Journey to Tirumala by Vehicle

Journey to Tirumala by Vehicle

Detailed description  on Journey to Tirumala by Vehicle (Private or Own Vehicle).

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Travel Distance From Tirupati Bus Station To Tirumala : 22 Km

Journey Time from Alipiri Entrance to Tirumala : Approx 35 mins

We are providing information based on our experience. Journey to Tirumala by Vehicle such as Four wheeler/Two Wheeler

Actual travel distance between Tirupati and Tirumala may be higher or vary due to curvature of the road.

Actual Journey to hill shrine starts from Alipri Toll after clearing all security checks

Alipiri Toll 3 copy

Tirumal Hills view from Toll

After crossing Toll , You can find Siddhi Vinayaka Temple

siddhi vinayaka Temple copy

To Tirumala2


While on the way to Shrine, you can view the beauty of Seshachalam Hills. There are many stop points on the way and water is available on the side by to fill Radiator.


Way to Tirumala Ghat

on the way by Road


Return Journey from Tirumala

Travel Distance From Tirupati Bus Station To Tirumala : 15 Km

Journey Time from Alipiri Entrance to Tirumala : Approx 45 mins


Return map copy

Return Route map copy

Return Route

Tirumala return map copy

While on the way back to Tirupati, you can stop at Malwadi Gundam waterflow. Usually water flows heavily during Rainy Season.

Malwaid Gundam copy


Malwadi Gundam4 copy


Malwadi Gundam2

While Return you can view Tirupati City from Tirumala Ghat Section

Tirupati View


Vehicles allowed to Tirumala and Two-way Rental

Own Car   – Rs.15

Taxi or Rental Car   – Rs.25

Own Jeep – Rs.30

Taxi Jeep – Rs.50

HB Mini Lorry ( This is for TTD works) – Rs.50

FB Lorry (Allowed only for TTD works)  – Rs.100

Van ( 6 + 1 , 8 + 1, 12 +1 seaters) – RS.60

Two Wheelers  – Rs.2

APTDC Bus – Rs.100

Tips to be followed


  • To Journey, Tirumala doesn’t have much curvature so you can relax
  • Devotees who had Journey Sickness need not to worry as curves will be there for 5 km only
  • While driving back you need to have patience as you will be frequently applying Breaks
  • Please strictly follow Suggestions from T.T.D on carrying eatables to Tirumala



  1. Are the tempo travellers from Bangalore allowed to ghat roads?
    Are the total seats less than 12 or number of people need to be less than 12?

  2. Hi Kamal ji, thanks very much for wonderful infomation and updates you give.
    I am coming on bike to tirumala. Can i ride bike to all teerthams in tirumala. Is parking available everywhere

  3. Dear Sir,
    I am travelling in my own car (wagonR ) on sunday. Being this is the first time to tirupati ghats, I am worried abt the safety and hairpin bends as my children will face vomitting. Can you let me know, will there be any medical and vehicle assistance available in the ghat roads and also if there is any phone number available.

    Also I need the map of SMC 211 from Kanchi Mutt.


    • Dear Sir,

      You can drive slowly and you can stop at your convenience. While going up it will not take more than 20 mins. It will be easy drive to up hill.
      Down hill will take more time. It will take 35 – 40 mins. You need to slowly as bends are high.

      Medical assistance will be provided in case of emergency. I will get the emergency numbers.


  4. Is 17seater tempo traveller allowed to tirumala?

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