Ranganayakula Mandapam

Ranganayakula Mandapam Tirumala

Ranganayakula Mandapam Description

While doing Sempangi Pradakshinam,the devotees who go in Sarva darsanam come across a big mantapam known as RANGANAYUKALA MANDAPAM which is south of Krishnadevaraya mantapam standing on a high basement. There is a small shrine about 12 sq. feet which is kept closed.

When South India especially Trichy, Srirangam were frequently invaded by Muslims during 14th century, the utsava murthy Sri Ahzhagiya Manavalan of Sri rangam was brought to TIRUMALA Hills and kept here for more than 40 years. The shrine which housed Sri Rangantha is now closed and Perumal’s various vaahanms like Gaja Vaahanam, Garuda Vaahanam, Hanumantha Vaahanam, Sesha Vaahanam etc are kept inside. This mandapam is said to have been build by the king of Tirupati, named Ranganadha Yadava Rayalu

Adjoining this mantapam is Tirumalaraya mantapam where we find 3 statues of kings in Anjali mudra. Enroute, there is a big mantapam where Kalyanautsavams are performed daily in a large scale. A detailed description of the Kalyanautsavam is mentioned separately under Arjitha Sevas. The devotees who go in Special darsanam have to go straight via Dwajasthambam and they miss to see all the above. But if there is a heavy crowd, the devotees would be allowed to go via the route described above.

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