Bhairavakona Temple

Bhairavakona Temple is an ancient temple which is located on the outskirts of Udayagiri Town. It is 1 km from the Old Bus stand centre. 200 meters from Udayagiri – Nellore Road.

Bhairavakona Temple History

This Temple was built during the period 600 – 630 A.D by Pallava ruler Mahendra Varma. Later this temple was renovated by Chola rulers during the 7th and 11th centuries. This temple was built in a day and is carved out of a single rock. Another interesting fact is that 101 Shivalingas carved on the Bhairaveswaralayam rock.

In this temple, there are 8 Siva Linga sub-temples, out of which 7 shrines face towards the East and one is towards the North. The temple which faces towards the North is having Lord Siva, Lord Vishnu and Lord Brahma idols in it. Only Shiva Linga is made out of granite rock, rest all God images were sculptured on the rock itself. One should not miss the event when the moon rays on the day of Karthika Pournami touches Trimukha Durgambika which is a spell-bounding view and eye feast to the devotees.

Bhairavakona Temple Legends

Kalabhairava is the Kshetra Palaka (Protector) to this temple so the temple got the name as Bhairava Kona.

Another version is that Kalabhairava Kona is named after King Kalabhairava who ruled this region for a very long time.

One more version attached to this temple is that there lived a shepherd by name Kalabhairava Kondaiah, who used to feed his cattle at this hills. During that time the water flow is very low and not able to provide enough water to cattle. So he prayed to God and said that he will offer himself if spring flows high. To his surprise, water started flowing high and it satisfied the cattle thirst. As promised he offered himself to the God by chopping his head. His body and head were buried at this place, from then this place called by his name as Bhairava Kona.

It is said that Sage Bhrugu did penance here for a very long time so the main idol in this temple is called as Bhrugeswara Swamy.

Bhairavakona Temple Festivals

Karthika Pournami which is the auspicious months for Lord Siva and Vishnu will be celebrated in a grand.

Another important festival Maha Sivaratri, which is dedicated to Lord siva will be celebrated in a grand way.

Accommodation at Bhairavakona Temple

Small Guest House to stay at night is available at Bhairavakona.

The food at Bhairavakona Waterfalls

As it is in the middle of Forest, temple staff is providing free and quality food to the devotees.

Bhairavakona Temple Address

Ambavaram Kothapalli, Prakasam District, Andhra Pradesh

How to reach Bhairavakona Temple?

  1.  The nearest Railway station is at Markapuram which is 50 Km away.
  2. Next nearest point is at Markapuram, which is 60 Km away.
  3. Route map to BhairavaKona,  Nellore -> Udayagiri -> S.R.Puram -> Kothapalli -> Bhairava Kona
  4. From Kadapa -> Giddaluru -> Komarolu -> Pourumamilla -> S.R.Puram -> Bhairava kona
  5. Kanigiri -> CS Puram -> Bhairavakona
  6. Nearest airport is at Tirupati, which is 200 km from this hills.

Bhairavakona Temple Gallery

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