Gaya Tourist Places

Gaya Tourist Places. Holy Places nearby, Significance.

Falgu River

As per the Legend, Lord Rama visited Gaya with his Consort Sita to offer Pinda during Pitra Paksha. Lord Rama and Lakshman went for Pooja Samagri leaving Sita at the River Falgu. As the time was approaching, Sita Devi offered Pindas for her Father-in-Law. On return, Sita told Rama that she offered Pinda. Sita Devi cursed Falgu River for lying before Rama. From then on the river flows below the river bed.

Sita Kund

This place located right opposite to Vishnu pad temple. This holy site is located on the banks of the River Falgu. It is believed that this is the place where Sita Devi offered for her father-in-law.

Akshya Vat

This holy is located near to Vishnu pad temple. As per the folklore, Sita Devi blessed Akshya Vat for speaking truth when Rama questioned on Pinda Dan. Sita Devi blessed this tree to be immortal and holy.


This temple is Located on top of a small hill near Falgu River. This is one the Sakthi Peeta Sthala where Sati Devi Breast fell here.

Ramshila Hill

As per the folklore, Lord Rama offered Pinda at this place. Ramesvara or Patalesvara temple which is on the top of the hills was built in 1014 A.D.  This is the holy place where Pinda will be offered for the ancestors during Pitrapaksha.

Pretshila Hill

This place is 10 km from Ramshila hill. Brahm Kund is located at the entrance to the hill and is holy for the Pinda Dan. The worshippers take bath in this Kunda and perform Pindadan. The temple on top of the hill was built by the Queen of Indore, Ahilya Bai in 1787 and is popularly called by Ahilya Bai Temple.
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