Thanjavur Nadi Jyothisham: Cost, Timings, and Booking

Thanjavur Nadi Jyothisham: Cost, Timings, and Booking

The Saptharishis used their divine power to write on palm leaves 10,000 years ago. Indian sages used a method of astrology known as Nadi Jyothisham. They could see into the past and future of the whole world and kept records of every person who had lived, was living, or would live. They recorded what they discussed on palm leaves using ancient Tamil writing, which is currently only readable by qualified Nadi astrologers.

The dates on the leaves show what the person will expect from the day they learn about Nadi astrology. The statements are already written; all that’s needed is for the Nadi readers to read them. Every person in the world must have a million Nadi leaves written just for them. But the leaves say that a person will only get their leaves if they have good luck. However, these palm leaves are not only for Indian citizens; they are also for foreigners and people of other faiths and creeds. It’s everyone’s fate to figure out what the leaf means and let the person know what the forecasts are.

Some say that the Indian Rishis, or sages, used their meditation and spiritual skills to write down on palm leaves how each person’s life would go. At first, these one-of-a-kind leaves were kept in the library of the temple. After that, people who were really interested in learning about Nadi astrology got the leaves from the library. This job has been done for generations and is still being done today.

In Tamil Nadu, a state in South India, Vaitheeswaran Koil is the main place for Nadi Jyothisham. It is close to Chidambaram. In this story, Lord Shiva is said to have taken on the form of a “Vaidhya,” or “Doctor,” who took away his followers’ pain. It looks like these palm leaves were first written on using animal skins and some leaves. Later, books were copied on palm leaves, and oil made from peacock blood was used to keep these sources safe.

Thanjavur Nadi Jyothisham

  • Kandam No. 1: To fetch the right palm leaf, one has to provide a thumb impression (gents right, ladies left). The palm leaves will have past life names, present birth names, present birth details, relationships such as brothers, sisters, children, and wives, and a general idea of what will happen in the future for each of the 12 houses.
  • Kandam No. 2 speaks about the financial situation, Your eyes, Family, Education, and vocal.
  • Kandam No.3 tells us about the number of brothers and sisters, the love, help, or illness that you feel between yourself and your brothers and sisters, and your strength and energy.
  • Kandam No. 4: Everything about your Mother, Homes, vehicles that you own, Land properties, and luxury things that you will possess. 
  • Kandam No. 5 informs us about children’s health and development. It speaks on their Birth, Why They Are Not Having Children, the preventive measures For Having Children, and Their Future Lives.
  • Kandam No.6 speaks on Diseases, financial debts, enemies, and legal issues.
  • Kandam No. 7 updates us on the time of marriage, the reasons for the delay, the names of the bride and groom, their planetary positions, and the direction and distance of their home. Bonding and with your future husband or wife.
  • Kandam No.8 shares views on your age, month, date, day, time star, lagnam, and death.
  • Kandam No.9 speaks on the Father’s health and wealth, Going to Temples, Getting Good Luck from Saints, and Doing Good Deeds.
  • Kandam No.10 is all about Job or business predictions, moving to a new place, and good and bad things about your job.
  • Kandam No. 11 speaks on Making Money and Getting Married Again.
  • Kandam No.12 tells us about Spending, a trip abroad, the next birth, or reaching salvation.
  • In Kanndam No. 13, it clearly mentions the Santhiparihararam for the mistakes in the previous birth. 
  • Kandam No. 14 guides us to wear a raksha with a mantra on it to keep enemies, trouble, and other things away.
  • Kandam No. 15 explains the Medicines for long-term illnesses and how to take them.
  • Kandam No.16 provides a detailed explanation of What You Think Will Happen With The Running Disa Bukthi.

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A minimum of 7 days of booking is advisable.

Thanjavur Nadi Jyothisham Cost

Nadi JyotishamOnline charges
Agastiya NadiRs. 1900
Siva NadiRs. 3900
Vadishwara NadiRs. 6200
Nadi jyothisham charges

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