Darshan ends by 4:15 pm. You still have enough time to reach Tirupati.


  60. Sir I would like to go sarva darshana today nearly 10 am .may I know the waiting time for darshana pl give me the information

  61. hello,
    If i buy Rs. 300 ticket for coming tuesday or wednesday then in which slot crowd is less and what wil be the average time taken for the darshan ?
    whom to approach for headshave ?

    • Dear Aman,

      Plan to purchase 11 am slot if available so that darshan will be completed by 1:15 pm then you can start to Sri Kalahasti for Rahu Ketu Pooja.
      For hair offering, please visit Rambagicha Guest House near main temple, it will not take more than 35 mins as it is paid service


  62. Sir we are having ticket for 6pm on 27 March. What will be the approximate time darshan to be completed.

  63. Sir, I am going to angapradakshinam can u tell how time will take ?

  64. Sir,

    I am having Rs 300/- tickets for 11 am slot. Could you please tell me at what time can I have darshan??

  65. Sorry. Date is 29th March tomorrow.

  66. I am having darshan on 02-04-2016 2-3 Pm Slot. PLease tell me at what time my darshan will completes.

  67. Hi Kamal,

    We are group of 40 planning to visit thirumala in the month of May (probably in the 1st week) for our kids tonsure followed by dharshan. We are planning to book the Special Dharshan Ticket for all of us. Just wanted to know how long it would take for us to get the tonsure completed if we arrive thirumala at 9 AM? So that we can book the special dharshan tickets accordingly (probably in the afternoon). Kindly throw some lights so that we can do the bookings accordingly. Your help is much appreciated!


    • Dear Karthi,

      If it is paid service then it will not take more than 20 mins per person. Please book Rs.300 ticket at 2 pm – 3 pm slot.


      • Thanks Kamal for the update. Just a quick clarification. Am pretty much fine with the paid service. But do you say that it’ll take just 20 mins per person for the tonsure even during the vacation time in May? Including the waiting time in the queue for the tonsure? Please dont mind that am asking this again but as we are a large group, I dont want the entire group to be in a trouble. Thanks much for your patience and support.


        • Dear Sir,

          Not many opt for paid service. Everyone rush to Kalyanakatta , PACs so crowd will be minimal.

          You can plan this way, ask half of the group to visit Sri Padmavathi Guest House and other half at Rambagich Guest House.
          So it will be fast.

          Queue will be large only at Kalyanakatta as it is free service.


  68. Dear sir,
    I plan on dated 17 may 2016 go to TTD with my one infant son. I want to get sarvadarshan. That is right time go to TTD or not please tell me .
    Which time is good for sarva darshan.

  69. Hi sir,
    We 12 persons & 2 kids Will come normal darshan tirupathi temple on MAY 20th 7.00 pm. what time we can finish darshan /

  70. Namaskaram!

    We are a group of 12 people(with 3 kids and an infant)visiting tirumala tomorrow. We have darshan at 2:00 pm. How is the crowd expected to be there tomorrow? Approximately how long will it take for darshan?

  71. Namaskaram, through steps my friend reached tirumala at 5pm today. At what time dharshan could be finished? Plz tell me expected time. Thank you

    • Dear Madam,

      Darshan usually ends by 11 pm , by the time you reach tirumala darshan will be almost closed.Darshan will be next day only.
      Waiting time will be 4 hours.


  72. i booked 300 tickets tomarrow 8pm now what about croud sir how much time it iltakes to compleat darshan lord venkateshwara

  73. Sir,April 5 we r planning to come free darshan at 8 PM will be there let me know the crowd status sir.how long it will take to finish the darshan plz tell me

    • Dear Madam,

      Free Darshan means Sarva Darshan or Divya Darshan ? . If you are reporting at 8 pm then darshan will be next day morning only. It would nice if you report next day so that you can complete darshan by 3 pm on the same day


  74. Dear sir, I have booked thru rajesh travels Tirupathi darshan package on 7 April night with my family, how will be the crowd on 8th being ugadi festival. Thanks & regards :

  75. Sir,April 10 we r planning to come special darshan(300/-) at 8 PM will be there let me know the crowd status sir.how long it will take to finish the darshan plz tell me

    • Dear Sir,
      It will not take more than 1 hour 10 mins. After 6 pm there is no Sevas so Rs.300 darshan will not be interrupted.

  76. How do we book the darshans online? Kindly assist

  77. Hi sir,
    we are reaching tirupati on may 6th (friday) by 11 AM .. we are coming by steps. what would be the approximate time for dharshan.


  78. Hi Sir,

    Iam planning to go to tirumala this weekend i.e on 9th April via steps.please let me how the crowd will be as its just the next day to Ugadi…

    • Dear Sir,

      It is weekend so crowd will be little high. It will be long weekend, so expected waiting time will be 5 hours


  79. Our tour operator have booked us in normal darshan, telling they have now stopped Rs.300/- darshan, we will be reaching on 8th early mrg. Can we opt for Rs.300/ darshan now. What will be diffrence in darshan timings for both.

  80. we tried for special darsanam on april 8th(Ugadhi) byut couldnt find. so we are planning for a free darshan? what is the expected time ? and are we allowed to carry any eatables with us

  81. Hi sir

    i booked 300 rs tickets on 9 th april ( 5 to 6) slot.At what time darshanam could be finished?
    please tell me the expected time.Thank you sir

    • Dear Sir,

      It will take little time as crowd will be high on 9th Apr. Darshan will take 2 hours in total (45 mins waiting time)


  82. Dear Sir

    i have booked special darshan ticket i.e. Rs, 300 and time slot 12-1 on 08th April 2016 for me and my wife.

    So, i would like to know at what time darshan will be finished ?

    My wife recently had a surgery on her hand, so i would like to know Is their any special assist for medical problem devotees ?

  83. is there Rs 50 ticket available in online or Counter?if it is yes when will open in online and counter?even if it is not available in online is it possible to book in alipari counter?

    • Dear Sir,
      Rs.50 tickets are not available for booking. It is only RS.300 tickets for darshan now.

      Counter for Rs.300 is available at Srinivasam complex (opp. Tirupati bus station) . There is no counter for Rs.50 tickets.


  84. Hello Sir,

    We have booked for special darshan on 11th April 1PM slot. We dont have accomadation. So, planning to stay somewhere in Tiruapthi.

    We plan to offer hair of our kids. What is the easiest way to offer hair if we don’t have accomadation? I am told that Kalyana katta will have huge queues. Is there any other quicker way to offer hair?

    Pease let me know. Thanks.

    • Dear Sir,

      Yes, you can offer hair at Rambagicha Guest House(near main temple) or Sri Padmavathi Guest House. It is paid service and crowd will be minimal. It will not take more than 30 mins here.


  85. I am planning to be there by 9 PM by walk so what time I can get a free darshan

    • Dear Sir,

      Darshan ends by 11 pm so you can only have darshan on the next day. Currently free darshan is runnig at 8 hours


  86. We booked 300rupees tickets for darshan on 11thApril at 10am…how long will it take approx?

    • Dear Madam,

      10 am – 11 am darshan slot starts at 11 am. As kalyanotsavam devotees will be allowed during this time for the Seva. There will be little waiting time of 30 mins. Darshan usually ends between 12 pm – 12:15 pm

  87. Hi
    Tomorrow we r planned to cum to trupathi.i m having 8 months kid.all are saying there is seperate queue for childs under age 1.how much is the ticket cost.for my parents and all we booked 300rs ticket.but for myself and husband we dint book any ticket.any booking is necessary?

  88. Dear Kamal garu,

    we are planning to come tomorrow , by walk we want to go tirumala

    we dont have any accomdation at tirumala

    can you please suggest, is it good time to visit tomorow

    • Dear Sriswan,

      Currently crowd is minimal,it will be 1 -2 hours for darshan. Rooms allotment is taking 1 -2 hours at CRO office. It is good time now compared to May month

  89. Dear Sir, We are all ( My parents & my sister, wife with 1yr old kid) planning to come Tirulama on 22nd April from Karimnagar district. We have one year old kid and My sister was mentally & physically handicapped. We do not have any tickets for Dharsan.

    What to do??? let me know a needful information regarding above.

    Awaiting for your perusal reply

  90. Dear Sir,
    Tomorrow I have planned to visit Thirumala and wish to stay two days there. Is any posiblity to get their free accomadation

    • Dear Sir,

      Rooms are available as of now. Will take 1 -2 hours for room allotment. Due to public holiday crowd may increase.

  91. Hello,
    We are planning to go tirupati on 6th, july 2016. This is Ramzan day.
    Travelling persons are 4 persons & 1 baby as details mentioned.
    10months old, baby’s mother, two senior citizen & one 56 yr old women.

    1. In infant’s queueue, whether baby, baby’s mother & 56yr old woman(mother in law) can go. Since baby’s father may not be available on that day due some reason.

    2. Whether crowd will be more on 6th-july, which is a ramzan day as it is a holiday?

    3. Senior citizen queue will be less crowded & inform where it located in tirumala.

    4.Is there is any other special darshan available with less crowd so that all these people can go together for darshan with baby.

    Kindly answer

    • Dear Sir,
      1. Only mother and father will be allowed. Relatives will not be considered.
      2. It is weekday so crowd will be normal
      3. Senior citizen darshan http://gotirupati.com/senior-citizens-darshan-tirumala/
      4. You can try for Seva tickets Suprabhatha Seva or Nijapada Darshanam tickets. Jul month quota will be released online on 3rd Jun at 11 am. Tickets should be booked at ttdsevaonline website.

      Please let me know if you need more details

  92. Sir
    We r reaching tirupati at 2.30 PM on 15th April 2016.will we able to get divya darshan tickets if we climb from srivari mettu

  93. Hello sir

    Please suggest can an infant and senior citizen(70 yrs) along with infant parents can go for darshan at a time .

  94. Hi Sir,I planned to come to tirupathi on April 30,2016,by walk,planned to start walking at 11am saturday with five family members including three kids,is that possible to walk and reach tirumalai in this tempaerature,and how long it takes to finish darshan,we havent booked rooms,so can we book rooms once we reach tirumalai

    • Dear Sir,

      11 am is too late, it is really too hot now. It would be nice if you plan at 4 am so that you will not have much heat. Divya Darshan waiting time will be 4 hours on 30th Apr. If you have pre-booked Rs.300 tickets then Darshan will be 1 hour 15 mins. I doubt about rooms availability as it is weekend

  95. Hi,
    My family planning to visit tirupathi on this saturday – 30 april 2016. Booked 300 Rupees ticket for the slot 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM . Planning to put mottai(guddu) (shave head) for my kid. Can u pls say how long it will take to put guddu queue and how long to be in the queue for samy dharsahan. I need to know the status of the rush in tirupati.

    • Dear Madam,
      Please visit Rambagicha Guest House near main temple. It is paid service so it will not take more than 30 mins here. Darshan will take 1 hour 15 mins.
      Crowd will be little high over the weekends.

  96. Dear sir,

    I booked for kalyanam utsavam on 14th May 2016, but I did not got accomadation through online, it shows all reserved , can I get the accomadation booking from Malleswaram TTD office

  97. Hello Sir,

    We are coming to tirumala by walk on 30th.We are having a MLC recommendation letter for break darsham on May 2nd and accommodation.But we are coming on 30th itself, will we get room by that letter on 30th itself?

    Thanks in advance

    • Dear Madam,

      Try to get one more letter if possible. if date is mentioned as 2nd May then you can avail room from 1st may. Crowd will be little high so there will be delay in the room allotment. Room will be allotted for one day only.

  98. Today i am coming to tirumala for darshan as path pilgrim .is it possible to direct darshan or else have to wait in a queue .how much time it will take in queue or Q complex?

    • Dear Madam,

      Crowd is little high Today. If it is Rs.300 darshan tickets then darshan will take 1 hour 30 mins

  99. hello sir

    today we will come by walk,at what we will expect darshan.we will reach tomorrow by 4 am.how many hours will take for darshan?

  100. Hello I am coming to Tirumala on Tuesday early morning 3 AM. How many hours it will take to have darshan.
    And Is it possible for me to get room in Tiruamala in early morning time ?

  101. Hi,

    we are planning to visit Tirupati on Tuesday.
    We need to climb stairs, hence we are planning to arrive Tirupati on Monday around 4 PM, then climb the stairs.
    Wanted to know will we get 300Rs there itself or Book Online, if Online then can we book for Darshanam on Tuesday at 9 AM?
    Also about the rooms, can we get make any online bookings

    • Dear Sir,
      It is advisable to book online so that you can avoid queue line standing. Yes, 9 am is good time for Darshan.
      I doubt if rooms available in as it is crowded in Tirumala. Please look for private accommodation in Tirupati.


  102. Hi,
    We are coming to Tirumala on 13 May 2016 (Friday) and have already booked 300 rupees tickets online. Have booked 6 PM to 7 PM slot for darshan. Can you please advise how long will it take for darshan approx?

  103. Vishal Khandelwal

    Dear Sir,

    We would be coming as a family of 6 member on 31May ( Tuesday), Please let us know how much time it would take for the darshan, we would want to have free darshan.

    -Thanks in advance,

    • Dear Sir,

      Free Darshan is of 2 types, Divya Darshan and Sarva Darshan.
      Are you planning to reach Tirumala by walk ? if so then Divya Darshan waiting time will be 2 -3 hours. If it Sarva Darshan (who reaches Tirumala by bus) then waiting time will be little high, it will be 4 -5 hours.

  104. dear sir
    we want to take darshan of tirumala temple on 23rd may then what will be the que time for free darshan and if we have to book tickets how much we have to pay per person.And where to live.(hotels

    • Dear Sir,
      You can book e-special entry Darshan tickets online at ttdsevaonline website. No need to pay for anyone. Rooms may not be available. You have to look for private accommodation in Tirupati only. Please let me know if you need more details

      • dear sir,
        except the tirumala temple what are the different tourist places to see.and how much time is required to visit all those and also are there any taxis which will take us to all that spots so overall how much days tour would be for tirupati.]
        and another question is we dont know telugu or tamil but we know hindi and english so is it easy to communicate with the locals in this languages.

        • Dear Sir,

          First Visit to Akasa Ganga, Sri Venu Gopala Swamy, Papavinasanam – all these places falls under one route. Private cabs will be running contiously to these places. It will take 1 hours 15 mins – 1 hour 30 mins max to visit all these place.
          Second visit – Chakra Theertham, Srivari Padalu, Sila Thoranam – All these places falls under one route. It will take 1 hours 30 mins to complete this trip.

          Yes, language will not be the barrier to visit this places.

          Please let me know if you need more details

  105. We will reach tirupathi at 10.00 a.m. tomorrow. We are going by foothpath to tirumala. Is it possible to have darshan on that day?

    • Dear Madam
      Yes,You can have Darshan on the same but late in the evening. Crowd is high it will be 6 – 7 hours waiting time.

  106. dear ,sir
    I am extremely sorry to disturb you again and again but we live far away from tirupati we are totally unknown of that place .so my question is what will be the fare of the cabs .

    • Dear Sir,
      I will be happy to share the information. Please let me know your trip details I will check and let you know on this. As I too don’t know about fares, I have to visit Travel offices in person to get details.

      • dear sir,
        we will be coming to tirupati at sunday (24)may at 9 in the morning and will be leaving at monday evening

        • Dear Sir,
          Have you booked Rs.300 Darshan tickets ? if not please do that by login to ttdsevaonline website. Crowd is very high in Tirumala so Rs.300 Darshan is good for now

  107. We are going to tirumala today. Our dharshan time slot booked for 5-6 pm. Can I know the accommodation status & rush.

    • Dear Sir,
      Crow is high. Rs.300 Darshan is taking 1 hour 45 mins – 1 hour 55 mins. If you have pre-booked room then it will not be a problem otherwise room allotment may not be possible

  108. we are planning to come to tirupati on 21 may 2016 ,how long might it take in the queue to darshan

    • Dear Sir,
      It is advisable to book Rs.300 Darshan ticket online at ttdsevaonline website. Normal Darshan will be 8 hours waiting time. Rs.300 (e-special entry Darshan) tickets will be 1 hour 45 mins

  109. ticket booking for dharshan in thirumala available r noy

  110. dear sir,

    we have booked 3oo rupees tickets .so how much time would it take for tirupati darshan.And what is the costume for darshan for men and women

    • Dear Sir,
      Rs.300 Darshan ticket Darshan will take 1 hour 45 mins. Here is the dress code
      Men: White Pancha, Dhoti/ Kurta,Pyjama.
      Female: Saree with blouse/ Punjabi Dress with Dupatta / Chudidhar with Dupatta/ Half saree


    • Tomorrow 20th May 2016 I have Darshan booking slot from 4-5, How much time will it take for darshan and how is the climate over there .

  111. Sir how much time taken for normal darsanam today by bus

  112. Dear sir ,
    How is crowd today and how much time will take for darshan ,

  113. Sir we planing to darshan on 21st of may2016.what is the status.we don’t special darshan ticket.

  114. Dear Sir, if i book a ticket online for 25th Wednesday 2016, how much time it will take me for Darshan. Waiting for your reply

    • Dear Sir,
      It will take 2 hour 15 mins

      • Hi Kamal,

        I am planning to visit tirupati on Wednesday morning, what would be expected time to have the Darshan.

        I am travelling by Greenline services, not sure it is seegra Darshan or Normal Darshan.

        Pls advise

  115. How’s the crowd today, 24th May?

  116. Thank you sir .
    our tour to tirupati was sucessful and also we got the darshan in only 1 hour 15 minutes on sunday .so thank you sir for your guidance

  117. Dear Sir,
    we are a family of 4 members and we planed to visit tirumala this 29th (sunday)may 2016. we are thinking to reach tirumala by walk(divya darshanam).So, Is sarva darshan or divya darshan prefered for that day to visit tirumala?????? AND HOW MUCH TIME IT WOULD TAKE FOR DARSHAN .

    • Dear Sir,
      Crowd is too high in Tirumala now. Divya Darshan will be 8 hours. It is advisable to book Rs.300 Darshan tickets, if not possible then you can continue with Divya Darshan.

  118. HI SIR,


    • Dear Madam,
      Sarva Darshan will be 14 hours. Divya Darshan will be 8 hours. Rs.300 Darshan will be 2 hours 20 mins

  119. Hi Sir,

    We (me and my wife) are planing to visit tirumala on 28th evening. We didn’t book darsan tickets online (due to short period). Is there any possibility to get darsan tickets in tirumala?

    Thanks in Advance,

  120. Vinutha srihari

    Tomorrow we are planning to reach tirupathi by 11 pm by walk we are cuming to tirumala so how long it takes for darshana

  121. Dear Sir,
    We have booked for Vasanthotsavam seva for wed 1st June 2016 thinking that weekdays will be less crowded. but looking at the news and waiting times for last few days we are getting worried about the time for darshan after seva. Please provide some inputs abt waiting time we may need to plan.

    • Dear Sir,
      Don’t worry, Seva Darshan will not be affected. It might be delayed by 45 mins max. You can happily plan for Darshan

  122. Anil kumar paidi

    Hi Sir,

    Just wanted to know is it possible to get special darshan tickets in Tirumala/Tirupati. Because the tickets online are over and i am going to Tirupati on 29th May.

    Please advice!!


  123. At what time Angapradakshinam tickets will be issued at CRO office??? could you please let me know whether, can i get Angapradakshinam tickets if i reach CRO office at around 4 P.M??? Thank you in advance… 🙂

  124. Sir, I HV train in morning on 31st. I may reach tirumala by 8 pm today. Can I HV dharm darshana in two hours in night and come back to tirupati

  125. Hello kamal sir…
    im gng for spl darshanam today morning by 9
    Can i catch my train this evening 7:30..
    How much time gonna be take for today..
    Thank you

  126. dear sir,
    My self, wife & 2.5 yrs old daughter are planning to visit on 02 june 16 for tirupathi dharshan – rs. 300 – planning to book tickets via APTDC. what about crowd status sir? and how long it will take for dharshan sir?. we are coming from chennai. Regards M.Moorthy

  127. dear sir,

    am having 1.5years old child ,is there any direct entry to go darshan in tirupathi…

    • Dear Sir,
      Infant entry is available for kids under 12 months, Please book Rs.300 Darshan ticket and plan either on Tue or Wed so that crowd will be minimal

  128. Dear sir, we planned for tirumala darshanam on 6th Jun. (coming Monday ) along with our 20months old baby.we booked ₹300 tickets.could you please tell how much time will it take for darshanam..as I am very much worried about recent rise of crowd.. Thank-you

  129. Dear Sir,

    My name is Gayatri I am planing for tirupati tirumala on 20th of June. Can you suggest heavy rush will be there at that time or not.we are total 7 family members and 2 children less then 5 years.

    • Dear Madam,
      Crowd will be normal on 20th Jun. By 12 pm crowd will come down as many leaves after early morning Darshan on 20th Jun

  130. My father is suffering from arthirits and parkinson disease and is unable to stand for more than 15 mins. Is there any way he can get Darshan?

  131. Hi Sir,
    We are coming for darshan tomorrow afternoon. What will be the expected wait time for 300/- queue?

  132. i am planing for tomorow . how will be the crowd(on tomorrow and day after tomorow)

  133. Is there darshan tickets for Pedestrians coming by walk to tirumala on 4th june morning??

  134. We will be in Tirumala tomorrow afternoon. Can you please let us know the kind of rush we should expect?

  135. We are planning visit Tirumala tomorrow around 15 members from Bengaluru, We cant take 300 ticket. We have return tomorrow night only Can you please guide us which is best way and how much time take for darshan. We can spend 50 or Rs.100 per each member.

  136. Sreekanth Thummala

    Hi sir,

    I am planning to come tirumala on Sunday 5th June .. 300 rupees darshan at 5pm.. how much time does it take to Darshan.. what about room availability..

  137. Dear sir,

    will be there in thirumala on Saturday Evening and booked 300rs. Can you assist about the Crowd as of now

    Thank you

  138. Hi sir, is it possible to get 300 ticket at tirumala or tirupathi a day before darshan? Or on same day of darshan?

  139. Hi Sir,

    Booked 300rs tickets on 15-Jun-16(WED). Can you predict about the Crowd on that day, We booked return journey on the same day at 11 PM train.

    Sai Chand

  140. Hello Sir,
    we are planning to Tirumala on Saturday morning around 01:00 am through divya darshan,could you please help me with the darshan time and waiting time.


  141. sir planning to tirupathi tomorrow morning by 10 am in free dharshan, is it fine..?

  142. Dear sir, So far I have not booked 300/- but plan to visit to Tirumala now, can I take direct in q line…

  143. Venkateswara Rao

    We are coming tirupathi at 5PM today by walk so if we come for darsan at around 2AM on sunday then how much time it will take?

  144. Sir we already booked 300rs darshan unfortunately we cannot able to come today any other possibility for darshan

  145. Hello sir. I have booking for special Darshan (300 inr) for 12th June 1 pm. Can you suggest the approximate time it might take for Darshan?

  146. Dear sir, today morning june 11 at 9.30 am we have entered into sarvadarshanam. We went to que complex no 5 at 12.30 Pm. We came out with the laddu token for some time. Kindly confirmny what time they will allow for darsan

    • Dear Sir,
      Crowd is very high Today. All compartments are full so there will be delay in the Darshan today.

  147. Hello sir, I have booked 300rs tickets on 15th June 2016 Wednesday at 3pm darshnam can u plz tell about crowd on that day how much time it takes to get swami darshnam

  148. The Laddu token counter in compartment has to be change…

  149. Sir, we plan to take darshan tomorrow morning.. will i get 300 rs tickets for tomorrow. . If not how much time it would take tomorrow

  150. Sir, we are coming on June 13th and planning for darshan on Tuesday morning. Can we take Supadam Darshan Tuesday morning? How long it takes on Tuesday morning?



    • Dear Sir,
      Please offer hair at Rambagicha Guest House near main temple. It is paid service so it will not take more than 30 mins here

  152. Sir my parents have gone for Free darshan from today morning? Can you please let me know by when they will come out? Not getting any update from them.

    • Dear Sir,
      Sorry for the late reply. Crowd is very high. I’m sure that you might have heard the reply from them.

  153. tirupati temple is so famous we understand it is hard to manage by crew to manage them but what you told in supdam entry is took the same route and so much crowd we people will carry small babies in crowd how can we manage them my dharshan was on 12-06-2016 thank god dharshan was good but it was difficult task for me to carry baby in such crowd please arrange any other way so that we can have statifactory dharshan without difficluty

    • Dear Madam,
      I can understand as it is hard to manage with infant in the general running queue. Crowd was high due to summer holidays. Darshan will be good if it by Seva tickets. I will be happy assist you on your next trip. Please let me know 45 days in advance so that I can let you know the possible options

  154. we are planning to come on Saturday 19th June , how will be the crowd on that day ? expected hours for foot path dharsanam ?

  155. my brother’s son balasubramanya balaji went to tirupathi on 13-06-16. After having dharshan of Lord Varaha swami he phoned up & told me that he had nice dharshan at about 1330 hrs . Afterthat till now the time is 2400 hrs after sever time i rang up to him. I could not get any reply. Please let me know where he is . How to contact.

    • Dear Madam,
      Crowd is very high that might the reason. Tirumala is fully secured and safe place for the stay. I’m sure he will be good

  156. Dear Sir/Madam ,

    How would be the crowd on fridays and how long would it take for Footpath darshanam on an average on Fridays ?

    Regards ,

  157. we have adarsan ticket for 5.00 p.m tomorrow and want to offer hair . please advise me at what time we should be there at tirumala

    • Dear Sir,
      On reaching Tirumala, please visit Rambagicha Guest House near main temple. It is paid tonsuring so it will not take more than 30 mins. Plan to be there in Tirumala by 12 pm

  158. Dear Sir/Madam ,

    How would be the crowd on Saturday evening and how long would it take for Footpath darshanam on an average on Saturday night time?

  159. Dear Sir/Madam ,

    How would be the crowd on Saturday evening and how long would it take for Footpath darshanam on an average on Saturday night?

  160. Bharath Kumar S R

    Dear sir / Madam

    What is the status on saturday dharashana??



  161. Sunil Kumar Galla

    During Jyesta abhishekam, will they allow infant entry at supadam? I mean during 17 – 19 June 2016 days?

  162. expected rush in tirumala on 20 jun 16

  163. Sir Expect to reach tirupathi 22nd. Darshan 23. Crowd less or heavy

  164. Hello sir/mamdam,
    We want to visit tirumala on 21st June Tuesday , how much time it took for darshan, we want to come through steps, these are normal days or any festivals are there?

    • Dear Sir,
      It might take 3-4 hours on 21st Jun. Crowd will come down from Monday. There is no festivals on 21st Jun.

  165. Today night we planned to come thirumala.
    Tomorrow early morning 5 clk we will entered the gate.
    At St time dharisanam will complete.

    Because before 9 am we have to start to home.
    Pls guide.
    How’s the crowd…

  166. Narendra Jain Gwalior

    Sir humlog tirupati aa chuke hai hamare sat hamari maa 82 year old hai baki 6 members or hai hum darshan kese jaldi kar sakte hai

  167. Hi,

    Are Angapradakshina ticket are available on Thursday for Friday early morning?
    Is srivari Darshan available on Friday early morning along with Angapradakshina.

    At what time Suprabatham tickets opened online?


    • Dear Sir,
      Only On Fridays Darshan is not available after Angapradakshinam as it overlaps with poorabhishekam.

  168. may i know how much crowd on 30 th july like its normal or too crowd.

  169. DEAR SIR,
    NO ROOm IS AVABLE thru online bking

  170. Sneha Pandey Tyagi

    Hi I am visiting Tirupati first time, I donno about the tickets for darshan and all. Could you please give more detailed information of type of darshans tickets and there price. Thank you

    • Dear Madam,
      Please let me know the month so that I can let you know the best possible ways for the Darshan and stay

  171. Hi,

    we are planning to reach tirumala by 25 june. since its a weekened, what was the expected time for darshan.
    Special darshan tickets are also not available for that day.

  172. Can you tell timings for Senior citizens and infants on 29-june-2016? Also about crowd?

  173. Sir how much it’s taking for darshanam today as my relatives went for darshanam yesterday and till yet they didn’t returned as there is no call also is climate and everything OK over there

  174. sir, we are planning to tirumala on sunday…how should be the crowd and timing details on sunday..
    could you please tellme.

  175. Hello Sir/Madam,

    I read that the NRI ticket counter will be open at 12:00pm (Noon) until 17:00pm.

    we are planning for a one day trip. In this case, if we get NRI ticket around 13:00pm, can we finish the darshan by 15:00pm? we have flight to catch at 18:00pm same evening.

    this will be on August first.

    Thanks in advance for your reply

  176. Bhaskar Keshavamurthy

    Dear Sir,
    How much time is taking for 300 rupees ticket. We are planning to be there tomorrow morning , which is 6th July, morning 10 AM slot .

  177. Hi
    I have booked for Arjitha Brhmotsavam Seva for september 4th (Sunday) and the next day is Ganesha festival. Hope rush will be less. Reporting time is 1:30PM and performance time is 2:00PM.
    I want to know duration of seva and time taken for darshan Bcos we have 5Years old kids and have to come back to bangalore for festival.

  178. Sir,

    We are planning to reach tirumala by 17 th July. How to book tickets.

  179. Iam planning darshnam on 9 July what will the crowed and how much time takes

  180. I have a 300 darshan ticket for tomorow 8th July at 2pm. How long will it take for the darshan?

  181. What time it took today’s darshan for focus darshan token holder, they started the que by 10am?

  182. HI SIR

  183. Dear sir
    I have booked 4 tickets of 300 rupees for 14th july and i am given 11 am slot kindly tell me how time will it take for darshan and how much time in cave as i hv a 2 year kid with me

  184. Sir I couldn’t get 300 rs ticket online we are coming to tirumala on 5 am on 9th July . where should I buy 300 rs ticket at tirumala at what time they will give ticket

    Please help iam coming with 3 kids 7 years old

  185. Hi,

    We are heading to Tirumala for darshan this evening but do not have any pre-booked darshan tickets, so can you advise how long it might take for the sarva darshan? do we have an option where we can get special darshan tickets on the spot spmewhere in Tirupathi or Tirumala?

  186. Hello sir
    We are planning to visit tirimala tomorrow on 9th July we have an infant 10 months old. How much time will it take for darshan

  187. I need to visit tomorrow morning tirumala how much time takes for free darshana.

  188. Sir,We are planning to reach tirumala on 27 july. Since we are senior citizens what is the time for dharshan.

  189. hare krishna
    i am planning to take my family to tirupati on JANMASHTAMI DAY 25th aug 2016. Can u plz tell how much rush will be there and how can my old parents do darshan without going through a lot of trouble.
    Thank you very much

  190. Hi sir,
    How was the crowd at sterday? my parents suddenly planned to went tirumala yesterday…they cald me at 9 pm nd they said kept mobile in the locker n going to sarva darshan so wil cal u after finished darshan…. Bt still their phone is ringing…i didnt get any info abt them….plz help sir..how wil i reach them? im so panic about them..

  191. Hello sir, what is the expected Darshan time for 300/- queue today (9th jul 2016)

  192. Hello ,what is dharshan time for Divya darshan

  193. I plan to take the foot from alipiri on Wednesday or Thursday 14th July. How much is the tentative Time including the Darshana at Tirumala.

  194. Hello sir i have planned to visit tirumala on 12th i have planned to visit by pedastrain path how much experted time it will take for Darshanam for pedastrains on Thuesday.

  195. can i get Rs.300/- special tickets on wednesday/thursday at Tirumala itself or i have to book it in advance.
    How long it may take for such darshan?

  196. Dear Sir
    My mother aged 78 has cardiac problem and severe arthritic knee pain and cannot move in Queue. She can walk small distance with assistance. With Unjal Seva ticket , can she avoid “Q” and enter temple through main gate to get darshan ?
    If we bring her personal wheelchair, which is the nearest point of temple entry , it will be allowed.

  197. Dear Sir,

    Can we get darsanam tickets for 24th july 2016.

    If no than what will be he average time ake for normal darsanam.

    • Dear Sir,
      Rs.300 tickets are still available for 24th Jul. Please visit ttdsevaonline website to book Darshan ticket

  198. Hello Sir/Madam – I would like to know what can be the expected Darshan time for July 17. I have pre-booked tickets for 12:00 PM slot.

  199. Nalini.V Krishnamurthy

    Howz the crowd at tirupathi in the ashada masam

  200. How much time wil it take tomorrow for foot path Darshanam and normal Darshanam?

    • Dear Madam,
      It might take 3 hours tomorrow for Rs.300 as it is Ainavara Asthanam so delay in the Darshan. Normal Darshan will go up to 8 hours

  201. How much time it may take for foot path pilgrims tomorrow (16th July 2016), I will start from alipiri at 9 o clock, do I have chances to get accommodation at Tirumala?

  202. Hello sir,
    I would like to know how much time would it take for darshan on july 16. We have pre-booked tickets for 1:00 pm slot

  203. Hi Sir,
    What is the expected time for 300/- Dharshan on July 17th 6 PM slot?

  204. How much time will it take for foot path pilgrims on 16th July for dharishanam?

  205. Sir i have suprabhatha seva on 17th july…and 16th july now i am footpath piligrim and going to divya drshanam after 11 am. How much time it takes for me to complete darshan . Can i attend to suprabhatha seva …please reply sir

  206. Hi Kamal sir we family planning to Take footh path darisna today 16 july 7 pm from adivaaram,i want know approximate time taken for dharsanam after reaching Thirumalai,thanks in advance

  207. Hello sir y peoples are stuffed so many hours in tirumala temple queue

  208. Sir, I plan to visit tirumala temple on 22 July with my family. Which time is good for quick darshan. I didn’t booked ticket for darshan. Can I go free darshan or to get 300 rs tickets. Please guide me sir.

    • Dear Sir,
      Free Darshan might take 5 hours. Rs.300 Darshan will be 2 hours max. It is better to go with Rs.300 so that you can save time and spend on other places.

  209. Hi,

    We will be reaching to thirupati on tuesday by 8am and we booked special darshan tickets for 4pm on same day.

    There we planning to walk through steps and tonsuring at tirumala. Is the gap of 8 hours(8am to 4pm) sufficient to reach ATC parking area for special darshan?.

    Will they allow little late for special darshan? what is the alternative darshan if we cannot reach ontime.


    • Dear Sir,
      Yes, 8 hours is sufficient to complete Tonusring and walking. You are allowed till 4:30 pm. Anytime after 4:30 pm is not possible.

  210. Dear Sir

    I’m a foreigner and would need to register bef I could purchase my 300/ Darshan tickets.
    However, I find the system does not allow me to create a foreign contact no hence unable to complete my profile.

    • Dear Sir,
      Please get any of your friend’s number who is in India. It is one time authentication. So you will not have problem while booking sevas or accommodation or Rs.300 tickets.

  211. we r coming to thirumala on august 5 by foot path.we booked for 300 rupees seva.Any utsavams on that day .It will take how many hours for darshan.our slot on 4 pm.

  212. Sir , I Planned to visit Tirumala temple on 30th july with my family, I didn’t booked darshana tickets, please guide me can i go for free darshana / 300rs darshana How much time it takes for darshana for same,
    And my mother is not abel to stand in Que for longer time is there any way for aged people please let me know Thank you.

  213. Dear si,

    We plan for 300/- darshan tomorrow Saturday on evening 4:00PM. How much rime it would take to get darshan?

    Thank you

  214. hi, I have booked special darshana for 4PM slot on 23 Jul Saturday.. what time should i report and when will i get darshana?

    • Dear Sir,
      Please report at ATC car parking area near Vaikuntam I. Actual Darshan starts by 5 pm or 5:15 pm

  215. Hi
    We r planning to tirumala on foot walk from alipiri..on 28th june(thursday) .
    Please guide us best way …. how to get darsanam and accommodation in tirumala..

    • Dear Sir,
      Crowd will be normal on 28th Jun. Divya Darshan might take 4 hours max. Rooms are still available at Tirupati cottages for booking at ttdsevaonline website.

  216. Dear Sir,

    on august 13, 2016 we have planned for darashana, plz suggest about the crowd.


  217. Sir we are planning to visit Tirupati on August 16 and the 17. Please let us know how the rush might be at that time. Also we do not have tickets for seva, any availability to book online seva or should we try the 300 Darshan thank you.

  218. balaji boddikurapati

    Dear sir
    we are coming to tirumala 29th aug 2016. we are booked darsnn 30th aug. Any utsavams on that day. please sugesst about the crowd.

  219. on July 31st 2016 we have planned for darashana plz suggest about the crowd

    • Dear Sir,
      Please book Rs.300 Darshan tickets online at ttdsevaonline website. Rs.300 Darshan might take 3 hours

  220. Hi sir,as we are coming to temple on 28th aug 2016. I would like to kw abt darshanams and crowd on dat day and i have the mokku of climbing the steps and u have 2kids with me si i would req u to suggest wht s the best options for darshan sir…

    • Dear Madam,
      It is advisable to book Rs.300 Darshan tickets online at ttdsevaonline website. Crowd will always be high over the weekends.

  221. Sameer Nagapurkar

    Dear sir
    We are coming to tirumala on 30 july 2016
    Through kstdc package with rs 300 ticket
    How much crowd should we expect

  222. Dear sir we r coming to tirumala on 29th by foot may reach on by 12:00 noon .. How much time will it take for Divya darshan? Thanks in advance

  223. HI, how much is the ticket charges to see the Lord near

  224. My spl dharshan time ticket 300 time is 3 pm sir how much time I will take for dharshan

  225. Sir we have taken 300 tickets we required rooms what is process where we can get we will reach to tirumala by today 11 pm

    • Dear Sir,
      Rooms are fully booked. I really doubt if you can get rooms that easy. It might take 4 hours for allotment

  226. Sir,
    We are coming to tirumala today and our special entry darshan 300/- slot is at 1pm. We need to return back by 7pm. Can we finish everything by that time?

  227. Dear sir
    We are coming to Thirumala by next week Wednesday.. Are we get sahasra deepalankara seva tickets right now..

  228. Dear Sir,

    I am an Ex-Army man, i booked a Parakamini seva for Oct 2016 , but my details given in the form (ie. where i am working) is little bit i want to change, can i change it again is it possible.


  229. sir newly married will allow to darshan fastly

  230. Dear sir,
    We are planning to come tirupathi on 16 the Aug 2016 , with my 10 months old baby. Many I know how much time to complete the dharshan in the 300 rupees queue

  231. Dear Sir,

    we are planning to come tirupathi on 6th Morning. Please advice how is the crowd.


  232. Hemant Sadashiv Dhotre

    Dear Sir ,

    we are coming @ tirumala twomorrow there is accmodation available.?

  233. Sir we r coming tirupati on 21st or 22nd Aug 2016. . plz let us know how d crowd might be at that time. .

  234. Hi,

    We’re coming to Tirumala on 7th Aug and i’ve taken online booking slot for 300/- darshan from 3:00 PM. I’d be coming along with my 2 kids under 2 yrs age. I’m very sceptical how we can manage with 2 kids. So, Could you please some insights about the rush at that time and how much time it would take for darshan.

    I also heard about spl entry who are having infants how is it feasible as I’m accompanying with my wife, her parents, my mother and 2 kids below 2 yrs.

    Please advise at the earliest.

    Thanks in advance,

  235. Hi Sir,

    I am coming for Darshan with family on Monday and Darshan timings are @1 PM (Booked online – special entry). Can you tell me expected hours during this slot.

  236. we are coming to Tirupathi on Sept 14. how will be the crowd at that time. is there any need to book online darshan

    • Dear Nishi,
      It is advisable to book Rooms online at ttdsevaonline website. Rooms are still available for booking.
      It is a weekday so crowd will be minimal

  237. Hello sir. We haven’t booked special darshan ticket. We are from vellore. Planning to come tomorrow morning 5am through free darshan can u please tell me the detaidetails of crowd and darshan waiting Time. Thanks

  238. Dear Sir,

    I am planning to visit Tirupati Balaji Darshan on 14 august 2016 or 15 aug 2016, I dont have any e ticket, and we are I am coming with my wife and 1.8 year baby. Can you tell me expected time for darshan because we have little baby also.


  239. Dear sir we are planning to come tirupath on august 17.can u please tell about the crowd corresponding to that daye

  240. Hello, I am visiting Tirupati on 16th August… I have booked e-darshan ticket for 10am,
    I wants to know Darshan timing and I am not able to book a room in Tirupati & Tirumala..
    So, kindly advise me to stay…. I will come in raly Morning and will leave Tirupati as having returnd train on Early Morning on 17th Agusut

    • Dear Sir,
      Crowd will be little high so rooms will be available from 12 pm. Room allotment might take 3 hours. Kindly look for private accommodation at TirupatiT

  241. Dear sir,
    As per protocol of Infant Entry under 12 months child and his parents are allowed, but in our case we have 20 month old baby.
    So should we will be privileged by this services or not. If yes then what would be the procedures.
    As we have booked our train tickets and accommodations but not booked darshan tickets.

    Please help me out.

  242. Dear Sir,
    I am planning to come with my parents on 10th Aug by normal darshan(without speacial entry ticket.).
    Please let me know, how long will it take to get the Darshan(in hrs).

  243. Sir,
    We are coming to Tirupati on 12th August which is a Friday and Varamahalakshmi festival day. What will the crowd be like that day?

    • Dear Madam,
      Crowd will be high due to long weekend.Varalakshmi Vratham will not have any impact on the crowd.

  244. Hai
    This is manoj from chennai

    We are planning to come thirupathi with my friends on 15aug-16 ……
    By steps ,,,,like pedestrians

    Kindly u tell exactly time how much will take..
    On by steps

  245. Sir we coming to tirupathi tomorrow how will be crowd nd wat time darshan

  246. Dear Sir,

    We are coming to Tirupati for darshan on 12th which is a Friday and Varamahalakshmi Festival day. Please do let us know what the crowd will be like. Also we are going to visit the padmavati temple in the morning of 12th.

    • Dear Madam,
      Crowd will be high due to long weekend. Varalakshmi Vratham will not have any impact on the Darshan crowd. Padmavathi temple will be little crowded, you can opt for special Darshan. If interested, you can participate in the Vratham by paying Rs.500
      Please let me know if you need more details

  247. Sir, I want to come on 15th Aug for darshan. I have not got any online darshan ticket. Will I get a special darshan ticket there at tirupati? Also, pls let me know what will be waiting time for darshan as my parents will come along they are senior citizen.

  248. Sir i have booked ticket online for rs 300 for tomorrow 9.8.16 morning 9.am .how much time i have to satand in que.

  249. Sir, We are coming to Tirumala on 14-08-2016 in the morning hours. What will crowd on that day and how much time will take for rs..300/- darshan.. Whether accomadation is possible.

  250. Hello Sir,

    We are planning to go to tirupathi on 10th Saptember which is on friday. We have planned to catch the Saptagiri express at 6:25 am in Chennai central and it arrives tirupathi at 9:40 am. We are to book 300 rs at 1pm slot and return to chennai in the same saptagiri express at 05:50 pm and reach chennai by 10pm.
    Please let me know if this plan will work fine or if any change is to be made.
    Also this is the first time we are going to tirupathi. Waiting for your reply.


    • Dear Sir,
      It will work. As 1 pm – 2pm Darshan starts at 2 pm. Another 1 hour 30 mins – 1 hour 45 mins for Darshan. By 3:45 pm- 4 pm, you can complete Darshan. 1 hour 15 mins journey to Tirupati.
      So you can catch return train at 5:50 pm

  251. Dear Sir,

    I am coming to tirupati on 13th August 2016 along with my parents, husband and 3 years old kid. My parents are above 65 years and my father is a heart patient. Can I have darshan with my parents , husband and kid in Senior citizen Q. I have booked Rs.300 darshan online for 13th. Since my parents are not able to stand for a long time, this request.

  252. Dear Sir,

    I am planning by walk to tirumala on Saturday (08/12). what will be my waiting time, will I get any spl counter to get balaji darshan.

  253. We are coming on 13th evening in tirupathi and 14th morning we want Darshan. Online tickets for special Darsham are full. Can you tell do we get there 3 hrs before or if we will go for divya Darsham how much time it will take.

  254. i am planning to walk frm tirpati to tirumala on sat mrng?so wuld u pls tl me hw long does the darshan tks fr me.on sat 13/8th 2016…

  255. we have 300 rs dharshan ticket on 14th august at evening 4 pm how long it will take since we have kids with us.

  256. Sir 13 th early morning I reach tirupathi.is there any easy way to diva dharsanam.I have no tickets

  257. Hi,
    We are reaching on 16th august night, planning 17th august early morning darshan. We haven’t booked anything as quota online was full. can you tell me how much time it will take for free darshan on 17th early morning if we reach the queue complex on 17th august 5am? please sir, tell me soon. so we can plan. thankyou

  258. Dear sir ,
    Sir my friend reached tirupati today n she took pedestrian path n she reached uphill by 11:00am … She called her mom at 11:00 aftr tht her mobile is switched off .. Her mom is bit tensed .. So I would like to knw tht the mobiles are allowed in the darshanam line ? How long will it take to complete darshanam if she got into que by 11.30am

  259. Sir
    At present we are on tirumala.how to get 300 ra ticket morning on 13/8/2016

  260. Hi i took 300 rupees tkt for darshan on 15 aug 2016 at 4 pm so how much time it will take for darshan…

  261. Hello sir, we are coming to tirumala on 15/8/2016 with my 9months old son n 5yr old twin daughterz.. Which darashan ticket shd i opt for coz,, i have heard for babies less than a year , there is a special queque. Can i take my other two daughters in that queue. Plz reply asap.

  262. my brothers reached tirupati today 13/08/16 now they are going by steps, may be they reach up 10 to 11 am, through divya dharshan how much time will take get dharshanam.

  263. Hello Sir … We are planning for divya darshan on 14-8-2016.
    If we start to walk at 11 am and reach tirumala at 3pm when will our darshan get over…

  264. Dear sir,
    I m cmg to tirupati with my 5 friends on dated 28/8/2016 in early morning and we have also book our return journey via plane from chennai to mumbai on monday morning i.e29/8/2016 at 6.50am .As per ttdonline seva we have getting 2.00pm time slot for darshan.So i want to know that it is flexible timing to take darshan and How much time required to take darshan so that we commence our return journey. Any other suggestion from your side please.

    • Dear Sir,
      2 pm – 3 pm Darshan slot’s Darshan starts between 3 pm -3:45 pm. Darshan might take 1 hour 30 mins. All together it will be 2 hours – 2 hours 30 mins.
      By 5 pm, you are good to collect Laddus from Laddu counter.

  265. today i m in tirupati what is the process for tomorrow morning darshan. can i get 300 /- ticket.
    how much time it will take. please reply.

  266. How much time should take for sarvadarshnam 14 th morning

  267. dear sir.. we are planing to come tirumala on 14 th.. how much time will taken for darshan

  268. I am coming to tirumala tomorrow 14/08 is it possible for me to get 300 RS ticket in srivari counter

  269. Sir i reach tirupathi13th august by 10am i have no dsrshan tickets i go footpath how long my darshan take time sir

  270. Hi Sir,

    How long it’s taking for darshan today for the people came by walk…I talked to my parents at 7 in mrng…till now the phone is switched off and am getting very much tensed…pls tell me how long will it take roughly…

    • Dear Madam,
      Crowd is little high. They might have completed Darshan by now. At what time they entered Darshan line?. I can understand, but no need to worry about them as they are in the safest zone.

  271. Respected TTD management,
    I’m coming tmrw 14-aug with my father to tirumala by climbing the steps. Can you please tell me if it will be possible for us to get accommodation for tmrw night to 15-aug mrng.

  272. Today 14 aug we are coming to tirumala How long time for sarvadarsanam takes it might happenes

  273. Sir today Accommodation I means rooms are available today Morning 11am we reach to tirumala by bus and how long time we had darsan for Sarvadarsanam

  274. Sir special dharshans will be allowed tomorrow 15.08.16 (baby less than 1 year old)..

  275. Sir what is today’s waiting time.(14/8/16)
    My mom and dad went yesterday night(1 AM) , can they complete Dharshan by today evening because I have booked tickets for the morning train on 15th August.

  276. We r coming to tirumala today. Can you tell me if I’ll be able to get accommodation?

  277. Dear Sir, can you tell me how long it is taking for divya darshanan today?

  278. I booked Darshan tickets of Rs300.00 for date 16.08.2016 9 :00 am slot …. How much time take for Darshan ….. My flight from chennai is schedule 9:15 pm.

  279. I’m coming today 15aug Can you please tell me if it will be possible for us to get accommodation .

  280. Crowd position also

  281. Hi, I am coming tirupati on 17th under NRI darshan. Does it required to be prebooked? Also, pls advise how many hours it will take.
    I will be reaching tirupati airport in morning 7.30 am and have a return flight at 6 pm.

  282. Tomorrow i am coming to tirupathi…freedharshan how much time

  283. We have booked online darshanam tickets for 17th Aug and we are carrying photo copy identity proofs not original is there any issue at darshanam time. I just saw that I have carry original proofs.

    • Dear Sir,
      Please carry one original Photo ID if possible. Is there any specific reason for not carrying originals?

  284. Dear sir..my brother went
    To darshan yesterday after noon, Till now there is no response from him..is there any delay for darshan…?may I know what is the time taking for free darshan…? Plz reply

    • Dear Sir,
      It is taking 12 hours. It depends on the time that they reported at VQC II entrance. It is due to heavy crowd in Tirumala. Other than that there is no issues with respect to safety.

  285. Hello sir I am coming on Friday how much time it will take for 300 Rs Darshana please let me know

  286. Sir. When is lagu darshan, or all darshan are always maha lagu darshan i.e stopping at jaya vijaya. I came for vishesha pooja in june and the darshan was a maha lagu darshan i.e stopped at jaya vijaya. Can you suggest me when do we get to see God little closer other than morning sevas.

    • Dear Sir,
      Only Seva tickets, Suprabhatha Seva, Nijapada Darshanam, Archana, Thomala, Astadala Pada Padmaradhanamu will have Darshan from close distance.
      Due to heavy crowd it is Maha Laghu for all other Sevas and Darshan types

  287. My parents have joined Sarva darshan queue at 3 am today, till now no response from them.how much time is it expected to take.

  288. we are planning to come at tirumala,can we get ekanta seva on by arrival or in advance? where can i get those tickets? any reccommendation letters required?

  289. Hello sir,

    I am coming tomorrow with 300 ticket at 12 PM time(afternoon)
    How much time it may take for finish Saravanan?

  290. balaji boddikurapati

    dear sir
    we are coming to tirumala on 7 sept 2016.we are booked darsan on 8sept 2016.Sir any ustavms any special poojas on 8sept 2016 this day.please suggest about crowd.

  291. Sir,
    I am coming to tirupati on 18 aug 16, how much time it will take for 300 rupees darshan. my slot is 5 pm

  292. Sir,
    what is the dress code for children below 12 years ? Is they allowed with pant and shirt.

  293. My parents gone at 11.oo free darshan till now not reached

    • Dear Madam,
      Crowd is minimal today. I’m sure they might have completed Darshan. Please wait for another 30 mins so that they can collect their mobiles at PAC IV which is little far from the temple.

  294. Hi sir,
    We r coming on 18th…how much time will be taken for senior citizen darshan… My mom is not well she is 63 can I accompany with her… Wen is the darshan timings for them.

  295. Sir we are coming tirupathi today at 11 am how much time it will take for darshanam.how was the crowd??

    • Dear Sir,
      Sorry for the late reply. Crowd will be little high. It is Nethra Darshan on Thursdays so crowd will be above normal

  296. Sir is there any dress code for adults for 300 rupees ticket

    • Dear Sir
      Dress code:
      Please wear
      Men: White Pancha, Dhoti/ Kurta,Pyjama.
      Female: Saree with blouse/ Punjabi Dress with Dupatta / Chudidhar with Dupatta/ Half saree

  297. Sir, how much it take approximately for free darshan on today, if I go inside at 11pm

    • Dear Sir
      Darshan ends by 11 pm. So Darshan will be on the next day. So you can have Darshan between 1 pm – 2 pm

  298. Hi sir,

    We are having darshan tomorrow at 1:00PM. How much time will it take for darshan. We have taken 300 rupees darshan ticket.

  299. chinni sandeep kumar

    Hi Sir,
    We are planning to get letter from MLA.I think it will come under L2.Is it ok to come with this letter on weekend I mean saturday and sunday.And how much time it will take for darshan.

  300. Hi sir I’m from Malaysia
    Earlier we planned to come to thirupathi on 12th September ( Monday) . But we so worried about the crowd on that day because of yegathasi.
    So we planned for the next day on Tuesday ( 13th September)
    Please give me some suggestion to see the elumalaiyaan.

  301. Dear Sir ,

    We are planned to be in tirupati, pls inform which one is best, by padestrian or Rs. 50 or Rs 300 to dharsan the lord

  302. Dear sir,

    I am coming to thirupathi Friday 26.08.16 at 3.00 pm slot at Rs 300 darsan. How much time it will take to complete the darshan.

  303. sir i am coming to tirupathi with my girlfriend for darshanam.please kindly tell me where to stay and where to fresh up.where to stay at night if we get late darshanam.??

  304. Dear Kamal,

    We have got Sudarshanam tickets(50 rs at TTD counter) for 31Aug 8pm slot, Please tell me how much time it will take for darshan.

    Thank you

  305. Sir, Namasthe. . . Maa KUTUMBA sabhyulatho Titumala ravali, 10 months child also with us, plz suggest me, , , correct time to visit Lord balaji

  306. Sir I am coming 28-08-16 trupati rs 50 token given time and place pls inform

    • Dear Sir,
      Rs.50 tickets can be booked only at the TTD counters. Only Rs.300 Tickets will be issued at Tirupati Srinivasam complex

  307. I bought a 300 e-ticket for Darshan at 11 am slot on October 4 2016 which is one of bramhotsavam date. Please let me know how much time will that take.
    Thank you for help.

  308. Hello sir,
    I have booked 300rs ticket for Darshan 28thAug at 7pm, is it possible to tell me approximate time to complete darshan since we are getting 1 year kid we want to plan accordingly

  309. Dear sir,
    Is there rush in tirupati during shradhs

  310. HI Sir,

    i am coming to tirupati with my family on sunday 28-07-2016 at 11:00 AM slot at Rs 300 darshan. How much time it will take to complete the darshan

  311. Dear sir
    I am coming to tirupati Monday 05 09 2016 at 9 am slot at 300 darshan how much time it will take to complete the darshan

  312. Will be coming to Tirumala for darshan tomorrow at 1PM with 300 ticket. how much time it may take?

  313. How much time (free dharshnam) today 29 /08/16 7:22 PM .now we are going to tirumala .

  314. Dear Sir
    I am coming to Tirumala on Sunday 04/09/2016 4.pm slot at 300 darshan how much time it will take to complete the darshan.
    thank you

  315. Am going to tirupati today (300816) at 9pm (free darshan) how much time it will take to complete the darshan

  316. Dear sir
    I am coming to tirupathi sep 03/09/2016 at 7 pm slot at rs 300 darshan how much time it will take to complete the darshan .

  317. Hello sir,

    we planned to come to tirumala on Sep 30 (in the month of puratasi). will it be very crowded ? will we get some parking area for our car ? – pls advise whether it will have heavy traffic on the hill. Thanks in advance.

    • Dear Sir,
      Crowd will be little high. Yes, you can park easily at Rambagicha Guesthouse or MBC guesthouse. Traffic will not be that high compared to Brahmotsavam days. It is manageable

  318. Sir we are planning to visit tirumala on 11/10/16 i.e on Dussera and we have train to catch in the evening. Can you please help us with the duration of Darshan that we can expect and plan accordingly.
    Thanks in advance.

    • Dear Sir,
      Please book e-special entry Darshan tickets at ttdsevaonline website so that you can complete within 2 hours

  319. Dear Sir,
    We are planning for upcoming long weekend(3,4 & 5 Sept) and wanted to come from the path of Sreevari steps.
    Could you please suggest about the process for the Darshanam for the persons who will come by walk.

  320. Will there be crowd during Ganesh Chaturthi as we are planning to visit on Sunday, one day before Ganesh Chaturthi. Also which good a/c guest house is near to the temple (walkable distance)

  321. Dear Sir,

    How much time does it take for darshan using Rs 300/- ticket during Brahmotsavam? We have 300 Rs/- tickets on Oct 3 2016.


  322. Hello Sir, we a re planning to coming to pripati on september 21 st 2016. How will be the crowd and how much time it will take to complete the dharshan? We heard that in the tamil month of puratasi , crowd will be more. Please let me know.

    • Dear Sir,
      Yes, Crowd will be little high so please book e-special entry Darshan tickets.

      • Thanks kamal for your reply. we will be going in subapadam darshan (both infant and senior citizen). what would be the approximate waiting time in this darshan?

        • Dear Sir,
          Supadam will take 30-40 mins waiting + 40 mins for Darshan
          Seniors will not have any waiting time. It is might take 50-60 little as seniors/physically challenged devotees move slowly

  323. Dear Sir,
    We took 300Rs darshan at 1pm tomorrow Sept 1st. How much time it wiill take for Darshan.

    We are planning for Thulabaram for my 9 months baby(NRI-US citizen) .How much time it take through Supatham,

    • Dear Sir,
      Sorry for the late reply. Crowd is little high Today. Supadam might take 30 mins for waiting + 40 mins for Darshan

  324. Dear Sir,
    I have already booked Divya darshan ticket for 3rd September at 2pm darshan. Will the crowd be more.
    I am bringing my 4 yr boy.

    please suggest.

    can i come with recommendation VIP letter if it works.

  325. Dear sir

    I have planned to come tirupati on oct 2nd at 1 o clock slot at 300 darshan.how much time will taken for complete the darshan. and also book tkt from chennai at 8 pm. can i able to catch the bus

  326. How much time for normal darshan

  327. Hello sir,if we take today ticket of Rs300/-,then how much time it may take for darshan,and also we are planing by steps (walk) to upwards…need the help..

  328. Sir,

    What about Ganapathi Pooja (05-09-16) time crowd in Tirumalai. we plan to come on 05-09-16


  329. Is it posssible to get 300 rs ticket directly in the counter or only online

  330. Hi sir,

    We have booked 300 rs online fr tomorrow 5 pm.
    What is the expected queue time.When should we reach there??will i be able to catch 9 pm bus

  331. Hello sir, we coming for darshan on 11th sep, at 7 pm entry with 300 rs tkt. can you please tell me how much time we can expect for darshan…. can we able to return by 9:30 pm

    • Dear Sir,
      7 pm – 8 pm Darshan slot starts 8 pm with 30 mins waiting + 40 mins Darshan time. By 9:30 – 9:40 pm you are good to start from Tirumala after collecting Laddus. By bus it takes 1 hour 15 mins to reach Tirupati Bus station.

  332. Dear sir tomorro we will coming to tirupathi how many hours does take to darshan on tomorrow

  333. We have a special darshan tomorrow at 3pm. How much time it will take for us

  334. we are planning to come to Tirumala next week after 08th how is the crowed please advice

    • Dear Sir,
      Crowd will be little high due to Nethra Darshan. Perumal is decorated with less ornaments. It is good to have Darshan on Thursday’s

  335. Dear sir we are booked special Dharshan on tomorrow (04.09.16) at 1pm pls let me know how much time it will take for Lord Balaji Dharshan

  336. How is crowd at Tirumala on Ganesh chaturdhi 2016. Is it advisable to go on foot.

  337. How much time it may take for special Darshan and supadam Darshan on 9th Sep?

    • Dear Sir,
      Supadam might take 30-40 mins waiting + 40 mins for Darshan.
      Special Darshan might take 45 mins waiting + 40 mins for Darshan

  338. how much time does it take for dharma darshan today?

  339. Just back from special darshan. It took only 90 minutes.

  340. how can we have darshan in list 1

  341. How much time will it take for divyadarshan tomorrow, I will reach tirumala by 5:AM

  342. Gdmorning sir, l will reach at thirumala today morning ,our darshan time at 9pm. If it is possible to darshan afternoon time kindly permit

  343. Is it good o plan for tirupati trip during puratasi with babies and elders?Is it reliable to go ahead with travel agency on darshan tickets

    • Dear Madam,
      No need to approach Travel agency for Darshan. You can easily plan Darshan on your own. Yes, it is perfectly good to have Darshan during Puratasi month.
      For Tirupati Darshan, two major factors are Darshan and accommodation.
      You can book Darshan tickets online at ttdsevaonline website. e-Special entry Darshan tickets are meant for Darshan.
      E-accommodation to book rooms for the stay

  344. Venkataramanan N Baskaran

    Sir I am planning to visit Tirupathi on September 23rd with family including small kid aged 3. I am planning to get online tickets. Please suggest whether this plan is suitable for the 23rd that coincides with Brahmotsavam

    • Dear Sir,
      Brahmotsavam starts on 3rd Oct and ends on 11th Oct So 23rd Sep will be normal. Yes, you can plan for Darshan on 23rd Sep

  345. how much time will it take for sarvadarshana tomorrow.we will reach by 10 am

  346. Dear sir
    We are from Bangalore and we will come by 5 :30 am on 6 September 2016 can you please tell me how is the crowd and how much time does it take in dharma darshan

  347. A very informative page, Mr Kamal. Kudos!

    (i) I have planned a Special Darshan or Divya Drashan on 19-09-2016. Which in your opinion would be quicker?
    (ii) How is Monday (19-09-2016) is likely to be crowdwise?

    Thanks for your effort and time.

  348. Can we take baby bottle and other baby material in special darshan quee in the package by ITDC as i have baby of around 10 months old?

    I know there is an option for supadam entry but just want to know in special darshan as we are coming in ITDC package and everyone will be in same quee of special darshan so just wanted to know can we take baby bottle and other small materials for baby in queee?

    • Dear Sir,
      Yes, baby food and materials are allowed inside the line. ITDC package darshan will be Rs.300 Darshan. Baby food is allowed for all types of Darshan

  349. Hi Sir .. Good Noon.. We are planning for a darshan tomorrow 7th Sept .. pls tell me how long it will take in darma darshan.. we are planning to visit by 10 a.m

  350. Dear Sir,

    I want to know how many type of darshans are available in Tirupati? I and my husband are planning to visit tirupati on 19th Sep 2016 so could we get ticket now ? and which type of darshan we can do on that day?

  351. I m Planning for 24th September but E Darshan tickets are not available. Can you please tell if I can take the tickets from there. Also, How will be the crowd that day as I have heard Tirupati Festival ends on 24th.

  352. Hi,
    Iam having special darshan tickets (300/-) for 2’o clock for me and my wife along with 2 kids (aged 7 & 5) on Tuesday, 13th September.. Is it possible to finish darshan by 4’0 clock? As I have to reach chennai airport by 8:30..

    Being a weekday what kind of rush should I expect? Also with 2 little kids can I have any consideration for faster darshan ..

    • Dear Sir,
      Darshan starts by 3 pm and ends by 4:15 pm – 4:30 pm. By cab it takes 4 hours to reach Chennai.I will check on this with staff tomorrow

  353. Hi Sir,

    I am planning to have Supadham darshan with my kid(11 months) and wife tomorrow(September 10th), Please let me know the crowd and how much time approximately it might take tomorrow.

  354. Will there any impact to reach tirupathi and have darshan tomorrow due to andhra bandh.we are coming from andhra

  355. i am having vasanthotsavam tickets for 15th sep. 3pm, and return train ticket is on same day (15th Sep) 6.30pm from tirupati station
    tirupati balaji darshan also included in this or not


    after pooja nd darshan can we reached station on time

    can u please tell it possible to reach staion on time or not

    • Dear Sir,
      It may not be possible to catch return train by 6:30 pm. As Seva + Darshan itself takes 2 hours + 15 mins for Laddu Prasadam + 10 mins walk to Bus station + 1 hour 15 mins journey to Tirupati.
      Is it possible to reschedule the journey

  356. Hi,
    Me and my family are planning to visit Tirupati on 3 Oct 2016 but I just saw that brahmostava is getting started on that day. Is there a chance that we can get darshan during that time ?

  357. Hi Sir,

    I have planned for darshan on sep 17 Saturday. I have already pre booked through irctc tourism. timings given is between 11.30-2.30pm. How much rush will be there on that day..? Is is possible to finish darshan within that time..?


  358. Hi,

    We are planning to have darshan on Sep 17th with my kid (5 months old) via infant darshan queue. Can anyone tell me how is the crowd?


  359. Hi Kamal,

    We are planning to visti Tirumala next month OCT-2016 for my KID first gundu.
    Please let me know best Dates to Visit as we see busy schedule for Brahmvastvam next month.

    So we can avoid Rush dates.


  360. Dear Sir

    I am planning to visit by 19th Monday September.
    What will be the crowd level on that day??
    So far i have not booked the ticket. Is there any option to skip the crowd for senior citizen. Is yes what will be the age limit. Also shall we(2 Adult, 1 baby (20 months old)) accompany with senior citizen?? if no Pls suggest optimum option.

    Awaiting for your suggestions.

  361. Hi There,

    We are planning to this saturday morning
    Any Idea about the crowd?

  362. Hi Kamal,

    Is Pournami Garuda seva is similar to Bramatosava Garuda seva.?


  363. good afternoon sir,
    1.myself planning for tirumala this saturday morning.may I know the crowd status and expected darshan time in foot path kind of darshan.
    2.what is srivari mettu and where it is.

    • Dear Sir
      1. Divya Darshan might be 5-6 hours.
      2. Srivari Mettu is near Srinivasa mangapuram which is 19 km from Tirupati. Direct bus available from Railway station and Bus station to Srivari Mettu. APSRTC bus No. 151S runs to this place with good frequency.

      • thank you sir,
        few more questions sir,
        is that possible to avail divya darshan token from srivari mettu.
        what is the special in sri vari mettu

        • Dear Sir,
          Yes, you can get tickets even at Srivari Mettu.
          Lord Venkateswara reached Tirumala hills along with Goddess Padmavathi thru Srivari Mettu path after their marriage

  364. hai im prasad tommmow how many hours in drashan time

  365. Hi , We a group of 5 are coming to tirupathi on Wednesday evening by 7 PM and would like to go for darshan on 21st sep. we are ok walk up the stairs as well . Please recommend if its good book online or climb up the stairs … and how would be the corwd.

  366. HI I am Naresh, tomorrow how many hours will take for foot path

  367. Hi ,

    May i know , How many hours take special darshan (300 rs) on Saturaday ? Because i am having little child 3years age..we are planning on OCT22nd 2016


  368. Can you please let me know how many hours darshan take if you join the queue at 8 PM Today ?

  369. 50 rupees 8pm darshan how much time it takes for darshan

  370. Hello, 4 of us are planning to come to Tirumala, planning to have Darshan on 30th Sep, Friday, I’m travelling with my mother, so need info if wheel chair will be available. And how much time will it take for Rs 100 & Rs 300 special darshan

  371. Dear Sir,

    We are planning to come on Oct 10 to Thirupathi what time it may take finish darshan in general darshan

    • Dear Sir,
      General Darshan might take 8 hours. I will update exact status by 3rd Oct as TTD is making arrangements for the same day Darshan. If it got implemented rightly then Darshan hours might go down by 2 hours

  372. Sir,
    I am planning to visit tirupathi on 22- sep( Thursday) . planned to walk up the hill..better to book special darshan ticket online or crowd in divya darshan will be ok ?? Need your advice sir

    • Dear Madam,
      Thursdays will always be little crowded due to Nethra Darshan. It still fine to continue with Divya Darshan tickets. Darshan might take 4 hours

  373. I am planning for nijapada seva darshan for long period please suggest the correct way to book the nijapada seva tickets

    • Dear Sir,
      Quota will be released online on 4th Nov at 11 am. Please subscribe to Gotirupati newsletter so that we can communicate if there is any change

  374. Hello Sir,

    I’m planning for Darsanam on 24th Oct, 2016 (Saturday) for Divya Darsanam as we would be taking the foot path to Tirumala on the same day morning. Any idea on when to get into the queue or how long would it take for Darsanam?

    Thank you!

  375. Hi Sir,

    Planing to visit tirumala on Saturday and climb up the Hills.. how much time it will take for darshan. Can we climb up hills any time or it is closed in Night. please help me to plan properly need to come from chennai.

    • Dear Sir,
      Path remains opens for 24 hours. Please plan to start by 11 pm so that you can reach Tirumala by 3 am. 1 hour to get fresh up. Please report at Divya Darshan counter by 6 am so that you can complete Darshan on the same day

  376. Dear Sir,

    This is my first visit to Lord Tirupati Balaji. Please tell me from where I can buy ticket for “Sarvadarshan” and how much time it may take to see the glimpse of Lord Tirupati Balaji. I will be coming on 1st oct.

  377. Dear sir,
    We are planning to visit on this weekend Saturday and Sunday, how much time it will take in weekends, are there any utsavs starting this weekend.

  378. Hi Sir i am planning to reach tirupati by 2:30 pm on 25th sep 2016. I am unable to get any ticket as of now. Will i be able get darshan same day ?

  379. hello sir
    we have Sigra darshan tickets for 24 th sep @ 12 pm . we have senior citizens and kids also with us. We heard it is heavy rush during poratasi Saturday and may take up to 14 hrs. Is it true sir? Maximum how much is the waiting time for Sigra darshan on Sat of Poratasi month . We are little worried. Ur reply will be helpful to us

  380. Sir, we are planning to visit tirumala during Oct 12 and 13, 2016. I understand that Brahmotsavams are starting in Oct 2016 first week. Your suggestions pls..we have two young children and we don’t want to trouble them in the crowd.

  381. Planning to come tirumala on sep 26th. How long it will take to finish darshan in general.

  382. Sir I will book special dharshan at 25.09.16 at 12.00 how many hours to waiting for dharshan.

  383. Hi Sir,

    Will we get 300 rupees ticket in the counter at Thirumala?
    Also is there a separate line for Ladies with 9 months old baby, if yes can husband or another lady can go with her?

  384. hi Sir,

    At Thirupathi Srinivasam what time will they start issuing the 300 rupees tickets? also does evey one has to stay in the Queue or if one guy stand is sufficient.
    As we will arrive at 4 30 AM tomorrow which is 24th September 2016, 3 of us will walk the hill and one guy will come in bus. Can he get tickets for us also?

    We heard that the counter opens at 5 Am in the morning but the website says at 9 am ? can you confirm.

  385. Namasta kamal Garu,

    Kiran from Bangalore can I get ticket on Sunday I.e day after tomorrow, in tirumala r in tirupathi. Kindly suggest

  386. Planning to come tirumala on sep 25th. How long it will take to finish darshan in divya darshan

  387. Sir i booked special darshan on 24 sept 16 at 4. How much time it will take to get darshan.


  388. will it be free of crowd on deepavalli and vinayag chaturthi

  389. Hi,

    I have planned Darshan on 2nd of October 2016. I have booked tour package and they have promised for Shigrha Darshan ticket.
    Could you please let me know how crowded will be the temple on 2nd as it is first week of Navratri also expected time in which we can complete Darshan of Lord Balaji.
    Thanks a lot in advance for your support !!

  390. Sir 2day we r coming to thirupathi. How much time required to darshana

  391. I booked my special dharsham ticket on 28 sep 2016. But when I am trying to book accommodation it showing quota full. What should I do now. I will get room accommodation ticket in tirmula itself

  392. Dear Sir,

    We are planning to visit tirumala on 7th Oct or 8th Oct 2016. How long it will take to finish darshan in general.

    Thanks and Regards,

  393. Sir I have taken the tickets on 28th at 11pm how much time it will take sir

  394. Dear Sir,

    Planning to come tirupati at 1st Oct saturday. how long it will take in general abd by walk.

  395. Hi

    I have planned Lord Balaji Darshan on 2nd of October 2016 with SRS travels. It seems they have promised for Shigra Darshan (300/-)
    Could you please predict the time taken for the darshan.

  396. Dear sir
    My son, daughter-in-law and grand son of 9 months are visiting Tirumala on 28 Sep 2016. Is they get special dharsham in view of Kid. If so timings please
    PV Nageswararao

  397. Dear sir
    Planning to come tirupathy Oct 8th Saturday…How long it will. Take gentrala abt walk

  398. Sir we booked six room (100) thirumalai…..on 2nd october…is there any delay for getting the keys from office. and shall we get near near rooms.?

  399. We planing to take darsanam on 29 th sep how much time it will take

  400. Dear sir
    We are coming on Oct 5th, by walk how much time to take darshan,, and
    Another choice for me to take 300/- darshan ticket. This is good pain or not.

  401. Dear sir
    We are coming on Oct 5, by walk, how much time to darshan,,, and we have another choice, take 300/- darshan ticket,,,, this is good plan or not sir

    • Dear Sir,
      Please look for Rs.300 if available. I will let you know Crowd status by 4th Oct 6 pm. As Crow varies daily.

  402. Hi sir

    Today we are planning to come to tirumala by bus for direct without booking can pls estimated time to take dharshan how much time it takes ,

    Thanks for your help in advance

    Please reply as soon as possible

  403. Dear sir , how long waiting time for Divya darshan at 9:00 pm on October 3,2016

  404. Will it croud on 9 ,10,11,12 . can we visit during that

  405. Dear sir, can I know how much crowd is expected to be on 9th Oct?? We are planning to come by walk fro. Tirupathi to tirumala, how much time can we expect for darshan?

  406. Sir,

    We are planning to visit on Oct 14 with my Parents aged 60 + and my Kinds below 2 years .
    Can you please say how will be the crowd on that day.

    Thank you,

  407. Dear Sir,

    I am planning for darshanam on 11Oct16 with my old parents , both were senior citizens. I will try to approach the relevant people there for special lanes for senior citizens. May i know how much crowd do you expect on 11Oct16. Thank you so much for your assistance

  408. hai sir when will be this month seva tickets will be released

    • Dear Madam,
      Please check on 4th Nov at 11 am. Kindly subscribe to gotirupati newsletter so that we can communicate the dates in advance

  409. How much time required for dharshan,

  410. Hi Sir, tomorrow (8th Oct) planning to visit by evening (spl darshan), how much time it would take to darshan ?

  411. Sir, we are going for darshan on 21/10/16 at 11 am. How much time it will during that time for 300 rs tickets. Shall there be any priority according to the booking of tickets in the same slot.

  412. dear sir
    We are planning to come on 11 oct 16 , through special entry for below one year baby can u tell me that how much time it will take for darshanam through stubadam

    • Dear Sir,
      Supadam remains closed during Brahmotsavam days. Please plan a day after brahmotsavam. Brahmotsavam ends on 11th Oct

  413. Sir we are planning to come thirumala on 10th so tell me to take dhashanam how much time takes it

  414. Hi sir iam planning to vist on 11 OCt kindly let me know the expected timings for dharshanam

  415. Hello sir..

    I have bought special darshan ticket for 10oct, and am coming with my parents and they are senior citizens. Also i have two kids with me. Just wanted to know how much time it will take for us to complete the darshan.

  416. Sir planning to Darshan on 18th of this month, what will be the crowd

  417. Sir,Can we come thirupathi what is the status, how much time it will take or should we wait for dharshan….

  418. Sir, I want to do free darshan on 12 October, please confirm how long will it take for darshan. Thanks

  419. Sir,
    I will reaching tirupathi tonight.how much time will take through without prebooking

  420. Sir I have booked Dharshan tickets for 12 how will be the crowd as there is 2 years baby

  421. We are reaching tirumala on 11th morning, when will we get free darshan

  422. Sir we are planning to come for dharshan today evening by free dharshan….how time will it take…

  423. E.Thanga mani marsn

    Mani maran
    Der sir, I am came to darsan on 16.10.16 I have two babies 4 years & 2 years how is the croud pls tell me sir

  424. I will come to tirumala on 14/10/16 howis general darsan crowd

  425. Dear Sir,
    We will reach Tirumala at 8:30am in the morning and we don’t have the 300₹ ticket. How much time it will take? And is there any other ticket available at Tirumala? Also please suggest the nearest parking place.

  426. Dear Sir,

    How much time will take for Rs.300 ticket darshan for tomorrow..

  427. Dear Sir,

    Am planning to come Tirumala with my family on 28th or 29th of October. Could you please tell me how the crowd will be on those days at Tirumala??

    Thanks in advance!!

  428. Good afternoon sir…i booked on friday evening 6pm special entry ticket so how much time vill take for darshanam?


  430. We are come for tirumala darshan on 16 october howz crowd for darshan

  431. Hello sir,
    i booked special darshanam 300/- on 16/10/2016 sunday 1pm… how must time will take for darshanam ??

  432. Planning for 19th October with my 8months old son; how much time it will take for free darshan. Pls advice.

  433. Hi Sir,

    I Booked Special entery darshanam ticket on 22/10/2016 Saturday – 6PM. How mouch time will take for darshnama?

  434. Dear sir,

    An planning to reach tirumala on 15th saturday evening. May i know how much time it will take to get free darshan.

    Thanks in advance

  435. How long it takes for DARSHAN today 13th oct.

  436. Good evening sir
    my mom and dad went to thirumala from chennai and they went to free dharshanam yesterday evening by 8…. But still there mobiles are switched off. So I’m very nervous sir…. So kindly I want to know what is the situation at free dharshanam

  437. We are planning to free dharisanam on 14.10.2016 . How long it will take for dharasa

  438. Hi, On monday, 17th Oct 2016, how much time it may take for darshanam with Seegra darshanam tickets?

  439. Dear Respective,

    My sister was visited Tirumala on 13/10/2016 early morning, we are unable reach them via mobile and they haven’t called us till now, they are from Karnataka, they are four people one is my sister, her husband, one son and one daughter, could you please help me, how can I reach them, how was the crowd, were they strucked in any waiting rooms, please help.

    Puneeth KG

  440. Hi Sir,
    We are planning to come by walk tom night and plan to darshan tom mrng.
    If we join in the queue by 2 am, whats the expected time to darshan?
    If we join in the queue by 6 am, whats the expected time to darshan?
    Pls confirm

  441. I will be reaching Tirumala on 15-10-2016 Morning around 10AM by walk.How much time will it take for the Free Darshan?

  442. Hi Sir,

    We are planning to come on 15th Oct for dharshan .How is the crowed in Tirumala??????

  443. Hi,
    Could you please tell me how much time it takes for me for special darshanam at 7 pm on 19th oct 2016

    Thank you.

  444. Hi please tell me how much time it would take for darshanam for piligrimis who come on foot

  445. Please inform this crowd will continue up to monday (i.e. 17.10.16) ..? We are reaching on monday also booked special darshan tickets. Please tell me how much time will take for special darshan?

    Thanks in advance

  446. Hi

    Can you please tell me, How long will it take to Unjal Seva on 16th of this month?
    If possible provide me with some detailed information on Unjal Seva.

  447. Hi,
    Can you please help recommend me a tentative plan (inclusive of following points) that we can follow suitable for my dates and times.
    – Accommodation for 13th and 14th Dec.
    – Local sight seeing on 13th Dec.
    – Early morning darshan (type of darshan available. eg: Abhishek,puja etc.) on 14th Dec.
    – local sight seeing on 14th Dec.
    – local sight seeing on 15th Dec.

    Arrival : 13 Dec 16 @ 8.30 am @ Tirupati station.
    Departure : 15 Dec 16 @ 9 pm from Tirupati station.

  448. Hi how much time it will take for darshan on 17-10-2016 at 1pm time. Thanks in advance

  449. How much time can take on 16/10/2016.pls give the msg
    Warm regards

  450. Hi today am coming by walk how many hours for darshan

  451. Dear Sir,

    We are planning to book darshan on 20 oct at 2pm slot. We have planned for 300 Rs. ticket using e-dharshan option.

    1) How long will it take for darshan?
    2) Is 2 pm reporting time or dharshan time? (When should we report for 2 p.m. slot?)
    3) How will be the crowd that day?

  452. Hii sir I am there in line near vaikuntam complex how much time I need to take for dharshan

  453. Sir today how much time will take for free dsrshan

  454. Can I get Rs 300 special darshan today for today

  455. We are reaching tirumala in next 2 hours. And we have 300 rupees Darshan at 2:00 pm. Please suggest how much time it will take

  456. dear sir,

    i have booked 300rs ticket and the timing is 2clo(pm). How much time it takes for darshan.

  457. We are planning to come by walk to tirumala from thirupathi on 17/10/2016 nite.. how long will be the dharshan waiting period

  458. Dear Sir,

    During my last visit i had qued up at 6 AM for the Rs 300 ticket and managed to get to the ticket counter by 11 AM and darshan happened by 1 noon.

    Hoping i can still follow this process of standing in line to procure the Rs 300 ticket on the same & doing the darshan on the same day.

    • Dear madam,
      In tirumala they are not giving Rs 300/- ticekts, you have to book at online else you have to take the ticekts at tirupati srinivasam complex.

  459. Dear Sir,

    I plan to come for Darshan this week.

    Hoping i can still follow the process of standing in line to procure the Rs 300 ticket on the same day & doing the darshan on the same day.

    pls help clarify

  460. we booked Rs. 300 tickets for 17/10/2016. How long it will take for darshan?

  461. My cousin and 13 members by walk visited thirumalai today morning… he messaged me at 7.30 that they r going to dharsan… now we r unable to reach them via mobile…they haven’t called us till now… how was the crowd…

  462. Sir, How much time it will take today i.e., 17-10-2016. My daughter along with her friends, her HOD and Guide are not in Tirupathi.

  463. Namaste we are planning to come tirumala on foot on 18th morning from srivari mettu how much time taken to darshan on 18th

  464. How is crowd today

  465. Sir,
    We have booked Suprabhatha seva on 30th oct. and Dewali is sameday. any problem in suprabhatha seva is performed that day or not. pls advice Suprabhatham starting time because in moring 7 o clock train in Tirupathi. any advice pls

  466. We are planning a trip to Tirupati on 28-29th October(Just before Diwali). Please advise if the expected crowd/queues are similar to normal levels or are abnormally high during this time ?


  467. We are planning to come on 29th october.how is the usual crowd on diwali time and how much it takes for darshan by walk?

  468. Hi,

    I have booked rs. 300 tickets for Oct 23rd 2:00PM darsan. How much time it will take for darsan?

  469. sir,
    oct 30th(Dewali) Suprabhtham & Angapradikshna seva is performed or not.

  470. How long does it take for 300rs darshanam on 19th oct that is tomorrow

  471. Hi
    we’re leaving today from bangalore and wed evening 6 is our darshan

    rooms available?
    we have planned to stay there for 3 days

    • Dear Sri,
      Room will be allotted for 1 day only. but you can try again on the second day under current booking using different person id

  472. How will be the crowd on Oct 30 for 300rs ticket and infant dharshan?

  473. Sir,
    How long will it take on 20 Oct for 300 rs ticket 11:am & how long does it take without any ticket on 19 Oct 9:00pm.

  474. Today On 20th Oct we are planning to take free darsanam
    How much time it will take
    Is it possible to get 300 tickets in tirumula for today

  475. Sir,

    we had booked Rs.300 ticket on 22/10/16. how much time it will take for darshan and darshan time is 13.00 hrs

  476. today 6 pm how long take for divya dharsan

  477. Sir,
    Please let me know the status of MONDAY (24th October 2016) general darshan.
    We have decided to climb steps.
    Pleade advice me which time is feasible.
    Thank you.
    Venkatesh. R

  478. Sir we have booked 300 dharshan tickets tommorow 22nd 16:00 how much time it takes for dharshan?

  479. Hello Sir,
    I heard in one of the weekday, there will be close Darshan than usual on Special Entry Darshan ticket, can you plz let me know which day is it? I’m planning for next week.


    • Dear Sir,
      It is supposed to be Tue and Wed. But it is Maha Laghu on all the days. Anyway I will check and let you know on this

  480. sir,

    We have plan to come by srivari mettu by walk on 25th October. How much time will take for dharshan on that day? what time Srivari mettu route open for walk?

  481. Sir,
    Will Angapradikshna seva available on 26th October?

  482. Sir,how long will it take for 300 rs darshan on 24th that is tomorrow.kindly help me

  483. Sir we have kalyanam tickets on 26th oct (Wednesday),
    1. Usually how long it will take for darshan after kalyanam seva on that day 26/10/2016.
    2. We booked accommodation also but whom we need to approach /where we need to present to get rooms . On the tickets room details are not available.
    3. Is there any special queue for sr.citizen for darshan after kalyanam seva.


    • Dear Sir,
      1. It takes 1 hours 15 mins
      2. Please visit ARP counter which is right opposite to CRO office for internet room allotment.
      3. Kalyanam performed inside temple so dasrhan will not take much time. Crowd will be minimal during this time

  484. Dear Sir,

    On 25th Morning 8 am, we have booked for Kalyanam. Usually, how long it takes to complete entire process.


  485. Sir is rooms are available for tomorrow morning one day stay in tirumala is any choice for us to get room

  486. we are planning to come on next monday? what will be the expected crowd and how much time it takes for free darshan?

  487. I will reach tirumala on 25 Oct do I get room available

  488. Hello sir, we have booked darshan tickets on 7 nov.how is the crowd? I have 2 yrs kid who is very hyper active so how much time it vo take for darshan and would like to know any edible and milk is allowed to take inside temple…
    Thank you

  489. Sir,
    We have plan to come Thirumala on 31 Oct how many times take free drashan

  490. sir is the darshan can be done 24/7 round the clock or any timings we need to follow?

  491. Dear sir,

    Can we plan our trip for Sri Balaji darshan on Deepavali day i.e., 29/10/2016. how about the crowd and how long it may take for darshan

  492. Dear Sir

    I want to know in which month of an year there is not too much rush.

    Because i want to make a plan for my Thirupathi visit.

  493. Hi Sir,

    We have booked spl entry darshan tickets for for Diwali ie on 29th Oct . How much time will it take for Darshan

  494. Will there be rush on 30th October 2016…I have got darshan ticket of Rs.300 and time of darshan is at 1.00pm. Will I get darshan. How long will it take…

  495. Sir

    We want to come 28th oct ,on that day we will get rooms or not

  496. Hi,
    I am planning to come tripathi on Oct 29th by walking. Can you please tell me how the crowd will be..

  497. Sir,

    How much it will take fr 300 rs ticket on 28th oct to complete darshan 12.00 pm slot??

  498. Hi Sir,
    We are planning to reach Tirupati today at 9 PM.
    Also will be going by walk on Friday morning around 6.
    so how long will it take for darshana, do we need to take 300 Rs ticket


  499. We want to visit on 30th Oct (Diwali Day). Planned to undertake the trip by Walk. How much time does it take to have the Darshan

  500. We want to come to Tirupati on 30th Oct morning . Planned to undertake the visit by Walk from Down. How much time it will take for the Darshan.

  501. Dear Sir,

    We are planning to come to Tirupathi on 29th Nov2016 afternoon and stay at Madhavan Guest House for 2 nights for 8 people. Next day we are planning to climb the hill to Tirumala for the darshan. Wanted to check if we will get rooms accomodation and how is the rush in Tirupathi . How long will it take to have Darshan once we reach Tirumala.


  502. Sir We Plan to go tirupati on 26/11/2016 and we will go to tirumala on 27/11/2016 our darshan timing is 12 pm. What time will it take to kalyankatta is it sufficient 3-4 hours.

  503. Hi Sir,

    How will be the crowd on Deepavali (29/10/2016 & 30/10/2016) ?

  504. Sir,

    How much time it will take to complete darshan on Oct 28th 12.00 pm slot in 300 rs ticket?

    Thanks in advance.


    Will Angapradekshana seva avilable on 30th Oct?

  506. Dear sir,

    We plan to come by srivari mettu by walk on 31st oct morning . How much time will take for Darshan on that day? we have not made darshan tickets, what can we do, Pl. advise me sir.

  507. Hello Sir,
    How much time does it take tomorrow for normal darshan ? As special entry slots are not available, i would like to go for sarva darshana. Can you please help me giving approximate hours. I will be there in queue by 6am on 29th, Oct 2016. (It is a long weekend and Deewali fest).


  508. Sir today 29 how much time taken handcapied drashnmo

  509. Sir I am coming tirupati 1 11 2016. In online qota. There are no accommodation so whether it’s suitable for me to try for accommodation at tirumala

  510. Hi,

    I’m coming to tirumala by walk (Divya darshnam)on 31st Monday..how much time will take for dharshana ?

  511. Good Afternoon Sir/Madam,

    Sir, is Venkateshwara swamy darshanam available on 01st November. please reply
    Thank you………………….

  512. Dear Sir,
    Today 29th evening we reached Tirumala. Could you please let us know angapradakshina,suprabhatam,kalyanotsav any of these SEVA tickets for 30th & 31st October.and where to take these tickets what is procedure.
    Immediate reply much appreciated.


  513. We will be reaching Tirupati by 5 am on 31st October.
    Let us know how long it takes for free Darshan?

  514. Hello Sir,

    I am coming on 31st october 2016 6 am through Package trip. How much time does it take for normal Darshan?

  515. Hi madam can we plan tomorrow with family please suggest can we get darshana

  516. Hi,
    How much time will take for Divya darshnam today right now.

  517. Hi,
    How much time will take for divyadarshnam today right now.

  518. Hi
    is it possible to get rooms tomorrow at thirupathi.

  519. Hi madam how many time will it ake for darshan tomorrow

  520. hi how much time take for divyadarshanam from now

  521. Hi madam I’m coming now for evening darshnm how much time it will take

  522. Tomorrow how much time for nadakadari bhaktulu if they come to darshan at 8 am

  523. Hi madam,
    I am coming on 3rd Nov morning , booked Sahasradeepalankarana seva . Please let me know the process and where we have to report. Can we get main Lord darshan..and how much time it will take.

    • Dear Sir
      Seva will be performed at Unjal Mantap opposite main temple. Report at 5 pm. Yes, devotees are allowed to have Darshan after Seva

  524. Hi sir, I am coming in ITDC PACKAGE VIP DARSHAN on saturday morning and how much time does it take for darshan approximately.

  525. dear sir
    i took spl.darshan rs.300 ticket for 4 th nov’16 – 12a.m ticket,how much time it will take. my train rtn journey on the same day evening6p.m. can we complete darshan in 3 hours.

  526. Sir, i have booked a slot for Special entry darshan on 9th Nov at 12:00 PM, let us know how long does it take for Lord’s Darshan and also do we have any mandate dress code for that as i have checked with few of my friends and they said its not mandate.

  527. How much time will it take for darshan approximately after sahasradeepalankara seva if we book on a sunday i.e., 11th December 2016. Kindly confirm as we are coming with small kids

  528. What is the waiting time for SARVADHARSHAN today ?

  529. Namaste Sir/madam
    We are coming for rs.300 Darshan on Nov 6th Sunday. Reporting time is 2pm . How is the crowd on Sunday generally and how much will be the waiting time approximately?

  530. Karthik Venkataraman

    Have a. 12:00 pm 300 Rs darshan ticket for today – 3rd no 2016.
    How long will it take for darshan

  531. Hello, we are arriving on the 5th of Nov. We have booked tickets for special entry darshan (Rs 300 ). Can we book a special seva for lord Venkateshwara after coming to Tirupati ? Also, will you be able predict the crowd on 5th Nov and how long would it take for Darshan?

  532. Hello Sir, I’m coming on Nov5th for 1Pm darshan in Rs 300 Special darshan ticket. How will be the crowd and what will be the waiting time?

  533. Sir tell me about climate in tirumala
    My kid also coming

  534. Climate of next week
    My kid also coming sir

  535. Sir, we have booked Rs. 300 ticket for 13 nov. How long will it take for darshan. Also, can we get accomadation for 12 Nov. Please advice. Thank you.

  536. How much crowd will be tomorrow at morning time

  537. Good morning,
    If possible to get room on wensday,I tried to book through online but not available.

  538. Sir how much time will take for free darshanam on Nov 12.

  539. How much crowd will be at tommaro afternoon ..

  540. Can i get the current crowed status ?

  541. Madhu Albums Digitals

    18th November 2016 Evening 5 p.m. we are visiting
    How much crowd that day
    any busy day or not
    we are not booking Sheegradarshan
    Divya darshan is ok pls tell me

  542. sir i am visiting for vasanthothsavam seva on 11/16 , how much time would it take for the darshan to be completed.

  543. sir, I am reaching with family on December 21st night by 10.00 pm at tirumala. can I get rooms at tirumala.

  544. sir we 3 planned to worship on 14 01 2017 satur day. we not get any advance tickets for durshan. pl give procedure for worship in thirumala. we not require rooms for freshup dormetery is o k . pl, give a procedure.

  545. We are reaching on 19th afternoon want to go for darshanam same day.we are from airforce how much time it will take n rooms availability?

  546. Sir we are reaching 19th march late night. what will be typical darshan time.
    we donnt have any tickets at this time

  547. 18 november 2016 we are visting
    Sir shall we go for srivari darshan after 11:00 pm

  548. Timing s for senior citizens

  549. We are visiting on Nov 19,2016 morning 11:30am.
    We will go for free darshan.
    How much crowd that day ?

  550. Hi,

    i booked special darshan tomorrow(19/11/2016) evening, how the Rush will be and how much time it will take….