Nadi Jyothisham Thrissur: Cost, Timings, and Procedure

Nadi Jyothisham Thrissur: Cost, Timings, and Procedure

Nadi’s Past The study of astrology is all about how life changes over time. People in Tamil Nadu, India, use a type of Hindu astrology called Naadi Astrology. Based on the idea that life begins with God’s love and is measured by the movements of the planets and stars, astrology was created. It is well known that people in the past used the sky to keep track of, mark, and measure time, which required the relative movements of the planets’ positions. A long time ago, Lord Shiva told all living things what would happen in their lives, which is linked to the past of Nadi Astrology. Shiva is the most powerful god in the universe. He blessed the Nava-Grahams, or nine planets so that¬†they can decide the fates of all people born in this world. In the beginning, Goddess Parvati, who was married to Lord Shiva, was interested in what happened to her children.

God Shiva tells Parvati, who is another form of “Shakti,” “Amar Katha,” which means “the story of immortality.” Shiva is often called the “Destroyer.” Shiva told Parvati about all people’s past, present, and future lives. The Hindu sages used their divine understanding to see what the predictions meant. So, the revelations about the past, present, and future were written down on palm leaf manuscripts by chosen followers. These manuscripts were kept safe and passed down from generation to generation. Nadi Astrology is something that science hasn’t been able to explain since ancient times.

According to the “Rishis,” or sages, like Bhrugu, Vasistha, Agastya, Shukra, Sivavakkiyar, Atri, and other great saints, Nadi Astrology is a great gathering that tells us what the future holds for people. The language used to write down the Naadi predictions is an old Tamil poem. Besides being experts in Nadi astrology, the saints also knew a lot about Ayurveda and Siddha, herbal medicine, science, self-defence, and religion.

Everyone doesn’t need to get their “Nadi leaves.” The most surprising thing is that the Nadi says what age a person should consult the “Nadi” and who should come in their place if they don’t. The future is written on the other side of the leaf once the right leaf is found. Events from each year are listed in a very clear and organized way. It even talks about the education of children, their credentials, their training, and other things. For instance, it would say that the second kid is now in the third year of a business course or the second year of an administrative studies course. People from different jobs are also listed, such as banking, defence, industry, railways, post and telegraphs, business, and more. Keep in mind that these documents were written more than 10,000 years ago. The Rishis have already thought about how births work at this time and how their luck would change. People talk about relationships, divorce, accidents, sudden wealth, running for office, and other things in these leaves, which can be surprising and sometimes embarrassing. Vaitheeswaran Koil is the place where Nadi astrology will be authentic.

Nadi Jyothisham Thrissur

There are various types or styles of Naadi, including Sirunool, Perunool, Thulliyam, Agasthya Naadi, Shiva Naadi, and more. The great thing about Sivanadi is that it makes simple but thorough predictions about people’s futures. This clears the way to get rid of the effects of past birth Karma and gives people a chance to shape the future.

Siva Naadi gives clear, useful, and believable answers to all of a person’s questions about their past, present, and future. At first, the statements were written down for everyone. Anyone can see the predictions, no matter their gender, race, language, nationality, or anything else. Sivanadi Astrology sees “atheism” as a doctrine that is different from other beliefs. However, only those who are prepared to defy fate or the laws of luck will seek out the truth in all its splendour. You’ve arrived at the place where Guruji Shri Vivekanand Sundar Murthy writes precise and thorough instructions just for you.

Nadi Jyothisham cost in Thrissur

Agastiya NadiRs. 2500
Siva NadiRs. 4500
Vadishwara NadiRs. 6500
Nadi Astrology charges

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A minimum of 7 days of booking is advisable to find the right palm leaf.

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