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Detailed information on journey to Tirumala by Bus

Travel Distance From Tirupati Bus Station To Tirumala : 22 Km

Journey Time from Alipiri Entrance to Tirumala : Approx 45 mins

Bus frequency : Every 30 mins

R.T.C Buses are running from Tirupati Main Bus station, Srinivaasam Complex ( which is opposite to Bus station) and Balaji Link Bus station(which is located Near to Alipiri Entrance Gate).


After crossing Balaji Link Bus station which is near to Alipri , there you will find GARUDA statue right at the entrance of Alipiri


Balaji Link Bus Station copy

Garuda at alipiri copy

Actual travel distance between Tirupati and Tirumala may be higher or vary due to curvature of the road.

Actual Journey to hill shrine starts from Alipri Toll after clearing all security checks

Alpirir copy

Alipiri Toll 3 copy

And Tirumala Ghat Section will be in this pattern , do remember that it is of curvature structure


Chant  Govinda Hari Govinda !! this mantra will drive out all your worries.

Tirumala Curvature copy

Tirumala Root copy

Glance the beauty of Seshachalam hills greenery and breath the fresh air. I would advise pilgrims to plan day trip to Tirumala Hills to view the forest.


Tirumala EntranceTirumala Entrace


Travel Distance From Tirupati Bus Station To Tirumala : 22 Km

Journey Time from Alipiri Entrance to Tirumala : 40 min

Bus frequency : Every 15 mins

R.T.C Buses are running from Tirumal To Tirupati

Return journey from Tirumala will take more time as we are driving down from Hills so Usually Bus will be running at minimal speed.

Too many curves will be there till you reach Tirupati.

Return map copy

Return map2 copy

Tirumala return map copy

Garuda statue copy

  • To Journey Tirumala don’t have much curvature so you can relax
  • Devotees who had Journey Sickness need not to worry as curves will be there for 5 km only
  • Pilgrims no need to worry on Bus frequency while going and Returning from Tirumala
  • Please strictly follow Suggestions from T.T.D on carrying eatables to Tirumala



  1. Dear Sir,
    we are coming from chenni 11th march at morning with my wife and son 5 yr. 11 month age. please send me details according to number –
    1. comfortable journey details from chenni to tirupati. ( by Bus or Train)?
    2. when i will be start our journey from chenni to tirupati ?
    3. where we are stay at tirupati – Madhavam guest house or vishnu nivasan or srinivasam? where Best accommodation ?
    4. when I chose my slot – 00.00 to 12.00 or 12.01-23.59 ?
    5. when I chose my darshan timeing ? normal or e special darshan with time.
    6. my son (age is 5 yrs. 11 month) and my wife darshan tirumala with me . how many ticket purchase ?
    300 x ? person = Rs………..
    7. give me a best option back from tirupati to pandecherry by bus or Train next day at morning.
    please give me a details as soon as possible tour planing from chenni to tirupati and back pandecherry on 12th march before 12 noon.

    • Dear Sir,

      1) By Bus as frequency is good. If it is by train then it will be fully occupied, it is better to purchase first Class tickets if you are trvelling by train.
      2) Bus frequency is good from Chennai to Tirupati. Chennai railway station is little far from airport
      3) Madhavam Guest House is good.
      4) 12:01 – 23:59 is good.
      5) Plan darshan time at 6 pm – 7 pm so that you can manage things easily.
      6) Children don’t need tickets as they are below 12 years
      7) Tirupati To Pondichery is by Bus as there is no direct available. Direct bus is available from Tirupati.


      • thank u sir for your valuable information, but i d’not under stand ans no 7. one time u say no direct bus available from trupati to pandecheery. again u say direct bus available from tirupai…. i d’not understand.

        • Dear Sir,

          It is about direct train. Direct bus is avaialble from Tirupati To Pondichery. but there is no direct train.


          • thank u sir.

          • we are coming from chenni by train ( Saptagiri Express) at morning 9.30 am-
            1. which railway station is near at Madhavam guest house.
            2. others which guest house is best after madhavan guest house at tirupati.

          • Dear Biswajith Saha,

            Please book accommodation at Vishnu Nivasam, which is right opposite to Tirupati Railway station.
            All the TTD Guest Houses Tirupati are well equipped and good.


          • sir , finally I reach chenni to trupati by bus as per your suggestion which is reach at trupati at 1.30 pm.
            1. where stay better for me ? srinivasam complex or vishnu nivasa or madhavam guest house ?
            2. I plan to attened sahasra dipalankar seva at 4.30 pm . Is it possible ? after your replay, I confirm my accommodation and seva ticket through online.

          • Dear Sir,

            1) Srinivasam complex is good option for the stay
            2) Tirupati to Tirumala by bus will take 60 mins. If it is by Jeep or own vehicle then it will be 35 mins.
            If you reach Tirupati little early then you can plan by bus , if not you can start by taxi.

            Have you booked accommodation at Srinivasam complex ? or is it is On Arrival bookign


          • as per your suggestion I booked srinivasam complex, now which batter for me –
            e darshan or e seva.suggest me time and name of the seva. my arrival time 2 pm(approx) at tirupati.

          • Dear Biswajit Saha,

            E-darshan tickets can be booked easily. Please try for e-seva tickets if not then you can go with e-darshan tickets.


          • SIR,
            Now e seva is not available
            So, what can I do ?
            1. e darsan ticket is available on the spot on that day.
            2. e seva ticket is available on the spot on that day.
            or which is better option for me .
            3. tirupati to pandechery A.C bus service available ?

          • Dear Sir,

            1) Could you let me know the date of travel? so that I can let you know how it can be booked
            2) Rs.300 tickets available on the spot
            3) Normal bus is available. I will check for Ac bus and let you know .


          • arrival at tirupati on 11/03/16 at 1.30 pm
            return from tirupati to pondecherry 12/03/16 at morning

            If A.C bus available – how can I booked.
            Rs 300 ticket booked from spot counter at tirupati or from online ?

          • Dear Biswajit Saha,

            Booking is not available for Pondichery buses, I will check and let you know the timings
            Yes, Rs.300 ticket counter is available in Tirupati


  2. Preetam Bhattacharya

    Dear Kamal Sir,
    We had not planned for tirumala visit earlier on but we had to suddenly come to tirupati for some official work and we wish to visit the temple tomorrow i.e., feb 12th. Can you plz guide us how to go ahead for the darshanam since our return ticket is of 5 p.m tomorrow so we just wanted to know if we could finish the darshanam before 5 p.m tomorrow. What would be the normal waiting time since we could not book any slot and are a bit worried since local people here said many things which really confused us. So we request your guidance.
    Preetam Bhattacharya,

    • Dear Sir,

      Please purchase Rs.300 tickets at Srinivasam complex so that you can quickly finis the darshan. Counter opens at 9 am.
      Srinivasam complex is located right opposite to Bus station.
      For Rs.300 ticket, it will not take more than 1 hour 30 mins


  3. Hi Kamal,
    We are coming from hyderabad to tirupathi tomorrow 25th Feb 3pm by flight , Is there any direct buses (AC/non AC)available to tirumala, how can I book tickets in advance, how much time will it take to reach tirumala .
    I have booked darshan but did not get accomodation online, how to reach CRO office for room booking, We have 12 months infant and 6 yrs kid.
    Please guide

  4. Dear sir,
    I will reach tirupathi railway station from bhopal at 9:00 pm. and i have booked room from TTD online after reach the station what should be do and where i go please guide me in detail because i am coming first time

    • Dear Sir,

      Could you let me know the guest house you have booked? so that I can let you know the exact process.

      Is it Srinivasam or Vishnu Nivasam or Tirumala ?


  5. Dear Kamal

    How r u..
    kindly give me information
    from RENIGUNTA railway station to TIRUMAL any bus service there

    • Dear Sir,

      Renigunta Bus station is 1 min walk from Railway station. From Railway station bus services usually starts by 5:30.
      Direct bus is available with less frequency. Renigunta To Tirupati will be high. From Tirupati bus station, bus to Tirumala is at 10 mins frequency.


  6. Keerthi kumar nalla

    Hi Kamal,
    Am coming from Bangalore to tirupati. Can i get down at alipiri and catch buses to tirumala or do i need to go to tirupati main busstand to buy tickets.

    • Dear Keerthi Kumar,
      Bangalore buses usually goes by Bypass route, it will not touch Alipiri. If it enters Tirupati and goes by Alipiri then you can get down here.
      Buses will be available from Alipiri Link bus station


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