Sahasra Deepalankara Seva

Sahasra deepalankara seva timing : 5:30 p.m – 6:30 p.m

Ticket Cost: Rs. 200 per person.

Reporting time at Unjal Mandapam: 4:30 pm ( 40 feet away from the main temple)

125 Sahasra Deepalankara Seva Tickets are released online for booking

Children under 12 years don’t need Seva tickets it is free entry for them. No need to include their names while booking tickets.

Sahasra Deepalankara Seva

Deepalankara Seva is performed in the Unjal Mandapam. Unjal Mandapam is located in the southeastern corner of the main Temple. It is a Daily Seva The idols of the Lord and His consorts are taken out in a procession. Later Idols are kept on a swing in the Mandapam. Before starting of the Sahasra Deepalankara Seva, Mandapam is lit with a thousand lamps.

The Lord and His consorts are rocked gently amidst the Vedic chanting by the priests and the singing of Annamayya songs.

After completion of Sahasra Deepalankara Seva, Pilgrims are allowed for Main Deity Darshan ( inside Temple) through Supatham Entrance. Darshan might take 50 to 60 mins. Initially, Seva ticket holders will be released from Supatham Entrance, later the Queue line will be merged with other Paid Services.

Tickets can be obtained either online or through the current booking process at CRO Office Tirumala.

Another means of getting Sahasra Deepalankara Seva tickets is through Recommendation letters from M.L.A, M.P, M.L.C or Ministers.

Here is the Process for a Recommendation letter

  • Recommendation letter for Deeplankara Seva should be addressed either to E.O or J.E.O Tirumala.
  • Pilgrim should submit a Recommendation letter on or before 1 P.M at J.E.O Camp office.
  • If your recommendation letter is approved then a message will be delivered to the mobile number which was registered at the time of letter submission.

Note: After receiving the message, the pilgrim should collect Sahasra Deeplankara Seva ticket from MBC 24 by displaying the message and Photo ID Proof. Pilgrim should collect ticket before 5 p.m by paying the cost of the ticket at the Counter. Please note that the Sahasra Deepalankara Seva tickets will be issued for the next day.

Dress code is mandatory for Deepalankara Seva. Pilgrims are thoroughly checked at the entry point.

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  1. S.Uma Maheswari

    I am a trained classical singer interested in singing during the sahasradeepa alankara seva. kindly let me know the procedure for making an application for the same..

    • Dear Madam,

      Sure, I will check and let you know on this.


      • Ravindra Vinchurkar

        I want to do Sahastra deeplankara seva on 15-02-2016.Can I book this seva online for my four family members at a time?(i.e for me ,my wife, 18 yr daughter & 12 yr son).
        Also suggest other seva’s for my family.We will arrive by 6 am on 18-02-2016 &
        will depart by evening 7 pm on 19-02-2016.

        • Dear Sir,

          Only two tickets can be booked online using one login ID.
          You need to create one more login ID to book tickets for your daughter and son.

          Quota for feb month will be released online either on 1st jan at 11 am or on 8th jan at 11 am.

          Please let me know if you need more details


  2. Sir,

    I have booked the Sahasra Deep Alankar Seva through TTD Portal. Please advice as to by what time should I report at Tirumalai and at which place.

    Also I understand that the Seva Ticket holders are taken inside the main temple for Darshan of the Main Deity after the Seva, please inform whether all the ticket holders get to get in on a priority basis or its just the first few who have booked the Seva and the rest have to go through the common queue. I have read the details you have mentioned in the blog but I am confused as you have mentioned that later the queue will be merged with other paid services.

    Thanking you in advance.

    • Dear Rajeev,

      Sahasra Deepalankara Seva is performed in the unjal mantapam located on the south easter corner of the Srivari Temple at 5:30 pm. Reporting time at Unjal Mantapam is 4:30 pm. Unjal Mandapam is 40 feet away from Main Temple.
      After Seva, devotees are allowed thru Supadam, later the line will be merged with running Darshan line of Rs.300 ticket holders darshan line.

      Please let me know if further info required.


  3. seethalakshmisanthanam

    Dear sir,

    Do you have tickets for sahasra deepa alangara seva on 29/11/15 because my son and daughter in law come from US and we want the blessings of shri Balaji and our kuladeivam also .

    Please arrange the same amn

    • Dear Madam,

      Sahasra Deepa alangara Seva, tickets will be issued a day in advance at CRO office. As it is weekend, crowd will be little on this date.
      For 29 Nov, tickets will be issued on 28 Nov.
      Other option is thru Recommendation letter.


  4. I am coming to tirumala on 17.02.2016 I am along with my grandparents their age is more than 70 I wanted to perform seva to lord kindly advice

  5. Dear Sir,

    I will be coming with my family (Wife, father-in-law & with my 2 kids) on Tirumala on 05-Feb-2015, how can I book Sagasradeepa alangara seva thru online. I am checking “” daily could not see the quota is related. Please help

    Thanks – S R Balaji

  6. Hi Kamal Sir,
    i want to know till what time slot i will get 300 spl darshan tickets . In online for feb 05 it is showing till 7:00 pm and 8 & 9:00 pm time slots are blank but i want to get spl darshan tickets for 9:00 pm slot . Is there any chance to get them for that specific time. and one more thing can i get 300 darshan ticket from vijaya bank counter in tirumala {apart to online} if yes then any specific procedure for it.

    • Dear Rakesh,

      Darshan usually stops after 10:15 pm. Even if you book for 8 pm slot, darshan will start at 9 pm and ends by 10:15 pm


  7. Dear Kamal Sir,

    I am Coming to Tirumala along with my Family (My Mother , Wife and my 2kids) on 22nd march 2016, I want to book shahasra deealankara seva throw online, when the march month quota will be released

  8. dear,
    sir i want to come to tirupathi with my family i want to book online for sahasaradepalankaraseva so how v can book

    please replay

    thank u
    your fait hful

    • Dear Madam,

      Tickets should be booked online at ttdsevaonline website. For march month, quota will be released online on 5th feb at 11 am


  9. i booked ticket for sahasra deepalankara seva on 6 th feb there any mandatory dress code for sahasra deepalankara seva?.and any vasthra bahumanam in sahasra deepalankara seva.please tell me.
    thank you

    • Dear Sir,

      Here is the dress code Dress code:
      Please wear
      Men: White Pancha, Dhoti/ Kurta,Pyjama.

      Female: Saree with blouse/ Punjabi Dress with Dupatta / Chudidhar with Dupatta/ Half saree


  10. sir please tell me after sahasra deepalankana seva, devotees are allowed to darsanam

  11. sir please tell me after sahasra deepalankana seva, devotees are allowed to darsanam, my son is 10 year old, can i book ticket for son also

    • Dear Sir,

      Children up to 12 years don’t need seva ticket. Please carry age proof like school id for the free entry


  12. dear sir ,
    i m coming with my family around14 member on may19….when the online tickets will be available for sahasradeepalankara seva for may 19th…?

  13. May I know hw many tickets r still available and hw I have to book my tickets

  14. Hello Sir,

    Please help. I booked Sahastra Deepalankara seva with my PAN Card as ID Proof. But unfortunately i lost my Pan Card but i have a xerox copy of it. So, will xerox copy works? or do i need to get the original PAN CARD?

    Your answer is highly appreciated.

    • Dear Sir,

      Yes, you can carry PAN Card photocopy along with that carry any other original proof.


  15. Can a four member family(me,wife and 17 and 20 yr old sons) attend sahastra deepalangakara seva?

    • Dear Sir,

      Yes, four members can participate in this seva. Tickets required for your sons as they are above 12 years.

      Please create 2 login IDs and book 2 separate tickets from two different login IDs. Tickets should be booked at ttdsevaonline website


  16. Do only family members are allowed for sahasra deepalankara seva or others are allowed?
    I am coming to tirupati on may 27th and i need to book tickets for 13 memebers.
    As only 2 members are allowed for login id i am planning to create login id and book this seva tickets for other memebers also.
    do they allow a male and female combination only?

    • Dear Rakesh,

      Only Seva tickets holders will be allowed to sit. Others used to watch this seva as this Seva is performed right opposite to main temple. Anyone can witness this Seva.

      It is not mandatory to have male and female. You can go ahead and book the tickets, Male and Male is allowed


  17. Dear Sir,
    I Have booked sahasradeepalankara seva on TTD portal i.e. on 4th May 2016. I think God blessed .I request can i take my son to this seva . My son age is 9 years .I take only one ticket for me. can i take age proof for my son original or photocopy please say sir.
    Thank you,

    • Dear Sir,

      Children under 12 years don’t need Seva or Darshan tickets. It is free entry for them


  18. Hi,
    i am coming to tirupati on 18th Jun 2016, we wanted to book the sahasra deepalankarana seva tickets for the 18th June online( Internet booking). When exactly the quota for June will be get opened ?.
    And for Sahasra deepalankarana seva how much time does it take for dharsan. & where exactly the reporting place for seva?

    • Dear Madam,

      Jun month quota will be released online on 6th May at 11 am. Seva will take 1 hour + 35 – 40 mins for Darshan.
      Seva Reporting is at Unjal Mantap right opposite to Main temple.

      Please try for Suprabhatha Seva first.

  19. When will the June month quota be released? I see “Quota Not Released” message for all sevas for the month of June. Doesn’t it happen on a daily basis like accommodation or special darshan?

  20. Hi,

    Actually I want to book sahasra deepalankarana seva in june along with my mother.
    Can I book or is it only for couples?


    • Dear Madam,
      Please go ahead and book the ticket. It is for all. Anyone can perform this seva. Please ignore the gender

  21. Dear Team,
    If I am booked 2 tickets online (Me & my wife) possible to along with my 2 kids below 10 years to allow with me or take any additional tickets..pls reply ASAP. [email protected]

    • Dear Sir,
      Children under 12 years don’t need Seva tickets, it is free entry for them. No need to book tickets for them

  22. K v Ramana reddy

    Dear ttd

    I have reservations sahasradeepalkaraseva two
    I have two children’s below 14 years
    Tickets is required are not

    Kindly confirm

    • Dear Sir,
      Children under 12 years don’t need Seva tickets ,it is free entry for them. Above 12 years need ticket.

  23. hi,i have small doubt about main deity darshan ,after completion of sahasra deepalankarana seva we are sent them to main temple means darshan of moolavirat .we will have any other 300 /- darashan tickets or its free for who booked sahasra deepalankarana seva booked pligrims

    • Dear Madam,

      All Seva tickets includes Seva + Darshan so separate booking is not required.

  24. Hi,
    After Seva, will the merge the queue with other pilgrims (darshan queue) or will there be a seperate darshan Q for Sahasra Deepalankara seva?

  25. Muralikrishna.B

    Hi sir, THis is Murali from chennai ( me & my wife ) planning to visit tirupathi on monday with 2 kids below age 9 years . Pls advise i want to include both kids name in BOOKING TICKETS or ONLY Enter myself and wife

    Pls advise

    • Dear Sir,
      Children under 12 years don’t need Seva tickets. It is free entry for them. So their names are not required while booking

  26. Hi Sir,
    For 20th July when Sahasra-Deepalankara Seva online tickets will be released??

  27. Hi ,
    I am planing to get tickets for july-16 (6 persons all more than 12 years). I have following queries;
    1). When i can book tickets for my parents (both more than 65 years) under senior citizen darshan? What its ticket price? If any person is allowed to accompany my patents where to get ticket for person accompanying them?
    2). For Saharsa Deepalankara seva, how many tickets i can book online (i have to buy 6 tickets as i mentioned earlier). I think as per your previous post ,online tickets will be released on 3rd June for July-16.


  28. sir,
    I’ve booked sahasra deepalankara seva tickets. But the receipt contains photo of only one person and there is a blank space in second persons photo holder. However the ID details of both the persons are mentioned. Will this be accepted?

    • Dear Sir,
      Your booking is perfect. It is the recent change in the booking process which requires only one photo

  29. Sir

    I have booked Sahasra deepalankara seva for me thru internet. Is it possible to get extra laddus like we have in special entry dharshan. Please suggest

    Thanks in advance

    • Dear Sir,
      Seva tickets don’t have such facility. Please let me know if you need more details

      • Appreciate your prompt response kamalji,, is there any other alternate to get extra laddus, Thanks in advance

        • Dear Sir,
          Extra laddus can’t be booked for Seva tickets. Facility is available only for Rs.300 tickets

  30. Hello Kamal Ji,

    I am planning to come to Tirupathi with my family (total 6 members( 2.2-year kid included) in the month of September last week or August 1 st week.

    Can you please suggest best SEVA ticket to opt for. My intention is to avoid as much rush I can keeping in my mind 2.2-year old kid.

    Please note : I will be coming on Weekday’s only. Suggest me best SEVA ticket for my family to avoid rush and for making darshan faster.


  31. Hi Sir,

    I am very much to participate into “Suprabhata seva”, but the entry tickets are alreday sold out.
    We are planning to visit the tirumala in Aug.Is there any other way to get the entry .?

    Also, could you please tell me when will the october quota online tickets will be released. ?

    Thanks in advance

  32. Hi, we are planning to book Sahasra deepalankara seva tickets via ttd website. Should I also book E Darshan ticket differently? What are the timings for this seva?

  33. Which is the best seva vasantsousam or arjita.

  34. Hi, I’m planning to book 3 tickets for seva on 4th September. Can you please tell me which one is better Vasanthotsvam or Saharsa Deeplankara. As my father (~70 years) will be accompanying me, I want the seva where he can be comfortable sit/stand. Thanks

    • Dear Madam,
      Sep month Seva tickets are fully booked. It was released online on 1st Jul at 11 am. Oct month qouta will be released online on 5th Aug at 11 am. If possible, please look for vasanthotsavam seva tickets.

  35. Thanque so much for your kind information for sahasra deeparchana seva..plz maintain this service in future and ever..thanque so much..

  36. What is the ideal time to report at the Unjal mandapam? Will 4.30 pm be too late?

  37. Hi,
    out of all seva’s can you please tell few seva’s with priority which will be good and for darshan also it shouldn’t take more time..because of with old people i am planning to come.

    Sahastradeepalankara/Unjal/vasanthostavam/arjitha brahmostavam

    ANd i m planning to come on October 31st.

    Please suggest

  38. Sir I am planning to buy sahasra deepalankara seva tickets. You have mention that seva comes with darshan as well. How long will it take to finish the darshan ?

    Where and when can we buy tickets for angapradikshana ?
    Thank you.

    • Dear sir,
      Its take hardly 2 hrs after seva, You get the tickets at CRO office and Vijaya bank at 2:00P.M onwards

  39. Dear Sir,
    we are planning to visit on 2nd and 3rd of November. Please suggest which seva is better Vasantosavam or Sahasra Deepalankaram since we will be 2 families with kids with us.

    also, Seva details on your website says we will get a darshan through Supadam entry.. where is that entrance? Is it Free Darshan Queue or the special darshan queue? do they automatically takes us to that queue after Seva? and how much time it takes for the darshan from Supadam Entrance?

    and lastly, how do we locate entrance/mandapam for Vasantsovam or Deepalankaram seva?

    Please advise asap.


  40. Dear sir,
    I am planning to visit on dec 4 with my family of 9 personnel,so plz kindly suggest me which seva is better and dress code? Now only vasanthotsavam and deepalankara seva tickets are available online, kalyanotsavam tickets are sold out?

  41. Hi Kamal Sir,
    I booked deepalankara seva on 19/11/16..I have some doubts

    1)Upto what time they will allow for dharshan- Reporting time mentioned 4.30pm but i can able to reach by 5.15pm .Whether they allow ?

    2)I booked ticket for my family,but my wife not able to attend the dharshan..Is it possible to change it to my friend name ?

    Please advise me

  42. We have a 1year baby, Is it adviced to book for this seva, My Intention to book this seva to avoid long quee and get closet darshan, Pls advice

  43. hi sir,
    i wish to book 03 tickets for sahasra deepalankarara seva on wed 23rd, pl guide with respect to following:-
    1. will we be allowed for darshan of main deity with the same ticket on priority?

    2. if yes then how much time does it takes for darshan after the seva?

    3. If no ..what should we do as i will be with my 2.5 yr old daughter?

    4. is there any quota for defense Personnels also there?

  44. Dear sir, my husband booked sahasra deepothsava on December 12th. I have twins of age 10 months. plz tell me How long I will get darshana? Can I get direct darshana in the morning apart from this seva. And I have to go back to Bangalore on the same day as it is difficult to manage two kids.

  45. I have booked sahstra deepalankar seva on 04 feb17 with one tiket accomodating wife. I have 2 children of 8 years and 5 years. My question

    1) whether all 4 of us will be allowed on 1 ticket.
    2) If no, where will I get ticket for my wife/childrren.



    • HI Sir,

      1 ticket one person allowed, below 12 yrs children doesnt require ticket,you can book ticket in online ttdsevaonline


  46. Sir how many laddu(prasadam)given to sahasradeepalakaranam Deva? We can buyextra lady?

  47. I have taken seva ticket for Sahasra deepalankara seva on 12.1.2017 through your TTD Service centre. When should i reach Thirumala. Is it OK if i reach there at 9 AM on 12.1.2017

  48. Venkatraj Venkatesan

    Dear sir

    Have booked For Deepa Alankara Seva on 18/12/16, after seva will we be able to have Dharshan of Lord? What’s is the procedure?

  49. Hello Sir, I plan to to do 3 Seva’s on Jan 20th – Vasanthotsavam, Sahasra Deepalankara seva and Arjitha Bramhotsavam with my wife and 10yr old son.

    1) Will it be possible to do all 3 in one day if I have advanced booking
    2) Do I need to buy tickets for my 10yrs old son for any of these Sevas

    Thanks in advance

  50. I am Planning to visit in Mid Jan 2017, please suggest
    1.should i book special entry darshan or sahasra deepalankar seva
    2. can we get Laddu Prasad with sahasra Deepalankar seva

  51. Sir I want to book any Seva for 11th Feb Saturday it’s showing full online then any other way which can I get Seva tickets or next day early morning Seva required because flight is booked from chennai In evening

    • HI SIr,

      You can try through the lucky dip bookings one day before so that you will get confirmation for next day seva.


  52. Pattabiraman Krishnamoorthy

    I booked for Deepalankara seva for 25th evening. Pl. Clarify where is the unjal mandapam where the seva is performed whether inside the temple. If so by which entrance we have to reach the place. After seva in which Q we will be allowed to have darshan of Main daiety Lord Balaji. Pl. Reply.

    • HI Sir,

      For unjal seva first you wil have darshan and then seva at ayina mahal inside the temple.please find the find the link below.



  53. Hi sir…. I am plannig to visit Tirupati with my family including my one year old kid also.So kindly suggest me which seva should iattaend to get quick Darshan also. Some of relatives are saying unjal seva would be a better choice so kindly give your suggestion on this.

    Thank for replying all in this blog.

    Good service!!!!

  54. Sir, I want to perform kalyanotsav on 3/3/17 or 4/3/17 for 3 persons but online booking is full. My return flight is booked on 4/3/17 from Chennai. Please advise/suggest any possibility of doing pooja on 3 or 4/3/17

  55. Hari Om! Greetings! We wish to give a small bharatnayam performance in presence of the lord at Naada Deeparadhana between 5:30pm to 6pm.
    Please do advice us.

  56. Sir,
    can I book unjal seva next month sunday. Online it is showing full. My aged parents like to come for Unjal sea. pl. guide me. Is it safe without rush they are above 80.


  57. I am planning to bring my aged parents to unjal seva. Online it is full for next month sunday.
    Is it safe without crowd. How to go for darshan after seva and how long time. pl. guide me


    • HI Madam,

      before seva you can get the darshan at ayina mahal in the temple and entry from supatham entrance including darshan it may take 3 hrs.


  58. How do I book for thirumanjanam seva which happens on Fridays ,Ian not able to find in the TTD seva online ,kindly guide me.

  59. How long it take for dharshan after sahasra deepa lanka ena seva

  60. When sahasra deepalankara seva tickets will be available in online for september 22nd,2017

    • Hi Sir/Madam,
      for july and august the tickets are available online,and for september the tickets will be released on june 16 11am.

      Thank You.

  61. rajaratnam ramaswamy

    i am going for lord vvenkateshwara darshan on 19 july, how can i get suprabhata seva tickets for 6 persons

  62. How many people are allowed for the Sahsradeepa alankarana seva on one ticket

  63. Booked sahasradeepalankara seva for two on 30-8-17 . At what time and date we have to report ?

  64. Hello Sir,
    I am planning to make Sahasra Deepalankara Seva with a ticket of Rs.200 on 22/08/2017. However, my question is; do I need to purchase a separate ticket of Rs.300 for main darshan (inside temple)? or with the same ticket I can also have Darshan?

    Thanks in advance,

    • dear sir,
      Sahasra Deepalankara Seva includes dharshan, no need to buy separate ticket for dharshan
      thank you

  65. Hi,
    if we book sahasara deepalankara seva, our parents were too old and they unable to sit on ground. do they provide any others for them to sit.

    Thank you,,,

    • Hi Sir,

      There is no such facility for sevas at tirumala.they have to sit on the floor itself.



    Dear sir ,I will book a deepalankara Seva two ticket booked on 22 10 17.what time and date we have to report?I will booked on line ticket how I will collect the original son12 yrs and 3 months without ticket allowed or not?Pl reply sir.

    • Hi Sir,
      Reporting time at Unjal Mandapam : 4:30 pm and Sahasra deepalankara seva timing : 5:30 p.m – 6:30 p.m,after the booking you can take the printout and go to tirumala,and for 12 years and below 12 years kids there is no need to purchase tickets.
      Thank You.

  67. Devya darsan

  68. Hi,
    We are getting married in tirumala in nov in one of the matt. Is there a possibility to get tickets for supatham
    enterance dashanam?

  69. booked for sahara Depplankar seva. should i book for special entry darshan also ?

  70. Hi,

    We are planning to book sahasra deepalankara seva in November. We are having two children of age 10 and 8. As there is no ticket for children under 12 years age, will they allow chilldren for Darshan lso after seva without ticket.

    • Hi Madam,

      Yes they are allowed for seva as well as Darshan also no need to worry about that.


  71. how to know my name is booked for seva if donot know the email adress

  72. Could you tell me which seva(arijta brahmatsavam,unjal seva,sahasradeepalankara seva,vasanthatsavam) I should book if I want to stay a while in front of Lord balaji

    • HI Sir,

      All the above sevas are performing outside the main temple to utsava murthy so after seva you can get the darshan as normal like 300 rs special entry darshan


      • I have booked special entry although I want to go by divya darshnam
        Can I go by pedestrian if I have booked special entry
        And which seva performs inside the main temple
        Thanks may tirupati balaji bless you

        • Hi Sir,

          yes you can go and suprbhata,thomala,archana,nija pada darshan will be performing inside the temple


  73. please tell whether photo is necessary for online seva booking

  74. Dear Mr.Kishore

    pl confirm how long it takes in week days to get main deity seva i.e on thursday for
    sahasra deepalankara seva

  75. I have ref.lett. Can i booked sahasra dipalankar seva same day in tirumala after jeo process? & how much person go in 1 letter? We are a big family. ThanX

  76. Nagendra Sai Paturi

    What is a Time of completion of pooja and darshanam…?

  77. how meny laddu free deepa alangara seva with in darsan time

  78. how meny laddu free deepa alangara seva with in darsan time

  79. Hi Tejas,
    If I opted for Seva and booked via online.. Could you please tell me the procedure for darshan after seva… want to know whether it will be like normal darshan ?

    • HI Sir,

      yes you will get the darshan like 300 rs darshan and you can get the darshan from jaya and vijaya


  80. Sirji in this seva what is doing?

    • HI Sir,

      you can check out the link below for the procees



  81. Sirji which seva occurs in garbh graha temple of Lord Govinda

  82. Hi need help I am looking for suprabhatha or kalyantsova puja date March 22nd online its shows full how can I book this puja please provide me details. As I am traveling from Abu Dhabi. Appreciated you help

    • HI Sir,

      Till april tickets are fully booked so on arrival you can try through the lucky dip bookings one day before sir


  83. Hi sir,
    How many tickets I can book through online. I am able to select only 2 tickets maximum. I am looking to book 5 tickets for my family. Is it possible to boon 5 tickets online.

    • HI Sir,

      You can able to book only 2 tickets from 1 login id so create multiple login ids and you can book the tickets


  84. Sir. Special entry Darshan for 15 Apr 2018, when will be the Quota released. Till date No quota released for 01st April onwards.

  85. sir,
    I have shasara deepaalankara ticket,Can I get paid laddu along with 2 small ladus?
    If yes how many?
    If no How can I get paid laddu?

    Kindly advice.

  86. Sir, Pls confirm after shasara deepalankara seva, inside temple darshan is very close or normal queue darshan sir

  87. Hi sir,
    I had booked sahasra deepalankara seva tickets for my relatives, and i had babies with lass than 1 year age so can i go with them at the same time with out seva tickets?

  88. how much time for darshan after Sahasradeepa seva

    • HI Sir,

      it may take around 2-3 hrs approximately for darshan after seva and also depends upon the crowd it may vary


  89. How much time Sahasra Deepalankara Seva will take. At what approx time, we will come out. Duration, etc

    • HI Sir,

      one hour for seva and takes time to get the darshan so approximately 3-4 hrs it may take


  90. Can Senior citizen take 1 escort with them?

  91. is laddus provide this seva

  92. After sahasra deepalankara seva how much time is required to complete main deity darshan?

    • HI Sir,

      after seva you can join the running queue so it may take around 2-3 hrs approximately for darshan


  93. Hare Sreenivasa

    What is the procedure for Sahasra deepalankara seva..

    Time ?
    Duration ?
    How many days before have to take appointment ?
    about songs ?

    • HI Madam,

      You can check the availability in online under sevas madam, it will be perfroming temple outside and after seva you will get the main deity darshan


  94. For Sahasranamam deepalankaraseva along with senior citizens can u allow a person

  95. Dear Sir,

    How Many Laddu this Sewa Sir.

    REporting Time? Sir

    Any Extra Laddu Paid in this Sewa.

    Thanking You

    • Dear Sir/Madam,
      you will be getting 2 laddus, and for extra laddus please try at laddu counter.
      Thank you.

  96. Hi Madam,

    I have booked Nijapada seva on 7th Dec 2018
    Can i book for Sahasra deepalanjara Seva on 6th Dec 2018 through my friends mail ID.

  97. Hi, I have booked for sahasra deepalankarana. But gender typed as M instead F . Please suggest how to change.

    Please also confirm the approx time for seva darshanam

  98. Hi ..i want tomrow ..if any avalibulity

  99. I have purchased Sahasra deepalankara seva for 14 February 19.Am I permitted for Main Balaji darshan straight away or need I purchase ticket again.How many laddus will be given on a ticket?

    • Dear Sir/Madam,
      No need to purchase any tickets after seva you will get the darshan, and 2 laddus per person will be given.
      Thank you.

  100. What is the ending time of seva

  101. Sir,
    i booked sahasra deepalankara seva ticket on 8th march 2019.

    in case i reached tirumala at 8.p.m , then he allowed for darshan.

    • Dear Sir/Madam,
      No sir you need to attend the seva , if you didn’t attend the seva darshan will not be there,
      Thank you.

  102. Can i get ticket on 27.03.2019

    • Dear Sir/Madam,
      Sahasra deepalankara seva will be performed from 5.30 pm to 6.30 pm and it cost you Rs 200 .
      Thank you.

  103. Is room allotted for stay if i book for Sahasra deepalankara seva like kalyanotsavam.

    • Dear Sir/Madam,
      There is no such privilege for devotees who book sahasra deepalankara seva you can get darshan after seva .
      Thank you.

  104. I have booked Sahasra Deepalankara seva. After the seva darshan will be allowed or do we need to buy darshan tickets separately.

  105. Thingal Arasi S.K

    I am not able to pay for deepalakara seva. All entries made and stuck at pay now option. Tried booking for children and not able. Only 2 tickets husband and wife. Can’t we take children?