Tirumala Upanayanam Procedure and Cost

Tirumala Upanayanam Procedure, Timings, Pooja Cost and Booking Procedure

Duration: 4 to 5 hours. 4 hours Pooja procedure before Muhurtham and 1 hour after Muhurtham.

Location: Tirumala

Ideal Age for Upanayanam

  1. 5th or 8th year or before 16th year for a Brahmin.
  2. 12th or 14th or 16th year for Kshatriya
  3. 16th year for Vaishya

It is advisable to perform Upanayanam before the 16th year. It is believed that a woman who donates Golden Yagnopavetham to a Brahmin will remove Dosha related to Pregnancy. Upanayanam can be performed separately or as a group. To perform separately a Hall can be booked for the Pooja process.

Tirumala Upanayanam Procedure

  1. Ganapathi Pooja
  2. Punyavachanam
  3. Parishath
  4. Agni Prathishtapana
  5. Homam
  6. Annaprasana
  7. Namakaranam
  8. Chevulu
  9. Panchasakalu
  10. Nandi Mukham
  11. Ankurarpanam
  12. Yagnopavethadharana (Holy thread ceremony)
  13. Sumuhurtham
  14. Homam will be performed by Child
  15. Biksha
  16. Brahmachari Bhojanam

The child father will be performing the Pooja rituals before the Holy thread ceremony. After the Holy thread Ceremony, the child will be performing the Pooja rituals.

Items required for the Upanayanam?

  • Fruits – 5 types
  • Small size Flower garlands
  • Dhoti and Upper Cloth in Yellow cloth – 2 Sets

The child or his parents must bring these items before coming to the Hall. Required Pooja materials will be arranged here itself. Upanayanam Date can be calculated based on the Tara Balam (Strength of the star). An Astrologer can calculate the details on providing the birth star details. There is a set of Pooja procedure that has to be performed at the home as well by the child family.

For more details, Please call @ 701 303 3309

The devotees can have food after Upanayanam at the trust itself. Food charges: Rs.100 per person.

Tirumala Upanayanam Booking Procedure

  • Gothram details required
  • Community details
  • Muhurtham Date and Time

Before booking the hall or making the arrangements for the Upanayanam, the above-mentioned details must be provided. Rooms can be booked along with the hall.