Nadi Jyothisham Online: Cost and Booking

Nadi Jyothisham Online: Cost and Booking. Nadi Jyothisham is in Vaitheeswaran Koil.

Nadi Jyotisham dates back tens of thousands of years when sages used palm leaves to record Nadi astrology. Nadi astrology is an ancient form of astrology that Indian sages like the Saptarishis used thousands of years ago to write on palm leaves using their yogic powers. They’re also known as the Sages of India. They could see into the past and future of the whole world and kept records of every person who had lived, was living, or was going to live. They wrote down what they talked about on palm leaves using old Tamil writing.

Rishis followed the Saivaite religion and did something unusual called Sadhana to end pain and live forever. Siddhis are powers that you can gain by doing yoga over and over again. Siddhars thought that they could go beyond space and time by doing Pranayama (Yoga) and then taking ayurvedic medicines, which can change your body and maybe even make you ageless.

Rishis were often philosophers, doctors, or alchemists. They wrote down their finds as Tamil poems on palm leaves, which have since been put together to form a “palm-leaf manuscript.” These manuscripts are still owned by many private families in Tamil Nadu and are passed down from generation to generation. Others can be seen in public at colleges around the world.

Nadi Jyothisham Online

  • Kandam No.1: To fetch the right palm leaf, one should provide their thumb impression. It is right for gents and left for ladies. Kandam 1 speaks about previous life names and current janma names, as well as current birth relations such as brothers, sisters, children, and wives. It also shares information on what will happen in the next 12 months for all the houses.
  • Kandam No. 2 speaks about financial condition, eye health, family, education, and speech.
  • Kandam No. 3 tells us about the number of brothers and sisters, love, help, or bad feelings between oneself and brothers and sisters, and courage.
    Kandam No. 4 speaks about the mother’s health and bonding, as well as the home, vehicles, land properties, and pleasures that you will receive in the present life.
  • Kandam No. 5 discusses children’s health and progress, their birth, the reason for not having children, the adoption of corrective measures for having children, and the children’s future lives.
  • Kandam No.6 mainly focuses on Diseases, debts, enemies, and court cases.
  • Kandam No. 7 tells us the time of the marriage, the reasons for the delay, the planetary positions of the bride and groom, and the direction and distance of their home. It also discusses life with a new spouse.
  • Kandam No. 8 discusses your age, the month, the date, the day, the time star, the lingam, and the place where you died.
  • Kandam No. 9: Predictions about the father, wealth, visits to temples, luck from the holy men, and good deeds.
  • Kandam No.10 reveals facts about professions, future predictions regarding jobs or businesses, changes of place, and the good and evils of professions.
  • Kandam No. 11: Making Money and Getting Married Again.
  • Kandam No. 12: Expenses, a trip abroad, the birth of a child, or the attainment of salvation.
  • Kandam No.13 will give a detailed explanation of Shanti Pariharam, the Last birth, sins committed, and actions to get rid of the previous life mistakes.
  • Kandam No.14 is also called Deeksha Kandam. It involves Wearing or putting on a mantra japam or a Raksha yantra to keep enemies and trouble away.
  • Kandam No. 15 (Ashadha Kandam) discusses Medicines for long-term illnesses and how to take them.
  • Kandam No. 16 (Disabukthi Kandam) explains the set of predictions for the running Disabukthi.


  • Kandams 2 through 12 will tell you what will happen in the future until the end of time, starting from the date you read them.
  • You can also get special mantras like Sivananda Thuliam and Sivananda Sukshamam. Because they are unique and have many details, the fees will be higher. However, it is possible to be successful in politics and make political connections with Special Kandam. Then there is Gnanakandam, which is not one of the ones listed above. It’s called Prasana Kandam and Disabukthi Santhi Kandam.

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A minimum of 7 days of booking is advisable for the desired slot.

Nadi Jyothisham Online charges at Vaitheeswaran Kovil

Nadi JyotishamOnline charges
Agastiya NadiRs. 1900
Siva NadiRs. 3900
Vadishwara NadiRs. 6200
Nadi jyotisham charges

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