Govu Pooja Sri Kalahasti

Govu Pooja Sri Kalahasti

Govu Pooja Sri Kalahasti Procedure:

After opening Sri Kalahasti Temple at Early Hours, Govu (Cow)  will be taken inside Temple and does circumambulate (pradakshinam) Lord Siva Temple and Sri Gnana Prasoonambika Temple prakaram. After Govu Pooja, devotees are allowed for Suprabhata Seva followed by Lord Siva and Gnana Prasoonambika Devi Drashan.


Govu Pooja at Gokulam Timings: 7 am – 11 am , 4 pm – 6 pm.


Govu Pooja Timings

S.No Day Timings Ticket Cost
1 Sunday 4:30 am Rs.50/ person
2 Monday 4:30 am Rs.50/ person
3 Tuesday 5:00 am Rs. 50/ person
4 Wednesday 5:00 am Rs.50/ person
5 Thursday 5:00 am Rs.50/  person
6 Friday 5:00 am Rs.50/  person
7 Saturday 4:30 am Rs. 50/ person


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  1. Whats the benefits of komatha pooja

  2. M. Jagadish kumar yadav

    Good morning sir/madam

    Sir we are Visiting Sri kalahasthi on 20 Jan 2018 Early morning 7.00 AM
    for offering puja Schedule .

    1. 20/1/2018 Rahu Kethu puja Between 9AM TO 10.30 AM.

    2. 20/1/2018 Rudrabishakem for load shiva Evening 4 pm.

    3. 21/1/2018 Govu matha puja 4.30 am.

    Sir this are the dates & Timing we planning so sir Kindly Help me
    with Correct timings & fees.

    Thanks & Regards

  3. Sir after also we prefer go pooja or early morg only

  4. Dear Sir/Madam. If there is any correction in our pooja schedule , will u please help us
    1.Reaching kalahasti by 12 noon on Tuesday.
    2.taking head bath in lotus pond and wearing old clothes
    3.performing raghu kedhu pooja by 3.00 – 4.30 pm
    4.taking head bath in lotus pond and leaving the clothes
    5.milk pooja by 5.00pm
    6. Rudra abishekam by5.00pm
    7.Gopooja by 6.00pm
    8.offering food to poor and returning home

    With lot of thanks, Indumathi

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