Tiruttani Marriage Halls

Tiruttani Marriage Halls, Cost, Booking Procedure, Location

Location No.of Halls Hall Capacity
Group Marriages Inside temple 1 20 – 30
Group Marriages at Darshan entry 3 50
Beside Temple 4 100  – 150
Bottom of the Hill near Bus station 1 500 – 1000

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Tiruttani Marriage Halls Booking

  1. Both Bride and Groom must be Hindus
  2. Only Arranged marriages are allowed at these function halls.
  3. The Bride must be 18 years and above whereas the Groom must be 21 years and above.
  4. Bride, Groom, Bride Parents and Groom Parents Aadhaar Cards required.
  5. VRO certificate required for Hall booking.
  6. Hall rent to be paid at the time of booking.
  7. Group marriages are performed inside Temple at the Darshan Exit point.
  8. Hall booking receipt required for hall allotment.
  9. 90 days advance booking required for marriage halls.
  10. Marriage Registration not performed at the temple.
  11. A receipt will be issued after marriage which can be used for the registration.
Is Love marriages allowed at Tiruttani Temple?

No, Only arranged marriages are allowed at the temple halls.

What is the Marriage hall cost in Tiruttani?

Hall Cost starts from 6,000 onwards.

What is the Group marriage cost in Tiruttani?

It depends on the Pooja articles and Garlands. Cost Varies from Rs.8000 – Rs.20000.

How to book a marriage hall in Tiruttani?

In-person booking required for the hall. As ID proofs and VRO certificate require for hall booking.

How to get married in Tiruttani Temple?

Advance booking hall booking or Group marriage registration required.

Is the wedding allowed if parents from one side not coming?

No, Only arranged Hindu marriages are allowed at the temple trust halls.

Is inter-caste marriages allowed at Tiruttani Temple?

Yes, as it is a Hindu arranged marriage.

How to book a simple marriage in Tiruttani?

Yes, Group marriages are low-cost marriages which can be performed with valid documents.