Senior Citizens Darshan Tirumala

Senior Citizens Darshan Tirumala

Senior Citizens Darshan Tirumala, They do have special Entrance in Tirumala through Supatham

Senior citizens can avail this benefit by displaying the Age proof at Entrance Near Tirumala Nambi Temple which is beside Main Temple.

Senior Citizens are allowed for Darshan Daily in two schedules. Darshan Timings are 10 A.M and 3 P.M.

Reporting Time at Senior Citizens Darshan Entrance 8 am and 1 pm.

Senior Citizen age for Men is 65 and above, women it is 65 and above.

Spouse will be allowed with Husband,

On Friday, Senior citizen Darshan will be in the afternoon only i.e 3 pm slot.


General Questions on Senior Citizens Darshan in Tirumala

  1. Photo ID proof is mandatory to avail Special Entrance benefit
  2. Only privileged person is allowed to queue, no friends and relatives are allowed along with devotee.
  3. Entry is located in the North Mada Street corner.
  4. Ticket is not required to avail this benefit. It is free of Cost.
  5. There is a limitation with respect to Darshan. Once is 3 months.month. Which means, you can avail 4 times in a year.
  6. Children under 12 years will be allowed with their grandparents with no extra ticket.
  7. Morning 700 and Evening 700 devotees are allowed.
  8. Only wife will be allowed with Her Husband (65 years and above)




Supadam Entry Video


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  1. Can Senior citizens book the entrance through on Line and join for DARSHAN with other senior citizens. Please clarify

  2. Will it be possible to issue tokens less than 2 hours of darshan time for senior citizens. For taking the tokens, will both with and husband are required if both are happened to be senior citizens above 65years.

    Please also indicate any Xerox copies of Aadhar is required to carry along original Aadhar card for obtaining tokens

  3. My sister & myself aged 66& 68 wanted to have Dharshàn on 18th Dec 2018, vaikunda ekadesi day , can we avail senior citizens Darshan

  4. What time I should report for 3 pm Senior Citizen Darshan on 12-12-18 ?.Please inform me whare is the counter ?.

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