Manglik Dosh Marriage Pooja: Cost, Benefits, Timings, and Procedure

Manglik Dosh Marriage, Kuja Dosha, Banana Tree Marriage.

  • Marriage Duration: 3 to 4 hours
  • This cost includes Homam, Abhishegam, Archanai, Pooja materials, Priest charges, etc
  • Temple: Vaitheeswaran Koil, Kumbakonam
  • Pooja Location: Temple Tank opp. to the Temple.
  • Pooja Date: Auspicious date will be identified by the priest.
  • One must perform this Pooja in new clothes.
  • After Marriage, the devotee has to take a holy dip in the Jatayu Kundam inside the temple. The devotee has to continue with same wet clothes for Darshan.

Manglik Dosh Marriage Pooja Procedure

  1. Marriage is performed with the Banana tree.
  2. This event usually performed before marriage.
  3. Those who have Manglik Dosh (Kuja Dosh) can perform this Pooja.
  4. The bride or groom will tie the knot to the pot or tree.
  5. Post marriage, the tree will be chopped to remove Dosha effects
  6. The devotee has to take bath in Jatayu Kundam followed by Main deity Darshan.
  7. Prior booking is required for this Pooja.

Impact of Kuja Graha

  • Kuja is in the first house and is likely to have disputes over little matters. dominant during a disagreement in a relationship
  • Kuja in the second house: angry words, hateful manner
  • Kuja in the fourth house: career, emotional nature, and roughness Dissatisfaction.
  • Kuja in the 7th house: lots of strength; conflict within the family.
  • Kuja in the eighth house: a partner passes away too soon.
  • Kuja in the 12th: financial damage, a large number of rivals, and controlled anger

Manglik Dosh Marriage Pooja benefits

  1. It is believed that devotee for whom there is a second marriage in their horoscope can be avoided.
  2. It is believed that this Marriage Pooja reduces the malefic effects of Manglik/Kuja Dosha
  3. This Pooja removes the death of the spouse.
  4. Manglik Dosh Nivaran Puja’s advantage
  5. Increased Chances of Marriage
  6. By clearing challenges from one’s work path, performing this puja may help one find better employment possibilities and develop their career.
  7. The marriage can be made peaceful and harmonious again through the pooja.
  8. People who are experiencing delays in marriage because of Angaraka Dosha can gain relief from this puja, since it is believed to speeds up the process and promote timely marriages.People might realize that they are more suited for their future life mates once the negative impacts of Mars decrease.
  9. Their relationships now have more peace and understanding as a result of this puja.
  10. The puja can assist in removing obstacles that were limiting one’s ability to succeed professionally and personally.
  11. A lot of people have said that they were able to find an appropriate life mate and got married right away after doing the puja.

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A minimum of 7 days of booking is advisable to make the puja arrangements.


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