Narayan Bali Puja in Gaya Cost Timings and Dates

Narayan Bali Puja in Gaya Cost Timings and Dates, Puja Procedure and Contact details

Narayan Bali puja is performed to appease lord Narayan for an unnatural death of a human.

 When to perform narayan bali puja?

  1. Sudden death/ accident of immediate family members.
  2. Facing various problems related to marriage/ job/childbirth/ finances.
  3. Experiencing paranormal/ negative/ evil occurrences in life or Pitru dosha in the horoscope.
  4. Pitra dosh is found in the horoscope.

Narayan Bali Puja Cost and Dress Code

  • The person who is going to perform the Narayan Bali puja should bring new clothes to wear.
  • A male devotee wears a dhoti and a shirt. A female devotee is allowed to watch the puja rituals (saree/ Chudidhar with dupatta)
  • The puja costs Rs. 7000/- to Rs 10000/- ( This price may change on a special day)

Narayan Bali Puja in Gaya

  1. The Narayan nagabhali puja perform for 3 days.
  2. The ritual consists of two important parts called Narayan bali which are performed on the first day and second day.
  3. On the third day, the ritual called Ganesh puja the Punya Wachan, and nag puja will be done.
  4. A male person is needed for Narayan nagabli puja as per our shastra a female alone cannot do the pind daan.
  5. A person should come one day before or early in the morning till 6 am on the date of muhurta.
  6. Naryan bali puja is different from pitru dosh puja. Narayan Bali puja is for unnatural death whereas Pitru dosh puja comes from forefathers.

Auspicious time to perform Narayan Bali puja

  1. Pitru paksha
  2. Amavasya
  3. Poornima
  4. Astami
  5. Dwadashi
  6. punarvasu

Benefits of Narayan Bali puja at Gaya

  1. Get rid of the ancestral curse and all obstacles.
  2. This is puja for all problems such as marriage and childbirth delays, financial, troubles, and illness.
  3. Helps to get rid of the negative effect of Pitru dosh in the horoscope.

 Instructions to follow before doing Narayan Bali puja

  1. Not to have non-veg or liquor for the next 41 days including the pooja day.
  2. Consume only veg food prepared at home during this time.
  3. Not to visit any temple for a week after performing puja.

Rules after Narayan nagbali puja

  1. They cannot leave in between until the Pooja ends. The Person gets free at noon on the last day.
  2. A person cannot eat food containing onion, Garlic food on those pooja days. From the next day onward they can have.

The booking process for Naryan Bali puja at Gaya

  1. It is advisable to do a reservation for this ritual minimum of 4 days in advance.
  2. You should register your name and telephone number before going for the pooja.
  3. It is unavoidable to make reservations to avail of all the facilities. You can make reservations over the phone or by mail.

For more details, Please call 73768 77047