Role Of Anantazhwar

Role Of Anantazhwar in Tirumala Temple, History

Perumal was so fond of Anantazhwar that He became his sishyan by introducing Himself as Madurakavi daasan and by uttering acharyar dhaniyan. In another instance, Perumal became His son-in-law Now, Adiyen wishes to briefly mention Anantazhwar’s kainkaryams to Perumal.

Nammazhwar’s Thiruvaimozhi beginning with “OZHIVIL KAALAM… ” signifies the kainkaryam to be performed to Perumal .

It may be recalled that when Sri Ramanuja was giving an explanation to this pasuram, he felt the urge to perform pushpa kainkaryam to Thiruvengadamudaiyan. While the disciples were hesitating to take up the task of going to TIRUMALA (as it was a forest in those days), Anantazhwar volunteered and sought Udayavar’s permission to go and stay in TIRUMALA and do Nitya pushpa kainkaryam to Perumal.

Sri Ramanujar was so glad that he felt that Anantazhwar was the only “AAN MAGAN” and appreciated him. Anantazhwar and his wife left for TIRUMALA. Anantazhwar decided to grow a garden full of a variety of flowers and for the purpose, he started digging a well. The story how Perumal came in the disguise of a boy and offered to help which was rejected by Anantazwar and how Perumal in the form of the boy got hurt in His chin has already been mentioned. The axe which Ananatazhwar threw on Perumal is supposed to be kept near the entrance. But due to heavy rush, we invariably miss to watch it. Anantazhwar was so keen on carrying out his acharya’s duties of doing pushpa kainkaryam that he did not even obey Perumal’s summons. Later, when he went to offer garland to Perumal, Perumal refused to accept it and asked him to give an explanation for disobeying His orders. Anantazhwar gave an explanation saying that if he had come without making the garland, the flowers would have blossomed and would have been difficult for making a garland. And as he had come to Tirumala to do pushpakainkaryam to Perumal as ordered by his acharya and carrying out his acharya’s instructions was the only goal in his life. He also added that both of them (Anantazhwar and Perumal) had come to stay in the Hills and Perumal didn’t have the right to send him away from that place. Perumal was immensely pleased with his acharya bhakti. Even now, the place where Anantazhwar used to make garlands is used for stringing garlands of various sizes to Moolavirat.

Incident 1

On the seventh day during Brahmotsavam, Perumal is taken to the garden tendered by Anantazhwar and the divine wedding of Padmavathi Amma Varu with Perumal takes place. It may be mentioned that Perumal and Thayar used to come to Anantazhwar’s garden every night and pluck the flowers. It so happened that one night, Anantazwar who was on a vigil caught Perumal and Thayar. Perumal escaped and ran away to the temple but Thayar was caught and tied to a tree. Next day morning, Thayar revealed Her true form to Anantazhwar and requested him to be handed over to Perumal. Anantazwar, in turn, requested Perumal to marry her and did kanya dhaanam and Anantazhwar thus became Perumal’s father-in-law.

Incident 2

Once Perumal disguised Himself as a boy and offered some prasadam to some devotees who were climbing TIRUMALA Hills. When questioned, He introduced Himself that he was Anantazhwar’s sishyan and uttered 2 dhaniyans on Anantazhwar-one dhaniyan signifying anantazhwar’s acharyatvam and the second dhaniyam signifying the relationship of Anantazhwar with Sri Ramanuja.

” akhilaathmakuNaavaaSam agjaanathimiraabaHam
aachrithaanaam SucharaNam vanthE ananthaaryadhEsikam”
After hearing this, the vaishnavas asked “In this thaniyan, praachaarya Udaiyavar’s association is not clear”. On hearing this, He immediately composed the second part of the thaniyan

” srimathraamaanujaachaarya sripaathaambOruHathdvayam
SadhuththamaangaSanthaaryam ananthaaryam ahambhajE
Pleased with this, the devotees satisfied their hunger and on reaching the Hills, thanked Ananatazhwar for sending his sishyan with prasaadam. Anantazhwar was surprised to hear this and told that he did not have any sishyan by name Madurakavidaasan. An asareeri declared that Perumal treated Anantazhwar as His acharya. Hence, the disciples of Anantazhwar are known as Madurakavi daasans. Anantazhwar and Madurakavi Azhwar share some similarities. It is well known that Madurakavi Azhwars did not sing in praise of Perumal but sang only 10 pasurams in praise of his acharyar, Sri Nammazhwar. Anantazhwar also carried out only the kainkaryams as per his acharya’s orders and though he was very close to Perumal, he never prayed to Perumal for moksham as he was very confident that his association with Sri Ramanujar would get him moksham. The thirunakshitiram of Madurakavi Azhwar and Anantazhwar falls on the same day i.e. Chithirai maasam, chithirai star.
The pushpa kainkaryam done by Anantazhwar was carried out by his son later.

Please note that this article actually was written by a sincere Vaishnavite and I don’t want to change authors words. I’m hereby promoting his script to promote bhakti.