Auspicious Telugu Marriage 2022 Dates

Auspicious Telugu Marriage 2022 Dates, Best Dates in 2022 fo Kalyanam

Marriage Muhurtham Lagnam calculation requirements

  1. Shukra Graha is not to be in the 6th position
  2. Chandra Graha not to be in the same house of the Lagna
  3. Chandra Graha is not in the 6th house, 7th house, 8th house to the Lagna
  4. Kuja Graha not to be in the same house of the Lagna or in the 7th house
  5. Ravi Graha not to be in the 12th house to the Lagna which can cause pregnancy delay
  6. Lagna, Hora, Drekkana, Navamsa, Dwadasamsa, Trimisamsa Chakras must be strong for the marriage Muhurtham

Auspicious Telugu Marriage 2022 Dates

Month Day Timings
Apr 2022 15Apr 11.35 am
16Apr 11.31 am
16Apr 12.03 am
17Apr 11.27 am
17Apr 11.59 pm
20Apr 4.24 am
21Apr 8.21 am
May 2022 11May 10.25 pm
11May 3.02 am
13May 7.07 pm
13May 10.17 pm
13May 11.49 pm
18May 11.29 pm
20May 9.50 pm
21May 9.46 pm
25May 8.58 am
25May 9.30 pm
Jun 2022 1Jun 9.26 am
9Jun 7.59 am
10Jun 8.27 pm
10Jun 9.59 pm
16Jun 9.36 pm
22Jun 8.05 am
22Jun 4.18 am
Jul 2022 30Jul 9.05 pm
Aug 2022 4Aug 8.24 am
6Aug 1.21 am
7Aug 8.12 am
11Aug 9.01 pm
`- 12Aug 8.14 pm
21Aug 8.51 am
Oct 2022 5Oct 12.16 am
Nov 2022 30Nov 9.07 am
Dec 2022 2Dec 12.31 am
3Dec 2.01 am
8Dec 12.07 am
17Dec 1.06 am
18Dec 11.28 pm
Jan 2023 25Jan 5.25 am
26Jan 9.58 am
27Jan 5.17 am
Feb 2023 15Feb 9.07 am
22Feb 3.02 am
24Feb 3.50 am
Mar 2023 8Mar 7.15 am
8Mar 4.10 am
9Mar 4.06 am
10Mar 2.31 am
11Mar 2.27 am
11Mar 3.58 am


Month Telugu Marriage Dates
Jan 2022 No Dates in Jan
Feb 2022 2Feb, 3Feb, 4Feb, 5Feb, 6Feb, 10Feb, 13Feb, 16Feb, 17Feb, 18Feb, 19Feb, 20Feb
Mar 2022 19Mar, 20Mar, 23Mar, 24Mar, 26Mar, 27Mar
Apr 2022 2Apr, 3Apr, 6Apr, 7Apr, 8Apr, 13Apr, 14Apr, 15Apr, 16Apr, 17Apr, 21Apr, 22Apr, 24Apr
May 2022 3May 4 May, 12May, 13 May, 14May 15May, 18May, 20 May, 21May, 22 May, 25May
Jun 2022 1Jun, 3Jun, 5Jun, 8Jun, 9Jun, 10Jun, 15Jun, 16Jun, 17Jun, 18Jun, 19Jun, 22Jun, 23Jun
Jul 2022 Ashadam. No Muhurtham Dates
Aug 2022 3Aug, 4Aug, 5Aug, 6Aug, 10Aug, 11Aug, 13Aug, 17Aug, 20Aug, 21Aug
Sep 2022 No Muhurtham Dates
Oct 2022 No Muhurtham Dates
Nov 2022 No Muhurtham Dates
Dec 2022 2Dec, 7Dec, 8Dec, 9Dec, 10Dec, 11Dec, 14Dec, 16Dec, 17Dec, 18Dec

Please check with a known astrologer for the auspicious Kalyana Muhurtham Date and Timings. An astrologer can let you know a suitable date and time based on your Kundali. Marriage Muhurtham usually falls in the evening hours or in the morning hours. It is not advisable to perform marriage while the sun descending. Moon Ascending or Sun Ascending positions are good for the Muhurtham.

Benefits for Auspicious Marriage Muhurtham

  1. Blessed with good children
  2. Good understanding between the couple
  3. Long relationship
  4. Peaceful living
  5. Growth in all angles