Vasanthotsavam Seva Tirumala

Detailed Info on Vasanthotsavam Seva Timings in Tirumala and Seva Details.

Seva Timings : 2:30 P.M

It is a Daily Seva in Tirumala.

Legend associated with this seva

According to the temple Legend, the Vasanthotsavam Festival was started during the period of King Achyutaraya in 1460’s.This annual fete was believed to have introduced by the King to mark the arrival of Spring Season. Lord and his Consorts are given aromatic bath on these three days which is believed to give a soothing relief to the deities from the scorching Sun.Vasanthotsavam in Tirumala is being observed as a daily arjitha seva and also annual three-day seva during spring season.

Seva Description

Vasanthotsavam starts with Punya Vachanam (purification rites), vaasthu santhi (worship of deity and lord of nature and their elements and natural forces as well as lord and deity of directions and environment) and samprokshanam (sprinkling of holy water as a symbolic representation of purification) rituals are performed by the temple priests in Ekantam.Later the processional deities decorated in “Dhawala Vastrams”(draped in white silk clothes) seated on the Abhishekapeetham rendered aromatic bath with holy ingredients by a team of Archakas and finally the Utsavam murthis (deities ) are decorated with the sacred “Tulasi Malas” and rendered Harati.


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  1. Sir how much time take for balaji darshanam after vasanthishaavam seva plz reply

  2. Rajendran Gopalsamy

    In which mandapam vasanthotsavam Seva performed and where the Q starts for the mandapam

  3. Venkatesh Maddula

    Hii sir my family total no.s 4 2 Adults and 2 childrens age 8 years and 4 years so how many tickets will purchase pls confirm

  4. Hi sir,
    In vasantastoam seva will they allow us to see lord Venkateshwa Swamy till 1st door.

  5. Hello Sir,

    From Vasantha Mandapam, is there any separate Q for Swami Darshanam?


  6. Dear sir, I would like to know Which seva is preferable for very close darshan of lord venkatesa

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