Online Nadi Astrology: Charges and Booking Procedure

Online Nadi Astrology: Charges and Booking Procedure

  1. Step one is to make an impression with your thumb (the right thumb is for men and the left thumb is for women). Through the use of an ink pad and a piece of white paper, make a few thumb impressions of your thumb.
  2. The thumb impression should be sent to us.
  3. Receive a Nadi reading online through the use of video call
    Your online nadi reading predictions can be obtained using video calls such as Skype, WhatsApp, and Zoom, allowing you to access them from any location.

Online Nadi Astrology Procedure

In the Nadi astrology method, the first step is to select the original olai chuvadi palm leaf that is unique and associated with a person. It can take up to two hours, or in some cases, even days. It would be a great thing if the client received it in a matter of five or six days. Each leaf will include a variety of information about a particular individual. The leaf would include information about the individual, his wife, his parents, his number of siblings, his birth order within the family and whether he’s the son or daughter of his first wife.
Sakshis are the people who have been called witnesses. The consumer can accept or reject the facts presented when they are read out of the leaf. He should also not reveal the information too early. Then we pick up the next palm leaf and repeat this process until it matches the family details. We take the next leaf if the details in the particulars do not match in totality.

Many times, individuals don’t receive their palm leaves, or olai Chuvadi. The moment we will know about their future is still far away. Our Head Office receives new batches on a regular schedule; therefore, those who were unsuccessful in getting their Nadi the first time can try again. We do not charge the customer any fees if they are unable to find their palm leaf, despite spending a considerable amount of time searching for it.

Below is a brief summary of each stage.

Look for bundles made of palm leaves in the first step.
In India, the Nadi readers will hunt down your palm leaf bundles. They may even find your palm leaf. This first step is essential to preparing yourself for future readings. You will not be able to find your palm leaf in the matching process unless you already have one. In the first step, we only need your thumbprint (left or right, depending on gender) and where you were born. Our specialists in India then classify your thumb impression in one of the 108 categories to find the palm leaf bundles that match the unique features of your thumbprint. Out of thousands of bundles with this specific form of fingerprint, they will then choose between one and three bundles that have the potential to include your palm.

This involves indexing the bundle.
Once the reader locates the bundles that may contain your palm leaf, the matching process and the subsequent hunt to find it will begin. The matching process is conducted over a video conference call. An interpreter who is fluent in the language of your choice is present. It is for your protection and convenience. The matching is done through an elimination process. Each palm leaf represents a different kind of life. The reader will read your statements from the first leaf, such as “you are married,” before you proceed. If this statement is true, the reader will read the subsequent pages of this leaf. If a statement turns out to be false, the reader moves on to the next leaf in the bundle. The reason for this is that the leaf with information that doesn’t match your life is not enough to describe it.

If the reader finds that the information on your palm leaf matches what you are experiencing in the present, he will continue the reading. You will know where your palm leaf is located when the reader can read your name, your parents’ names, and your date of birth. Because a Maharishi originally wrote this palm leaf for you approximately three thousand years ago, it is now readable. You will be able to gain guidance and answers about your current life.

The third step is to read the palm leaf predictions.
The Nadi reading is the most important part of the entire experience. In this section, you will discover what Maharishi wrote in regards to your life. This is based on the palm leaf that was selected during the matching process. This section will give you the answers to your most pressing questions and provide insights into the future of your life in terms of all its important aspects, such as your health, relationships, and family, as well as your finances and job, as well as your previous life experiences and your past karma.

For online Nadi Astrology, please call or WhatsApp 94441-76673

A minimum of 7 days of booking is advisable to find the right palm leaves.

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