TTD Arjitha Sevas Internet Quota


Tirumala, 1 September 2015: With an aim to enable global devotees to have Darshan of Arjitha Seva of Lord Venkateswara, TTD is set to release 32,759 tickets on the Internet on September 4 for the period of October 3 to November 15 will be available from 11 am onwards.

The pilgrims can book these Seva tickets by visiting ttd website ttdsevaonline by verifying OTP-one time password.

The details availability status of various arjitha Seva tickets is enclosed here for the information of the pilgrims.



  1. Dear Sir,

    We booked Unjal Seva on Nov 5th 2015. But we have train at 6 pm on 5th. ON the seva ticket it was mentioned that reported time is 11 AM and seva performed time is 1:30 PM. How long unjal seva is performed and how long it will take to get the darshan. Can we able to catch train by 6 pm. Please advise.


    • Dear Haritha,

      Yes, you can easily catch train by 6 pm. Unjal Seva followed by Darshan.

      By 1:30 pm you will complete Seva and Darshan. Another 15 mins for Laddu collection from the counter. From Tirumala to Tirupati Bus station, it takes 1 hour 10 mins. From Bus station to Railway Station, it takes 15 mins max. Still you have 2 hours to relax.

      Please let me know if further info required.


  2. Sir,

    I thought Seva tickets are opened online 56 days in adavance ………i wanted to book suprabhatam/thomala for 5th nov and i thought would book them on 10th september exactly 56 days before but it seems tickets are already booked as bulk tickets are opened……would ttd open up more tickets for 5th novemeber ?

    • Dear Prashant,

      Oct 2nd they are going to release next slot. Booking will be available from 16th Nov. Please subscribe to GoTirupati news letter so that you will have up to date information.


  3. sir

    i have booked vishesha pooja seva (online) for sep 28th monday. what is the procedure to be followed on arrival at tirumala. is it enough to show the printout receipt for seva entry or should i change the printout receipt into computerized receipt from any office, at tirumala.

    also sir, i would be arriving on 27th sunday 6pm. is it possible to get accomodation on sunday night..? (heard monday eve is garuda vahana seva day- mahalaya pornima)
    i can get a recommendation letter if that will help. if with a recommendation letter , where should i submit to get a a/c suite room.
    i pray to sri venket for a blissfull darsan for all his pilgrims and devotees.

    thanku sir in advance:)

    • Dear Priyaa,

      Online ticket will do, no other ticket required. Please carry original photo Id proof.
      It is really hard to find accommodation in Tirumala on Sunday evening, Please look for private accommodation in Tirupati.
      Dress code for the seva : .

      Brahmotsavam schedule :

      Yes, recommmendation letter works for accommodation. Please submit letter at CRO office. you will separate cell for recommendation letters at CRO office.
      After submitting recommendation letter, a/c room will be allotted if available otherwise they will let you know the options which is the next available.

      Garuda Vahanam, goes around Thiru Mada Streets. Please stand at Thiru Mada Street, steps are provided for that. It will be fully crowded in Tirumala on Garuda Vahanam day. Not sure whether staff is in a position to accept Recommendation letters or not. Anyway you can give a try.

      Please let me know if further info required.


      • Sir

        Thank u very much. That’s really vry kind.
        Oh then let me try to get private accommodation. Last time wen v came, I rber v went to padmavathy thayar enquiry office with the recommendation letter and thy allotted us in a guest house near to jeo off. So if I get the recmnda leetter ,should I go to the CRO off or padmavathy enquiry off.
        The steps that u meant is near to the big stage rite. So f we go thr earlier ,is it possible to see the procession? At wat time does the procession start?

        Thank u sir 🙂 :). May Lord bless u , ur family n Frnz 🙂

  4. Dear sir

    I have booked vishesha seva ticket for 29th sep Monday , online. Is it enough to carry just the printout receipt for darsan entry or should I convert the internet ticket into a computerised receipt or something.

    Sunday 28th is full moonday.. Will there be garuda vahana procession. Sir can u elaborate on this ritual.we would love to get the divine darsan , as we will reach Tirumala around 5pm (27th Sunday eve). Where should we go in order to get the lord’s procession in Garuda vahana.

    Thank u in advance 🙂 🙂

  5. Been celebrating my Diwali every year at Tirupati ..It is so blissful. This year too I have the same plans..Reaching on 6th nov around 16.30 and will leave on 14th Nov at 9.30 am… I want to take darshan everyday and / or offer seva.

    been trying to get Archana/ thomala/ suprabhatam for the last 6 years but so far never got a chance.

    Can you pls help me? The Mumbai edarshan counter has been closed for the last 25 days and nobody has any idea if and whether it will be opened again. So those in Mumbai cannot book sudarshanam tickets… compulsorily book only 300 Rs tickets.

    1. Can you pls find out if they will start any counter in Mumbai again? This is a big city and many from this city visit the Lord every year… everyone will be put through immense hardship..

    2. I think they have stopped online booking of 50Rs tickets. Atleast this should have been alllowed if they were closing the counter in Mumbai. Pls confirm if this online booking has been stopped completely or is it some temporary glitch?

    3. on fri 6th nov , is there any evening darshan slot for Rs 50 sudarshanam? I am in Shirdi and can try booking from here tom. I reach bby 16.30 and can take a late evening darshan slot if available.

    4. betwn 8th nov and 14th nov any chances of getting seva tickets?

    Many thanks. God bless

    om namo venkatesaya!

    • Dear Maya,

      TTD very recently released Arjitha Seva tickets in bulk for online booking. Booking for Arjitha Seva tickets is closed till 15th Nov.

      Next slot in the month of Oct,

      If you plan after Nov 15th, then you can book seva tickets online itself. For every day, you need to create separate login ids. Only one transaction is allowed per login ID.

      If you can’t change plan then it should be e-special entry darshan tickets at online .
      Please check if there is tickets availability online. At time TTD will not release Rs.50 tickets for booking, if there is any pooja in the evening hours.

      Please let me know if further info required.


      • Dear Kamal,

        Many thanks for your prompt reply.

        My plan is already fixed so I don’t mind another trip but this one is already finalised : ) Diwali is always spent with the Lord.

        Your website is very informative and you take a lot of effort to answer all questions in great detail. May the Lord bless you always.

        I created 2 additional log in ids today and managed to book a brahmotsavam tkt for 7th Nov Sat also managed to book vasanthotsavam tix for 12th & 13th Nov. I will also be going walking (divya darshan) once.

        Will book 300 Rs tix for all the remaining days… (except 14th when I wish I get an early morn seva tkt). I want to try for Suprabhatam/ break darshan this time. Will see what happens…

        Will the counter in Mumbai start again? They do not have any idea themselves and the TTD no of the related office for this query is not being answered by anyone. the call centre lady gave me this number 0877-2264544 but nobody picks up the phone.

        i am going to shirdi and will try booking a darshan/seva tkt from there tom

        Many thanks once again.

        Kind regards

        om namo venkatesaya

        • Dear Maya,

          Good to know that you got Darshan ticktes for the planned dates. I don’t have any info on Mumbai TTD info counter, let me try to get the info on that.
          Please try reaching TTD info center number +91 877 22 64252 during regular office hours.

          Happy Darshan.

  6. Sir,

    Om Namo Venkatesa Namaha: Having Sahasara Deepa Alakankara Seva, would it fetch us direct entry to have darshan of Lord in a much lesser waiting time, Than the Rs300/- queue. Please give us your insight, as myself cannot stand for longer time,

    Also my wife is trying to attend Suprabhatham for several years now, the Online quota just quips in 5 minutes of opening, any other possibility to have Suprabatham tickets booking,

    Thanks in advance, Aum Sairam

    • Dear Sir,

      Sahasra Deepalankara seva is performed near Mahadwaram, devotees will be seated while performing this seva.
      After completing seva, devotees are allowed for Darshan thru Supadam. Compared to Rs.300 this line is much better.

      When comes to Suprabhatham seva tickets, TTD is releasing 5000+ tickets for online booking during the first week of october. with effort of 2 hours, you can book tickets easily.
      Please subscribe to GoTirupati News letter so that you will not miss the communication.

      Please let me know if more info required.


  7. Dear Kamal,
    I will be visiting Tirupathi in NOV with my wife. Both are NRI and carry US passport. I need to book one of the Arjitha Sevas on NOV 11th. Are there any slots still available for that day? Unfortunately my “TTD online” access is not working and I am unable to review availability & make booking online. My timing on that day (Nov 11th) is flexible and able to attend any one of the sevas. Can someone book the seva tickets on our behalf in India?

    Special Darshan tickets are not opened on 11th Nov as well. Is this a special day?

    Online site wants me to validate my mobile number prior to letting me into the site for seva bookings. My profile has the correct US mobile number but the site adds “91” code to my mobile number while trying to send a text for authorization. I am not getting the Authorization Codes! Any advice to get this issue fixed will be very helpful.

    Thanks in Advance.

    • Dear Veera,

      Authorization code is one time code, for time being you can enroll your relatives INDIA phone number. It will not ask for any code while booking.
      Seva booking is not available till 15th Nov.

      TTD planning to release Arjitha Seva tickets in bulk during the first week of Oct

      With US passport you can access Supadam entry, it is simple and easy darshan for NRIs compared to Rs.300 special darshan tickets.

      NRI Darshan process

      Yes, anyone can book seva tickets on your behalf, all they need is your photo, Name and ID number (passport number, driving license, Aadhaar card number etc).

      Please let me know if further info required.


  8. TTD online seva booking is a nightmare. There is no calendar when the quota is released for specific sevas. They made it mess earlier daily booking system. No communication on when quota available to book tickets and false information in guidelines published by TTD (book 56 days before).

    Please publish a calendar with quota release dates to book seva tickets. Make it easy for piligrims to avail the online booking option.

    • Dear Naveen,

      Please subscribe to GoTirupati News Letter so that you will not miss the communication.


  9. Dear Kamal

    I have booked kalyanostvam ticket. Will they allow my unmarried daughter for seva alongwith myself and my wife.


  10. Dear sir,

    I am going to tirumala on march 5th 2016. I want to perform suprabhatam and kalyanothsava on 6th march 2016. We are four members coming to tirumala. All of us want to perform the the above mentioned sevas. But in ttdonlineseva it shows that the quota for any sevas in the month of march are not released. But my friends told me that the online booking for sevas in the month of march will be closed by now. Please let me know wether online tickets can be booked for the month of march. and when ttd will release the online booking of sevas for march month. How many tickets can be booked in one login id ? Is it possible to get tickets for both sevas on the same day for all of us in single login id and single account ? Thank you

    • Dear Madam,

      Mar month quota will be released online on 5th feb at 11 am

      Using one login ID, you are allowed to book two tickets of any one seva only. If you book Suprabhtham then you can’t book Kalyanotsavam using the same ID.
      In this case, create one more login ID so that you can book kalyanotsavam.
      For 4 members and 2 sevas, it should be 4 login IDs.


  11. Hello I want book vasnthtoshavam or shashra deplankara for the month of March 5th or6th,But TTD online it’s not showinhg

  12. I registered on ttd site and also got a OTP number on my sister cell number in India . But after few days I tried to login again to book and it keeps giving the message “this cell number is already registered. please enter new cell number”. Do we need to give a new cell number every time we log in? I am trying to book from US using my sister India cell number. Please advice.

    • Dear Madam,
      Looks like someone authenticated their ID using the same number. Only it is required and that too unique number at the time of registration. This is due to security reasons. You can enter the same number again and get the OTP from your sister. Ask her not to give this number to anyone.

  13. Hi,

    I have tried to register an ID in TTD online , I have filled all the details and provided the mail id and phone number and all mandatory fields.

    But I had’nt received OTP to my mobile number to activate my account, tried thrice but I could book. Can u please help me out .,


  14. i have tried to register twice , unfortunately havent got the OTP as yet. Please help me out.n

  15. Dear Sir / Madam

    I have registered on line, but I have not received the OTP. Kindly do the need full.

  16. Dear Sir,

    I try register with TTD online but i havent receive OTP to confirm my account..

    Email – [email protected]

    Please help us.

  17. Dear Sir,

    I have not received OTP message to activate TTD online Account, Please help me regading this issue.

    Name: Kiran Kumar
    Email/ User name : kirankumarxx
    Phone number: +91 974xxxxxx

    • Dear Sir,
      Please check your Spam or Junk folder for the activation link. On clicking the link account will be activated

  18. Pavithra Narayana

    Dear Sir,

    I have not received OTP message to Activate TTD online account, Please help regarding this issue.

    Name: Pavithra Narayana
    Email/ User Name: [email protected]
    Phone: +91 9xxxxxx

    • Dear Madam,
      Please check your Spam or Junk folder for the activation link. On clicking the link account will be activated

  19. sir,

    when was supharabatam seva slots open for jan-2017

    • Dear Sir,
      Please check on 4th Nov at 11 am. Kindly subscribe to gotirupati newsletter so that we can communicate the dates in advance

  20. Is there is any demand draft bookings for astadala pada padmaradhanamu seva tickets