Lord Venkateswara

Lord Venkateswara Swamy Tirumala Sthalapuranam

It is described in Moosala Parvatham in Srimad Bhagavatham that when Lord Krishna decided to complete His incarnation, He relaxed under a tree. At that time, a hunter, Jara, who was Vali in his previous birth, hit the Lord with an arrow. The repentant hunter apologized for his folly and at that time Lord enlightened him about his previous birth. In his previous birth, Jara was Vali whom Lord Rama had killed by hiding behind a tree. This account was settled now.

At that time, Lord Brahma, Shiva and other Devas came to offer prayers to the Lord and amidst everyone Lord disappeared from that place to Vaikuntam. Enroute, to everyone’s astonishment, when the Jyoti reached Suryamandalam, it turned into an idol and landed at TIRUMALA. Lord proclaimed that in Kaliyuga, He wanted to protect His devotees and has decided to manifest Himself in this earth till the end of Kali Yuga. The Lord is Swayambhoo (Self-manifestation) . No one has carved the vigraham. He declared that He had chosen TIRUMALA as His residence because it was in the middle of the earth and upper planets and He would be easily accessible to humans and devas. Conceding the request of the devas headed by Lord Brahma, Lord Venkateswara granted their wish that they could offer prayers to Him daily.

Hence, every night, the Pancha paathrams are filled up with freshwater and the temple doors are closed. The devas perform Thiruvaaradhanai to Lord Venkateswara every day (early morning hours before Suprabhatam). This theertham is offered to the devotees who participate in Suprabhata Seva. No satari is given during Suprabhata seva.

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