Srikalahasti Amavasya Rahu Ketu Pooja

Srikalahasti Amavasya Rahu Ketu Pooja Timings, Ticket Cost, Booking

Pooja Duration: 45 mins

Ticket Cost: Rs.500, Rs.750, Rs.1500, Rs.2500 and Rs.5000

No. of persons allowed per ticket: 2

Best Pooja Timings: Rahu Kalam on Amavasya day is auspicious.

Sunday Amavasya Rahu Kalam Pooja yields good results.

Dress Code: Any decent outfit.

Rahu Ketu Ticket Pooja Locations

Ticket Cost Pooja Location
Rs.500 Outside Temple
Rs.750 Outside Temple
Rs.1500 Near Dwajasthambham
Rs.2500 Inside Temple
Rs.5000 Inside Temple

The crowd will be high on Amavasya at the Temple.

Pooja waiting time: 2 – 3 hours.

FAQs on Srikalahasti Rahu Ketu Pooja

Is Rahu Ketu Pooja and Kala Sarpa Dosh Pooja Same?

Yes, it is one Pooja and the full name is Rahu Ketu Kala Sarpa Dosha Nivarana Pooja

What is the Rahu Ketu Pooja Benefits?

Removes Dosha related to marriage delay.
For Career and Business Growth.
Removes Dosha related to Pregnancy.

Is Kuja Dosha Pooja performed at Srikalahasti?

Kuja Dosha Nivarana Pooja not performed at this time.
But Kuja Shanti is included in this Pooja.
The Sankalp performed by the priest includes Kuja Dosha Nivarana as well.

Which is the Best day for Rahu Ketu Pooja?

Amavasya day, Any Grahan Day, Sunday, Tuesday, Rahu Peryarchi, Ketu Peyarchi, Nag Panchami days are auspicious.

Can I perform Srikalahasti Amavasya Rahu Ketu Pooja?

Yes, it is advisable to perform Pooja during Rahu Kalam on this day.

Can brother and Sister perform the Pooja on a single ticket?

This Pooja to be performed as a single or couple.
So, no two brothers or sisters can perform this Pooja.

Can I perform this Pooja on behalf of my son or daughter?

Yes, Pooja can be performed on their behalf. The devotee whoever is going to perform must perform Sankalp on their Name, Gothra, Nakshatra and Rasi.

What Should I do with Serpent Idols after Pooja?

These Silver Idols to be placed in the Hundi after Lord Srikalahasteeswara Darshan. Carrying these Home is not good for the devotee.

Can I tea, coffee or milk before the Pooja?

Yes, you can have liquid foods.

Can I have breakfast or Lunch before the Pooja?

This Pooja to be performed on fasting. The devotee can have liquid foods.

Can I have Non-Veg food after the Pooja?

It is not advisable to take Non-Veg Food after the Pooja. You can regular food from the next day onwards.

For Srikalahasti Amavasya Rahu Ketu Pooja details, Please call @ 85000 85151

How to reach Srikalahasti from Tirupati?

  1. Bus Journey from Tirupati Bus station

    It takes 1 hour 30 mins to 1hour 45 mins from Tirupati to Srikalahasti.
    Non-Stop buses are available from Bus station.Srikalahasti dress code

  2. Cab Journey from Tirupati

    It takes 40 – 50 mins from Tirupati Hotel to Srikalahasti.Thursday Tirupati Pedestrians Darshan