Peralassery Subramanya temple Pooja and Darshan Timings

Peralassery subramanya temple Pooja Details, History and Darshan Timings

The Peralassery Temple, also known as Peralassery Sree Mahadeva Temple, is a prominent Hindu temple located in Peralassery village, near Shoranur in the Palakkad district of Kerala, India. The temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and is a significant pilgrimage site for devotees of the deity.

Peralassery Subramanya temple Legend and History

The temple has a rich history and is associated with several myths and legends. According to one popular legend, Lord Shiva, disguised as a tribal chieftain, appeared in Perulassery and selected the site for the temple. Over time, the temple was constructed and became a center of religious and cultural activities in the region.

Temple Architecture:

The Perulassery Temple showcases exquisite examples of traditional Kerala temple architecture. The structure -features intricate wood carvings, stone sculptures, and beautifully adorned gopurams (tower-like structures) that add to the temple’s grandeur and cultural significance.

Pooja Deity

The main deity of Perulassery Temple is Lord Shiva, who is worshipped here in the form of Sree Mahadeva.

Festival: Peralassery Pooram

The temple is particularly famous for its annual festival called “Peralassery Pooram,” which is celebrated with great enthusiasm and fervor. The festival usually takes place during the Malayalam month of Meenam (March/April). It is a grand event that attracts thousands of devotees from all over Kerala and beyond. During the festival, the temple premises come alive with vibrant processions, traditional music and dance performances, and the spectacular sight of caparisoned elephants.

Peralassery Subramanya temple Timings:

  • Morning 4:00 am to 12:30 pm.
  • Evening 4:15 pm to 8:00 pm.

Peralassery Subramanya temple Address

Peralassery Temple, also known as Peralassery Sree Mahadeva Temple, is located in Peralassery village, near Shoranur in Palakkad district, Kerala, India.

How to Reach Peralassery Temple?

Peralassery Temple is well-connected by road and is easily accessible from nearby towns like Shoranur and Palakkad. Visitors can reach the temple using private vehicles or public transportation.

Usually Pilgrims from Other states visit Kannur, Guruvayur Temple, Thiruvananthapuram Ananthapadmanabha Swamy Temple and other temples while on their way and back to Sabarimala.